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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 27 1891, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 27, 1891, Marble Rock, IowaI vol. 17 no. 4. Ma1mjlk Hock. To Ems weekly. Farkars Headquarters for hardware Bantam waif., to Nata sweat pads. Geol to Storta Garbarz u4 Hugo Maetta Oil of at Wiafe. Button Otte crated ii Bart wire the Ca Labatad Nara Gina sir ring plow walking Aad Corn plow Graphite Axle Brach. specially prices lower tie Lott klan Centennial wind Warmt in gits awl Bond cart., and Sipf Lim of till Linda. A tin Shup in connection. Job work and repairing a specially. All work warranted. S. Lual Icv sons r f. Wilke dealer in i e. I f .i3 the Vucek. This its. Smith ii very Low. H. Stour to abound. In Ijiro j. Aii. Prairie clip kens sri Ripe tuesday. L. S. Horr is at meter a this Chc dil on at Rueford Frida Vic pity the Hon. Julia Gates was in Cha Arlott Civ i t i 1 i Sittu Usy looting alter Bis political t Ciure Jowui u not i i j. 8. Trip Gunj Hajri itch of Koc for a Ware in attendance Ai this j i Temperance meeting Here saturday. Tramps cure ii by us on a quite Auu serous cures consumption. A. J. it miss was in to Riwk Ferij from our Rister towns that Tonkin Hie Sci Iii it Lii is last Kijiro if Ali Olally saturday. J is tweak. A. U. K. Wood it i xau use kurd visitor j Man Iii Lor a Ouitaa. If the last Friday. Sou Ilion climate suits them they Vioa Tivi Ofcar from Whirles i Amiott there. With the largest line of groceries Ever brought to Marble Rock. All kinds of fresh and dried fruits crackers cheese cookies. Canned goods notions of All kinds cigars and to cubs cogs. And every i hinge usually kept in a first class grocery store give us a Call. Trial Ness the Only i i it i i run jigs. I Btu Libbie ski we up to to Rockford miss Julia Liu own returned from but . California tuesday. Willie is attending everybody a i tuesday Schoal at Angler. . Y8 senior editor a company with Ted. Or to Jck Foni Wes i from Koeford Charki oily in monday. Uit Nora Spring toot in the state or. Emery f Ayette Sun Daft band m Clear late last Ith or. Mccray. Clara Angel will teach in the Ord District. Miss will Taa Cli id the Merna diff riot. Ket. 15. U. A list nag was i Charles City visitor i a Mixay. M. Davis gift a Koch Davis Bros we have a umber of of the poultry journal on hand if body wishes a Dero acct Stan tit to Tbod i the paper for you. Is still in it with a still Stock sent to Lofroos Union and son spent j township in praying. The doctors j report to his brother is cry Cnconra-1 or. And mrs. Sposita. Of Kolt Ord were in town Mou Jav. J 1 r t a . Al. Piitz of Allison Risius j wishing to Pekota for fall or town last Jac the Anna Are at. Miss Keith the Geo. In. Rut Nini in Sirubi Ker i Ummat visit. J a full sue. Of dry arid notions constantly Cut j or j. S. . Hat i. A Call. Us the teach in settin my farm. Don by Coli inst at in s 50 Etui per Linn Ambos Ssmith. Thi i and we Tani bookcases sideboards baby Beds mattresses and pillows. And Albert would in if Ioc but it hot o . Doa. Just it Riillo Iii ii Kara it Itil i7 vis. Extra in Vilii Fumihi 7s c. J. Its of a ends i ii Eirv a Livirt Loos in iat i j for of find i 1 is 10 and to i us Nelly kept in a first class furniture store constantly on hand. Is Csc nit. No trouble to show goods. Yours respectfully Carrie and a hand All _ kinds of Atid fancy flow provisions crockery and glassware Green dried and canned Salt by the barrel. I Aruie a laugh Caius a find Harry Inman have been in jars enc. I k. A. Teeming a Sisro ii Idaho fur a. J. Jinmy in l leave Jet of Iii Hist Willa wry u visiting and relatives at . Starting a Biourd Hall. Of our i ladies bearing soon put a Otto of their scheme. Iii if list Cihaj in i last for of waa in morning Sun. Iowa to Ute of town Lait Satar Dar and in the evening fccl1 Millicy he t preach Ltd one of finest Kimon at phased. Alicr of lurch that him. The we kit will keep him j. Oakes Rockford were in town monday. We understand that Fred Gates has i Purchard the or. Clark property. Or and or. R. B. Winchell i Over to Charles City Lait thursday. Posited on Tite Ita Arru ludic to for Votuc pastor flt Minz has Kut fire More wests a Marble this con Lereece j Charles Arthur has sold Jeat Bat his Fisk Are looking Forward my line to and will m Wospil Bali dec thai or. Spaulding. Of bar i Ofutt township will a the a. Opened of he heart the county for . His Friend a i syst of tin week Jinil filed up the neither or. Of Iii Barg and j Alons h w store building and j friends or that of Fri lit Sleibi Iii j suits from of tailoring. F have just a full j a so in Iii it Ftp Liia Dahl ins. It Wei ill and so the final break t i a in Jil Thini ii mfrs o in will land or in go to owners Tilic Prid a in j Resan Latte chair. And with Bright Attie spation to cooing yur. Whan a will return to them where it in a grocery store. We Are grrr to lose Charles but wish him v iu1c uni with Andwood health. Tho will the. Ladin of the m. K Floyd and mat we i keep him Asti at of tins m Church will hold a Church t at on the Iowa. And. Luh two Liis locality. Of sipt., in a oct and bed comforts in a Roll in a i the aah the medium fit n Blae sateen Drocea Stirt. Finder please Oil tha Weand be foun l i sateen jrm8 Ilea re at or add ctr Marhc Rock Moira. Find bet Lar please Loose boots and shoes a to groceries. Rise to in Staple Fantha fresh or cd Istl floor Fatovi Moi cock Ery a beware Gigand tobacco we keep the Best. We at Cla Rucj c by id. It 1 Jef. J will male a Good officer. In another comma Iii w lit j go to is Aith am ass criers Day a. To jut . of i of. A. J. Nasay and to a acc ii Andrew Gate and Ito Ivl fur to litre is to invt a town k us r nothing d notice i. I we Vou d invite All Ali Iii they ii ave _ Sebuu period daily n Repiha Jun and ii in Feiy Way i Well known in Floyd county i for the position. Ouch Rcpt Blean and if elected i Oft Tho second Tbs of a. Veer Rioidan i of Floyd us a Cia Dica to Lor Mil ?too1 in 7 " Uriv at i v r its Benefit. Articles Hull i has a Reid ont of tint Coontz will be acceptable. Has always Treen a a j i that All not i Sci ind ii in a cry Way j our Bills nil on cuu Ullh. No in Iii it a inv Liao run. If you xj1 to at once. We in Inthey. A. J. Asp cd r . Croup Woopie anal a fun Caius Khhili Ateiya by Shiloh j u hit Wintheil of relatives a Tai City last week. Mii9 Bella Horr will Oconn her a Liao Ibe Bruch District an week j Fnu Moody. I Tow Hie duty. Kelloy Andrew a. A. I _ i hear it that Agnew. Wet. Wagner w a. Prylon obituary. Arthur was born in v i Zinaja april 1sgs. Bih yet an infant his Madrid St. C h new York where twi did until Liti they Morud to Plarlie ii Wal j worked at farm in sve Yean ago he irent to Phila Delphia pa., lie Itaw in win Aad worked at the Trade l. B. Live Stu Lidl in inv of Miattio fell. To Varooj of fall nil nil fat t , do Inar Dejur Tinkom. J it lilt inti. Do part i n f t7" Walster. R Lri Marv l i 1 until Fiorili t notice i a in a will of to suit to rx-v.1 Stock of ii i Littos Ivi Vicil in . In Niet Oro Juht in a dirt cult to prohibition and then to i j Marjii i Tise Trtat a Gannt on far i us it is failure. If that i a failure i in Oan do that the whole Blotty Pray is a for it 7 feet Ari 10 lout Len Jilb. Talk not j pm of the week or. I. Withams of Lockford. Rpt Al my Kirn n Hwa. Why it ii the part Lam week with Hia Daragh tar i state a tit for any. Mra. J i lira. Hayw id Platig tar Luikim Tim id with in. W. B. He week of Hill life he by. Tiu of i Timlic i j for tit picked of no Abc. If. Training m our the the 6trt Raar in with a w. of 1 i 1 i i ring. W "if.5 to Stith Aud min Ida pm Lam Hrek 57 Hucht a a. J to a Hwat Najhib of i c. V. Mot Fau win trait Ian Frik i is Ai the by the Tali our us or Thor s at to of mine ii i that be Mif flour Ihrk to Tatani his Low fat but. Steni. The or in lir i j1.s5, Mill the Ali. Bott family were Fri no at Fai tul he re Bias rom i a re re. A not act. I Btij a 7
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