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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 25, 1898, Marble Rock, Iowa1uf, m vol. 24 no. 3. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa aug. Iio Bisk teems year f 0rocitiet f Hancoc at Yolin oven figures up ice so clix Stolts famous hog cholera Edy of 017 see the new assessment. With Susie one who is Iii Uriah of our method of even if the Frank Bicknell. In Monics j president and Cabinet thought it right correspondence Wajs the returns of snip proper slut the u s. Should pay the cuban insure which they do j 5peedlinq co., druggists. A. R. I a. M. A f. Fca. Stone Lodge to Teellar on of nil Moon. Al nitting Brothers in set Enid. Kub Buu s. H. Davis Sec. I o. O. F. A Large Rock to. 362, meets thurs Lav Jav Eulus of Eark Weet. Visitor cordially invited. Embt , n. U Iriks Sec. , Beer Lodge 21ft, Nileeta tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. W. B. Voi Hes. C. C a. Kosenuk kans k. Of k. B. I. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in add Fellows Hall. L. W. Hoses has pres. E. J. Ackley Kec. Sec. I. In. Of a. Al Sable Kocic Camp no. 4-403. Regular Tenet Nir second and fourth saturday of each Mouth at Odd Fellows Kail. Visiting in Good Ita Diuk cordially invited to attend. A. 11. Meisun. N ii. Issax clerk. W. C. Meets at the Home of 3lra. Stewart the 1st and id thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. M. Mrs. K. A. Stew Iii free. Mrs. Chris Tina Asper Sec. U7a.lt. K Post so. 308, meets first . W. B. Crabtree adj. W v t n meet every thursday. Mrs. Taleb 1 Raa dont. Bks a. M. Meb bul Secretary. . Most Honing nt.l1 7-30 n m. Epworth league Meketiuk it Prajer meeting thursday evening. I. Kurrel Vaetor. I Iunce sunday at ii andr-.30p.ro. Christina enc Leafer meets p m prayer meeting it Elneada ave j was tabs. Pastor. Baptist. Preaching sundays at 11 . And p. M. Prayer City once is. Mayor he Corier Street commissioner Matt Hal. F. E. Frank k. ,7 Jmartin c. E. Lamp Kinoy councilmen he urls not a. U. Waleter we bar it Hugget k j. Ackley. Colon Sci idol president r. J. Ackley Joe Cretai a. 11 b Nies Treworey. John Gates dihectok3 1 sic Standt 2 Joh Barth 3 k. J. A Ackley 5 Lew Inman 7 e. Ii. Bitter 11 Rob Barr Madison be John Gates James Parche. Miles Clikeman . A Simon schermerhorn s. Soars Reed Ellis jul aide town Crowell Barber it Witter Liles mar a an d i Chrozier. Scott township school Board. President f. S. Witter Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Chanes d Lerrick directors 1 John Burtop 2 . 8 mat Staudt 4 Charlea Ahart it 6 . Witter. .1. A. Beers j can Ninfo Liani to Jeffrey judicial. Judges John c. Sherwin. To. F. Clyde. Kelly Terras of court 4ih monday in Nusry 1st in 2nd monday in september. 2nd Mondat in november. Board of . Pin Marble Rock Lane Charles City Timothy pippin b. 3. Chichester j. C. Merrill Rockford Liuddy a tiles la Luchitz formerly the most bitterly american paper in Cuba is nip zealously advocating the annexation of the Island to the United state i. La Lucha like the Spanish residents generally Preer the safety of Ameri can Law and administration to the uncertainty of Spanish Rule. Dubuque times Iowa today has t floating debt of about the rate of interest on which will be reduced sept. 13 nest from 6 per cent to 3.90 percent. This reduction will re sult in consequence of the in cent decision of state treasurer Harriott to sell state warrants to the highest bid Ders. He has now Given notice that interest on All 6 yet cent warrants will cease sept 13 next the paving in interest will be sufficient to pay the salaries of the state treasurer s employees for i year. Of the present floating debt was incurred on account of the War and the Federal government is expected to reimburse the state in g Short Lime the state will then have a floating debt of Beans 3 9g per cent in Terest but which it is expected will be paid off before the Canso of the present biennial period this debt has been Reil cad one half Durish the administration of the present state treasurer which Haa been Vety credit Able. He deserves and will receive the Hearty endorsement of the Dubuque convention and the people others have done their duty but no official of the state Mas done More toward placing its finances in condition. Personal property reveal a heavy falling off to the assessment Olive Stock. Cattle will average about a Dollar i head less than year. Horses averted last year per there were in the state last year. This year the average will of somewhere year mules 97 Aach while this year the average will be about 50. Sheep will show Only a slight decrease from 97 cents per head. Hogs i averaged last year 56 per head and Hie number was and this Ynar the average. Will be about on moneys and credits the Law in most counties worked Well and brought the Personalty assessment up at least part Way the Tot in net loss As returned i ii still of about possibly this will be raised somewhat but the problem to do it seems to be rather urge at present. Dubuque county shows falling off of about Union Gazette. The game Law. Section 2551 of the code. Game person shall trap shoot or kill any Pinnate grouse or Prairie Chicken Between the first Day of dec Ember and the first Day of september following any Woodcock Between the first Day of january and the 10th Day of july ruffled grouse or pheasant wild Turkey or Quail Between the first Day of october any wild Duck Sooae or Brant Between the loth Day of april and the first Day of september or any Gray or Loi Squirrel or Timber Squirrel Between the first Day of january and the first Day of june provided that it shall be unlawful to kill any ruffled grouse or wild Turkey prior to january 1, 1900. Shooting or killing Quail up on Public Highway shall be in violation of Law. No person shall kill any Bird mentioned i this Section tron any artificial ambush of any kind or with the Aid or use of any sneak boat or sink Bax or other device used for concealment in the open Crater or use any artificial Light Battery or other deep j lion contrivance or device whatever with the intention to attract or deceive of the Birds mentioned in this not it would be Imp Jaille for them to pay out a duller for such purpose without specific authority and an prop Ria Ion from Congress there Are persons at work trying to make trouble Between our i itary authorities and the Ana there is Little doubt that this Story Cantu from some of them. By direction of president Mcl Viniey Gen. Lawton who is in command of the department of Santiago has been instructed to maintain order and protect All persons and their property and to allow no inter Terence from any Quarter also that the cuban insurgents should be treated justly and liberally but must recognize the authority of the United status. Squakin Secretary Alger said just what it says Scovern mint in control run lured territory and is responsible Lor the maintenance of the of this country must be obeyed of this order j order the u. S. Of the sur the Corn rubber product. The Register is in receipt of a Sample of the rubber made from Corn by the Chicago glucose works and we Are Dis satisfactory Scep Thal be used for Hunting wild geese and ducks but no person shall at any time Hunt or shoot from any Canoe or contrivance whatever in any Waters of Thi state Between Sarnese Aud Sunset. How to look looks arc really More than skin t j Rill i i i it ally i Usu mall sum appointed in its texture the Sample we i t u ins entirely on a healthy condition of. Nil the vital organs. If the liver be inactive you have a bilious look if your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look in your kidneys be affected Jou have a pinched Good health and you will Surel have looks. Electric fitters is a Good alterative and tonic. Acts directly lie Gitle monday in Tannory Rii Annc september and 2nd monday in april. Annc september a sheriff auditor trem sneer clerk of the courts Etc order superintendent in Trevor county attorney Coroner Donn to officers. W. I Arker w. T Linesman k. P. , i Errin c. H. J. I. Martin f. B. Roziene Frank coot town nip Nat Lei of he peace s it ii. Xie Charles t r e Winchell clerk Start spit Aid smoke Toet life y. If you want to Anit Tot eco using and forever. Bead we Strong magnetic. Tell of new life and vigor tags is of of Etc. The wonder worker that a sirs wrong. Many main ten pc ends n Tea Orr in Rod buy so to Bai o i lot mat anime to and Sample mail Fri Reo. Have is an Inch thick and about one and one half inches Long. It has the appearance of rubber and Springs like rubber but it is Rottenerg ban the roller composition used by printers Breaks off As easily As sponge cake and Rolls up in Little brow Rolls when a finder is pushed Back and Forth Over its our face. It is possible that it May be yet improved by the addition of some ingredients will give it strength and durability but the Sample we have is absolutely worthless for any of Tho uses of rubber. The Farmers and people have been hoping that the Corn grow regions Vituld receive grit Benefit from the Corn rubber product but in the Sample we have is a air Sample it a better that the Plain truth be told in regard to it. The Sample can be seen at the Register counting room by All who desire to see and test it. If better rubber is made from Corn we shall be pleased to receive a Sample of it for the encouragement of those rho have been expecting that some thing substantial am enduring would result from the new rubber product of Register. Druggist there Are few men More wide awake and enterprising than a. J. Aser co. Who spare no pains to secure the Best of everything in their line for their Many customers. They now have the valuable Agency for or. King s new discovery or consumption you Gas and the wonderful remedy that is producing such a juror All Over the country by its Many stalling cures. It absolutely asthma bronchitis. Hoarseness and All affections of the Throat Chest and langs Call at Abote drug store and pet a trial bottle free or a regular size Lor 50 cents or guaranteed to cure or Price refunded. On the stomach liver and purifies the blood cures pimples blotches and boils and gives a Good t of a complexion very bottle guaranteed. Laws we know race or Coli in this country in the requirement of obedience 10 Law and we will knew none in Cuba. The position which the president has taken will Settle the question for All time. Unless present calculating Are upset about of the volunteers will be mustered out of Scrico Between now and the first of october. When the temporary Pence agreement was signed it was thought that none of the Volun Teers would be allowed to go Home until the Forral treaty was agreed upon but after consideration o was decided to be unnecessary to keep so Many men away from their Ordinary occupation. No announcement As 10 the particular regiments to be mustered out has been made but As it has been determined to Muster the men out near into its own state May be accepted As an indication that it is to be la ushered oui of service. Or c. Wood Yansee. Is presi Dent of Republican clubs passed through Washington this week. When asked what lie thought of the political he replied president Mckinley has conducted the War coat wifi gently. The victories on land and sea will add greatly to our prestige in both hemispheres. The of fact on the elections this fall will be electrical and a Large Republican Vole will be polled. Col. John Hay now Ai Bassadore to great Britain has accepted the tender of the Secretary ship of state which or. Day will relinquish to become one of the peace commissioners. It would have been difficult for president me Kinley to have secured Man better fitted by experience and ability to be come Secretary of state and the territorial and commercial growth of the u. S As a result of the Spain hold at a. J. Asper go s drugstore. Cents per bottle. Washington letter. Washington aug. 18, ims. President Mckinley expects to be Able to announce the names of the american peace commissioners in a Day or two after which he will leave Washington Lor a Short rest of which he stands very much in need he promised Gen Joe Wheeler that he would go to and review Tho Santiago troops just As soon As the men make it necessary that our Secre of the a i 1 i i if 3 a i i a it will of course put up the water ing Lor the creditor.-. To rate the late now higher than in cities water works. People see that the i cent to lne collectors. What s the company is spending considerable i flatter with that kind of a failure is Many times approved Eunus were giving that own their it Virond of Little nine per Money on newspapers for this purpose motifs preparing for u great and it has been ruled that the women i to be held Early in october May vote. The women certainly have tue Woock ims been raised to carry Oul As much interest in the water question i he plans and one o the greatest As the men Why should they not vote 1 Cor by any Western City the question of free text books is j Tlle also agitation the Public mind of wine just now and a petition is is ing circulated Aski it the to adopt the Irea test Book system. The men of the fifty second Iowa Repis int have addressed the governor and people of Iowa asking bringing about their re Nova . They stated that Hundred men were in their Hospital in i that the but one ing Seni of sed is to to resent in All his glory. C Iii under l Errill of the g. A. I issued Widert Auno Arciag some six Tun appointments to positions in the grand army. Tho thirty second Lut ional g. A. Ii. Will be Huld at Cincinnati Ohio. September i in _ t a in to 10th Cadi quarters of the from Cupar Tenent of Iowa will boat Gibson ii jul tile grand Parade will take last tuesday morning us has a capacity Lor Hundred that three Hundred members i of the fifty second Are on the sick Rolls and that typhoid and malaria urn kill ing men faster than the Spanish Ritie at Santiago. This fatality is due to the drinking of bad water and inst Ali count or no sewerage of the Camp this complaint 13 True there Cut be no double. The Walcer of Southern is not fit fur drinking and the War highest ability. The orders to the officers composing the american representatives upon the the joint military commissions to arrange for the Spanish evacuation of Cuba and Porto Lii co provide or their i Mealing at Havana and san Ouan j respectively As Early As possible it is i expected that both commissions will get j to work before the end of the month. Gen. Wade Admiral Sampson and god. Butler will with a number of these men Are drinking is from tji Ilea Creek. As a Rchull of this a peal the men Are to by brought Bac v Here to Camp Ai Ckinley. This n there is no reason Why they should re main at chichi Augua for a Daj they should be moved at onco and they will be heartily welcomed and Well taken care of. The Way commercial failures some times go is aptly illustrated in Iho fail ure of a Cigar manufacturer f Gabrio. This Man went into bankruptcy and made an assignment Tho report of the Assignee shows to at the amount collected was the at since s expenses were 05. Leav now the interest in tuberculosis Patilu a being Lvii us and discussed. J. A. State veterinarian an-1 his have been in Council d in Iii the us mining Hie Herd of the for Tho Gnu dumb ascertain the Cadi the Herd As regards tuberculosis i his Leport no a Onu o All the Herd . He employed Are we is is known As i be tuberculin tests and re Ruivo two Davs Lor the pc ratio. On the rest May the cattle arc lated Tom it Scott s Inonu and the operation is closely on the second Day. A careful a u to is Ziade of the temperature of tue . Any considerable increase therein India ing the presence of tuberculosis. It is bul Fly by experts that Tii i Suase of consumption Gnu i into except when the flesh and Iii of cattle Are used As food. A. Examination of a Large number of herds in the state of Illinois failed to Dildo e i single Herd Trie from to or. Gibson save that the of tin Maitle of the deaf and Dauib Institute 13 due to the excellent care they receive they Are housed in barns that Are Well ventilated and kept clean and they Are fed Mission and Gen. Brooke Admiral gave you More color and ret in Good cond upon and before a. Gordon will present go of them Are mastered out of the Are to say that the president and Mem Bers of the Cabinet were pleased with the news that Gen. Merritt and Admiral Dewey captured Manila of assault before they knew of the armis Tice is stating ii. Very mildly. So As Merritt Dewey Are concerned there no armistice until they received official notice of it. It was hardly Nice scary for Secre tary to deny the silly Story that this government was to the cuban for All the time they had been in service and dub and them which was sent All Over the country a us on the Porto rican commission. Des Hoines letter. Aug. 20, 1s9s. The women of Dei Moines Are on the purest water. Or. Gibson has been retarded in his work by the very Small appropriation being but s3.000. Last year Mai eel through the Winter if so spent on tuberculin Are sure it quieted your cough Tutts it seems to have been tue healed the rawness in your i of Ftp pro but g to a clerical error in the new Law i in whim the word three occurs in ome line from who Elf it should have by in Fincken out there has been some doubt thrown upon the matter. Attorney general Kim Lay however has de i Jed this week that i bras clan Rev Ben. Butler will with a number healed the rawness in of the hot to Spanish offi cars form a cuban com a Throat increased your cig in t

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