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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 1, 1878, Marble Rock, Iowa17. The Marble Beck Henby 11. Niks. Of advkht1six i. I n a is i one three m u tis j column one year 1 it inti one year w.w1 1 i column one year 100.00 of two with Iblis toward Lone and Charity for ail terms jl50 per annul in Advance. Volumes. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa aug 1, 1878. Number 52 1 out in chef space Mke n my Arr. 1 Legal at rates i cards. News Typo or Siuw finn oils for i insertion. Nit ton Birto. Feck m he my u il878 to the 1878 i summer resorts i Iowa route. The Burlineton Cedar rapids 4 Northern and to. . M pm orc Lull Hanhy i. A g. T. O. O. Honea oort St Louis railways. J , 1bmw.c.t. H. C. Celebrated i Ullman Palace sleeping cart Core services. I by Avill be it i Able Boot and shoe Stan to do All kinds of work in his line Aid on Short notice. Tie Best Stock used. Shop on main Street. Marble Rock. T2s6tf it. A Washburn. Gilt is daily except so Day Anund trip elea new Tiea Elt of Gale m principal to Ibe following Untiner reports St. 1 White fear Lake Lake i by Albin i i tickets to the Frol abbe i . Vayens Fri climb Tad office at a dbl Matt of u bail i i. Tickets will also placed m tale i for Denver Colorado Good to return until out 31. Skeie tickets will be bold at a Large regalia Dou t forget that there a no change of ears from Point on the Luca roue and Minneapolis. For farther information in regard to Etc Ete Addren ticket agent mid it on incline of he general ticket of Tat atom of Tana-1 office to rapids. . . Inks b f. Mills supt. Asil Gentt at w. H. Johnson tone Yit Bode a i. R. Frost promptly to or Rock Olai in new drug Stoke. Struck Murat a Otic i iwo. F ebon Flag bed Tad god ire haul. St tasted on Una Hort Motet. West of .1 Tor to Ming will Tad Lav occur John Good Geller and re Kolni wit. Us and us town i feel that Fth who i lion. Prices reduced the family fam rtt new Model machine. It to Tom Muhi omm of of tour Ana in Mil greatly reduced prices Allen Moore. 40 1 f to nil to sufi but u Tiwe Otelier Wrt of the com tar who la employment to per week in you heed nut Onmi Corot Otho you Cwi triv a Ruhr whote Timo to the work Only Hare Whu we or Pitr All to end rash cd vibe or time. It poem ii rime Money Cuadot m wetly no dlr at toy other Noth tug in try Oil rat foe. At Refl once h. Aco., Portland. Suino. Mrs. Hightshoe Iti Abie Milliner Anil Artas main Street a Trelc to Csc e. Shoemaker sur ii Dent it will be Ai Marble Rock mid tue indy of each Rcck rooms at Curk How. Satisfy ii on All work. Gold done in a manner which cannot be 1 late work a specially. He ,1 be at. Springs wednesday a Irod i and at Grene Friday and of each i in 1 pure druids oils Aud j varnishes a. Physicians it scrip tons carefully at All Hufe t cowls and Cui Jota promptly Al to mini u. our Stock consists of goods boots l a. Sem Siahs dealer in groceries dried fruit Glass crockery Wood and Willow Ware and every thing in fact found in a first class grocery store. I pay the highest Price for country produce and gelt my goods at the lowest living profit. Give me Call and see for yourself i also keep i full line of dry goods Keady made clo thirst a boots shoes and everything pertaining to dry goods. E. A. I Louuis Faith Ittak. Al 1 by shepale Sonico. Will continue to sell . A Fem fat his drug store puke k u Wui i. Oil Tan. 1im Oje l. Y urn a Kiwi. Olmi for medicinal prescriptions compounded. Al 1 by or Tom. Fur of state ca1t. John a. T. Of talk county. For Audi Kur of slate maj Buher r. We Kmax of Bouton county. J Illus of for treasurer of Bemis of Liu Clanin county. A cml Hie we in Kun ends on you any Loose change this j spot Njie jew eduction .ni4 fellow to his j of miss Bricklin on the Mode Rit lot Pinion. No indeed Money j Julioo Liberm Woja full of Good spicy itt jargon int. R. R re Ink red i Darius air Etc Hying the first forced Bank note the1 k. B. In a Way to produce As it Wax Lork of Killiard Illian a Aughan of ,._ m. England 172s. J the offence. He was executed for for Register of Sute land Okoe Ukuta. J. K. To woks of Cass cd unto. Roar of laughter. The readings of prof. Smillir were Well re Oei Ved and f showed him to be a an preacher made use the expresion the Newi Lartic scare 1 the Gentic Nice of tie inst f hit sunday and in some Good or Isrual a full line of furniture coh it tacitly on hand consisting of bureaus tables bedsteads chairs cribs Kockers and every thing found in a first Eli furniture store Beady made coffins on Baad. I also keep Good a Chi m at Tom armr and Imler its Mart a Mac. H. Rosenkrans. Eva life. A clean be coed hats Caps. Charles City j. S. Trigg. Cihiy Yanc jute tit. Win my tue fur Nti. Artistic 1 photographer. Photographs gels and Oil made on Short notice. Old enlarged to an sue in India Ink or Oil colors 50 Jacob ba1bb. J i f our. A thu. Kotule to the Public. If want first Clata , or any Torng else in hib line. Ball on a. 14. Arnold. R but the Best and carriages j. A d r k w a proprietor of the old lately occupied by , will manufacture i left jul find of scary c in Riolfi. J in Bifia to mtg mfr. I Kapai Rifg of All kids i Bone with neatness and dispatch Aid work . I the i pairing of farm machinery i a speciality. I Jive us a trial. J Rock Iowa. Of All kinds. Crockery of a Superior Quality and latest pattern cutlery Yankee notions Etc., All of which we offer to the Public at the lowest living profits. Har Lerock pot of tic supreme court col. J. H. Tot Hock of Cedith for Arr new a Oene Raj. Jojin f. Of county. For reporter of the supreme t our Johs s. kills of 1 Olk county. For clerk of the supreme court Edward j. Holmes of Jutson county o s Call to to Oil Church in a Imi Daon returned the coup i with a1 the gusto of a single Man superintendent Nichols has t do not i oi1 Tiu world s nor lament thy poverty. Out of the j remoi1 of the a if or Sti tit i 1 i a i rr.n., no Firof in tills capacity and it we mistake not lie will of heaven As from the most gorgeous see As tic visits tie schools that Liu a a vex who signs Horsell i us aria of our my s that Wonrau is twice As j i her and More Success Good Ai Man so it thus by the Ful Lilu it vain very you 0 Man if a Seaman should turn Back every Tine he encounters a head wind he would never make a voyage. So he who himself to be baffled a Advent circumstances Wilf never make headway in the voyage of life. The southerners Are not satisfied with the Realti of the recent Nee Sion of Cong me. They did not get what they wanted and very naturally charge fault upon their members. Their list of disappointments is a Long one beaded by the failure of the Southern 1 Tewfic Bill and the levee appropriation. Sash doors blinds of the Best Quality and at the lowest figures for Cash. I to w. B. Crabtree and Rock tilt till of St Ilii lilt i Siul x of Fhil Shults. Howll. We receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a Sre neral the patronage of parties about to build alter or repair their dwellings Lores in. Will Ronan tits for the i buds erection of private and pub j j lie buildings or superintend work by i i the Day. Satisfaction guaranteed 1 r. F. Wilox dealer in boots a Jav shoes gloves trunks satchels Kelting. Leather hair. Harness Oil. Whip at attic i i Nii Rittin and a Wise Man will make provisions for those that May be called upon to mourn his death. Insuk in the Best it is the Urie Aukst. Safest wrest and among the the new York life stands at the front. Paid in death claims during 1877. This company is perfectly Safe have complied with the requirements of our state Law and now carries some of the Best men in the state. S. P. Not 44 har Lerock. A Tiv r he of Itrat Thrett Ali report Bikit who lir or i Peruti it a in work. Any tic a first Price by c la to iry by of vial feed and Sale stable i carriages and bogies to at in to wet to w ail pans hot wave of the West reached Here As Gen. Probabilities Myers had predicted last thursday and Day beating upon m with unspent fury. So intense was the heat that Witlin three Days 55 poor creatures Lay Down died from the ejecta not All from sunstroke but All from the dirt effects of the extreme heat. In that time the total number of deaths in the City was 1-7. The Street cur and chair it horses dropped Donn of scores and those that survived were Only driven Short distances and Western us Rila were county lately first to Bitil j a new court second that the thed. Sponges have been in great big ones saturated with trials of the old court House so would be water Lre Between the horse used in building the new and then third that they would occupy the old court House until the new one was ready quarrels like thunderstorms would end in Sunshine if it were not for the determination to have the ears and Small ones worn in hat crowns both by ladies and gentlemen. There arc Many classes of people Olio Call Forth our sympathies such weather and such so Nous As this we can but pity the tramps roaming about the country without work Money nor friends. There must be Little com fort Oither it a Tel or physical to be your Lojis Antt toe i still and it will won j taken by them even if they manage be Over but if you retort Yon Are in to beg enough to keep from gang Verf for Oliree years of lie Many a Hung Raj. We pity Rick people every Man pours liiiusi.1 Fin torrents of rain lint of nil a pity the for five minutes and then Breaks out j per people who live in City tone into Sunshine tember will mini la mss. They do tier though Dom into a Tia a run Mil j they twi. They think of Dri tile if he is weak enough to insist on j it. From two to four Hun inc l human living that last word. I often inhibit a single of 5 or the smell of Bacon cabbage and onions is never out of the air. Used rooms arc ventilated Only from the heated filthy Haling sleeping on in thu Ria july 29th, editor Marble Ruck weekly Didu t i Tell of 90. No animal was Ever branded Witti such tout i it temblor of the go Erick Kiekert As the jacks _1. Stcin and odor of the of the or of. He just Laid ins Eaf Hail Hack on his Rcck last week and with one bombastic i you s Roesli air set pure str. Or Frea Wash tub. Little lives out and no wot nor. For want of a i Tesh of Kiu Keil .11. What he Calls an a specie of Pic animal creation one Abo a hi-5 own and the Lutr. Of Lui comprehension i nil so plenty Alan that Little ones should die Lor Laik of it Olio. Live on Tiu can Lay your children fam i to Al cup in co Al. Clunn after a re if the i not know the beginning of the word id course All i we alike to Listii. Zirul Hofnnr which he has been Oil Paul to Swallow has choked .1 i i i a even though your floors arc Bare us or set the hair too tight he will f. T f your Little ones q Barefoot. Ind redress in the statute under the i to have seen h. Any time during the two last sessions one would have supposed i political race was completely run. A Niue Lur cd 1, vie Lead to animals our or. Press advices you to soak your Lead for awhile which suggestion eng if from a life sex Fri enc in Illuv and l i i Pym Nice Witaly alternated i rom one with an intuitive knowledge in a great decree he seemed More than in the value of for the Donga-1 Tion of cars should be considered Vali a half Fiji in Overly the j the time we heard him speak i f 4111 ii inc in Ritj Iii Lull. Only be careful and not Eicr do the on the Occi Iswan of the presentation to matter to Sample. As for i 0 Bein no to Sampl under Obi ratio and to i 0 nov Crement of the to cat Lar Tenter the r r i f to i picture of is Irving the Jinan i would inform or. I pation i Roclan Ailinn. The half Para that no Mich Uter Turc has Ever do i led old Man cannot stand and de we i our Sanctum Osee at or. Waller s at Livoreil his speech sitting in his Irr Ceni Purlin a copy trom some out House 11 i i i. Of mid f mint Tara. He Aba Box rent at the Post of Hec at this place and doubtless often Trail at Char a City Iowa if then his residence is he ins mail he and were we to the whole i Russ i chair. Which he prop Clwyd Back and Forth with a vehemence Correi Pond to Usu thrown in. It would Only be a ease of lil utly enough he and weird. His arms in Pitit larceny anyway. .1 Fern Clfton . Please Pill Tel to has several and the press has no More right to claim aim a Ocsid Nutof Greene j our than Kare either of the other named places for that reason a Riv lit to aim hit. Now Maori incr Delavan. You say it a an matter to Call a ban a liar but to prove the is another thing sirs All we Cave to do to prove the assertion to All fan attention to the in use and then let Yon jct Otann Nee you. Or. Perhaps won not want Tat exposed Ike How he came to a aft. Wim Bow lie won who shawl in the our Normal Liuti trite i i Allen Vii of last i was pronounced by All or cent the met Succes Fol unc Ever held in the county. The mail ukr be turfing the teachers to death family consists of Liim in St Jet adj White in 1 Lii or. Ii s itch Clur nearly h t in be Ikea his Pucala ii a. A portion of the time Dav voted to explain inc the Nta Dern victim you perhaps Wonlu o of of and i instruct in and theve were a to linux pc blur with m ii Tivix a what of the u or Public f us. R of Mulej Jeff to of fan Harrow. He a no that win i new him a Plute a a or time
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