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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 19, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23n0.2. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa aug. 9 terms a year at w. L. Nelson s is the place to buy your hardware also a i paints and oils of All kinds. A Fine line of paint brushes and bicycles at prices k that will astonish you. It will pay you to investigate before buying. Calamity platforms do not go Well with advancing prices and increasing Prosperity. The democrats of Ohio and Are already recognizing that but having made their platforms Are Dow doomed to stand upon Teui but ii they and the free Silver cause go Down together. It is toe late to Swap horses Dow that they Are in the Middle of the Stream. Societies. A. Of. A. M. A k. A a. M. Comer Stone Lodge no. 251. Kern Lar wednesday no or before ill Moon. Vult lug Brothers in goodst nuding Cordis in invited 10 attend. Solbert Wagget. W. M. 8. H. Sec. I. O. Of f. Marble Hock to. 362, meets thursday Wenlung of Eara us get. Visitors cordially invited. Kory Date Fox x. G. H. Huss kiss Sec. , Beelar meets tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. . Vozikes . A. K. Of r. B. I. L. Of h. The 3rd tuesday night in each month in add Fellows Hall. To. W. pres. It. J. Acklis Bee. Sec. M. W. Of a. Mule Hock Camp 4-163. Regular meet no second Anil fourth saturday of each month at Fellows malt. Visiting neighbors in Good ban diff Arv cordially invite cd to attend. A. Ii. Iliin a. C. Ii. Mun clerk. W. K. C. Meets at the Home of lire. Stewart the 1st and m than Day of each month at 2 o plonk p. M. A a. Stewart prep. My. Cub Tisi Bee. G. A. K. Marble boric Post no. 308, meets first saturday each month. C. T. Ackley com. W. B. Cab tie adj. C t it 3lmta every thursday. My. Taleb president. Lbs a. Of. Mibb Iau Secretary. A Miranoa. At 11 . And 7-Afl . Epworth league meeting at prayer meeting thursday evening. W. W. To Basso of pastor. Cd Listiak in coca Freak till sunday at 1 m. Christian Endeavor meets p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. J. Witt. Walters pastor. Fez Bart at 11 . Mat p. M. Prayer meeting tuesday evening c. K. Calkins pastor. every 1st sunday in each month at 11 a. To. M. Sunday school sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the Union school House. Ii. Baxt pastor. Recorder City officers. F. E. Gates b b Rosenkrans j 31artin Brett commissioner Smith a tubal Willard Kinaj h c Darla not a. H. Weber k Hugget r. J. Ackley. Colon township school boards president e. P. Walster. Secretary. H b Sles John Gates directors kick Standt quit Packman f it later Lew 6 Madison Blue 7 John Gates 8 James Parcher 9 Miles Clikeman 10 . Maieron i Drew Gates. The Farmers who were persuaded last year to listen to the wheat and Siver Humbug Are shuddering now to think How near they came to being bunched by n. Reports from the farming regions continue to show that the Farmers Are reducing their mortgages. This is hard on the Silver theorists but Good for the Farmers. The Railroad men who stood like a Stone Wall against free Silver and an Archy last fall Are now reaping their Reward in increased employment and improved conditions. So Are the Farmers the Ohio democrats will not at tempt to preach free Silver and calamity in the Vicinity of that Cleveland rolling Mill which recently started up with men after an idleness of years. The site new of the Silver orators is becoming oppressive tuese Days. It is to marked contrast with then chatter of a year Agu. But come to think of it the contrast Between wheat and Sil ver is quite As strongly marked. It is estimated that this year s exportation of Corn will reach 000 bushels which is several limes greater than was Ever before exported in any single year. Will the democratic stat Finen and statisticians credit this to the Low Tariff rates of the Wilson Law. Can babe possible that the Money Europe Are responsible for the failure of the crops abroad and the Advance of wheat in the face of falling Silver Market this is about As reasonable As the theory of last year that the Money Kings were the cause of the adoption of the Gold Standard by All the great nations of the world the contrast Between Republican and democratic Prosperity is strongly marked. People who remember the general smash in business of All sorts during the first year of the Cleveland Anu men compare the people ought to get a Clear notion of the business there would be for the business men in the Silver line in Case of free Silver. One could no to Mexico and buy two million three Hundred and fifty thousand dollars with a certified Check for Etie million dollars United states currency deliver the two million three Hundred filly thousand mexican dollars at one of our mints receiving a United Stales Treasury Check Lor of our Money plus the Quantity of Fine Silver the mexican Dollar contains greater than our Standard Collar and lie would make covering All expenses of transportation Over a million and a Quarter spot Cash. That is the Way the people would profit by free Silver states with no Silver mines would not get one dime of advantage. When Prosperity is genuine. Everybody is using the word pros Lije i parity in these Bat Airoy the professional fault finders arc not finding the Welcome errs that they did last fall. People Are too Busy now to listen to complaints that they know Are not founded on fact and they Are auspicious of men who offered them a theory which would not hold Good even for one year. Thu re is still one class to the United states who Are out of employment this is the professional calamity Shri ekers. Probably they might find employment in Mexico now judging from the Dole Ful reports which have come from there since the recent drop in the Price of Silver. Scott hip a schernerhorn s. South Reed kills elate ton Crowell Garter w Witter Miles and Juet Nader. Scott township school Board. Cre Terv. George my win itt Turer Cannes d Merrick directors Jok a Bishop 5 f. F. Witter. 6 e Span lying hit Euort 7 j Cunningham my 8 j w Jeffrey 9 John Lowe. Judicial. John c. J. N itt Mon in Jumars is monday in september. 2nd id tto vember. Larme Rockfort Board Une Sellu pippin it Merrill Nam meeting 1st londay in monday in t. D chm w c. If. Johnson it Frank Lidgen Faldet c. W. Kateke Cockcr the corporations composing the Sil ver Trust did not produce the value of last year of the White Metal at a loss. If they had not made Money on that Silver they would not have mined it. The production of Sil ver is so that Many of the mines could go on it the Price would fall to cents an ounce the Price tinder the ratio demanded by Ohio democrats be ing 128 Cems an ounce. If the Silver Trust had succeeded in electing Bryan president and Bryan had made Cood his three thousand Public assertions that the United states could with a single Law double the Market value of All the world s Stock of Silver the Sil ver Stock would have been cult edged by this time and Silver intrinsically Dollar for Dollar with Gold and the Trust making in addition to present profits six millions a is the rate which Ohio and democrats would tax the country for one Trust. Reviving conditions which Mark the present period of the Mckinley administration will probably not regret the change which the voters made through the election of last year. It is not True that anything was done by Congress in 1s73 reduced the value of Silver. To 1873 there was no Gold or Silver in circulation Aud years first coinage by Way of pre paring Lor specie resumption was of subsidiary Silver and then the Silver Dollar coinage began at a rate unknown in the history of the mints. It was necessary to fix a limit to this coinage in order not to Demon time Silver for that was not done Bat that Gold not be Demon sized the fall of Silver has been caused primarily by the cheap production of the Metal. There Are two pitiful hypocrisies in the writing and talking of the free Silver advocates. One is the constant use of the word bimetal ism in a sense to which it is a falsehood. To tort it f veld i r4 o nation at the old ratio without limitation is impossible without just such by Metallis As they have in Mexico. The other hypocrisy is to speak of the free coinage of Gold and Silver As though there was anything the matter with Gold. an intelligent Man Gables either of these falsifications he is guilty of intentional fraud. In a country turned Down from the Gold to the Silver Standard to those metals 4re related in the Market it would require the raising of the wages of a Workingman earning one Gold Dol Lar a Day to two dollars and thirty five Centre a Day to make him even. Has any Man heard of mexican wages going up because Silver went Down because the Standard Dollar of the land depreciated who gets the advantage of the cheaper Dollar labor never the Money Money the advantage every time there is a Wabble in the currency in which wages Are paid. Carry in their minds a distinctly mis taken idea of its meaning. To the Speculator in stocks it Means a Rise in the particular thing he fancies when the one change most hurtful to Public Prosperity May possibly be an Advance in stocks which have Only a speculative value. To Many thousand workingmen there comes Prosperity according to their Conception when their wages Rise no matter whether other wages Rise in Harmony or the general Cost of living increases More than earnings. There is a great army of Farmers to whom Prosperity Means the accidental concurrence of bounteous crops and exceptionally High prices and they do not Slop to think that a general Prosperity can Only be based upon fair re turns for regular and constant Industry Many merchants count it Prosperity if Large stocks of goods Rise in value on their hands. In general the tendency is to take quite too narrow and individual a View of the conditions which Are called prosperous. Womb Eli free your address to h. E. Is Eckleb co., Chicago and get a free Sample Box of or King s hew life pills. A trial will convince Yon of their merits. These pills Are in action and Are particularly effective in the Core of constipation sick Flea Dache. For malaria and a few treaties Hare proved invaluable they Are guaranteed to be 1 perfectly free from every deleterious i substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken their Art Ion Bat tone to stomach and bowels invigorate the sysum. Regular cents per sold by a. A k co., drag Gaia. It is simply Folly for a free Silver Man to talk of himself is a bimetal Liat when the actual ratio of the Metal is 36 to 1, and the democratic platform demands that it shall be 16 to 1. An ounce of Gold will buy 36.6 ounces of Silver in any Market to the world where Silver is sold. Free coinage of 44 cent dollars As 100 cent Dollar would of course banish Gold except so far As it was hoarded now All Gold not hidden is practically in circulation then none of it would be. This is contraction to j the extent of the in use and hav ing but one Metal Silver is Mono Metallis tub True editor Tiskilwa 111., chief says we won t keep House without or. King s new discovery for consumption coughs and colds. Experimented with Many others but never got the True remedy until we or. King s Neil discovery no other remedy pm tale its place in our Home is in it we have a certain and sure cure for coughs. Whooping coach it is Idle to Experiment with other , even if they Are urged on Yoa Jost As Good As or. King s new discovery. They Are not As Good because Rrt Nedy has a record of cares and besides is guaranteed it never tails to satisfy. Trial bottles free 4 Asper go s drag Stoft. It aeration. General. Gains by one set of men at the expense of another do not improve the condition of the country in the least. If the higher the exceptional Cost of food the advanced prices of goods take from part of the people in order to give to another part there is not a step towards general improvement. But when the individual gain is in Harmony with conditions which the Public shares and Springs from and in turn contributes to the general Well being then the improve ment is real. Elencos it is that Many of the changes which Are most frequently accepted As signs of Prosperity May be deceptive As they were in the fall of 1895, and certain to be followed by re action and general loss. It is the most encouraging characteristic of the improvement which has be gun that it involves larger employ ment of labor generally and better re turns for it. It is not the sort of improvement which takes from the Many to Benefit the few. Already it is Felt by the great army of Farmers and farm workers who with the mechanics and others directly dependent upon agricultural conditions constitute More than half the working people and at the same time by the millions o ta.rni.r3 in Man fac tuning and mining pursuits. There is scarcely a single Branch of Industry sufficiently important to be remembered which has not already found fully pm plot sent for labor either in hours or Days of work or in number of hands and the increase in time to alloyed involves larger while in Many branches higher rates of Wales have also been Gran to0 such improvement which is is Tereci tally All Labdor is not the May be expected Titanish in night. And leave behind it a great body of losses and a Host of commercial disasters it is kind Flat makes Many poor that a few May Rich. On the contrary beginning substantial increase in the purchasing Power of the millions it thus provides larger and lasting demands for the products of labor and hence Assurance of still further employment do you know 1 hat it has taken time and work to buy your produce shoes Worth ing at prices fair for you to pay think it Over. Think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you buy Are As Good As you re made to Are. Believe they Leo. W. Gates. Good in itself. But when prices because the consuming Power of moved should be righted first. This the we Are trying to do just As fast As pos pc pc begins to crowd close upon their sible. My deepest and kindest sym production thus impelling to larger i Pathy goes out to you old soldiers who production and still larger employment of labor the Progress 15 precisely of the sort which has made the growth of this country for More than thirty years he wonder of the York Tribune. Securing later employment and for sub Stan and rerun do Washington letter. Washington aug. 13, 1897. It is a matter Lor congratulation to president Mckinley that his Adu Inis traction has furnished so Little cause for legitimate criticism that the opposition has been driven to he Rusanu lecture of faults to criticise. The assassination of the Spanish Premier and the Conse i to foundation of Many sensational stories concerning alleged changes in the intentions of president Mckinley As to his cuban policy and Secretary Sher Man s being at to head of the state department has caused him to i Truie conspicuously to most of the stories. There is absolutely no foundation for any of these stones. There has been no change and none is contemplated. Secretary Wilson is an old Friend of the Union Soldier but he has added to the esteem the boys in Blue feel for him by a letter to Jol. Foote com Mander of the Union veterans legion of the District of Columbia who had in the name of the legion recommended an old Soldier for a pure in the Agri cultural department. Secretary Wil son s letter says in part As you Are aware probably i have been reinstating old veterans who were discharged by the last administration. About go have been put Back but there arc about As Many More to be consider cd. You will doubtless agree with me that those who were unceremoniously re losing flesh saved our country and whatever we can do Over Here to make the afternoon of your lives pleasant and comfortable shall certainly be the Board of naval officers selected by Secretary Long to investigate and report upon the Cost Best of a government Plant for the Manu facture of steel Armor for our fighting ships has been in All this week. The officers Are familiarizing them selves with the information on file at the Navy department on this subject and will next week visit the plants of the Jarn Gie and Bethlehem companies which have refused to make the Price named by a Jiuu. Secretary Bliss received official in formation from Alaska during the week and in consequence issued an official warning showing the exposure privation suffering and danger of at tempting to get into the Klon Dyce Gold Region at this advanced season calling the attention of the would. Be Klondike a to the fact than persons with tons of baggage and freight Are now waiting at Tho in trance to White pass in Alaska for an Opportunity to Cross the mountains and to the Yukon River. Secretary Bliss is too Well acquainted with human nature to expect that his warning will have any material effect upon the Kloa Dyke fever but he had the information and be thought it hts duty to make it Public. Senator Flansb Cugh was in Washington this week perfecting arrange ments for i marriage next of fuck to miss Chapman of Washington. They will be married in new York City. You naturally lose flesh in the summer and running Down is so easy. Get. A. Little weaker each Day without hardly noticing it. Loss appetite headache of the Muscles disturbed sleep memory those Are the beginning of nervous prostration. Iron and tonics and bitters May afford some temporary Relief but what you need is a food for body brain cafe cars i expre5sly built by the Illinois Central Are now running on the Western lines of that Sunini. Between dul que Inu on j rain 2, and supper on train so. 1, he Only meals re Jaared Enro Ute on fast lid Between City s Chicago services poor sol 1 breakfast be trains Between Ami a la carte at very reasonable prices All articles Fiir Nis bed in these

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