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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 2 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 2, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaThe Best Esau Way is Mai web Tognoc Dun published by Henry b. Eyes. With malice toward none and Charity for terms per annul in advances i-2 Allt Northwest m West. I .f.jnojs. Wentt jul Ufi Norson i volumes. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa augusts 1s83. Nuj vibe 51 pectoral. To race to Moteler that cac. Offered by j is trails tils to 33.fi la cd a tip i Dills Pomps Hock Iowa. Of All kids Sale at reasonable up a to comic fat and safety i Chicago it is fees close Conns s ill at that Cit. Ml1ce Slee Mso Oaks on Oak Stonita 1 and North we Steak Caius its cots ii. Bli offs --.sr. It xxx my their interest to give re Selling cos Cufre. Them a toll lie s you flu your tickers jute Takk moxie for or Rosiad trip or Ull 15 la it Merrill adjustable j stable stove repairs tin adware stoic dealers. Abble Bock m1shavvaka t a a 73 Ticino b a Oiz Araf add i i 3 we receive deposits buy a proc a paper f. A. Roziene ony an j change and do a general sell es-1 loan real estate Brewer sell co Lingo Oli to from i r. F. Wil Balse Ilai Siiss City torpid bowels 30rdere0 liver of uie acc Kiwi Luce. I trunks satchels Oduth before ethic i and do Trio of a redraw Lytt a Jim j tit dec Puree hrs Iii .7 j or ffrllhns1 not i to Woric Icid Tro a perfect to to malaria . . Dentist. Tott of for in fitly to c. Losoff a aagl6.a of this of by it Rcw . B jux Tost of pics Block Teutli Sirac Ted wit Liotti by the use of i lip is Osic Gas. Houkal obd office Doirs from 9 to v2 a. M. And from 1 to 5 p. M. Negotiates Loans on improved at Nortof. To prompt paring men with ii Mioc i offer aug Nikita i am Al Vajs Abio to the Aljy i of of vice 3 the title to Security a Anil Sumii can it All Tiu Ici be Reli ii upon. F. A. Geo m. Hubbard fashionable barter hair Dresser special attention paid to ladies and children hair dressing. Opposite the Post Offlio. Marble Book. Iowa Republican state ticket. For governor by ukr Sherman of Coutv. Eoe lie Tessa , 0 h. Jux Bucu of Carroll c Ounla. Stice of the supreme court j. A. Kokett of pot Nwa Tautie county. You of i relic is j. W. Akek3, of lion county. General a ekes coca Obj july lliff., ijept., . July a j-.-. V. Aide. Lower Luly. Ss.s031s.w sept. July Amtomi s.95 .s.95. -o.-j. Jurke firm. In Etc fancy heavy Export Choice lat Good do. Fair to Cie Kiuei Lirui. Sales a mired from Lor Pac Lirajr Rind shipping Lor heavy Pacl fins Ami from for i Iii 10 Buice Iii Ooth heavy Tolj Wii Lois. Firm. Al quote Choice to Nncy Creamery to Orlid fire to Tiu. L airy Iii tsp cd Nam air Lilic Vjio. Aug. _ _ sept., 51. Rte 19v Iii ecu in Stern Cim is sat i Pilot run ill s4.73-? 5.10. 2 Iii in. S 3ftt. No. 1 pork Dull at s15.co. Biru Judi it jhtcol1 Dull Clear Miles in Laval Kee. July. August scup . At 51-Kc of Tiro. A. To. I White for 1. A Iii Ai 7-ic for no. 2. It. Louis. I inv 51.03 August 31.035 july a fast Oats quiet july ave quiet at 4-sc. E it lower dry Salt x edits quiet f 7.s5, 7.mv Bacon steady at s.t5. Lard ss.73, packing uutohers1 to beat Aunvy. . Estma family . Iii Lar o. I later used spot and july 51. M i 1.14k eni higher fix Chi spec nil july. 01 i White. . Steady firm Ohio Flold Pennsylvania fleeced Coni Iris add Elaine sat in wools 22a25c California wools is acct pulled proofs still out. So a Flange is the bitty ratios. J. F. I at the Mcclar Llou Aej Ilia Lai o month Reaidi Rinir one j welf. Al Oliu Lutali co joining far slavs. And do work cheaper than tins Ever 1-Cun Louo in Marble Stock. Best to jut ii per set. At work Warrin Ieti ten Maile 1gk o1taky. Is now to a quiz tits of flapping and cutting to tonci of All Dods. Utes address. T. W. Boox Marble Korek Peck s Badi Foy the Kiln Tryr Hii of sen. Anti i. Copies sold in two Rwy Bodt buys it to Talise its Tondorf of Kef. We the Iril a tuft pm fiet edition Illust Rcd Ort Ziona to Grid Nuj Kyj oar artist. Agi pc log from 25 m so copes of a Ludins Book Maki so hit for iwo this took on Twain. Fifty in on i tip to r. ftt4. L s. Hiri.i3lll.v1 o. For no material change has As Jet taken place in tie condition of affairs. The Western Union offic Hiis stand firm. One of their prominent officers thus summarizes tie situation just a week Baa passed since the Teleg Raphers strike and despite the confident Asser Tion of the brotherhood that the Battle would terminate in less that seven Days the end seems to be farther off than Ever. The strikers close their eyes and ears to the True situation and attempt to Mace the Public believe that their Case is one that requires Only time to make them victorious. There is no disguising the fact thai they have been losers from the Start for the Terven ins time has demonstrated that the we Stem Union people Bave handled their business manner Vrzich Indi Cates that the strikers sen ices can be dispensed with. While the american rapid has conceded almost everything asked for yet this is but a spot on tue surface. The Western Union holds the i key that must us Oci the situation and from present anti Carance there is nothing to intimate that they intend to Izreah the dead lock. The strik Init Teleg Raphers on Friday received and Biccs from new York that Are in Prettress to resume work of the Baltimore and Ohio lines general Eckert announces that the at Tiande of the Western Union Urill not be changed by the action taken by other companies. Morning it was Learned that the strikers had some to roads for their that tie a ecu i live committee in sew York was be j Goti Atins with representatives of tie Telegraph company. Inc Baltimore and Ohio officials in the East had heard reports that All the was seeking to via the strikers Over and that one Oliu declared to Punili the Baltimore Aad Ohio. Later telegrams were in the same vein and left no Douht that Tho two great Telegraph corporations Are preparing to Cross swords. The Tenor of tie Balti More and Ohio dispatches was that while Iraq Rilling to recognize the Broth the were determined that the Western Union a bold not reap the advantage of the situation Ana an Arrance tent with the strikers might be looked for though the terms were inde Anite. Reports from Broth. Erwood sources also led to the belief that the Baltimore and Ohio is preparing for an Active War with rival. . The and Olio Sam saturday he had not heard anything of the prospective coalition Between his company the american rapid and did not think it was so. Dior he any news the Baltimore and Ohio official were negotiating with the committee of the brother Wal to sew tort. Tit business of acis office he mar ing a Little Aore Ian at the the Lota were to Viand Cabout Mil the the f Oil win reports a Iron Erato i for rail3 l Een Dominii to the City wire captured. La roads were ii St Zalbe Force at work for the Western i Cieve every Bothy Virja and Bersh inor tour brotherhood if aug Dally Ai Tite stun Sun could Hanley be iia weuve a was expressed for inti strikers by in assist mice was cute red by business Nisa. Charleston s. C., it Porter the oui look was very Bright no Ami the l Nior Cripp ice. Iii Iii conn., was very with no of Wendi Muiir. More r-1 it i til ii Troin ail Posu id Thich showed a i Roui Lieut Lisp Ateliers Cutie i before the rail roads suit Rea the Vujih the of Stilt uts i of Luck his Liot Idu. Enc and a and Iii Icil of room in uni of in c Chiqiu. T. I Olk. The treasurer of Bivis convict to of Ezieb Zzz Etueni was of Ito Ioelu to imprison it it for Twenty and the wrecked Cor Missic a of Stiles Gomy Mcmahon of Chichiro it Portt l to Ere Siors Ai 5-ij of . And of As a Tiit to the grand Ai ii tin at Sapir Lay on a five Davs a themous slams tend Reil by the Stuie of co Orado. At Northeast Harbor Maine a run Teana caused the Ursuh of roughs vols sur i of take tin 1 Jjck is that would be forced to Lill tie places Case of Anil Iii listed serious of regular operators in ease the latter injuries upon miss Ual in Iii to i re ordered to strike. At Bestorp the Tii Nore. Ange were encouraging the striker hold out. All the members had boys were firm acid Swa Dily the Pipit in u Holly with lir a and thu entry was pm 1-austed. Toronto seat that not an of in hair Ron Neil to fyr pc Venlo l i Jiri Berv had Boon at u Uip Ted by the Western Union. denied the rep Fri of u Dei eci iou in Trio ranks Wahidi was duet Onslo circulated by the ii Yuriy. Buffalo. A y., was Cai Rinir acres Sofis daily. Tho Union Sirtaji a Kitchen and buds for anal would not allow Vliem to leave the office for fear of the strikers1 com it lec. At Cincinnati business was St Iii received subject Todela. The Market reporters Hud nil gone out. The Actu Bors of the Board of Trade and of it of exch an to hoi. _. Signed n pledge to abstain from into i cd thug Dinka Wiite the strike lusted. News digest. The in Luois Railroad and warehouse Cotoiu missioners have Apponi Uttmi Chiei inspector at . The it which e. L. Campb Sil is president Bias Iii be a As Sigma Tut to Georgo w. Trimble. The Yeai Shiine of Iassac huletts. Of. Ter a of adjourned Pri Day. For of absence from his Post without leave tie postmaster at Kalaii Vazco will be suspended. Failing lie Aith caused Allen Caiti be l to the of York. Sec Rutan that . Pitko will wok to chosen dilator Josenh h. Want no the ii Al Alu Stock has Nti the City leaving his accounts Wisori. M. A. A Ronn of Tomii ined is i Januies Hickox a Proni input lawyer the Insano is Linn of Uris it s Gox error 1 Tiu or Reid pcs to a peril ii to s. A. Ghenco of Irja Ivor no Audreas it it air it Woodstock Illi Nois in step Terbet. A of Hoboken Nev Jersey. Just returned t Ruiu Genua. loft by his parents. Ii. A liner of Cadi is i Ensyl Venia. N Bank president find Iron Man the Stu to Hoard of education in Tex As has resolved to pure met for Tho school fund in registered i per cent Bonds of the United states. Miss Magpie cramp of Philadelphia waa drowned at her lather s having slipped in descending the gang Plank of a new Steamer. In the regatta at a Muskegon Michi Gan the Hill Dules captured the championship from the Centennial of de troit. On the sew York Stock Exchange f. W. Savin and f. 31. Thieriot had a Fristic encounter which was stopped by their friends. At Denver thursday Kobert c. Beau of Philadelphia was elected commander of the ii Rand army of Tho Republic on the second ballot. A St. Paul dispatch records the de parture of Koscoe cobbling and Peonio s a Kitwell for the Yellowstone Park in Henry Villard s coach. Nelson w. Fuller a Veteran journalist Olio established the first anti slav Ery paper in Wisconsin died at sur Eben Jay. Cyrus ii. My Corrick of at Kich fled Springs new York lie was Able to leave his House Friday for the first time this season. The infected Steamer California has been taken to fortress Monrue. Of the four yellow fever patients on Board one will probably die. Eight men Duji under the Val of tic jail at Berrien Springs Michigan and rejoined the world. Five of these were speedily recaptured. The wife of Juies Levy the famous to ignore the repudiation by Mexico of due to subjects Stu have brought about the of the minister and serious cum us Ciai trouble is expected to result. An train Nunn Iachini mount Joy j . I. Kilt in i Ajai two Atu input id to drive across the track after the Engineer had blown the whistle to them. Lieutenant of Tho Uil u Tikot. Police force., shot in the non Audi beaten a club by whoa he surprised in a private Resi Dence. Ail insane convict in the Virginia Penitentiary attempted to bum tie build tits in which seven i vudred per sons Are confined hut his efforts wore Defeated by a Steward. The strike the new York cloak makers still continues. Several of the employers have acceded to the de mands of the strikers but the majority still to Jive in. Detectives from Chicago Ami Toronto have for some time been at work in Ottawa on a Case involving the forgery of Dominion notes of Larse denominations Tho culprits americans und . The is Northern Pacific Road raid 000 for n tract of land in Sun i Nui Cisco on which to erect Oil ices. The Central Pacific Lias decided to build Ware houses in Tho business Center of City. An immense of i qts in grand River swept two railway Bridges at grand in kids. Millions if feet of logy Pouy on the River like currying every Lii Ivre them. The a Ivy Utvic come Iitto of tie trunk lines Lias ii j.1 a rate of fld.30 for Gemma i rar.1 now i Nolc to Chicago Over the new line formed by to a Bash uni Timora and Urand trunk roads. At Fulton. Is new York i a slav. In of Ivett Tousand persons Hanai Liri Snier and Lee rowed a three mile race coming in one second apart i l Milan tie cutest arts Luve started Tor tit. Paul. Trio democrats of county Dakota have passed resolutions oppose ins a of the territory but As i state at the a train on Llic Itata moras Refl ran Over a Man and two Hafl la Hen asleep in Liui Lukk r. St nor ill his j Lex in a Putli crities placed All the train in jail. It is i Fiat 01 Illinois ii the Connivance of officers of to a Nutini Wal u Iani to secure Crom the Rui Litia fund by Means of bogus vouchers. Governor Hamilton Rotus etl to approve the fictitious paper. At tie meeting of the South Carolina Grange senator Butler armied that negro labor arrows More Wor bless Seitali year that Black Haruis could safety spared and that chinese outfit to be Iai Portil to cultivate Tho Cotton Fields. Mrs. F. A. Of Cleveland once a popular teacher in the Public schools tvs killed Friday night while passing under a Railroad car at the loot of Hanover Street. Her Les was completely severed at tie hip and rolled into the River through a Hole in the Dock. Hon. Fonts joinery Biair diet Friday at Silver Springs Maryland 70 years. He a radiated at West Point hut soon resin died to practice Law in St. Louis where to Rose to a jul Reship. He removed to Maryland in 1s.5-, and was postmaster general under presi Dent Lincoln. The Corpse of Charles Teir Mincer of Cincinnati was cremated Friday it Pennsylvania Llev. Or. Vuss a Brief funeral address and Kev. Or. Starcke made a Short prayer in German. The remains were reduced to ashes in one Hundred min Atea. A is afloat in that the late i Eter i end left an ii Niesse Fortune and was believed to to a Bachelor was in to married to a lady in Parks county. In piles to by a si.1 of in he i at k. Lions loir.-. Trout to sap Iose he has ome of the i i of of Tiefuhr stint present As utile icy stomach Etc. A moisture like perspiration or d icing a very at Naglit after i warm in lied is a very common attendant. 1-Jtornal, hit Ernal and itch ing pile yield Ai once to the applies i Tina of or. s Piru Jlon i Only. I which acts directly upon the parts Ai cd absorbing the tutors j the Tui Rinir Ami cute Colne a Mancul cure where All Star have failed do not Dolay until tie i Drain on the system . I but try it and be Price 50 cents ask your for i it and when you Cai not obtain it of him. We will Send it prepaid on receipt j of Price. Address the or. I Medicine co., Piqua Ohio. Sold by Asper Lowell mass. Advice to i Lothers Are you disturbed at and Bro Ken of your rest by a sick Cli Ilu suffer no and cry nor pain of to Oculi i u so Send at once and a Bot i tic of mits. Wis slow s soot Isi Ujj Sruti Job ii Itten use Rinyu. value is j. It will relieve the t poor Little suit Crew . Upon it. Mothers there is no mistake by Iba it ii. It dysentery i the stomach Ami cures i Colic softens tic ii his reduces1 --1. 1cjiit i Cornelist obtained a divorce in a new i who gave birth to u daughter York court thursday on Tho Gro Ikid j who now jays chair i to a estate Worth that her husband had a Forter wife Liv-1 Miili Oua. In England. The body of Captain was Tia Cisco Jarka Spanish minister to found in i Asmara a incr. Near Siwl Stan. The United states killed with a on the head was a of three inches revolver at a sew 1 Ork hotel sunday evident or received by striking a Rock. He was about to return to Europe with anal Bis limbs were somewhat bruised. I his wife and daughter. A subscription has Bern started Iron or i by a freshet in the Allegheny River the Masus in England for the Relief of seventy five rafts were swept from their his family. Moorings at Hern s is land and one j James Carey the Dublin informer in went to pieces. The is estimated. I it i a Farmer s daughter Eer residing near Milwaukee stole rom her father securities representing and fled to Chicago with a Gam blog. Three men were discovered stealing flour from a Steamer at Cairo. One or thera Iest Jed into the River and was of i in jew arts in wheat and predicts was shot in the knee and a crop of it least bushels As ferret towns and cites at taif Al Nentl Untim were . Tiie i is were tout to seize cons any s to trip. Str Eon Wrt it to the City. In i ii visions Chi Lazy. Atonwn1. To have Landi d at Quebec last monday Ami to have Ren Chad Montreal to tit the name of 1 at and Baa Cue of his lowing Beard and Mustache. The of fliers of the Steamer Montreal Are cer Tain of his identity. Or. . of statistics in Minnesota report san increase , and toe third escaped. Mrs. Z. Chandler of ii troit sent toward establishing a scholar ship in the women s medical College of Chicago to enable truss Fonaries to take a medical course. D. M. Irwin. Was imprisoned at Imbrone for counterfeiting filed off Tho Blithe admin his cell and released himself and two others who scaled Trail and escaped. At a Liniver Alist Lawn Patty held at the residence of x. Illinois Over one in narc d persons were More or less seriously poisoned by to Flavouring in the ice Cream. The Ward Iron company of Otilio. Has made an assignment with this was followed Bythie Ous pension a entry company Wiken. _ the Saloon keepers of St. Louis on Law. They have made up a purse o f s10.500 to employ the police went the rounds and made note of of tie Law roads the and of show a fair of for r sax a o tie Liole system. Mits. of t i a i i iiktill.m.1 is Vuk .1. Is tie Pru script a i of one then Best female physicians and the i a United Stales Anu a i or Sale by Yalu a Trio Wurl i. Price i Ftp. Cents a Boule. This space is reserved to Silver Wijt he Stock a. J. Asp Jar i Jos gurus store. L i u Oil. And in to iut re a. Her Iii All Marble Burlington Gsida Iron morn m t i air. Loirro. H still i a a an i iia Rota Points Ami West t be of til8 01 Tutor the yield in the Southern counties More than make up for the trought the i cd Oiiver in Ley. The Ohio boned of Arci Titre estimate the wheat crop of twist state it Iuis icis. Estate was Friday Kiili brought Anil surm House occupied both. Mother of Wil Liam was recently Purchase. By the Union company and its directors have touff Frh if a life Leaie at the rate of 81 per an excursion on the i and Owdens Larch Ronal. Rnnnir.? at a hich rate of struck j a Frei tit car which had blown partly Over in a Gale at Iriton station. The j and sleepers in org sons were Anil thiner i pm Mas Ilo Ync of the pioneers of of the University i Iris Iii Herto u .-t.on. 3 How of St of of Lul St j s no Ift is the l i Cen july is Koeu or be i j Oil n 1 Etc in a latin i v i a Xriffe. Persons Tai i arc to j Aii-1 having j the Yaino will idul to the j for lil a Wujec. U. S i dated jul a liver maps for the Oluoba Democrat 1 paper i m full hai1.v it . I a .r. F you1 i is Pitinii a win
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