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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - August 4, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 52. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa aug. 4, 1898. Teems 4 year f t sets 1-. Goi Jig at you it of tar figures. Ice Socle sell Index. Stoll s famous hog cholera Edy of Waterloo 017 Sevle co., druggists. A. R. A. A. A. V. A a. M. Corner Stone Lodge no "51. Tei Ruhr communication Wadues Duj on before Ull i you. Vini Oluic oru Iliera in a Doueik mini. Cordial la invited to attend Kobbert Hagget. S. A Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Rock so. 382, meet thursday ave Liik of Eari week. Isiora cordially i Imlej. B x g. H. Rosby Kilass Seo. Beeler Lodge no.2in, meets tuesday evening i f each week. Plait aug Brethren invited. A. K. Of r. B. I. I. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each month in nk1uss, pres. Add Fellows k. J. Ack lbt dec. Sec. . Of a. Tarble Kolc Camp so 4488. Beglar a. A blood and fourth saturday of each month at Fellows Hall. Voting neighbors in 15001 it Landing cordially invited y c ii. I xxx cleric. With. Meets at the Home of mrs. Siewart the 1st and 3d thursday of each 2 Mas. Cut Stisya o. A. K. Marble Bock Post so. 303, meets first saturday 9 f each month. W. B. Chat be adj. W u t meet Evert mrs a. It. Secretary. Diuretics. Jib Thorist preaching sundays at and to so i m Elvorth league meeting Al Jsu. Pret meeting thursday c. T. com. Ding. Abbe Bafitis and . J. Will Valtes. Pastor. C. K. C.u.kim5, pastor. City officers. Juror recorder tre nearer. Street commissioner Marthal f e. To takes Frank k. Ie9. J Martin c. E. Lamb Wllard Kinny councilmen h c a tort a. Chas Weber h plug get k. J. Acuey. Union Tow Imp school Board president h. J. Ackley b treasurer. John Wates dikectoe3 1 sick Standt i John Barth 1 r. J. Ackley i Lew Inman 7 H. Bitter 11 ebb Arr b in Alison be 7 John Gates. 8 James 9 Liles clip Mab -10 . Ila son Scott town flip Olla Cert. Sours Ronslf Blos Sorne heed Ellis Ulac town de Crowell i and i m Kwh meter. Scott township school president Secretary. George Baldwin treasurer Charles d so Erick directors 5 1 John Bishop z s pours or. John judicial. John c. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Kelly terms of court 4th monday in Jabbary is monday in 2nd monday in september. A in november. Of supervisors. Phil san Ltd chairman Al Noble tick l. Timothy pippin S. Colchester 3. C. Merrill Charles City Book Ford Kidd Niles he gnaw meeting monday in january april. June and september and 2nd monday in november. County of Flern. Auditor treasurer clerk of the courts recorder . Garvey or co Parker to. 1 , k. 1 Walter. Willord i Errin . I. Martin f. Vataj attorney Coroner Frank Linkenfelder a a. Coli offic Utji. Of the peace s h h. K. New t let. K e Cirk i c Der land every democratic paper in this county and this District favors the Renoir nation of Updegraff. There is reason in their madness and republicans should be on their guard. Those who Are so positive that Updegraff can be reelected if nominated should take a Loo backward when col. Sweney was Defeated by a much less powerful opposition now exists in the District. Tho free Silver demo pop advocate of Charles City is endorsing the candidacy of honest editor Wright expects to Rusako the race against the Republican nominee and therefore is trying his Best to help the republicans a making a weak Selec Lien. Tb3 Decorah Republican a list of one or two disgruntled edit Ora now includes the Lansing Mirror Standard Howard county times new Hampton courier weekly Lime Springs Marble Sun a Ock City Globe Gazette Rock Ford Register Decorah Public opinion Clear Lake Mirror. Kluin Echo Mason hit be Cresco Kepu Hcan Hiorth Wood Index the Republican will be entitled to a Lin rec til when it names As Many papers in the District that Are earnestly Adro citing or. Lip. Degraff s return. The Globe Gazette says that about he Only champions for a fifth term Are the Mcgregor news Oraste press Charles City intelligencer and Republican. Or. Updegraffe present plea is fyr just one More lie realizes that there will be a change in the -1th District congressman before Long any Way. Now what the District wants is first an honest Man second a Able Man third a growing who mull Influent ally represent the Intelli gence of one of the most civilized and progressive congressional constituencies of our country. We Haye no earthly motive in advocating a change in con Gressman save that we honestly believe that it will be for the Best interests of the District to be represented by a younger a More Aag Restiva and a More influential Register. Hon. Q. N. Haugen. We need new blood at Washington. We have tried in vain to make some thing out of Updegraff but have sadly failed. It was t in him. The whole District knows this now let them come out like men and place their Standard higher than a Mere office appointing congressman whom they sup port simply to dictate and control Lor their own interests. Let then acknowledge that we Are but nominally represented at Washington and that the time is Ripe for the election of a Man of ability progressiveness and deter i Public opinion. The to icy of continuing a Man in Congress a Good and All when you get a specially Good Man. Or. Updegraff was advanced in years when he entered Congress and at his present age no great Thi trs can be expected of i ii Fin friends cannot sustain the proposition that tie hould be re nominated year after year simply be cause a h harmless and is Able to per form some of the Malur functions of his office. It requires but very Ordi nary ability to look after the pension correspondence devolved upon him. His Coa Mitlee work needs particular izing before it can be accepted As More than per functionary. There is in addition too much special disapproval of the acts of the present incumbent a general feeling that he Baa fallen Bebe the Standard and that there is no reasonable or fair occasion for prolong ing his City Globe Gazette. Johnson of Winn Esalnek Blythe of Cuiru Gorizio Aud or. Updegraff. Or j Blythe is deeded by the Best and Ablest i from his own Home. The Mason City Globe Gazette Man he s youn2, progressive presuming the name of lion. J. E _. Able u full of sympathy and in touch j to i this to say of our candidate since or. Blythe has now authorial a declaration of his candidacy for con code to the wishes of by friends. With the progressive spirit of the and will represent the District to the entire satisfaction of us people it is our desire to see the people of this District represented by a Man of wide acquaintance and knowledge of 1 pm Nover failed to affairs one who will be a typical repre-1 duly a 10ver a sent tire our people and who instance failed to work with All i fully line up with the Able delegation power3 for the inc in a Ontress from this state. J has never sulked in his tent. Or. Was nominated two years ago or. Blythe was one o the 1 Iii a feeling of repugnance so far i As the Mirror concerned it has no in Terpst directly or indirectly in the distribution of Post Oil ice appointments or any other kind of appointments but it v Liko to see the fourth District its place with the rest of the state be represented in Congress by a Gress we desire to say that he ac-1 awake Oya Republican and a first men to Sjo to work in the Campaign. The Mason City glow e Gazette whose editor is not a disappointed j when his party needs work in the office seeker says he Las All the Mcgregor news urges the j personal fee ing and Man was renomination of or. Updegraff for the i Ever truer to his friends. No wan was reason that he has Nisi it years of con i poor Inyl r a iffy to mucus experience in Congress that successful Lead of Republican by untiring Refior s he has paved the j party in Iowa has been forgotten Only government two million dollars a year i by men who forget that the principles Man of ability be heard from occasionally and impress his personality on the popular Branch of Congress. Is there today that could walk Pennsylvania ave. And turning with a Light in his Eye say to his companion i aug from Updegraff s the fellow would still have to look at the hotel Register to see what state you hailed from As republicans we owe it to our selves to guard the interest of the party by refusing to Reward boaters and sore Heads. The test of a Man s loyalty to Bis party coties when he has suffered defeat in a convention. If Herern Ains True he merits further consideration and is sure of his Reward it he asks it but if he sulks and bolts Selling his party for a mess of Pottage he loses his and deserves the execration of an Good Cuitis. Nest Union gaze to. We endorse every word of the above and for that reason refuse to support Updesh draft who bolted Grant for president Granger for judge and in the Weller Campaign refused to make a canvass of the District because Hia democratic partner judge Noble to a him that if he staid at Home a number of anti prohibition democrats would be elected to the legislature. Tom Updegraff is a bolter from away Back and if he is beaten for the nomination no one will hear him on the stump for the Republican party. Honest Tom in t built that Way. Toe Decorah Republican Bro. Marine was s candidate for pension agent at us Moines and did not get it and is therefore opposed to or. Up Degraff s nomination. To a Man of or. Bailey s Type of mind nothing that in the recent crisis he has stood firmly with the rest of the delegation and that his name has become a Syno nym for honesty and integrity. The news see Ais to eel that an argument should be made for the present Bent but Falls Down in the Effort. Intelligent people know that or. Updegraff was net the author of the Bill which the news claims saves the government 000 a year. He was loaned the Honor to bolster him up to years ago. The Newi does not refer to a single utterance or vote of the present congressman on the War crisis As a matter of fact it is claimed that he dodged the Issue. If the news wants to present sir. Updegraff for a fifth consecutive nomination for Jon rest let it Wake up and give us the principal acts of his Public career which have Benefi Tod hta constituents in the last eight years. If there is anything to be said it would be Well to pub Iiah it now Tor there is a very general but latent feeling in the District that there is no Good an 1 sufficient reason for his no opposition. New Ili Impton courier. There should be no opposition in this District to the Nomiki nation of a Bright Brainy Man for Congress for the nest term. Or. Updegraff has been and has not representation As its prominence and industries should there for several terms the District such have or Are entitled to difficult thing to name is not a could be Aigid hat Tould modify this conclusion. Lie seems to be unable to comprehend that a Man can work in politics without a purpose. We deem it fortunate that we Are Able to consider the Best interests of the peo ple As Well As our own. Ave Are not a to candidate for anything and have no Here is what his Home paper the to t j scores to Settle and can honestly and Northwood Index says of his Eandi _ k Day it is understood that Hon. G. N. Haugen will ask for a congressional delegation Rora this county and it m just As Wel understood about Here that if he for it he will get it. In various parts of the District there is doubtless a feeling of indifference As to the Fate of congressman also considerable latent or Active opposition the outgrowth of Postoff Ioe Dis appointment and other causes and a or. Haizen has a Strong following and is an energetic tireless worker his candidacy is liable in put considerable in Terest into the Campaign. Free your address to h. E. Buckles co Chicago and get a free Sample Box of or Emu s new life pills a trial will convince these pills arc disinterest edly say that we believe a better Man can Becot to Oon Eress a More representative Type. Independent of All Post office deals the people of this District want change and they Are anxious for a Good candidate to appear. Several have been mentioned any one of whom would be an improve ment upon the present s a. Marine in Globe Gazette. Another fourth District paper comes out squarely against Updegraff. Editor j Amati Bot the Howard county times was not looking for a Post office or any thing else but gives Good reasons for the Faith that is in him in the follow in in looking Over the congressional Field we Are satisfied that the people Are desirous of a change in our to cafe it some of the objections to his being returned but it is a very difficult thing to give Auy Good reasons Why he should be. His Lack of interest in the great questions pending in Congress for the past Sis months and More is one Good reason Why he should not be returned. His friends say he was interested and while he was not heard vet his vote was but he was sent there to voice the sentiment of the people of this District they arc heard through him he is their Mouth piece Al the Capitol it is not simply a matter of Pride h is a matter of principle that we Are As a District entitled to such representation in Congress As will enable the. Ordinary rider to discover that we Are in existence and represented with out the Aid of a congressional directory or a political encyclopedia. The District needs the change in the inter est of Good politics As Well As in the in Terest of ii in and Good principles of Active actual political and legislative representation. Do not come Back at a that any or All of these men have the political Bee buzzing in their bonnets for if they have there is a swarm under the hat of honest let us have a change for the better let us nominate a Man whose Industry has made him acquainted with the wants of the people whose integrity is such that lie do s not need i of party Are above spoils or. Blythe will make a clean Cour Ageous and Manly stand for the Nomi nation. He docs so because the and the truest men in the Republican pvt in this District urge and in Sist that he shall be a candidate. He will not indulge in the specious bribery of patronage to get support. If any Man wants to sell his support for the Promise of a Post office let him see the Man who has trickled in that sort of thing. Blythe is a Man who is True As steel in politics. He loves the men who fought for his Prcic raiment two years ago without Promise of office and to will respond to their wishes this year. Give us a change. Clear Lake Mirror. Developments of the past few weeks indicate very plainly that honest Tom is serving his last term in con Gress. Pressed for reasons Why he should again hereto unnamed his friends cannot give any except this Ohio More term is heard the same Story two years ago but people know More no it than they did then of the strongest Updegraff workers two year beats the . Thomas of Marysvale Tex has found o r -. f i liver troubles Thev have proved Invar _ their inaction and arc j sensation in Congress. We say. Desire to pay five o Nis a Lino for notices of j effective in the cure of constipation am n merlins political Devotion to t e principles of the party left nowhere in the past any to fealty. Such a Man will com i Viand the votes of the people and com Mund the of his colleagues in Vav Ashington and become As lie Shouh a Power in time of need for the coun try which he legislates for. A change i bound to this general i Iwabe they Are to be j they have no Slones to throw i perfectly free from every deleterious at the present member but feel that he substance and to be purely j j they do not weaken their Union but j i by Iii in tone to stomach and bowels j greatly invigorate the system. Kes ular i Ciul tic Parolino cause of the a zen of Cote in response the Lime of life when growth possible and this reins has knights of f Thias convention India Polis z to sept. 10. For the no nip ail a inels of tie b., c. I k. N. I5y, sell tic vets at rate of k than Uno Faro Ivr lie round trip. I of Sale. I 20, and 21.tickets limited until Senjt. 10. Further particular on i c. Ii. K. By. Or j. G. P. T. A., Cedar Tripidi Iowa. Aug21. C. R. Or. And and i sept. 0 and of. I 18. On Date tickets Lor ii Days will t . By j lies of i rate of one fare p us 82.00 to 01 cd Twer Oil Edh hypo j at on this line in Iowa. Mine will certainly Igot i Dakota North of and 1 Inci Jins sell Kouk and Abbot Cross t 1 a Ray. Tickets at this i Wili Ilso sold by nil agents of this i to Lar-ff1 Nulk is of and i towns in and a Orsbern i p Apps. For full particulars on a c. R. N. Agent or address i j. Mom of o. P. A t. A., Sec 3 pm Caput a help you. Almost can take it and it will not Ujj disturb the weakest Stom a a Jach. Junges the Light color of Ujj j size 25 cents per Box. Sold by a j. I Aroer co., Jarug Gist dec Iii alluded to of the candidates in the Field messes. Worth poor Ticcio a healthy and Rich a it j. It ecu Risnes the brain gives to the nerves. If Brines Cuci your of ibid strength. -1 my . Froth Bowse. Clie deists new York. Oct Cedar rapids Iowa. Tie year the a the state Ife Gierot f t.50

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