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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. 52. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa augusts mjg. Teems a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of amount of during this i period the National debt reduced j from in 1879 to i 63 in 1892, a total i reduction of 41. Now let us turn to the years i to 1s9u, when the Wilson Tariff Bill j and what they Call great Tariff Reform i was in operation j a. I u93 sports i a Law Dulce l Vav jj.y5 sports i 1sog" exports t i c i .1 .1 eleven months ended May 81. Investigation Nas satisfied us that the shirt we have a total Long of j during the Short time of democratic Tariff Reform of of a net loss in four years of Over the net gain accumulated during i the preceding fifteen years. During Church of Christ. Preaching at Scott Center lord Day at 3 p. In. As usual. 3. Pastor. Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. I i cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas i hese same disastrous four years of Wilson Gorman Tariff Reform the National debt has increased in principal and in interest yet to be paid almost or Over in the aggregate. Had not the voters of the United states listened to or rather had they not permitted the false democratic arguments to Sway them in the National debt instead of being increased in principle and interest Over half a billion dollars in the intervening four would at the same rate of decrease which prevailed from t.s79 to 1s9 2 have lowered to the extent of 507. 3 2, and instead of a loss of through societies. A. F. A. M. 1. A. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular communication on or before full Moon. Brothers in goods tiding cordially invited w attend. Hobbrt Hugger w. Ii. S. Ii Davis Sec. The annual Normal Institute for Floyd county Vene in the will con High school building at Charles City August 17, and continue i. O. O. F. A Marble Kock Lidste to. 363, meets thursday Everin of Eart week. Visitors cordially invited. A. Ii. Mei ii x. 0. Ii. Itose Kius see. i i Eclar Lodge ii meets tuesday Uvegi Zuj a sub week. Visit ii Brethren invited. K. Ramsay c. C. Walt Davis k. Of k. B. I. I. Of ii. A lets tuesday a Light in each month in Odd Fellows Ball. La. W. , fret. H. J. Auklet Bee. Sec. It. K. C. Heels lit the Home of 3lrs. Szuwart the just and 3d thursday of each in onto at 2 o clock p. M. Mrs. K. A. Pets. Lbs. Coli Irtira Aezeh Fec. A. K. Mirble Lioce Tost so. 308, meets Torst sat Idaj of each month. C. T. cum. T i w c t u Metui every thursday. .mr.s. , president. 3ib3. A. 3t. 3ierbialsecretary. In session two weeks. All teachers in tending to teach in Floyd county the coming year Are expected to be present. As last year some of the pleasant features will be the hound table and opening exercises. All recitations will be completed in the Forenoon give Gold exports we should at the ratio of the preceding fifteen Republican years have had a net gain through imports amounting in the four years to ing the afternoon for opening exercises j. And the round table. Now re capitulating these r ses and ignoring the personal hoping that we May have the largest i and the most interesting Institute in the history of tiie county i am yours in the work w. H. Allis big co supt. Clur civics. Methodist preaching sundays at ii a m. And m. Epworth league meeting at prayer meet Iii thursday evening i. , pastor. Mus Tiant Concu preaching sunday at 11 m. In. Christian Endeavor Neefs at a ii p. M. Grayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. J. Will . Pastor. Fitce preach inc san Day at 11 and p. M. Young meeting at prayer meeting tuesday evening pastor. Preaching every 1st sunday in Triach sop. M. Sunday Tel tool m. Services held in the ii. A Kat pastor. 11 a. Every sunday at 10 a. Union school House. City officers. Mayor. Etc order treasurer. Street commissioner Josepn Wiloth ii is Ito eurkans j w Martin c. F. Jesmore Willard Stroud c darlani1, i m 1 Letcher m Boaen Krans a u Meier chs Weber h Sluggett Union Choo Board president Geo w pm sell. It b pics treasurer. John. Gates directors i sick Standt. S la tar Packman 3 e p w Alster 4 Lew Inman. I 11 Blue John James i Irenr ceo w Kut Tull Sam , Scott ton nit help folic cars. Justices Miles r x Bald in. Cine table vol Nev Beers Leoj Bailey. Town t w s Icholson. Steucy Kinney w w Witter and Jar. Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop. Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Chanes d Mertick direct Coffis i John bist Aop 5 Bruce Ward. 3 k w 6 dec spat tiding. 3 veer 7 j Cunningham 4 John Ahart 8 -7 w Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Judicial. P. W. Birr John c. So Irwin. Terms of court us monday in Tannery isl monday in my 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board Lane Chni Maii diaries City Phillip Shultz. Myrhle Kocic Timothy pippin Rockford , Kidd i. C. Merrill Silas ses Bluj meet inst 1st monday in january april. June and september and 2nd monday a tto Reiber. It is a vital Issue. Those who have conceived the idea the present Campaign says the St. Joseph Herald Only Hare to Post themselves upon the matter to discover that they Are very seriously mistaken. Here Are some figures that have been carefully prepared to refute the error above mentioned and which will be of special interest just now. Dur ing the period of to a is mum National Prosperity under Republican Rule which was from if cts to and which the first Cleveland administration could not disturb on account of not hang Congress in Accord with it the foreign movement of our Gold use losses inflicted by the democratic Tariff Reform Experiment upon All classes of american citizens for it is impossible Lor us to calculate such losses except to know that they were enormously Large we discover that the change of 1892 from Mckinley Protection to Gorman Tariff Reform has Cost the government directly in its finances the sum of accounted Tor As follows loss of Gold through actual Export loss of Gold through what would Buve been imported had the Republican ratio from 1378 to 1892 obtained from 1892 to 1390, no one any Unea awes or which will be illustrated by the follow ing table 1878 imports 2h79 1880 imports 77.119370 1881 imports 1882 imports 1883 imports 6.120.073 1884 exports 1885 imports. 1886 exports 1887 imports imports imports imports imports imports exports imports. Exports imports imports exports exports exports escorts. 32, 10 1ss9 1s90 1591 1s92 during the nine of these fifteen years the trend of the Gold movement was in our Lavor and during Only two of the remaining six is to say m 1ss9 and ib9l was the outward movement Large enough to attract attention in 1889 there were Large Moor unions under the Tariff of 1ss3 for the purpose of anticipating the increased duties of the Mckinley Bill and this caused an outward flux of loss through increased National debt Loas through what would have been the reduction of debt had the Republican ratio of debt reduction which prevailed l of 1879 to 1892 prevailed also from 1s .i2 to 1390, total Foss not this loss has whatever to do with Tho Gold and Silver question As to whether one Standard is better Iha ii another. It is the direct result of the fight the democracy made against Protection and proves louder than All of or. Bryan s charges to the contrary that the Taii itis an Issue in the Campaign. It is really the con trolling Issue of the contest which everyone can see except those who have been led stray by the free Silver craze. The Tariff is the great and absorbing topic because with a proper protective policy the financial and All other questions will properly shape themselves. Without proper Protection we will never return to our former Prosperity but with it the wheels of the Iowa Railroad commissioners Jav Ejust reminded the express companies that like All other common carriers they Are hereafter under the com Mission. One of the duties of the com Mission will be to arrange n schedule of rates for the express companies to far As their business concern shipments of express in Iowa. Let us Hope that at last we May get some Relief in this direction. A Broad smile will be seen on the honest faces of Iowa Farmers notwithstanding the present Low prices when they fully realize that never again in All Proba Cihiy will the rates for freight be so High As before the inst big Cut the uld rate of Twenty cents per Hundred to Chicago now Cut to Ali teen cents will probably never be restored though it Niay be advanced. What brought it about. No love for the Farmer cot Slack business altogether but Competition it to ports. The North and South lines of Railroad Lave for some years been reach inn North weird into Kansas web Risku and Missouri and bidding for the transportation of the product of the West. The Gulf Trade has been greatly stimulated by a class of Independent vessels not belonging to the lines of Ocean steamers but owned and manned by individual owners and used in carrying Trade from Europe. In their Rettier. Trips from the Gulf ports they were often at a loss for cargoes and were obliged to ballast with Sand. They gladly loaded with wheat and produce at a very Low rate and thereby enabled the North and South railroads to put Down Gram in the markets of Europe cheaper than their competitors by Way of the lakes and new York. Chicago feels these in roads on her Broad Domain and will struggle to Reg tin lost ground and retain what remains but it is a foregone conclusion that millions of dollars formerly absorbed by the toll Gate oily will hereafter be in tie pockets of the Western Farmers. The southerners Are not asleep and the end Cimeot yet be foretold. Clue Zou a remedy for All forms of headache electric jul Lettla Lytic Juu Vuu Lulu Lute tl.1 ul.3l. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headache yields to its influence. We urge All who arc afflicted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation electric bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels and Lew cases Long resists the use of this it once. Large bottles Only fifty cents at a. Jasper to drus store. Long and troubled sleep and begin to revolve with their accustomed rapidity. Protection ii the Corner Stone of our institutions and the key to National and individual Prosperity. Some time ago nne of Monroe s most charming ladies slipped Andell Jon the stepping tones in front of her . Trew new. Clark of the courts recorder superintendent s Lunford m. Ii. Jerri Man . Comte attorney a f. A. Rocie tie Gold in payment. In the extra j Infix Ordinary outflow arose largely on account of the barring failure which caught in its crash Many foreign hold ers of american securities who being for ready Money had to return some of such seen tics to in s country for redemption these explanations Are sufficient to account for the exceptional exports which chata Ete izod two years of the Harrison administration when the revenues of the country were trunk in Gunfelder c. on a highly protective basis. Adding a new lot this week. All sizes reason Able prices. From 25 cents up. Best grades at Low est prices. Of course you need pm. Call and see pm. Strictly one Price. The country applauds the sentence of a year s imprisonment to their quarters that was passed on the West Point Ca dets guilty of hazing the newcomers at the military Academy. These tin whipped Young cubs who in two years were expected to take their place As High toned officers and perfect gentlemen in the United states military service be made to understand that Public senti ment will not longer tolerate the brutal practical jokes that belonged to Tho age of half civilization. Young Fellows who would treat a Tenderfoot at West Point Lough brutality would not hesitate to treat a private in Tho United states army in the same Way when As officers they got him under their thumbs. It is doubtful however whether the sentence passed on these Young brutes is severe eur age. A year s confinement to his quarters Means to a West Point Cadet Only that to shall not have any Christ Inas leave or furlough and that he can not go outside Tho Street where his com Pany s quarters Aro except for Drill and military duties. The thing however that the West Point instructors need most to do is to create among West Point students a sentiment against Tho brutal sport of hazing. This May be difficult but it is not impossible. Agents wanted to a Day. Life of m Kinley and Hobart Republican candidates for vies Deot. Und vice president by Kobe. F. Portet the noted journalist present editor of the Cleveland would mid inti mate Friend of Mckinley Tor Twenty years. Absolutely the Only authentic life of Mckinley published. For More thin two Yenis in preparation and the Only Woik that has received the endorse ment of Mckinley and ins most intimate friends. To Book equal to it in a seller. Everybody the Book published St Mckinley s Home. Porter s Book Sells at sight. Renders will accept no other. A Gold mine for life Active Wakers. Our agents Are Clearing from 810 to s20 per Day. Chance for thous ands of others to joas Well. This is the Opportunity of n life. Thy highest com Mission paid. Order outfit now. Send is taken As an evidence of Good Faith which amount will be refunded with agent s first order if it is Only for one Book making outfit free. Hooks on time. Charges prepaid leaving pro fits Clear. Act Quick or while you Are waiting others will Cut you out. The n. G. Hamilton pub. Co 3021 Arcade Cleveland o. Essary to Call in a physician. She had a dislike for the family doctor so her father suggested several others and finally decided to Call the Spruce Young Man with the homeopathic Case that passed the House Crery Day. They kept a Sharp Lookout and when he came Long he was called in the Young lady modestly raised her skirts showed him the disabled member the Little Man looked at it and said that township of Ficci e. 0 certainly is finite ser Limonta together comte trips results j i _. K_1 said she miss k r was tar. I for the i Leen years in question we find nottes t k k Winthell. I r u _ that the imports of Gold exceeded the aggregate exports to the to Nam a m and j 1

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