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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 13 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 13, 1896, Marble Rock, Iowa22 no. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa August terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. Not a question of Money. J acted by the Republican Carty of the United states and you thought of could do belter and the people thought to Grets capt. Hull closed his speech at Winterset with he following sound argument thu trouble has been that we have been Tonkin at the wrong cause for the terrible conditions that have visited the people of the United Stales. It is not a question of Money. 1 have Here the report of the Secretary of the Treasury for july 1, 1s9g. They Issue them every month. I when i re turn to Des Moi cd 1 will have the re port for August 1, is Flag. In this re port comparing it with the Money j i the past you will see that Etc have in societies. A. V. K a. M. A v. To. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular communication wedge Suflaj 011 before full Moon. Visiting Brothers in Good striding cordially invited to attend. Hobbert hunger. Of. A s. H. Davis Sec. I. O. O. F. La Noble Dock Stis meets thursday eve him of Euric week. i invited. A. U. Meier. X. G. a a Leclar Lodge xo.210, meets tuesday Eteuini. Of each week. Visit ukr Brethren invited. It. C. Wilt Davis k. Of r. Be. I. I. Of h. Juleeta the 3rd tuesday night in each month in Odd Fellows Ball. I. Rosco Iiran 1 res. K. 3. Ackley dec. Sec. To. K. C. Meets at the Home of sirs. Stewart the 1st and 3d thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. M. Mus. K. A. to 1 res. Mrs. Christina Aspek feel. U.-.4. K. Marc Kork no. Of Bucu Ali Dull. W. B. Cab Tyiee adj. W c t u T. com. Meets every thursday. . I Nib president. Mrs a. 51. . Secretary. Churches. Mkt Odist preaching Sun Tays at ii a a in. Epworth league meeting at prayer meeting thursday opening. Koui Caox pastor. Christian pre Acius sunday at 11 a. 10. And . Christian Jin Deaver meets at p. In. 1 Rayer meeting wednesday tvs Ning. J. Will . Pastor. Free pre actins sundays at ii . And . Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday Venius j. P. Hewe.-, pastor preaching every 1st sunday in each month 3. M. And p. M. Nday i sunday school nday every sunday at 10 it. M. Services held in the Union school Bouse. Ii. Giust pastor. City officers. Mayor Joseph. Viloth Lle Corder. It b Itose Krans treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner F. Jesmore Mare bal Willard Strond c datlaiu1., vim Fletcher 11 Huib Uriaus a h Meier Chas v. Eder it Union township school Illiard president Geo w Russell. Secret at. U c ies treasurer. John Gates Dihe Tolis 1 Wickstandt Mallison Bine 2 Harry Packman 7 John Gates 3 e p Walster 8 James 1 Archer 4 Lew Luman. 0 ceo w t Egbert Davis 10 Sam shatter 11 Phil san Ltd. Scott Toton ulip of ulcers. Harsh. G x Baldwin. To Rev t town w Nicholson. Kirmey w her Mil or. Beaver. Scott township school limit re. President John Bishop Secretary. George x Boldnin treasurer Chanes 1 Merrick directors 1 John Bishop 5 Bruce Ward. 2 e w Gerber r e c Spain Diug. 3 Artias i her. 7 ,1 Chin Nihil Liani 4 John b a Jill run John Locc. Judicial. W. Burr John So Crnin. Terms of court ill monday in january 1st monday in my 2nd Yonny in september. 2nd monday in november Llord of Lucius Lane cd Normsn. Charles City Phiillip shall a Marble Jock Timothy pippin k. S. Chichester 4. C. Merrill Lockford Linda i the annual Normal Institute for Floyd county will con Vene in the High school building at chaises City August 17, and continue in session two weeks. All teachers in tending to teach in Floyd count the coming year Are expected to be present. T As last year some of the pleasant features will be the round table and opening exercises. All recitations will be completed in the Forenoon giving the afternoon for opening exercises and the round table. Hoping that we May have the largest and the most interesting Institute in the history of tiie county i Atu yours in the work h. Allis 52s to supt. The Best argument the friends of Silver can produce from Mexico is that the free coinage of Silver has acted As a Sti Tulous in building up Home Indus Trina for Ita Idle people. This can be accomplished in this country 10 a far greater extent by the policy of Protection Whigob has been religiously carried out by the be publican party in the past and will again be made the Corner phone of our Prosperity after March 4th. 1s97. Creased Allol our metallic Money until today we have of Gold in Tho United states we have increase May be you could. They were Dis satisfied with their own Prosperity. They have tried it and in three years and a half of democratic Rule there is not a statistician in the United states who still not estimate that the people of the United states have paid for the democratic Effort Tsiun the government applause let me ask you when you who now think of oing off after this strange god of free coinage of Silver at the ratio of 10 to 1, when the commercial ratio of the is 81.1, of 1 today How in the name of god you can Hope for return ing Prosperity How can you Trust the party that gave you a dose in that has almost killed the government we Jav because the govern ment coined it on its own account and agreed to make it As Good As Gold. It is the credit of the government. Jet is not Fiat. Fiat ii reached when you agree to pay assets to pay pledge of the Siote than you have it is not Fiat it is the government Given in Charles Walsh the Secretary of the democratic National committee gives away the scheme by which Watson is to be sold out by the democrats. The scheme is to Trade with the populists giving them the Sta e officers and con Gressmen and in return require the selection of electors pledged to Bryan such amount that the go reinvent make it Sood. Free coinage brings no obligation to Tuai Tain values. A Man takes 371 j. Gains to the mints and away the same amount in Coin. You have got Over of paper in circulation in the United states you have in paper in Tress Ury notes Legal tender notes Silver certificates Gold certificates Gold and Sil ver according to the report o the Secretary of the Treasury july 1, bog you Haven t it All in circulation. Why because the democratic party went into Poiser March 4, is j. Applause they closed your factories your workshops i v. 1.0 and turned of Labouring men out of employment with the result that their is no profitable use for Money to Day. You talk about your Low prices to Day n 1s9 2 when was president enforcing Republican Laws enacted the leadership of such great men As blame Allison Mil heed your agricultural products went into All the markets of the would until you reach cd the water Mark and is ported agricultural products alone to the Amanni Over that was the water Mark. Then c hit Horace units my the democratic an Sewall. The Middle of the readers he you were doing will undoubtedly relish this plan and keep right on shouting for Bryan and Watson this would be about As con Distant As some of their arguments on the Silver question. The following is an extract from a latter Lee Enlil written by private Dai Zell to his comrades i am a Republican Are you i believe in Protection do you i Ain for the stars and stripe3 Are you i never was anything but a Republican were you nothing buys me nothing scares me nothing fools me How is it with you old boy do you hear me shouting i voted for Lincoln be to it is my own heraldry. I carried a Musket in the Union ranks or three whole bloody years did you Well shake then we Are comrades ure. 1 am no Goose Are you they can t catch Ine can they take you in what do they take us or anyway i Don t bite Silver Hooks do Yoa Well , you Are shouting i am for Mckinley Bill and Bill Mckinley every time How it. It with you i thought so. Sike again three All together lored our output of Silver since until and the people applause and let we have Over of Silver uie ask you again if it is not True Tirui i Peiu lieu party has been in absolute control o the govern ment that they Hare fulfilled every pledge and brought Prosperity to All the people. Applause in the history of our past is there a platform pledge written there by the Genius of republicans in the National convention that has not been faithfully kept and has not inured to the Benefit of the people of the United states but let us write our o in platforms and construe them ourselves and not allow oar enemies to do it. I hive seen it. Their papers and heard from Timeir Street Corner orators statements that no proposed to retire our Silver and paper and leave nothing of our Money except Gold and that it is impossible to do the business of our country with Gold alone no such a proposition has been made by the re publicans of the United states. We propose to maintain our present system and keep the great volume of our Money in circulation and with this we propose to re enact our reciprocity in we giving uie Pru Uruu i our a foreign Market and through the in creased wages put in circulation restore our Home Market until the country shall reach again the High water Mark of Tho Golden year of the past and enter upon the twentieth Century with the people of the United states More prosperous than Ever before in their history. Let us gentlemen of the convention see to it that Nur Standard Beaver who represents in Liis character the highest Type of american citizen ship William Mckinley of Ohio applause shall be surely elected this fall and Nith him a Republican Congress to Laws for faithful currying out of All the principles of the Republican party. Well under your Tariff Law but repeal reciprocity repeal protective Laws enact free Trade so that the rest of the world can sell to us and they will buy of us in larger measure and greater prices. And the people did ii. Lou repealed the reciprocity you repealed the Protection and enacted that Bill which stands on our statute books without willing to father it and everybody of both parties willing to condemn Wilson laughter and the result of it is that the banners of the United states in 1895 sold Les of their products abroad than they did in 1s92 Ynn he roved ale Haroid for the. Farm products of Iowa and the Northwest to the amount of j Uoo and you have deprived your own people of the Power of living Well j have destroyed your markets not Only abroad but so in the great centers of the United states. Much More than that. You have whenever you think of clothing you can t help thinking of our store. It o comes into your mind like a Flash. That s the Way we like it. Remember we have every thing that an up to Date cloth ing store should have. Cheap too. Childs Campbell. Any kind of Money will do. A household treasure d. Fuller of Canajoharie n. Y says that he always keeps or. King s 1st Murf Liy in inn Inry. Disc Over in the House 2nd april. June and suite incr and 2nd a i f t j i t. Jio vember. Loand the very Best follow its use thai he would not be without ii. If pro curable. G a by iceman n. A. Caused a loss to labor in this country every Day counting an average of Labouring men Idle and it is a Low aver Asre counting their average at Only so per Day. Certainly More j thar thai because under Republican 1 Laws with a stimulus of Republican i Tiro cd Ion. The lae tones were paying new York Tribune an alarming report considering How soon is to visit this City comes from the West. U is that the Ropoc Raiciu Caridi Daie for president suffering from Eye Lune on the lungs. This malady although comparatively unknown in the East is a common affliction among Western statesmen. The prevalence of cyclones great and Small in the West is generally known and it therefore not a uprising thut a states Man out on the Prairies taking in his Supply of wind Lor an eight hour Day s labor at saving the nation should occasionally Swallow a Young and undeveloped twister a Cyc on is a Ter Rible thing whether on the lungs or on the p Ains. It is hard indeed to say in which Case it is More terrible. With one afflicted As it is now said or. Bry an is. It is speak or bust if this report regarding the candid Ite proves True the out on. Records of the coun try Araa eur and professional Are Likely to a hairy sri Shin Din i of Over try e Extrie bit ters As a remedy for your troubles if it get t bottle Sot and arct auditor treasurer. Clerk of the recorder superintendent. Surveyor. Coasty aug Rev Coroner county Georgi s front to per Dav for Abor but this Medicine has been found to be i counting an average and Yon peculiarly adapted to the Relief of All 1 Cmarie a i destroy of the circulating medium 500.0co a Day. Xot Only thar but de the wan out of work of the find cure evening a wonderful direct infill twice in strength and tone to be organs it you have loss of appetite constipation. Igens wanted Loev Day. Life of m Kinley and Lobart Republican candidates for pies Clent incl vice president by Libot. 1j. A cite i the noted journalist present editor of the Cleveland a orld Isuel inti mate Friend of Mckinley Twenty years. Absolutely this Only nut Centiu life of Mckinley published. For Moie than two Yiirs in preparation and the Only Ivok that Bis received the endorse ment of Mckinley and his most intimate friends. No Book equal to it us a seller. Everybody wants the Book published at Mckinley s Home. Porter s Book Sells at . Renders will accept no of tbsp. A cold mine for life Active win Kris Uge ats from 310 to 820 per Day. Chance for thous ands of others to joas Well. This is the Opportunity of a life. The highest com Mission paid. Order outfit Dow. Send 20c Stamps taken As an evidence of loud Faith Sincli amount will be refunded he agent s first order if it is Only for one. Book making outfit Dee. Books on time charges prepaid be iving pro fits Clear. Act Quick or while you Are waiting others will Cut you out. The n. G. Hamilton pub. Co., so 3021 Arcade Cleveland 0. William Mckinley agents wanted to sell the life and Speed tips of Mckinley with proceedings St. Louis convention platform of party and other valuable information. 320 of Ges with 20 full Page illustrations. Price cloth 81.00 Morocco sixty per cent discount to 30 cents for prospectus and full particulars Paul go to work at once you can sell 200 copies in your own i in address s. Ogilvie publishing company Rose Street now York. Jugs info wami i Ivy i f in of gome sex nolo tiling to Patent protect your ideas they May bring you health. Write John Wodder Burn co., Patent attorneys Washington a c., for to Weir prize offer. Compound liquid h saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in Tho worst cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of he age and is the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for tha prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices to Farmer can afford o be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera cure. Nut Only the Best but est remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a j. Asper read our free Booklet on microbe Dis a secs. The famous Lake City Stock Fountain can he purchased from l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa. It will water from. 50 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Gravil Ruivo. Springs in Wiist floats to stick in mud and let out tank of water. Has the right size drinking cup not a Large double drinking cup to hold a lot of. Hot filthy water before Tresh Supply conies Down. Valve with a body of water. Can be set to water two pens at once. Fountain cow a Ranfred for heating attachment which j can be supplied during Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It costs nothing to try Ono. Will pay for itself every week in j a Bunch of 20 pigs. You will state your i self after try intr that the increase id fat above the usual method watering a apparent the naked Eye in two weeks. Retail Price 83.00. Call on or write to l. Hartshorn Charles City Iowa general agent for Floyd Siock City Joseph Wiloth dealer in Jers and u has never to j do nil tha h Ciai Iund for it. Why not Chifici t Kei. K j hot lies Iree it a j. Aspes w j store pc Gulf 60c and Uoo in 1s60 to nearly i Power to to i have stricken Down i , fainting Spelis. Or Are cer on the one hand the factory on the Voas excitable t or with dizzy spells. Electric i other hand the Mariji. Ion Ime Jeen v i this country Row from i in wealth in 1sih under the Laws in Mitteis is the Medicine you need Holth and strength Are Stibrani Redby its use. Large Only fifty cents at a. J. Asper cd s drug store. Heavy and shelf hardware harness repaying a specially. Jfe meet a honorable Competition

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