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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 23 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 23, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaHok duty Ian Leo. U. Nichols. Tui 1.50 per if paid a Damn. Published to Geo. H. By lids. Toward Lone fir ail tarns Sligo per Juanm in if not paid the volume 3. I hails. Summer arrangement. Kock fut Tai in a k Ixo. Koa Burlington. Cedar rapids North m a a p Marble Rock Floyd Iowa August r. T. Pm railway. It Stone no in full of l 0. 0. P. Weir pit Ion i s3 it if 1 Corning it Lull tit finally Lai. . Kract i Hartr dealer in boots and shoes Skires. Mittens trunks sat Heb leather leather. hair. Harness Oil whip i lashes. Curry Ortw and brushes. 1 j paid for hides also manufacturer of and dealer in new Wjt Goin and Blacksmith shop. C. W. Pierce pop Bittor a kinds of work in or re pain or i All till by to nil i pianos cont nil the latest u pro tils is us Tinl that can up Steibly increase their ment. Y fir either in regard to their 7-0 j ty7 or external appear Nncy. A. Be been in us la to. Never to give Mai Staglin i Send 3 vent for circular be fore Purcia cd in tie. Ainu made or repaired on All to inns of work done i and , and wort will Call milk and we vhf it i can d w Aston shm., Marble Kua. It tic 111 j. I. K. Frost Urf. Ail Thi 1 k fair in of Nyette. Aud Lin great american piano u Ciunci mul by Lush _ 7. Y to 7 to Filmia int nil in go. Joc pc Joz h in to Tufe by of Eit Lite was pan of to a Vair at ii Kiriu to. F i r Walt i us Ahkii anti we Onmi j t. I f Duj ail and with it in a a fur tip in my f am , with liar Ijiro a a. Ith. I unil and by tic awk or ill Neil tur Anil Raicu Tojin ind Marble Hilf t . Al i Blok to Mizue thimm b s or Mac i Muir. At lip try with tool Al Liu . Hock Mutiel j pfc inc , _. Cut i or for in or n. It wry nun id with Vil Bankc dlr Nunn of ii c r x fur it to sit Duteil in Kim Kun my it w Calim. Portville ind Sci Imp Jilin the a Wmk will ind lie i Al Ulm. For but l he mar to thu Obish c Undril Hoff it c hic Jan. Id with by Charles City. J. S. Trigg. I Flonly county real is it i ill jmj1 f f j i ba1kh. Vemi i Chillis Cuy. It Sitf Eli Brownell. Of Kvil comfy. Este t a conc Din wait Tif b. C i but few Trier. At Ymeri Wyid Fallt. With la Linoki Cental Ballieul for int que. I of raft a turf i m kit with fur will t Lenl or Olej Mali Man flu it Way All in my i w. Hui fur in nil h Mali a , o to try tin j. W. Daruns if or. Mart Rex b we House i per main Street midd kudu Lle Kittur Kowm Edudd her fall term of Phuol Lut monday. Crow a bail to one up the Twe Aid thong to of the Laann. What s a new i Krait. Of stoves at ladies have you seen the licit and kilo Lur k. F. Wilkoc the 1 gallon Boa Jar 20 vents at a. Moore s or. Beer Haa been ornament his Puriza and want Ify Liis hone. Go to the uen uan Druc Tore with from fit Weiju to Twenty thousand of new Whent has been marketed Lirra he past two weeks. T Hare nil i can do. But Don t Hesi Lilc to leave your measure for boots nil with David. Wilke is willing the celebrated Miller boots from fifty cents to one Dollar cheaper than Ever before. Pair Farmer and ill others contemplating Oil line will their in buying their paints my Oil in . Martin lie or leg cheap for at 11 rails. Tii Ilie East Are in town up i fur a mercantile in to i a nibble i l inc Lilc to unite bore. A Ilko Nill in in itch in style Yak or try him i. Chicago i lines. 1 Grain dealers Wmk Tawa. Stir Neil Mai u with in in inf a Vlf. .1 d c ind m he Twetten of rain Towl in limn w Miti to c i if to a Tell i Jim . Boots shoes bats Caps. A and of All kinds. Pm q i of i Stivi prior an latest int Toni. Cutlery Yankee notions Etc., parlor 0 r g a n a thon1 the it Jan with until no who in Vir himself hath my in m bound to raid. A Liui Pleu lure of not Iowa at k. A. Rosin Kmitis k i o s the unprecedented Rush at oar store Una Lurge Stock is old at ruinous prices k. A. co. Capt. 0. H. Lyon appears to Hare altar Aioli Wijt on the West and if a Tat cd bar the people of fiord to represent then at the Stele his duty honestly and we have Eola tatty on Hud the Premium acids mid oils. J. K. Feen. Highest of irked Price paid for All kinds of r. Of twi it f Hir of it win the living profits. To on at n it twi it. To for or Toafe fort Wori i uhivebsa1 . J or a sinful he of Tow pure it pm la in to tint or tins tie school presided Over for the lout Moat is with Gratifying suit 1 of Tew u m Nerva Miller Clowd Fri Lay. We learn that an Effort will be mute to secure miss Miller s Ner ices for the Winter school. Ski to Tare noted tit Fally for m-4iy in. I 1 Tuc conc Tuii try sack . Ikel to Pix Lention of Froid Chicago 6 i ave just our fall Stock of a twi and shoes. J. Darland. Have received a goodly number of new Fra Scriben during the put week and three. We Hope that nerf none who will stand Meh As to ref us to my l All the new styles in and it Hiltl .1. two. 1 Mart _ making it. To Martin a co Are c my True Imir a new at Tuu in will Elm enter Narket for if Ai is the life of it Welcome thin to Hefu Viuf it. Kick Ford Milu j to need Wrt reel scared the arc offered at Low i Goren tit a Are damaged Biu her Chinta i Jive bought fit Kwh. U be in Donold. Hon Terv choke Fine Cut of cry ill improvements u wire anal Oil Pul w ran or to ii Tronni til it Ripic. A beautify to piece of for Niton 27 in. i drug Stoke Tut of kid and Otton f pin5, and Ria 1. Button skirts and corsets. A fill Jin Riply of comm Ltd Cash. Wanted k. Proprietor. St. Mire Bott 2-1 of s. P. Murray at All a bloc Kock report Revow confectioner i is. S. R. Musket. In pm pfc numbers. Clothing Tih Yon can t rest at e. A. Kozenk or Kiskey of Seoul. Slowly Bat Hetely daa or Ciufu sinew. Han you tried it kites it. J. W. Dahl and. On Stock of millinery goods Tor the fill Trade will be mat Nobby Aad Fash mrs. The yield of wheat has no effect on the Low Price for which those and Tula Ivr youths Are offered at Darland s. We visited the Keyes Bro s at their Lanchun. At Nora monday. Thor were no u. Their Arpita is work and complained of feeling first the. Or. Bischl has been quite ill during the past two weeks billions hav ing him in relentless grasp Arv pleased to learn that u much improved. Not cd. All parties knowing Themie Lteif indebted to the late firm of Wade Ros engr Are requested to Call and Mettle the same As soon As possible. H. Hoof Bahs. A Large an d Choice variety of fashionable toilet articles at . Martin s. The e urge demand i have for my fall Trade completely mocked my store and Hare a full line of everything needed in a first class hardware store. U. Iloan Kulans quite in ambition to Wear the is a cog developed by a number of our Xiuwen we believe the contest has narrowed Down to j. B. L Allen Moore two crack shots and arrangements Are us foot to Settle the la Attar of priority Here a to the Man slut wins Bare ii Bliia a it jut line of notions la dim hosiery millinery goods gloves Ruc Liia laces collars cuffs the ladies will consult their own Date by giving us a Call before pure has no. Dresa making done to order mrs. Uigh shoo. Our Street on last tuesday after noon presented the appearance of a Market Day being literally thronged with cams and tie places of Biu Ineat All full. We Are glad to note the Awak ing up. Business has been almost at a and still during the time the Farmers have been engaged it securing their Harvest. A Farmer s wife from Scott town Thip entered the Bank of she Pardon Sifroy Day lust Werk and quietly carried away eight Hundred dollars r Hus timid had finished harvesting Over six Hundred acres of As Fine wheat u can be found and be wanted the Money to pay off his Brown is n Luck this fall. A urge and Well selected mock of prints at a. Moore s. Another Bull tragedy has uen enacted in the Indian country and a Nua Iber of our of ears and soldiers Suin the artillery East cd and the u. Completely routed i it it about Tine the government Mccog Niimd in Ali dec Uvages a foe and Nead a aume enl t True Agai Nitt them to pee then while Amie but Cheries. Neither Gerry win of or John Wallace while hauling Grain Froais the held to us Peri Pius. Ilie tie or Klimt Zullig the Titi in a Poa Ilion that the Forward and bid wheel tuned i across head completely he Bead into the Gnu uni. The 4 head u terribly Aid i condition u co dered Crettol of Imp m it gel soc ii Tieta set u Awn Type fat Liae for Irett in Tim awl he far last to a to it. Ukkk3k. Editor a ult All Quet it omit. The to tap Numen played Aad w wih have i Nat til Arit tur Veat. Or Bate Bill Elib Hare a Elk Ausage Froais the Chute City lab and will play their or ribs Salan if Felt the plaint Iron Jar Falls and Waterloo to the Alae Aoese Cam failed t Thia the and time i failed. M. M. Potter a a tilt on Ai Story to by restaurant and Tateo keep a int Dau hotel and reate or. S. Bug went wed a to Parcham the urgent mock of gods Ever brought to a fellow from but atom to 01 ens but thursday and imbibed a Little Loo he a hitched team and began Neisig then thru up the Street. About Twenty men be pud Hilt out of town. Leading the hones while the rest poached the i titty of Thia Phaoe Bud meet ing aim time ago. And passed resolutions requesting Saloon keepers to close their saloons on sunday and not to sell to Drunken men which they agreed to do but a Saloon keeper s Promise in easily broken. They take the Back door now and i Hare been told Throe raps will admit them. Col Henderson of the us firn of ii Iraa a Dubuque was Here but up Claing against the film of Johnston a series with a View of throwing them into bankruptcy. Trial Day is net for september 4th, at Dah Juc. S. Bl03mojo Cotie us u tic name of another of the popular Charlie Baker s new songs and can be had front any duh dealer in the United fron the publisher f. W. West 40 eels. Warn Ibe Bio. Wain old Ami Man bid ii ukr us Elm Wuu Tad com of talk Tutor dear Whu Waltl a pm tar Watn la Feu Dar or. Khu will Uuk us i. Pm be w taut the Short turn cattle heretofore known As the bonnaire will be old at Public Sale at Charles City Iowa on the tora Dai 1877, at 12 o clock noon. Truw of twelve time at ten per cent on All Orer f 100, approved paper Oulu Gura after 5, 1st7. Oku. B. L. P. Mrm act knew. No unit built it. The Uzup that Kilt a the pedlar near warmly was the of sheriff minor shot Hen w attest Ted to take a Trail at our la and was afterwards killed by the Mitchell Cou Ity Farmer. Last tuesday brought u a grand Good rain and for believe eve we glad it Niimd. Ii Oahu not lure won Opfer Noily m the dry Tipeli had Given Una for All to secure their abundant crops of Hull Grain. Of Kurt it we have a lot of hate at the Hhd Kiln. A Partite who Are in wait will consult their own pocket by giving us a Call. Boon. At a no Rev Luw invaded this work he Tom tempi acky awl Vrab tic who with the to ohm which tin to Law at Tiara Taib wow Akif Etc out subscribers at this office Don t forget it we Girt you value received fifty two a nor. Oof to Tatt Diwi like a Mph. Try it. A. For Sale store us Stock of store two it Orin High with White of cry Hack 4nf us Teria Oft Jeviec of he Cwm Tatj he but a Tiff m wat eau. Al i it in Fucai pm Edwiu s boy been Sohpia Ming it Fern Rich and had of pcs Etc. Or. Hajna waa colled to set hid and after i abort to Ramit the boy wed what rime who Hare i ski the Tab he Call mute. It ii Ebai wig. Web dark i Biniek him. To Botved we m were the hey m ii a Fialo it we Eava a Good Stock of Coa dry goods clothin6, hats Caps boots and shoes Good location. Wih 9eb or fee ddps07sd fab1l k. A. Roszik cuffs a 00. My Kun i0wa. 2w
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