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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 24, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaPest Money i Lii a Ueo. A. Larceri hair Dresser a Sims Henry b. Ties. Toward Charity for terms or annul in Advance for i volu31e Marble Kock Floyd county Iowa August 24, 1882. I Oron oks Todl ,0 a l .11 Ull -7.1 Stone store i pet Mac York pm Imago mass. Inny Eit Leiis arc ure Abr All tonic a i in in Civ rent appetite in Csc of act go Uio Blooml ctr Natii Al a vacs new acts Marble Rock Iowa sell nil in Els of goods such As Tea. Col tee sugar shots extracts tobacco All kind.-1 of k it to a general store. Is cheap a Man t hut for his Good boots and scr to ill in. Fourni the sons Tore. In hand in to Sui Ray or refunded. Amk Icax Sev ipg Wash inns one of the Best manufactured. Ore Shis Kew map i Rocs Fojo i 1 any r ?.wsjib e question use o Honl Western sediway Belt roid Yon to Tutsi my ill Eitor f Toni a.1. In in t fetid Tia nip. To to of the and North n it Are a Lions on this Road. Its through trains make cab sections with the of All railroads at Junction Points. The Chicago i Loktu we skit rial Vav or its lines runs sch Way Tully from two to for or More i Jap Crri trains. I is tie Only Road West North or Northwest of Chicago Jim peril Palace cars. It it Bodic. Ail co. D to key. T u re til s a find in r to for fief i v s n i it curia 3 in a on Tirkot v r it Mim they i l or. A like c k i or take Iiona pills use Lawrence a Martin Throat asthma the Kat ch2st to of or . Of temper. With. Al of sons duty , a the do Ore the it Liow skin r Jurj cd. Quit i f hit i la on to oct Kkt me die ii a the i Wittie a Liili Republican Coa Gressional ticket. For member of Congress 4th Piatrice Thomas in Peg Kaff of Clayton county. It. Louis a horse recently bought by tank a Sallirae. Of Waterly for was sold the Ather Jay by that gentleman to some Michigan sports for de. Knit suit bought Tho horse but it was such a kicker that he could do nothing with it and sold it for Waterloo courier at the Bottom a Copper mine at the foot of Kirk ii Mountain in county oa., pc Olur liquid of a deep wine color is constantly collecting. Mor a i l Al. Though enough Aro not its most singular characteristics. It has been of ind that when a few drops of nut Gall arc added to it tha fluid turns Jet by Aud at Onca becomes Ink of the b 3t Quality. Judge Maui dict is authority for the statement that the records of the county arc kept in this natural Ink which neither fades nor Torro is. R t Tat is Pirn ctr. I Toui pock and Bye co., proprietor to 41 River St Chicago ill of s Vitlar j. Pm by or of a wept frill. A raft it v in Bridge building t. W. Boon. Marble in the general chorus of i Tion Over Bountiful one cordent nolo from c is heard. Tho git Ira of that Suto hire scoured a spa Anjul Hay crop and their Abund ant Early vegetables found a Good i Urlton but Connecticut a the Center of a protracted local drouth and her citizens will need to summon All their philosophy to rejoice at the Prosperity of their Neighb hrs Valcas abundant Rains come very soon. To plan arc puny the Root drops Annj Shri Cluj in their Dusty lulls and in Upland Fields tha swindling and Corn ital pcs Are being Cut for fodder to sup ply the Lack of scorched pastures. Congressman Blackburn and speaker Owens arc inking a joint canvass of their congressional District of Ken Tucky. The contest to be a a warm our if the first meeting can b taken As an Index. Imp. Owens in i speech made a Jeneral attack upon the juju Kouni . Jne thought it time Tor the Black hum Fame y to retire one by the Mirace of god and yellow fever a governor another was Secretary of state and Joe was in lie wanted know when the Blackburn family would to Satis cd. If the thing was Tury on Joe would die in Cun Itress. In did not understand Thia a talking match with a Man whose Tongue was Hunt in the Middle and wagged at both ends. It was something higher. People had been sitting Down Blackburn breakfast a Blackburn Tho to a Din Ner and a Blackburn supper a old they were now inked to a lunch. He thought this like a fellow trying to survive on a debt of part rid lows news. Cedar rapid a to liar Al tha electric the capital dome is feet above Tho Tea. Cole s circuit netted about 0 in Lut week. A valuable a Marble quary has been discovered in of Jonty Boring in the Sinai City Artesian Voll Hai reached a depth of Icet. The new Senate chamber affords a months Job for tha of woo printers. The Bigi Init will a at Catnap tattle Oka Loose of Timber it to 14, there is said to i a valuable Deposit of pm j on the upper Kiver near Waukon which att the number of births in the state he Secretary of the state Board of Calth. U i s Alec cd for a encamp ment of t la i Jwa nation guard on of the a Ftp m. K Iro Dalj in Farr of a o he the nun of Murat inc hive no a ?1. Jew ret incr. H 1, .9 test Protic ii Lity of the Aien tit inf Recaen. Is y Virv eligible Wati n Trio state Sii i to have App Lii l to ver nor Sherrain for to the vacancy in tha Rai roid commission the Birb w re civics arc to before Jud Jei Mccrary and on far preliminary la Janerio i on h2 1-Tu of for and in Jung i Koch i x the Otier any Yoni woo b wore Nat e City i few the there is what is said to be the largest Flag to Auie Rica is soon to be Laid in fret of r. L. Smart s House in new City the 310110 ut.-asur.23 Twenty a six inches by fifteen nine inches is nine inches thick feet and weighs nearly pounds. It was Cut in Sullivan county at the same f which cime or. Vander Bill s great it drawn by eighteen horses to it de3rim.aiion. Kasson and Chat of 4owa were among tha bars of the sni the River and h Arbor against pass Rab Over the i sri Dent s veto to Louse won Brave rotes in the interest of the people. The vote of or. Up Ralf living in a River District was parti curly plucky and . Or. U. undo a file Mccoid fighting he Steils Are i lilies into Bill. Supporting Tho judicious ways which can be mad i Nav in Blo and ust Ull to has constantly oppose 1 wild and corrupt schema to spend millions of Money on creeks and Springs on canals Phish Are impracticable and would be useless. Us m o inet Rejis or. Senator Logan docs not appear to be worrying himself about his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 1ss4. Which has been Dis cussed in the newspapers of late. He said to a reporter of the Chicago Jour Nal the other Day that there is plenty of time to talk about the presidential candidate hereafter. I am not busying myself about who be a candidate for president and who shall not. That is a matter for the people attend to and select whom they please. I have never authorized anybody to say that waa or was not a candidate for president and have Ziy Selifin connection with that of Lico to any body except they have talked to me. Helena for horses. Or. C. E. Gives the medical hid journal some in keeping in health which Are teaching b it stint ined by his own and Cupi Rich cd the custom of working or exercising horses directly after eating or feed ing after hard work and before they Are thoroughly tested baiting at noon when both these violations of a natural Law Are committed this Tro the pie disposing causes of pinkeye and of most diseases that affect our horsed. Keep the horse Juiet dry warm and in a pure atmosphere the nearer ont air the bettor and Stop his feed entirely it Tho symptom of disease and he will speedily recover. It has been d Mot Istrati 1 in tens of thousands of cases in family life that two meals a not Only ample for the hardest and the scientific Ai Nurvin in that will be appreciated by who play chess o i voyage is that reported from Berlin of an Iron chess Board with magnetized men. That wiil hold in place in matter How Oft of i the ship or the cat Rolls when a so p Rolls Over a Feu time.--, or Rheu a c in yets to Iho Bottom of an Embrik ment we can imagine How much a Irav Eler will appreciate a i Iron chess Bettj with insane sized of main Ami b. Tolow under the authority of and by items of an App Oprin Tion of senator Hill of Colo id Bea ii of jus Choen i site for one of the Artesian Wells which Are i Leet i extent of desolate land in Colorado in rental Well will be d in within a mile of Akron which fro i Den ver on the Burlington and Missouri ii Milroad a second Well kill probably boat kit on the Kanats Pacific Railroad. In All that Region there Are satisfactory indications of an abundant subterranean flow of water and the surface is disc raised by unmet ou3 natural basins which at Small is pens could be turned into storage a pc t. Ife v. Iron and vegetable tonics will i Irani the a d.-1 cite i. it ii ice it fives Wili id piles. Are frequently Jun add Bya icynae of in the and lower of Tho Cau ing the patient to he has a acc lion of the kidneys or organs. Tinio of Are profit As Sfintu Leoniy of the slow huh Etc. A moisture like perspiration a very disagreeable particularly at night alter eel Ting warm in bed is Yery common at thu int. , kit Emal and item ing pile Jiu no at once to. Tho Applina Iron in t on Jesanko b pile Kemp by. Which acts directly upon the parts of to Aliso Rbing the Tuu Iora allaying bin in and i Ime Pae . Cd offi Erins this i pet Jure All Othur a i undies sifting the Lime Valley Creamery shipped a car of butter to new York pity on thursday of St week. The car contained at 25 cents per Pound would amount to 50 the freight on this at 02 cents per 1 jul pounds loss Tolian 1 cent per Pound is 22. This is equivalent to g.4g2i bushels of wheat at per Bushul this amount of wheat would weigh pounds and estimating a car to carry 400 bu4liels would require six teen cars and Tho freight would Cost Slinia Tibig wheat to yield 15 bushels per Aero it would re pure 43 across to produce the above amount. This shows tint concentration of pro ducts is a Way to secure Chaap trans Isa Minu f. Goto the fairs. Itic term 1 air May Uoo always to the Moat approx Nat on e for thu autunm shows. Is a better word but far less frequently not Only should the Farmer so to the fair but he ought to take his family with . The simply is not enough. All n embers of the household should it u tace Bonito Ming to exhibit. A Point one of the boys a Fine Colt Rind if it is his own there will be All the More Pride in obtaining a prize Anotle Raou May have a Yoke of steers that be has trained for the exhibition. As for the Gills Thuro Are a thousand different things that can be made with the a Cedlo that will Grce the Walls of the Wom an s or the rooms of the most labors physical or even so mental but altogether Best the same thiii2 has been fully proved in Hun dred of with horses and has never in a single instance Fri Al a fair trial to work the Best results an hour s rest at noon is vastly More Restor ing to a tired animal whether Hurst or Man than a meal of any sort although the utter May prove More slain jilting. The morning meal Given if possible Early enough for partial stomach Diges Tion before the and nervous Are called into Active play offered Long enough after work to insure a rested condition of the body a diet Liberal enough but never excessive Thia is the Law and gospel of hygienic diet for either Man or beast. I have tried to fatten my Hor is. I Long that fat is due acc but i have found that if a Porss docs Olid work e m High he will to fairly plump if he has two sufficient meals. Muscle the product work and food fat nay Belaid on by food alone e see. However plenty of horses that Are that still remain thin and every in Littion of b e no under nourished 13 a not confine is Clu Ireby to Tiu Itei who own or drive run. Bat or perfect health and in manily from o Aiu to re nut by re friction in diet horses re Juire More food in cold n in Weither if the Iane n c of a warn Sacii tinier i re Luce their feed More or according to As rely i do Iha amount of fut i con s med. I aug adopt the Principio in own diet the in ult is. Tea neither my animal nor arc Ever Mac Moi ont fuck or. U. K. Of Cuy . My Ivy an i too no Pio Asare in 1 Foan i non Ittig. I Iclet b Irdon and no Mia i homered on inanity. Ill i annoy i or mfr As tried brawn s Iron bitten. New inon a thing As bread May be baked with special care and will i it much do not delay until the Drain of the astern produces permanent disability but try it and be Price 50 cents your urus list for it. And Blun you not out unit of him. To will Send it prepaid on receipt of pries. Andrusi the Sosanko Medicine co firdia Ohio sold by astr to t o. New drug store. Clark findall pure drugs oils Aud varnishes. I physic main prescriptions carefully compounded at All hour orders Rort Fra. Clerk and i own Nom Marble Rock j. B. Shepardson too to receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general p. S. Buy and sell foreign Exchange Anil soil tickets to and from All principal Point in Europe attention. Then there arc the g rdc vegetables potatoes a new kind per haps pumpkins Cut., Aud the pro ducts of the farm id Orchard. It is not Wise to leave All Toluse things at Home and then criticise the a Shibi Tiou because you c in say a e have better things at to to go an1 things to the fair is not enough. The which All exhibitors and visitors Isace .1 study of the implements cattle Poul try fruit Grain act that Are Thero a Larnita Uny his Success in grow ing some . To the knowledge gained at a Towo i air. The a .1 real Pride in the farm will Tate interest in the Loil fair Aid will ubit the but products of find life in Vijh in girls. Nho Are inti cited exhibitors at the . Tie a a Iio fair a social enc one ranking it a Point to a Jet a and i a. Atwil tic who tic sch Ibitson of his Mouth k not g 11 is hi1, run Cir. It our Advie t a. N l to tic take of oni thing tit Al All out .1 a Vijh a a t t nil various exhibits thit made by in Way the Day he wiil be .1 profitable it May in. Thai i Premium v. not be a one by. The prize noisy it Only part of the Itiat an i Hibits May fro ii a fair that h As a moans for a better in ing Oillie products of the Farius Garden an i me treatment. Toe do Billy seminal weft Inch Mync by and in lllrjitrnt.1 Bonk of a flu Fol i Lal of i i ill by to or h 1 me i meat Market scale la kinds of meat sausage poultry 1 p . No i liar. To Foo l Laj Tai ten t feel in Teiaar Ofano lift. A i Case of min try visor scr or by Iron of Tiura will not Oil 8qv ill health Ous trouble liver Otic affection that Shil Fth s a. J. Al for o
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