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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 11, 1898, Marble Rock, Iowa24 no. I. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa aug. Terms 4 year t act going at Youir own figures. I f ice Oda i relay. Stoll s famous hog cholera f Edy of Waterloo 017 Sale j at speedling co., druggists. A. F. M. A k. A a. M. Corner Stone Lodge no 251. Lez ular Comitini cation Wadues Day no or before nil Moon. Yonl plug Brothers in . Kobbert Nugget. W. In s. H. Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Mat tie Koek i Olga to. 362, meets thursday red Lek of Earh Weet. Visitors cordially invited. , ii. Sec. a Beular Lodge. Meets tuesday evening f each week visiting Brethren invited. W.15. Yuri us. C. C a. Rosk Mckas it. B. I. T. Of ii meets the 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in . K. J. Ack lbt rec. Sec. M. W. Of a. Marble Kock Camp 446s. Heg Utor meet second Ani fourth saturday of each month at Odd Fellows Hall. Visiting in Good Landing Lotf Liauw invited to v c h. I Xmas clerk. B. C. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and 3d of each lbs. Chats Tina Asih u. A. R. Marble Rock Tost so. 30s, meets first saturday teach Britt. C. T. com w. B. Club tree Adit. To v 1 v meets every lbs. A. M. Nebbiai Secretary. Clibur chios. Methodist Frea Tuul sundays at 11 a. To. Nurt 7-so p m. Up Wortlie league meeting at 5-.30. Jer Matins i Lubck preach inc sunday it 11 . Curb tin a neater meets at p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Uig. Alteh5. Pastor. Fins Bil test. Trenching sundays at 11 . And p. M. 1 Wajert City Sunset commissioner c. E. Lamb Marthal Villaru Ken councilmen he Del sure a. H. Valster .1. Weber r Nugget k. J. Ackley. Union Tow Uible school Bourd president h. J. Ackley treasurer. John direct Oka sic Staudt. 6 Madison to Habarth t John , r. .1. Ackley 3 James i Arche. Lew Nman 9 Miles clip Oman k. Ii. Hitter 30 j. T. Musmon 11 Hob Barr Scott to a a clip of ulcers. Justices John Sclier morhorn sours Centi ibb George heed Ellis mane de Crowell Jake Gurber w w Witter Miles Marsh and m Eleh Meler _ _ Scott township school president f. S. Witter Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Charles d ferries directors 1 Bishop 5 f. S. Witter. S. Soon or. 0 j. Lie Ere .1 mat pin not 7 j Cinningham 4 Charles Ahart o j v a John lose. Judicial. John c. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Kelly terms of cart 4th Monck ii in january 1st monday in May 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. A card of Phil Chu Irmin Marble Kock l. Lose Charles City Timothy pippin Lockford 9. Choc Hestet undo . Merrill in gnats meetings 1ft monday in january. April. June and september and 2nd monday in november. County officers. Sheriff auditor tree Utu. Clerk of the keep Der c. Ii. Johnson Saperton pendent j. J. Martin purveyor f k Kozinc county attorney Frank Coroner w. A. Cook j. 1 at scr w. I , e. P. , Willard 1 Erin town snap Justice a of he pests Sii Davis. Nie constables Charles t hex k e Winchell clerk Hadar land beat Tauses Saab try i a u you want to quit tobacco a Ltd forever flu of new we vigor taks the wonder worker Tfirn u Monir Many gain ten pounds in ten cared. Buy no to Bat o .0 Falgut a act guarantee to cure and Sample Manila sex. J. I Merub remedy or new the dub que Timea says collector Patterson sometime ago estimated that Tho of the Laluque distr under the new Law for the fiscal Jear which july 1 will amount to today he finds the revenues for the month o1 july alone will amount to and the collections for the year will probably exceed 000. This District alone has consumed Staily Stamps proprietary and documentary. Perhaps the Esti mates of other collectors will exceed cd correspondingly. At least it now seems certain that under the new Law the government s revenues will abundant to its needs great As these will the next few years. The Senate Coq Smittee s estimate that the Bill would yield is Lif culy to to exceeded one third or More. We his it congressional. We want to say right Here that while we Are opposed to the renomination of or. Updegraff and favor that of or. A Yuie vre have no stools to throw at or. Updegraff. Recognize the fact shut he has done Many 20od things in the Eslit Venus Hui him been a member of Congress and Accord him All the Praise that is due. For he Post free years in most a tiring events he has not Como up to the expectations of his friends and constituents and hey infer from this that his Day is past. Personally we have enjoyed his society very much whenever we have met and regret that we have res Chad the parting of the but a Active up to Date Man is needed and its time bid training common no and we know of Nooe More Able More energetic More Esou Vsetul More devoted or who will to More determined and successful in pursuing the Good of this District than or j. K. Blythe of Mason Howard county times. It would not have been considered bad lost several ships and Many thous and men in Battle before driving Spain to sue for peace. In fact All sorts of european critics were continually saying before the War actually began thai while a Merican resources must win in the end this country might have a bad half hour at the outset. It is Only in the Light of the e declared expectations that the actual results of tiie War can fairly judged. Nobody finds even now that Cervera s forces were lacking in courage or in material equipment. Nobody questions the courage of toral and his men or mates Light of their defence of positions which con dered impregnable and which every Ody else has considered fit rhinely difficult. But join How the americans have nowhere met even a Little reverse carried apparently impossible positions with loss to the defenders ban to those attacking. In warfare these Are not results which history makes familiar. All the Lois of one Navy from first to last and on All seas do not equal those inflicted upon the other a single Shell. All the Battles of the War thus far have not Cost the american army As Many men As it has killed in attacking the most strongly fortified difficult positions. There will have to found a definite and extremely important cause for such disparity of fighting Force and destructive Power. The world Dow begins to 836 what the cause in. Free sovereigns fighting for the govern ment which is their own Are not to matched the Best trained and Best equipped forces of government which Are not of the people the people and fur the millions Given it is certainly Gratis lying to the Publ to know of one concern in the in 1 who Are ii of afraid to generous to the needy and suffering the proprietors of or. King s new discovery for consumption. Coughs and colds have Diven away Over ten million trial Battles of this great Medicine and have the satisfaction of knowing it has absolutely cured thousand of hopeless cases. Asthma bronchitis hoarseness and All diseases of the Chest Thna and lungs Are surely cured on a. J Asper , pet a trial bottle free. Regular size 50c. And a. Every bottle Gawaran teed or Price refunded. A remarkable War. After Only three to nibs of War says the new York Tribune Spain has sued for peace. If the War ends it trill rank As one of the most remarkable War in human history. A War with out loss of a single Battle or skirmish on one Side without loss or serious in Ury of a single ship with surrendered prise ners exceeding in number the Force which captured them and with practical annihilation of the available Navy of one Power is novel enough to make an i Teie dug chapter in Ine world s history. The. Res has Are More remarkable when it is considered that practical la the finest arms and am uni of Europe in some inspects Superior to those which americ is employed for most of their forces were at the service of Spain. And Armstrong guns Mauser Nuhs smoke less powder gave spaniards serious advantage repeatedly and Spanish Soldier have never been consider cd inferior fighters in any locality we Ere their Peculiar style of fighting was possible. Yet Good troops with first rate equipments with ships o the latest and brat european pastern and men who were not lacking in courage were never Able to make anything like Good stand on land or sea. Holding positions declared impregnable the military experts of their own and other nations these Well equipped forces were Arisen out of them the re h of troops in destitute of discipline in wit and Many of then provided with inferior Aims. All thew go to this War of Bemoit remarkable Ever known i Washington letter. Washington. Aug. 5, in is. Now that peace is at hand upon our own team. Mckinlay is ing congratulated for his successful conduct to a speedy conclusion of the tie receives these congratulations vary modestly As he thinks that no Small portion of them lire due to the people who have stood so solidly bind him from the Day that he asked for the first War appropriation. He 13 particularly gratified at the unanimity with which the press of the country have supported his such support has been Given to any other administration in the conduct of a War in the history of the country and he Las of cry to feel proud of it. Although the occupation of Porto Rico is going on at the me or a town or two a Day and without opposition More troops Are being sent to Genera Miles it is expected that a cessation of hostilities will take place before an attack is made upon san Juan but As Porto Rice is to become american territory it is thought that the presence of a considerable american army will have a Good affect upon the inhabitants who Are so favourably disposed to the Exchange of the Spanish Flag for old Ulory that no at my will needed Lor a permanent Garrison of the Island. More troops Are also to sent to gun. Merritt and it is feared that they will needed to properly Deal with the philippine insurgents. Oarn Lajzer has teen abandoned owing to the prevalence of typhoid lever there and a new Camp established at Manassas a the scene of two great during the civil War. The new Camp is about 25 Miles from Washington. It has direct Rai Road connection but not he sly to to visited so Many Camp Alger which was Only Sevea i pics Furui Lown. The majority of these men will not see any Active ser vice unless something occurs to pre vent the carrying out of the arrange ment for permanent peace now under Way. Some of them May get gent to Porto Rico Cuba or the Philippines where we shall have to keep troops for a Long time after the War is Over but their Chance for any fighting will very slim. The men Are not much pleased with the Prospect and if Given their Choice the most of them would prefer being out of service to going to any of the above islands to do Garrison duty. The news that representative Bab cock of wis., hid downed the opposition to his was received with much pm asure republicans in Washington especially at the head j quarters of the Republican Juu Gres signal Campaign committee of which or. Babcock is efficiency As a Campaign manager is such that his failure to returned to Congress would regarded As a party misfortune. A very interesting statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Ovenu intent for the fiscal year ending june was issued this week assistant Secretary Powell of the Treasury. Owing to War expenditures in tha last Quarter there was a deficit of 247 Lor the year. That was of course to expected. But the most inter Esting portion of the statement to those who contended that the Dingle Tariff us would produce All the Revenue needed to run the government a that showing that for the lust five february to june the fiscal year the Dingley Tariff Law produced Revenue exceeding our Ordinary expenditures on a peace More thai representative Hull of Iowa who 19 in Washington in connection with i t. 1 i can congressional Campaign committee Lii ski that unseen conditions athe close of the War Are certain to make an extra session of Congress necessary unless me work of the commission that will charged with the duty of pre paring the formal treaty of peace tween the u. S and spam shall dragged Well into autumn. The Senate will have to called together to ratify the treaty As soon As that document has received the signatures of the representatives of the two governments but that can done without calling the House together if president Mckinley so desires he will simply Call an pie Cutie session of the Asia held at the beginning of every administration. Secretary Long has notified the owners of Alt vessels chartered for line a auxiliary cruisers with the bicep lion of the Harvard and which will to kept to used As transports the War department that the govern ment has no further use for the vessels and will turn them Over As rapidly As possible. The of peace a Tia Jority of our people the uncertainty of Way always affects Busi Ness to its detriment no matter if we Are Licking the cruel spaniards. There Are always opportunities for complications to arise while War is in not Likely in times of peace and while peace with Spain unless Sulci complications should arise is most certain at an Early Day investors and promoters of business prefer to wait until that Day comes. For this reason business is somewhat slow. If peace should come within the next Thiry or even sixty Days a great revival of business to this country would follow. Not that business is not now fair in fact it is very Good but the holding off of investors of which i speak is left in the Trade centers throughout tha country everywhere Govor our Shaw Luu Iowa on wednesday evening to visit the fifty second regiment at Park Georgia. The fifty second will probably Sio to Porto Llin under general Wade Ani the governor and his party aspect to reach Camp Thomas before the troops move. The regiment is Jully equipped and col. Humphrey and the boys Are very anxious to join the invading army. After leaving Jarup Thomas the governor and party will go to Jacksonville to visit the forty ninth and fiftieth regiments. Tho Iowa signal corps is to move at once to Newport news to sail for Porto Rico with Gen. Wade and his a off. Preparation Are being made with the greatest rapidity to Supply teamsters and assistants for the corps. A Large amount of Hospital supplies have been received Here front the Tanous Relief corps of the state and Are now in the grand army rooms at the state House. They will sent the front at once for the use of Iowa soldiers. The league municipalities recently held at Detroit was presided Over mayor Mcvicar of this City. 31r. Mcvicar is Ona of the leading members of that body and is regarded As one of the strongest mayors in the country. The Secretary ship of the league was the chief Bone of con Tention and our City was honoured the election of mayor Mcvicar to that position. J. H. Mai tax. In a Small town in which the bicycle craze was raging a woman was talking with the Only dealer and commenting upon the number of wheels to a seen on the stae cts daily observed you must making your Fortune at this rate if Only half the machines Ridden he townspeople come from i. Turin i Joii t know so much about was Tho Reily you me i have to sell a Good Many of my machines on Kathleen Mavourneen the Kathleen Mavourneen Prin cried tin mystified fair one. Is Why payment on the hire system. Don t you know the song mum it May for years and it May for Ever Good morning mum.71__pear Soo s weekly. A Clever certainly looks like it. But there is really no trick about it. Anybody can try it who has lame Back and weak kidneys malaria or nervous troubles. We mean he can cure himself right away Tak ing electric biters. This Medicine tones up the whole system acts at a stimulant to the liver and kidneys is blood purifier and a nerve tonic. It cures constipation headache fainting spells sleeplessness and melancholy. It is purely vegetable a Mila laxative Ayd restores the system to its natural vigor. Try electric bitters and convinced that they arc a Miracle Des Toines letter. Aug. 6, 1s98. It is a Good thing to escape from the eat you humidity of Washington s atmosphere and the wrinkled and Rock surface of old Virginia and get Back into the modern Garden of Eden Towa on my return trip Over the Baltimore and Ohio Road through Cen trial Illinois i was astonished at the number of acres of Young Orchard Trees growing in that locality. Farmers there Are Well situated fruit grow is. On direct lines to Chicago St. Louis and Cincinnati they Are in touch with some of the greatest of or Home markets. But it occurs to me that we Are not much further away Aid 1 Lieve oar soil and climate As Well adopted to the growing of apples As that of in the production of not in Central Illinois berries we Are rear. Farmers become discouraged sometimes because fruit brings a Low Price but skin it one year with an other the Farmer who keeps up his Orchard Young Trees where the old ones arc killed out or die keeps of with the times in kind and Quality of Rait makes it pay m Well or better Baa any other equal amount As we of jail cultivated upon Bis farm. Senator Allison has been appoint cd Prevost marshal of Ponce Porto Rico this is the town in which the Ameri can troops flare landed and i is which they raw Irei such a j two new checks Are coming into banking circles in Iowa state checks. They will drawn the slate treasurer on local Banks and it is expected will Well known Anil widely circulated. Two kinds will used one Lor Tho payment of Bills of the state institutions and the other for the general business of the state Griat care will even that they May not counteracted. They will handsome and will historical re minders of some of Iowa s great men who have passed to their Reward. All items of expense for the state Itsuto tons is paid the state treasurer and these distinctive checks will drawn to pay each of these Bills. Llu venue Stamps in sufficient num Bers have been received hero Collet Tor Moore and it is not Likely that it will necessary to use postage Stamps done Over hereafter. Does baby thrive if your baby is delicate and sickly and its food does not nourish it put fifteen or Twenty drops of Scott s emulsion in its bottle three or four times a Day and you will see a marked change. We have had abundant proof that they will thrive on this emulsion when other food fails to nourish them. It is the same with larger children that Are delicate. Scott s emulsion seems to of a bottle at a. Drug store. J. Asper a Jurij co s Republican Conven Tum. There will a tie Floyd at the court Horii. In Uhles City Iowa of Friday August 12th, 1898, at 2 " tool a . For the purpose of selecting delegates to represent Floyd county in the judicial convention to held at Charles City town August 17th, 1898 21 delegates to attend the congressional convention St Mew Hampton Iowa August 2mi, 1893, and 11 delegates to it enc the state convention to held it Dubuque Lown september 1st, 1808, and do to place in nomination Candi tintes i or county offices a follows a candidate for auditor a candidate for clerk of District court a candidate for rec Ortler a candidate for county attorney two a inuit spa for members of the Board of supervisors. And to transact such other business As May come before the convention. The ratio of representation will one for each township or precinct and one Adilith Onzil Delegate for each votes or fraction Over twelve cast for Hon. L. M. Shaw Republican candidate for governor at the general election of the precincts Are entitled to representation As follows Chi Irlis City first Ward second Ward third Ward fourth Ward Cmar Floyd votes delegates pleasant Grove Riverton Hock Ord Rouk drove Kudd Scott St. Diaries Ulster Union i a in 5 i Al u i 4 6 10 11 i f 10 Chen. Rep. Co. Com 1 1 100 119 93 79 69 79 90 72 the element Lackin in their Knight of pythias convention Indianapolis aug. Zzz to sept. 10. For the above agents of the b., c. R. It x. Will sell tickets at of than one fare lie round trip. Dales of Sale Ang. 10, 20, and 21.tickets limited until sept. 10. For further Par i my car Ortli of agents h c. K. I x. Ily. Or Maidress j. , g. P. T. A., cellar rapids Iowa. Aug 21. Kucuk Sioss a the b., c. R. To ijy., on Luly 5 and k1, aug. 2 and sept. Sand 20. Oct. 4 and 18. On these crates tickets Good for 21 Days will sold m rate of one fare plus -52.00 to All Points on this line in Iowa. Minne get ii and to Corth of and f 1 Miu Kuulii look. Do not Tail to try it it j including Rock and Abbott Cross your children do not thrive. In2 to tickets it is As useful for them in summer As in Winter. I states. on a ask your doctor if this is not True. 1 v Bowne chemists Kew oct o. P. T. A

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