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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 23, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaNio Agoa Northwestern Chicago nil nil Points to n Orthon Cru Easmon aug Northi Seetom cathartic pills -.ij. M to Ritaro air Prinds hoists pc ilm a Hobt Kwost Ana West. Priv Oishei by Henry b. Hies. With Vilice fam Rel hone and Charity for terms per annul i Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa August l of i study Ami Luul _. Trip Riith it. And ctr Tii in r111 number which i is. Mix Niota. Us cecum n t. In k be All Etc car cube off Wea to Riih Oad Ettalu Seq jobs any Road Bucklin Dilts pumps , Iowa. . In Union a trots Jaffa r in scion Tead lne o 41 meet Tad Ocer to that Joe Comfort and Ai Chicago it Macee Tion wife Osier Rvl Lewla Ai but of alack Calta on Iowa Are in pared to pay the Hui licit Market Poe fur iio2s." Farmers will find it in their interest to give then a Call he telling cute there. So of All for Saie it reasonable prices. Also repair old All wort win cd. H St bold. 00 on iia p a Ili Roufeh fit fracas. Ii Yogi t7sj the Best a Eom roti Iryll Bur Vojir ten kits Oti Iryll by ax1 tit in act in this ax1 Tiu. Takk Kose Jtj Lack. For raws Abr slow la or trip and for Fuit Rnic Littlon in re Rard t5 Rel Parta or the Karlh end Tyriw to be usual Al oct fat of All Coupon tic Tell by i Iii , a d. Lust pkg. A Chitt us. I c it ?u91y True t co. Joseph Merrill. Fun. Adjustable in new iwo Onilea adj stable st9ve repairs. Sold by to Caa dealer. A bad Tom Hotuj do at Sale juju Rekte film Bajic of a rom Marble Bock j. B. Shef Ardson to receive buy approved paper buy and sell sex in lunge and do general 13 a i s. But and soil foreign Exchange Anil Ell tickets to Aud from All Points in Europe. Ill. Tfvtji.1 ii i i u i j Tutt 1 of Wilke dealer fit col 1 1 1 1 t trunks satchels a. R. Is ir.-. Milici to to to St m in to not .1 a their on that j n Ucli i r fret pit it Law it f. To it s Pilts f no u or Ftp uni for interfere to i h Ftuer Vorte urn a perfect to maia38a. Is item 14 Kev oif it i Liiro bad sep , with Joi Iklin Lea Jyh m line t15tt-k Jet tit ret that j to Tope to foal they Imro cd find no Ohe Olcer. My Row Wiy Iuliu 1 not tutt8 hair Dye. Chat Hunt in to to glom Uturo by y. Phi Callon or Ity or mind Fly pm Row let of 44 Jar Rwjr it Wrt new in t hair if atm Fril Ltd wigs a s i dentist. I in Rost Orris Slock l the cab extracted Wii Hont pain by the use of Gas. Room Fokd Iowa. Office 9 to 12 a. A and irom 1 to i 5 p. U. J. F. Shoemaker dentist will be at the Beelar House i the 1st of each Mouth redlining one it cd. Law flip h the retd ining four i . My will do work Choper thin has Litjen done Bock. J Tetli Only Jet it All i work warranted ten wira. Marble Rock or coated to a Quality of and Titi Iii stows of All for rates add eat. T. W. Boos a Peck s bad boy the literary bit of oat fun Minn. Sou ii two very Kofity k it loaded ftps. We hire the n and Naaf rom ult out. Illustrated i tic original engr or a Cir total artist. Airi Iii Arcol Linin 25 to so cof Lay. Price or on it . F 1.00 met i Tut Cettl for oath m once. Ind Mowre territory. M a Ltd to of Ito Dume ii to 21 v i i i i. Or -5 5 s cheapest Money a. Roziene loan Esal estate broker Charles out Iowa. Negotiates Loans of improved farms at lowest obtainable prompt paying men Faith Choice Security. 1 offer Ackatta Knoub Iti Ruis. I am always Able to set the Day for consummation of video tree title to be Cumy la perfect Aad such engagement All times be relied a ism. F. A. R02ieste. Geo Hubbard in Honable barter hair Dresser special attention to indies my children hair Dre Raing. The Post , Marble Rock county Mutual a a carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Call on or address c. T. Ackley Marble Rock or j. B. Schermerhorn Scott. N. Mass s Ewing machines Marbe Rock a. Fri Sale the known new a Viii. New Hob and the improved at Rich prices which codicil be we Bro s store. In to. Republican state to Fleet. For govt Sok r. Sherman Conata. O. U. Manning of Carroll Woodty. Fob or i co Cit j. A. A kid of . Roa or Public Elf 3. W. Akjsj13. Of la gouty. Ref Uburn county Cohen tip. Talk to Bllou to Ken Emuil m rvn4. Bovi in Ltd ton to cd atm t cob Al m., w 1 Uia to arc biter of the us bar 6f b7 i eur str Coa pm Tola. The town Etui h4 Ali titled w tace mine nut Berof we Kwh Tori to Jet 1 St. Caum 1 udlo., s Hudd. S . 4 Tuul jul Matt of Tow. M. To Moho m a bocce. N. Tae tev Erml Mai Pablp be Nam cod due Lac la Totta by for leu Twu its us the a Alx o Bane Iowa am new. 1ikpuuucan cod7itt attest t a. Hand. Sow a Roll of paper is slow or unwound and fat the Uriu Thuo Gnu Tate with a Nii Taru of til u pforts of quip Linc am and two of nitric. Which Falls upon the in a Fine thin changes the cellulose of tiie paper Inlo Fine by Roxy line gun excess of acid Darlng been expelled by pressure the Puper is we thou with plenty of water until All traces of acid hive been re moved u in alien reduced to pulp and uses on to the bleaching trough. Most of the water Baring been got and of by Homs of a Strainer the pulp a nixed with from Twenty to forty per cent of its weight of camphor and the mixture thoroughly to iterated under the of Leuary colouring mat .1. Of powder second mixture and grinding follows. Tho finely divided pulp is then spread out in bin layers on slabs and Trout Twenty to to Autv five of these Lay ers Are placed in a Hydraulic Pruss Ara cd from one another by sheets of thick blotting a paper and Are subject to pressure of lilo atmospheres Emtil All is of moisture have been got rid of. Lac plates thus obtained us broken up and soiled for Twenty four hours in Al Cohol. The matter is then passed be tween rollers heated to Between 140 and t degrees fab., whence it issues in the form of elastic sheets. Celluloid is made to imitate Amber Tortoise Shell Coral ivory.otc., and besides its employment in dentistry is used to make for pipes and holders handles for table knives and umbrellas Combs shirt Fronti and col Lars a number of fancy articles. It Mott railway Junul term and Taneki. A Twysel which arrived at Hartford. Conne Etcitt Dock with a Load of heavy atone blocks bad among the cargo remarkable spec Lou of the track of fail beasts us Birds that lived in Tutti Valley. Ila a were taken from a stratum about or inches thick lying at a depth of about eighty feet from tie top of Tho Quarry. In Relief. One which fifteen by eleven and ii larger duo track of any Liv ing elephant Towi in Prenon of the Tow Vety Piatt Betly and Momi Itak any and Aln the Tattoo of Tom project tons of the Bottom at the foot 01 Toteh tracks there an Lone on a duffle or Alx Long and perhaps a Yard or mow wide and tikk. M Neil using then tracks. They an evidently tie trucks of ton Han Bratt and of elephant kind too and not any men font Tob by other inn Narni Sakabu of my me tone tool j of Ilkwan remark ate Tor Bow a Luket perfectly fat a ital fit As if the had Bat Ley no Laii liw could ave the stride about a foot awl a half. However it ail Bird to Cut a Connecticut Val Ley Sandstone then Earla itly x track of to. roof it other Aat font Frog tier an pm sic Vos Dnon Stolte of Kai Bomi Jolt Home that darting Walter Lupro Kwh inc us a Rod Drew in Dulkoo a delivered of such u ennui site Souto inv Over Beria Hest Venlo Mcneic on Why got a voice b ant pm do More Drill a Muk Luu Beckwi 8v." she a was very Betti he All tin about love Ami he who piece. Six who wrote tace pc of Ober Namo u Tare to be Bill it lout i Pok it a part Story a told Setchell i the Arlor. Thai Dav was Flat filing j in the at the fifth Avenue hotel. When one of the Uvrl. Ipili Euirn an in Plain suit and eyeglasses who stood Invar. Of Ivest do that Man i Mycan t i a the clerk is Birg Orv Fine con. O us Rizw coffin " use Yuniter Wiir they Ili in t Call him sir it u myth in in Ari i of Ibi Nat Jam the picture in the Lull waste of our old school intercut in it being heightened by u association with and jct own and tie wonderful Clini Bing exploit a rated by of Satio Aal Bridge. The writer in dad to Able to report for Bieselt in visit to it did dispel a single Boyi Sli Allision. Aad to that pict Mca utterly fail to give any Anu Meu of grandeur at tills rial of satan or the Noble Beauty of the re Gion of which it one of the at tact look. We left rail ii at i sparkling Neil rating morning and the top of Corob Lor drive of tone Ami a Hall the Road Riata and descending Mann Avail Stream through cultivate a a gradual ascent that Al tag to Bron filet m to Elevation of about feet abort tide water. Here to in Jtb Depew Sion Amonjr the Hills butt a extensive View to Are the clustered buildings of the old and new hotel capable of accommodating three by neral Iguacu. Above the hotel on one Side in the splendidly wow owl Lincoln a i ? of the other the open san tort of mount Jefferson from both of which the Prospect is Ury extensive. A Road crossing the Stream in fore the hotel ascends a slight Hill and passes Over Bridge which is not vis from this Point. The Roadway i ninety feet wide and protected by Low to wafts and aver Green pm each Side to that the traveler could pus Over in without seeing it though the cd Mem if visible on either band. The Bridge u. In fact thrown Over a narrow deep chasm something like 9 mile in length. We descended to it by a path in the Orot pissing of our Way a very pretty Cascaito and two of probably the largest Arbor Vitas in tire world. Both an Superb voter Ana fluted and twisted trite Braun by broken and beaten in the storms of Cen Turies and the larger has the circumference of eighteen feet. Their u estimated at fifteen Hundred years. Reaching the Bottom of Tho Ravine try came to the Rocky bed of Mother Stream Clear and shallow and turning to the right the Arch burst upon oui sir it giving us a genuine shoes o sur prise. It is so massive so High so shapely the abutments Rise so Sulish and Spring into Tho Noble Arch Wii i such and Power we Wero not prepared for in majesty. The impression deepens us we Advance and stand under it. Through the Orch is Tho blut sky Over the top u the Blue sky Trees try in Ruiu to reach up to it Bush is Vina a nip and soften its out lines but do not conceal Rug Rcd . It is still in Tho Ramc. Lave fur thu a title flow of the Stream and Tho Bridge scums As much fun Emblem of silence Etc Unity in the pyramids. A description says that it ii Widi a Jongh to Spau and Hirl enough to throw Shadow Over attic Pirc of Trinity Church. Its Span is 1 believe about sixty Lent and its height 215 toe is regular Acil both Arch and abutments Are smooth is if Cut with a chisel. On one Sitte. I Jour to Gnu live fut a Bop the Stream ure Caturia Tili Leti or month which arc Cut nil scratched with instruments hundreds of names. Among them is that of George a Hington ascend to this Placo seems a perilous and almost impossible to reach it up the smooth Rock from Ivlow is impossible. It gained by working a Long by the Side where Cert Iii Ine qualities in the Rock afford precarious holding. I confess that tins exploit gave me it new feeling about the fit Hor of Bis country As 1 saw him in imagination in his stocking feet clinging by his Finger nails and eyelids working along that perpendicular ledge risking his life to carve in an inaccessible place his immortal name. But then to Waif not the father of his country when he did it on the opposite face Are nines also and Verv High up is the very slight Lodge which Fleury Piper the student whom Burritt has in 1818. And from which be rescued himself by a almost incredible cat o climbing. The Rock of the Bridge and of Tho jut tins buttresses is a Superb stud of color scarcely equalled a any Rock color i know for variety and Beauty of Tom. But one singular Freak deep Frei special mention. Exactly Over head on the highest Spring of the Arch is the figure of c Gigantic spread Eagle. It is the Eagle of oar coat of Arnu. The Bead tin spread the claw with the n rows an All perfect. It Seema to to formed by discoloration of Tho , rather than by Lichen. However it i it could not be More striking if it Wen it ancient. The French engineers who made Surv cd and measurement of the Bridge during revolutionary w r noticed it with wonder and in their printed report they Drew from it a Happy angry of the of americans in us struggle what makes the figure itself re Markab is that t discoloured Patch under it is a Vert fair of i crouching to it Bart orc Umrani. Tot a thu 8jit-ni. Cc4onel b. X. Van Horn in an draw at fort Scott Kamm said that student who runs Back Over the records of history and Marks the mile stones Al human Ivill discover that then has been a Law underlying it All. He will see that America was but the Rewalt of forces Long silently at work awl while Kings Nobles and classes Wen the social More Menis of Mankind there was a deep and control Ling under current gradually lifting up Haiti Unity As it drifted through the centuries until at Isert the higher Plain of its future action and it press Irac bed m the Nib Lumen of the new Orovet of government in America. And be will see that for a Hundred this new Force Bas been at work one Neur state after another he formed. With of the Oil. At it we Hati Kansas from these old disabilities in Larser Tao any of Ber new. Virgin prepared for the or Tori neuts tried in human Trutt is by the Grace of go and ment of Banaian the Mission j Ott have before Yon. Aid .1? h ,. J to in pc i so blk. It you he Tutu ii j devise Jan f own Fornin and your Laws. turn Row ideas from Vijo to not under Stead the civilization my made you what in the not be adopted for born of conditions Inch of. ?p.-i- in Jiri Vilt Joe. You no Thor. Except Yon part with the original Ponow mild by the tight of tile to. And remedies fur All Ili iras ease not applicable where there Only political health. J All i refer in Are exotics but the essential one i. The idea. The question of does not belong Lour system of Economy or our social Organ Zavion. In time it May be nol Fca Ary to nitric the area of land that any one Man May own but even that is far in the future and beyond the duties of this generation. Tut our civilization on ownership of the soil by the Man who tills it. The american system of is the exception to All history and the farm House with All its Independence Comfort and Devo Tion to Sou and country unknown a nil the world. It is the basis the Corner Stone the very Ark of our stability Prosperity and Freedom As a people and will be for All time. And Corso what May in the changes of the the Funda mental fact in our when that is gone our liberties Are the posses Sion of Power and Cruft and at sen for Ever afterwards. This condition is not the result of Chance or of Auy of the consequences of Mere governmental ideas but from the organic development of society under Law and and be Jond Tho purposes or of Mere ministration. It is the organic relation of Mau and the basis of All social order Aud political stability. The reverse ideas belong to another civilization entirely Anil while , perhaps by conditions to to destroyed can Only to effective in destruction Anil must be super Csc led when society there comes to be reconstructed. How this is to be Ngu lated hereafter when populations crowd this continent As do in the old world must be left to Tho people and the statesmen of that duos not belong to to cannot under stand the needs of a age yet to Como. Sufficient nolo the Day is the evil there of is Only another Way of in ing that sufficient unto tiie Wisdom of Inan is the time and circumstances for its exer Cise. Tha of hew York two Humlin a Mil seven years Ajro Tiu Good a Iii to incr commanded by capt in Agni Iii Drilock was burned to Tho Ater s Elije us she Lay it Anchor just off tie end of Manhattan Island Lier Ovet Tiuis forced into win Ter quarters the first White men who built Aud occupied i hours on the land where Neu York now stands to quote the graphic language of mrs. Lamb in her history of Tho City in primeval Solitude waiting till com Merce should come and claim its own. Nature wore v Hardy countenance As wild and As in Trieu its Theav Ige land holders. Manhattan s Twenty two thous and acres of Roek Lake and rolling Bie lamp rising at places to a height of covered Grassy Knolle. And dismal is Vamis. The Trees lofty Ami old. Decayed and with ered a tiles c Intsar Tyd Vilh Tho younger of Anil wild Flowers wasted their Sweet fuss the dead leaves and herbage at nicer roots. The Wanton carelessly from Tho Topmost boughs of the Oak ail the Sycamore Aud Blackberry and Raspberry Bushes like a picket Riuard. Presented n front in Ull possible avenues of approach. The entire sur face of the Island was bold and granitic and in Protil Rewn Bleil the cartilaginous Back of tin. this prime Val scene was tiie product of natural forces working through uncounted periods of time Trio continent slowly rising and falling in the like the heaving breast of a world asleep glaciers Carv ing patiently through Ages the estuaries innumerable clothing the Bills with alternate Bloom and do car. The same Sun shines to Day upon the Jame Earth yet How transformed could there be a More astounding of the Power of Man to change the face of nature than the panoramic View which itself to the Spectator standing upon the crowning Arch of Tho Bridge whose completion we Are Here to Day to celebrate in the pres ence of the honoured president of the United states with their fifty millions of the governor of the state of York with in Flo Mil Lions and of the mayors of the two cities aggregating Over two millions of inhabitants in the place of. Stillness and Solitude the footsteps of these Mil Lions of human beings instead of tie smooth Waters Nave cd by any highways of Commerce ablaze with the flags of All nations and where once a Tho Green Monotony of forested Hills the piled towering bile rulers of a vast Metropolis the countless Homes of Industry the echoing marts of Trade the gorgeous of luxury the silent Ana steadfast Spires of Torr Filiip to Crown All the work of separation wrought so surely yet so . By the band of time. Downer erect in on own Davond Mana Hadlaa Are joined in once they were before tie of life in the far Dzoic Abrum s add Chi in the Cir Rrt not Lac Anil its in popular to fairs Wai no collision. Uncle Ben was confronted with his supposed accomplice a a Hen Roost Tob cry. Vore Dolord. Judge i Neber Dat niger Belo Tea at a but Uncle Ken. Bat Tho tide no gof to show that it Yon were a collusion with the prisoner. Anu in run Ishun. Sch bit Ditl a War Irot tie be Sifonte of de ii. Hit worn t in collusion it War in i met do niger the court explain Chi the mending of co Iii Ioa. tic club nations obd word h no hut. 15 Airt. No col Lusion n.-. Hit Don t Stan to reason Ilttre was. Ai wins in 1 it Orf r to in. I a . N i re s no Ehnic Mot sri , i new I Novi Vii annl to try owl .1 ii i n a tin. Frt in Famal .1 i Lily in my of or. I nov i i of in Porias of roads. J we not aware any animate j Hac Ever been mide of the actual j of the Public roads of tie Umid states i or that the expense of Pruvli Liioi them j has Ever been attempted by any Bureau j of Siati Artici but we Lati the rough estimate that they have Cost at least seven j Lindred million i much unknown Are annually expended in attempting to keep them in repair. If the Money were Only Well applied it would be Tii expenditure of great profit and Ocono my As everything which the Farmer does off Bis own Laud is greatly by their condition. All Many loads of surplus farm prot Luck Are draw Over them and it makes some differ ence to him and to his whether Thuve loads Are convened easily hard smooth or through mud Aad against stones with severe labor to the team fatigue to the Driver and Wear and break we to the Wagon. Every week he and his family. More or less go to the Village for num Berless errands or to Church on the Sabbath and. Tie Good or bad condition of the roads teems to affect every fiber pleasantly or unpleasantly of their average then is at least Twenty Miles of travelling each for then czibere of a single family. It would make a difference of five dollars a week every thing counted whether this teaming and travelling done Over a Nice comfortable Road or through Judd botox ruts and a bridged streams or against five dollars a week amounts to ism a year a Little sum to tax the Farmer with and when this Lorn is multiplied by at Leut Fin million owners or Drivers of hones carriages wagons heavy teams Etc., the Agar pirate Cost would something Over a billion dollars any one any this is too Large an estimate then proceed in detail and show in what particulars Bat do not blindly and ignorantly say it it wrong without Caro tul examination. Suppose however we admit that it is doubt the reality is not Tho six Hundred millions every your expended directly or indirectly by our people worthy of More attention on the pan of patriots statesmen politicians office seekers Public spirited men. Writers for newspapers agricultural journalists and in tact of every one who passes Over a Road so Long As our Public highways in most parts of Tho country Aro made and repaired with so Little interest and so Little thought we suffer a enor Mous lost. We would like to ask How Tunny of our readers who drive or Rido Over the common roads never so a Loose Stone or a fixed Stone to strike Jolt and baiter every passing wheel or who docs not see of them which might be removed with the expenditure of a Small portion of the Road tax How Many never saw sods Aud muck scraped into Road to form a Highway or which would to Cree Flint for Corn and Pota toes hut us Ipoh when worked into mass of mud or Cut into ruts a re can Ornstil tote a strange object to to saw along the roadsides Thrifty patches of Burdock mulleins John s wort Etc. A adv to seed All the neighbors Fields until we uan Feutl Sacii Happy tie to we Hope More attention May be Given to correcting these evils although j we would not tiie attention which ii now freely accorded to enterprises and interests of Ali cwt infinitely less importance but Good m their Small gentleman. The intensity of the struggle for a livelihood in England is illustrated by tire statement of a Magazine writer that there Aro 3uu.uoo families a London who Are in Tho habit of pawning Small articles Ami tint More than unclaimed pledges Are sold Evurd year in that City while Over 2ro.000.ow arc taken in pledge in the course of the year throughout the country. Of course some of Twu pledges Are of stolen but t no writer estimates that they do not est fail More than one in piles Are by a sense of weight in the Back Liona and lower causing the patient to supple be has some election of the kidneys or neighbouring organs at times symptoms indigestion Are present a flatulence Oneas inem of the stomach Etc. A moisture like perap1 ration producing a very itching particularly at night alter get Ting warm in bed is a very common attendant. Internal external and itch ing piles yield at once to the application of or. Pile remedy which directly upon the parts acc cd absorbing the tutors allaying the intense itching and effecting a it Moent Core where All Hare tailed do not delay until the Drain on the system produces permanent disability but try it and be Price 50 cents ask Tiraj Xiet for it and when you not obtain it of it uis j a ii a filitis Utam. Turc nine Inu 1 i it in t Tir lion to v. By .11 c1. Ilizf.1 a i to a n if like i a i a fisc in Lipoff Ili in of time a r it i of a Tiirik a ten v Are Jiosi Ivik free Iru Lii 1 any Iti Jurim an t w 10 with Jarl to tills arc cur Tkv l foul Sci Emch i rut late o Lite Ali. As a Pumer no Vepa Rej by or. J. C. Ayer it c i Tiiu love a pea Kris drug medicines Wail m Kkt. 1 at esp Momii Fuks. Statics ii a i re tip Iii is a up fully it All Lour Iii. Ilay. On scr i. R Ujj. .1 a and no Stock id no iou Tinnil t to he the heat an l he Joseph w1l8th devout in harness of Tilton and 0 nuns s m Hipa Ilion ass Oil. Anil in fact in n bad Hess shop. All Vii inn Marble Rock Inion Cedar Northern railway tic it Liin a t l of to coh Ikic Ofpria. Address the or. Awo Medicine co., Olio sold Asper and in Intaj Points in South East and West 1 Jur. I Xii us it in Illinik fur tics two i hic i Al r i tin ir.j., fur my Tori sol Fri Tfuin-1 wit i Palai e Oinui Apolis a St. Paul. Leaving Vin Rork a curl Ioc it l v ii i intr Olill i i m Lixe Esfi _ i lout of i a ii met m l in Kee of tire u 10 in div flon of non 1 a Jill. It advice to mothers. Are Jou disturbed Al night and Hoo Ken of Jour rest by a sick Chili Muff or Nganoi or Jinx Riih pain of cutting Teeth 7 if so fend at once and pet a hot he of mrs. Soot him. J Kex Hino it value i b it will relieve tin poor i Tilc sniff car i . Jeep in upon it. Mothers there is about it. Curt Van Xcvi 1 a to. C to wire o Tyri i c Limo it i Tiu maps time Iri i tied i no it in ii. Jill la of u t a Titiwa subs crier for the Globe Democrat to My othtn4 i it i a the i 1 thu i a i in j a Rii. I i to it it l us i ice n. It m r it pc of r. A i Iii m
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