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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1891, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 6, 1891, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 17 no. I. Hock. Floyd county. Iowa. Tohms si.-50 year r. F. Wilke Marble Rock Cchiv. Milt Olu j Visitin a unit and j Bialk a Korv i Ink Knapp f my Loti it by t to 4 in of min i t Lili Tea i flax to 9fi to rents 4 have the Oxia i quite .1 1 attended of i jul c Garelt n sunday. I j Kunii Smith and Al. Krapf Nashua to Day 10 play a suit with new Ahmpton go to the opera House August Utu. Frank Moore of pct sunday Ai Henie. List aunt mr.-. Is weak. Between Waterm Albert ave Leej a full line dry and notions do baud. Tivit us a Call. I j j i is9 Iba Urc of l Frank Moore of pct sunday ii list aunt mr.-. His Lilue. J i everybody in to tha open House j m. K. Pres Cleil a Yery forcible and u. 2. Bailey it build Ian an addition eloquent Sermon last Sabbath evening. To his House. I will u mister with and Ujj Vilu wry visited at Nenei liver Shilo n a the past week. Is to cure you. A. J. i Brunner of Hickford ._____. C by Truay. J Liera will be in Chou Sion to Clear mrs. Tobert Ramsay visited at j wednesday a Isusi Lut week. 1 round trip from Marble Rock a. J. Clymer. Of Kou Kford was in town last tuesday. Mart. Akeley re torn i Liotine Ujj from big trip to Wisconsin of Liaina ail kinds of Maple and fancy groceries flow or. Mrs. L. S. Lorr tint to of Jig last monday. Bart Liv Trimore of n Aslou. Visits in our City tuesday. Haynes was Down to arc no tuesday on business Ili Rrt was Floyd visitor kit saturday. We Piave taken the Agency for this celebrated Tea and have mailed samples to All. If you do not receive one please Call and a trial package. Bein Ember this very Fine Japan Tea retails at 50 cents a Pound Davis Bro s. Where he Lias a Jeo Ilie Linker or. Of Nora came Down Friday to ii sick oar k. Of boys in conferring Ike second and third degrees to i patient. I Starr i cured sheikh Sweet s. Ijarvis wife visited j breath Sei-ure.1, by Shiloh s cat Taroli provisions crockery and glassware Green dried and canned Kon Kford last sunday. In Rifle will be at Charles City during fair week. T. G. Manchester has been Oft the sick the fast week. The Catholic Church in was dedicated last sunday. Eljer Clark returned kit 1 Rice 50 Vcctor. A. J. Asper of. La ii port Comet to us i Sli Oiin affair it Nulma bal sum no Niht by men a Tonj Man from City and from Nashua do you shudder and shut your eyes when you Sec a Ham i be been i Frau a visit at tank county. Journal. Fruits. Salt toy Tibuni Tharrel. I i. Stoa j Kat i 7 to s10 fit Ionia this City. I Crabtr co built an add inn onto 0 Clark Olio is suffering from Iha o my barn la n. I i nation wife of Oreene or Harry Llic ii Riti. Of visited in our City Hundal. J i cd our City saturday on b. J. Oak is still in it with a full Stock of Tea. Boots and shoes a dra Tautiu coup any it the i a Iccie was j opera House to night 0 miss. Liminie Jacobs ii visit rela Frow it you advertise Rotor groceries. We Rine to in Staple fancy groceries fruits fresh can net flour and Ery glassware cigars and tobacco we keep the Best. We twp rally invite banners to come in and their butter and eggs for goods we defy Competition in Quality and Price. Frauds in . lady of spring., Vas in week. J up he j gifts Ida Merrill of Floyd visited i i. Liia Ziy of Ivock. J plants Lur 1-Al or a i Fillipa of Floyd Visi de tin-1 Nan in so by i f past seek with Harry . I u a 1 Iallus a j i Lori. Hilt ii. A number of our town Irp oru took in i races at Maion City this week. J Tho Wadi of Marble the w c U., will keel with i of course ii is Dull in Thise chmr8 Roca is a specs lilt. Bookcases sideboards baby Beds mattresses and pillows. 7-0 hid just a div in to tin1 full Wiiri jives 1 otly Lin ii i is unit . . I the Tinl cts. 7-s nil i everything usually kept in n first class furniture store constantly on Hnnry. Come see me. No trouble to she Cipov s. Yours respectfully Mii. T Nomas Sorar Ati just Isth. K. Walstr Sec. Mrs ii a. An Gull and son Charles Vij ired at Koc Kwoll the the past Jennie Asper and Kunia i doctor Ning for a Temperance rally or Grove meeting to Koine off ?.bouc of August let olbers go and do like Oakes. to right. Tin f to pc Nisi and dramatic j main inv n i j wan up to rot lord last monday. Emor right. No in n a specially company will on i of Winc Liell in Klul Alft j matk ill to h in1, the editor Oai t knit to la i Visi family this is in twelve j s its everything the mount o furniture u. J. Oates Selli Daya. I pm live in a dead town j Atlantic Constitution. Cons. Lilies a bouncing girl slain fair nearly sorted 50 cents now on Sale at Anis of who j to this City Well and All j House was to j those who attend am. Juan Steeil a ipod Tor hitch i to Var Finiw until about. I s August he. To or. And j tic Pren Jums offered at the i Clits. Lie-1 u Clork. Jln i people who ,0 j appreciation of inv Only by Ioir Fried idly the Large table a now Jwj Ftp boys in rink and la Tlle Ono Pound and baby. Robert toot a trip Cal mond ind Maun t Ltd the Erst of the week. 51 is. C. F. Greenwood and daughter and Are Liberal in All the departments i drag store of Stock farm and Dairy products Tho workshop ind Hod hold. John Wasabi astr carries insure Tinon Ling to Jennie Visius at Sheffield the put distributed in Twenty nine different companies the on thess week. Or. And John Kendall of a Burae Are visit Long in town this week. Art indebted to Mia. Isa Wai her Tor a Beani Fol Bount of Flowers Poncin amount to a year the scism that ? to or held at a last Satar my Iris Day eve. Wai Pott posed us account of that. Conch can in to quickly cured by Shilli Hurt. We Cuaran Tco it. A. J. Asper s to. Mixed Yon the store Vos 1 was Down to the v. M. C. A room leading a air thin n. R a he on to adar. Slop my paper. The matter or. S. It. Rice i or. Of City. The cast of a. Moore family Don t to j Sih. Come out and Hare god time j boy in but my sinter from tailoring. F i Ivr jus i of Tiivi j .1 f ill it for b Mil dross waifs of a f up. Dime i Lulu l t l. Torii a the and for their at shia Lite love and for to him Bat Hia a cart attention come ads. To Livre will be special meeting of font. No. I Ivy i. A. R. Their Ball saturday aug c. At b p. M Tho w. I1., c. And 8. Of w Are to with in he lot the Floyd county Vel Nii Mawori Ilion to held at Lioyd aug. 27, isell. Inch other i sunday. I Ralph if you Don t know to do win be in in tact Keiford from the i elder Thompson preached a Large i Ith Dracut was Here on sunday and i i t Rizuk in us it fish a Tver had a line about Al to River we arc there Wilt is Pica Chin Coria 224 us 29th of a attention Uji enc. Sunday inv of ii hat a Sven Ign i j citizen. I pc it Hay it j the Sony i tide ,._. He. N a. A k. A. Aug. Orb at nil Guy iils i riving .1. To co. To i Viart say to not Lias 1 Iarj Lucr 5 Ilton Anil my Iii to rom s hoi if a rom s tilsit hoi if idiot Liat i 1 tilt Milli for the ladies of . . I Socito. Fray Chiei r to 10 a. Al. J j new we Bret of i a Eli vet a or rep Indence from at a v. S. R. K. Mufti i a 7 m we Vij j a. And cud Ai Cord ally invite 1. To it. Ltd a we do not the j Nim mini Cihiy sonic of tic for Lily Itrat it mrs. Or. R and sons Art ln.3 signed of and City meat 1eabket, j Claude. Rock lord in Uty i iter. Name we Are no. To publish j a. Tacal Tor. Price f Etc Etc i it. We do not wish the Tor pah to Como unt seek. Charley of f but of with in i emf Bennett Jehnwn last week we Honvo received Many i ref a in and spec Nuj company m the open Loose j pure for 5, Vic arc sorry to lose the i rof., j the Pisi we Csc. Bill it our Jom Dows -.1 in j f i .--1 of i. A r. A resent Tun t., h m to yes and Marble v to pcs the Tad i will the red in the list try of the or Penni to flies i St bar j e y Mir ii dirt i i i the i i. .1 k t lev i Lii Oit gites. Prof jul Calls Here Are Wany fish being of ,11 Fer Whan it Nemea i Back Iowa. Pm Jet i army a carry at rrh., 3-5, r. Ramsey Doois window and door frames screen doors window screens Brack ets Bah Waters and Newell posts. We Imp f -.mim-, 1 i p n. Llic i of All Rindfl. By work by net and civil Dit Wenry 1 tint it rime Fob pc. 4uat lira j Juhe Rel Kluj Fotr her int Izbi i. A the Stilt fair will held at return to of lad Hap a if trains cat in a a my i j a closing set. Some a it it to k. I i. I. A hmm i notice of Preot of will. I. In Lor i. A
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