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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 20, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 2. Mabble Rock Floyd county. Iowa August i mid teems a yeah we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women he cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates societies. A. R. -4. M. A k. Fca. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular communication Widne Cihiy 011 or before Lull Moon. Visiting Brothers in goods iding cordially invited to attend. S. Ii. Davis Sec. I. O. O. F. Ilu get. In. M. Cuing of until i in. W. Ii. See. Seelar Lodge. Tuesday eve ainu each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. C. Walt Davis k. Of k. B. I. I. Of b. Meet the 3rd tuesday right in each Mouth in Odd Hall. L. Pres. J. Ackley Liec. Sec. B Meets at the Home of Stewart the 1st and m thursday of each month it 2 o clock p. M. K. A. Stewart pres. Lbs. As reit Bee. Of. A. B. Ruck Post to. 306, meets first sat tuday 0. T. Ackley com. Of each month. W. B. Cola Byllee adj. T u meets every thursday. My. , president. A. M. Secretary. Clip rejigs. Proposed Radical change would have up on the future Revenue of the govern ment. Under All the circumstances it would be inappropriate to undertake to make an estimate other than that Al ready Itaipu. Cui it not out of place to remark that the business Community having a full knowledge of proposed Tariff reductions the inevitable result wil1 be the Wallins off o importations and a corresponding decrease in the revenues. The report also called at 1 Tention to the increased and increasing Burden of the Gold Reserve by reason of the addition of go of treas Ury notes issued to Par for Silver bul lion purchased under the so called shei Ian Law and which was being in creased at the rate of nearly four Mil lion dollars per month. It was recommended that the Gold Reserve be in creased to at least 20 per cent of this additional Burden and i closed my re port upon the subject by saying i think the revenues should be of in creased As to enable the Secretary to i maintain u Reserve of j 000, and to maintain a comfortable working balance in the or. Foster soes on to show tint the entire caution of the Harrison administration was for an increase of revenues in the succeeding years of Oleve san s administration. Or. Foster says that when called before the democratic committee on ways and Means that i was finally a ked what increase of the Revenue would be necessary for the next fiscal year. I named fifty millions of dollars it will be that not a Dollar was asked for the Harrison administration but As Secretary of the Treasury i had a duty to perform in forecasting the condition and necessities of the fiscal year to to should instead of it soon became apparent. Tie Secretary goes on because of the wretched incapacity of the party in Power the revenues fell off much More than they the democratic Congress have dealt turn that the late Secretary of the with the subject promptly and Intelli in sex Frardi in uni a pvn from their own standpoint sex Secretary Foster Speaks. Treasury was not bankrupt. Fostoria 0., Fos Ter is Secretary of the United Stales i Noble Hock Lodge so sea meets thursday j Treasury has issued a statement above Reni us of Earli Sefc. Isu ors cordially invited. J his signature relative to the condition of the Federal finances at the time of the succession of the democratic and Tunini Straiton to that of or. Harmon. The i Secretary says la order to relieve them Frodi the odium of the distress of the country following their accession to Complete control of the legislation and administration of the government it is asserted by the democratic party in on the Rostrum and through their press that the Harrison administration left the Treasury in a bankrupt Condi embarrassed Treasury condition fit asked Congress for fifty Mill ions of additional Revenue that he ordered plans to be prepared for Bonds which in his distress he proposed to sell old but for the inter prayer meeting Gosi pastor. Christian cd Uncan Prea Heinz sunday at 11 m. Christian eur Teaver meets at p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. J. Will Wal lbs i motor. Free sundays at . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at 1 newer meeting tuesday evening . Iless pastor. Baptist. Prev Chin every 1st sunday in Eracli a. M. Aud m. Sunday school every sunday at to a. M. Services held in the Union school House. U. Baxt pastor. Juror recorder treasurer. Street commissioner Manhal. 1 Nick Standf i Tarry 1 Ackman 3 e p Walster 4 Lew Inman i Egbert Davie mention of the president that the panic the election of president Cleveland was in fact due to vicious Republican legislation and administration and finally that the panic of 1893 was inevitable even if Harrison had been re elected. The fact is and it is so reported by Secretary Carlisle that in each of the Harrison administration the rave nue exceeded the expenditures of the government. The Harrison administration besides paying All the expense of the govern is j including one Hundred and sixty millions of dollars More for pensions than was paid by the first Cleveland administration paying All i to extra Ordinary expenses of the Billon Dol Lar Congress it paid including pre about of the City Joseph Wilot i ii k j v Martin F. Jesmore Willard Stroud c we Fletcher. 11 Union town Alp school i turd president Geo to Russell. Secretary. U. B lies treasurer. John Gates directors c Madison Bine 7 John 8 Lames Parchur cow linssel., 10 Sain Shaffer ii Phil Shultz. Of Public policy i As to the charge that the Secre tary so straightened for Cash that he ordered plates for Bonds to be pared. I believed at that time that the Gold Reserve of one Hundred Mil Lions should be 1 would sold Bonds had this Reserve fallen below the limit to replenish it i feared such a contingency Nii lit occur in my time. To f Ottily atari be Lor such an emergency i Conle Rcd with capitalists and Foum liquid sell b Indi for Gold on a b Luh of 3 per cent interest. The Only available were those authorized by the resumption act of ifct5, none bearing interest at a less rate Ihan 4 per cent. The plates for these Bonds had been prepared while or. So Ertman was Secretary and quite a Supply were already printed and ready for final execution. About the 20ih of february 1893, the Senate with the approval of or. Car Lisle who was then known to be the incoming Secretary passed an Anund Marsh g Baldwin. Constables Volney Leoy j Ailey town w Nicholson. Kinney w w u enter and or. Beaver. Scott township school . President John Bishop. Secretary. George x Baldwin treasurer Chines d Mertick Wmk Estous 1 John Bis top 3 Bruce Ward. K v irber 8 dec shul Diimig. 3 t Ker 7 3 Cannini Ham. 4 John Hurt 8 , 9 John lose. Judicial w. Birr John Sherwin. Terms of court--4th monday in january 1st monday in my 2nd monday in september. Monday in Public debt and in turned Over to the rent to an appropriation Bill author j Cleveland administration nearly j icing Theu sue of a per cent Bond by in Cash wore Ihan j a practically unanimous vote. I had 000 of which wis in the last Lucins Lane Phillip Shultz. Timothy pippin it. S. Chiche Eier j. C. Merrill Charles City Marble Kock annual report of the late Secretary his Estima e of the receipts based upon prevailing prior to the Lite were placed at Sou 3s the expenditures were Esti j mated to be 83. The estimate included about to be paid for pensions of which but about were paid by Cleveland these estimates care fully made with the Aido highly relent Treasury officials. I have not a doubt hit if la Rison had been re no doubt then hat the House would concur and that a 3 per cent Short term Bond would be authorized. The emergency such that i thought it r prudent to direct the preparation of plates for these anticipated new 3 per cent Bonds which were in All respects a better Bond than Thoie authorized. I t the House failed to concur with the Senate amendment pro Riding this 3 per cent Bond and on the 4ih of March i the order Lor Hel i free Ron address Kwh Rord elected with a Republican a Ontress to j to h. E a Ucucu to Chicago and j sustain him that the estimate As stated i a of kilns s Keg Las me Tinzy 1st monday in Jannary. I life a trial convince Aprati june Tad sept Mhor ind monday in j would have been More than realized. November. Auditor tres arct clerk o the courts report of superintendent Cowry attorney Coroner once org is Han fort own m. Chit a. It. Merrinus j instead of a for 1s94 of j bout it would reached . I stated of convince cd you of their merits. These pills Are 1 in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of constipation 1 find sick for malaria Aud liver Tro Isles they have proved Invar to of the Pence e Wazeter. T hex. Ii Wil j opinion having decreed a change n. J acc rom every i In its i substance purely vegetable j altered condition Resil tiny there from j they do not weat w their action but j nude it impossible at that time to Esti by Stivin tone to stomach and j Mart the Annaa income Sny a self. Restly inv Nonte the system. Regular i j i std Dej Stee of accuracy ant that it Mac "25 cents per Box. Sold by a j. To predict what effect such a Asper co j Momiu preparation of plates the plates were not completed in fact but Little Progress had been make upon them. The fact that my Only purpose in contemplating a Sale of Bonds was to Rasi Taia by Gold at More than one Hundred millions and not in any sense to provide for current expenses must be borne in mind. The revenues were ample and continued is until july 1st, three months after president Cleveland s administration began the Gold Reserve did not fall below one Hundred millions during the administration of president Harrison there was no occasion for Selling the Bonds even upon the views i held and still hold As my duty. Have shown beyond question or doubt that the Harrison administration did not turn Over to the Cleveland administration a bankrupt Treasury As it is aligned but did turn Over a surplus not Large but erne with Intelli gent legislation and to meet Ali the of the we dial not Lor fifty millions for our own purposes but for our successors for reasons fairly pointed out and that the Secretary did not have the plates a prepared Lor an of Bonds. Panic of Iso j. Now As to the charge that the panic of 1s93 was due to Republican Legisla Tion and that it was to Cote even if Harrison had been re elected. What evidence have we of this alleged impending disaster did any Democrat pre dict it on the contrary they insisted that the election of Cleveland would enhance the Price of labor give us bet Ter limes. Vote for Cleveland and set a Dollar a Bushel for was emblazoned on Banne s in All their parades. The country was pro porous beyond All precedent. Not a Man in the country without work wages were High est Point known in history. The Dollar that labor received no matter its former nature was the equal of and other Dollar and bought More of the necessaries of life than Ever before. The condition aimed at by the policy of Protection was achieved Viz that every prudent mat could own his Homo and Lay up Money besides. More people owned their Homes than Ever before. Wealth was better distributed than at any time previous thereto the Seii Cral Prosperity of All classes of our people of the most cheerful character. The consuming Power of the Mas is ids ils highest Point our foreign Irac was never so Oure poits largely exceeding our to Plavins its important part ample Revenue to enormous pensions thus doing Justice to the defenders of the Republic who saved its life in the hour of i s greatest peril mid to pay All the Liberal appropriations for and harbours Public buildings to construct a new All Oiler expenses of the i Overn mint with these Happy conditions on every Side and the Republican party in Power was there any Clouds i the t or tending a coming storm president Cleveland in mis ones aide to the called session of Eon Greta in August 1s9b, placed All our Finan Cial troubles then existing upon the Silver purchasing act. And with Force recommended its repeal As a cure All for our distress. After a Long debate with the help of the Republican party the repeal was , tiie promised revival o business did not for the simple reason that the Sherman act had Little to do the trouble. Beyond the alarm and solicitude of Banks and capitalists it was not in the least responsible for the distress everywhere prevalent. Not withstanding the repeal of the Perm tin act distress become intensified until a condition prevailed that is Well Nitich unbearable. Continued on pay All free. Those who have used kind s new discovery know ins value and those we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to h b Bucklen co., Chicago and get a Sample of or. King s new life pills free Well As a copy of guide to health and household instructor free. All of which is guaranteed to do you Good Cost you nothing a. J Asper pfc store. To remember that our Stock in All lines is full and Complete. 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