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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 30, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock Floyd county. Iowa april to terms a year we Are at the r front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. Peter Egbert of Stockville Indian j Ras seized a Sioui Isidoal Fri anti saturday and seizing a shot gun lie a exceeded in killing Parsons id a Short time among them was the sheriff and his Deputy. Before the citizens could secure the maniac he finished i deadly work by killing Liaise f. Societies. A. F. A. M. . A. Stone Lodge no. 251. of or before Tan moan. Tori Tonj Brothers it Goodston bldg cordially Fri tiled to attend. Brobert Hus get. W. M. I. Ii. Dark Sec. I. O. Of f. A tartly Rock lode no. 9k, Nice is thursday of urk week. Cordially invited. H. Set. A. Ii. Ice it s. G. K. Of Telar Lodge. 219, Meels tuesday evening each week. Visiting Brethren listed. K. It u. C Date k. Of h. B. I. I. Of. H. Keen the 3rd to needy night id Eich month in of Lull. L. W. Rolex Kjus fret. J. , ret. Sec. To. B. C. Veeta at the Home of mrs. Stewart the lot and m than Ajr of each month at 3 o Cluck p. M. Lbs. K. A. Stewart pres. My. Chi Iutva ask fete. Marble Rock Post so. 306, meets first saturday month. C. T. com. W. B. Ciu Titu adj. W c t u every thursday. , pros Idem. My a. M. Mob birr Secretary Church pigs. Rho debt preaching sundays it 11 a m and a m. Epworth league meet no at 6.90. Player meeting Thoday veiling. A w. Pastor. Chi bib preaching Send in at 11 a. And p. M. Christian Endeavor m lao p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Taf j. Will , faster. Time preach inc Sunda in . P. M. Young Peoples meeting at player meeting toe Noay evening. J. P. Pastor. Every 1ft sunday in each Bunth a. N. M. Sunday to cobol sunday at 10 a. M. Ser Ricee held pm the Al Boa a tool Bonee. H. Baxt pastor. City Joseph Willoth Itoe order it to Vetiver. If w Martin Street commissioner. C. F. Jesmore Kantol. Of lard Stit Mil h c Wailand win Fletcher ii Boteanu a u Meier Chas Trefcer k Union town help school Board. Put Idelt gee w Secretary. Ii b tree Are. John Gates dibectok3 1 Mck Staadt Al Madison Blue i Harty Packman John Tia Tea s a p Waleter 8 tames Par her 4 Lew Mao 9 ceo w i Bebert Davis 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Phil Szultz. Fscott town help Marsh Baldwin. A Camallea Vole Beera Leoy Bailey ton w Nicholson. Kidney w w Witter and or. Towel top school la Mil. Plot rat Bishop. Set retail. Of Ore 5 Baldwin to tuner charges d Menock directors i Joh Ablecop 5 Bruce Ward. E k w Barber 6 k c spa Uldino t Chw t Ker t j Cunningham. 4 atari 8 a Jerny 9 John i wee. Judicial. Birr of tic. Sherwin. Of court-4th monday in Jeanary in Murfay in Tatj. And monday in september. And lists Lim Tai rain Charles City garble Stock Kidd i. C. 1st monday in Jan Arr. April. Jut and and tid monday in Dot of the Conti Hanford a. H. Merrl Bua . A h Alt a f. Compound liquid Sulphur colera cure ii rating thousands of dollars for Tamera. Thoroughly tested in the worst infected districts of eleven states and proven Benood doubt to be the greatest discovery of he age add in the Only guaranteed remedy ctr placed on the Market Lor the pre mention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices no Farmer can afford 10 be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera care. Nut Only the Best but Eit remedy of the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Tor each log. For Sale by Bead our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dia the presidential Trust u meeting with very severe reverses the people Are determined to have a say in the St Louis convention. Grill be held at Des Moines july 15th. The temporary chairman will be Rollin j. Wilson of Fairfield son of the late senator Janis f. Wilson. Secretary Smith has decided to sell the hed Lake Indian Reserva Tion in Minnesota july 1 and in the Crookston District july 15. The land will not be sold for less than per acre. It is very evident that the Indiana statesmen have Strong Hopes of seeing Ben Harrison the nominee of the St. Louis convention. They Are playing the dark horse rocket with a vengeance and a great Deal of shrewdness. Iowa politicians would have done Well to Hare the Hoosier tactics. The manufacture of the modern by Cicle says the scientific american presents some delicate problems in mechanical engineering paused by what Call the Factor of which is lower in the bicycle in almost any other mechanical product. To High pressure guns the Factor a even As great As Means that the guns Are made Twenty times As Strong As to theoretically necessary for the Strain they must Bear. In boiler it is about six in Bridges usually Fite and in almost every construction of Atac Bines it is at least four. These wide margins of extra strength Are considered necessary As an offset to the defects in material and errors in the theoretical computations. Riders of wheels insist on Light Ness and in he construction of the bicycle the Factor of talc in is reduced to a very Small margin being As Low in mine instances Sld in View of fact it is easy to understand Why makers of High Grade machines maintain such a rigid system of inspection. C. W. It mat do Mith for or. Fred Miller of Irving 111. Writes that he had a severe Kinney trouble for Many years with severe pains in his Back and also mat his bladder was affected. He tried Many so called cures bit without any Pood re Salt. About a year he began using electric bitters and found Relief at once Kle Etric bitten is especially adapted to cure of All kidney and liver troubles and Olen Given almost instant Relief. One trial will prove our statement i Pfow. Only Lor bottle. At a. J. I o. Store. A special Telegram to inc inter Ocean from Mason City gives the situation in this judicial District As Fol lows an interesting contest is on hand in the twelfth judicial District. Judge Porter w. Burr is not a candidate for re election Anil has so announced those who Are seeking the nomination Are Edwards of Butler Van Vlacic of Bremer Kelly of Winnebago and Clyde of Mitchell. The strength of the candidates is very evenly divided and Ilie contest will be Lively. When the wage of the unite l states Are fully employed and at the High that were the Rule during the protective Era they consume More wheat meat and farm products of All kinds than do the people of any other Man against Man and they pay a higher Price than the Low wage receiving people of other nation can pay. Lies work in the United states is scarce by reason importation of foreign manufactures the Purchas ing Power for farm products is Low and the surplus for Export grows larger and As it has to be sold to people who earn Low wages it has to be sold at a Low Ocean. Two accounts says an Exchange Are Given of the origin of the terms six and so on As applied to the various sizes or nails. According the one state ment when nails were in a he by hand the Penny was alien As the Standard of weight and six were Mailett to equal the weight of a Copper Penny. This explanation is open to criticism on account of the very Small size of the of j which Sis were needed to Ballance even i the Large sized old fashioned Copper Are much More probable. One explanation holds that Tenpenny nails originally sold for ten Pence a Hundred six Penny nails for sixpence a Hundred and so on the smaller nails Selling for the lower Price. Another explanation it that 1000 of the ten Penny size used to weigh ten pounds 1000 of the six Penny size Biz pounds and so for other sizes. Of the Ordinary six Penny nails there Are eighty to the Pound of the Dight Penny there Are fifty Tenpenny. Thirty four twelve Penny thirty nine. The Waverly Independent gives the following details of a scheme to defraud the several counties of Iowa out of a considerable sum of Money a fellow was arrested by the sheriff at the county auditor s office in Sioux City while attempting to collect Bounty on a number of Wolf hides which he averred he killed to Woodbury could y this arrest reveals a system of wholesale swindling which is supposed to extend Over the state. The name of toe Pri Oner is William and he con fessed to Laving bought Tho bides from Thomas Teller of Sioux Point who he says receiving to Iii in car Load tits from the Western states and retailing them to Hunters and Farmers in Iowa South Dakota and Minnesota these Hunters and Farmers collect bounties ranging from 50 to per hide. The hides Ballinger says he purchased for 30 cents each in this manner to e counties of Northwestern Iowa Washington letter. . April or. Cleveland s position in the cuban business so far As it is known has almost no friends in Congress. Nothing official is known but As understood by congressmen it will put this govern ment in the position of asking the cuban to Lay Down their arms and accept Spanish promises of Home Rule for the Island a position which misrepresents the sentiment of this country almost As though the administration had openly taken the part of Spain. Whether con Gress will do anything else is not yet certain but a very bitter anti Spanish feeling is growing which has been in creased by the rumoured execution of Walter Dygert the Young american whose release from Prisen had been promised by the Spanish authorities. Secretary Olney refuses to believe that Dygert has been executed by the spaniards but representative Sulzer of n. Y says be had the information that he was shot from cubans in his District who received it direct from friends in Cuba. The matter is being investigated. Should Dygert s reported execution prove to be a fact there is no telling what it May Lead to. A declaration of War against Spain is one of the possibilities. The National arbitration conference which met Here this week displayed its Wisdom by electing sex senator cd Mun soft permanent chairman his Long experience in Congress making him specially Well qualified to perform the duties attached to the position. The conference again displayed its Wisdom by recognizing the serious obstacles which stand in the Way of compulsory International arbitration. In fact the conference proved itself a Wise body and the general belief is that it has made the proper Start towards securing its object and that some time in the not far Distant future we shall have a Geneia arbitration treaty wild a Midland if not with All other nations. The serious charges made against the management of the soldiers Home at leaven Worth made by representative Blue of Kansas will probably be investigated As the House committee on military affairs has voted to report a Resolution authorizing the speaker to appoint a committee of five members to make the investigation. Ten of the sixteen members of the committee were present and the vote was 7 to 3 representative Mcglellan of new York son of the late Gen. Mcclellan voted reporting tie Resolution and gave notice of his intention to present a minority report to the House asking that it be no adopted. If i hero arc any More democrats who wish to pose As the administration candidate for the democratic presidential nomination they should lose no time in i communicating i hair a Isacs to 31r. Cleveland who appears to have Laid aside customary obstinacy in this particular matter and to be willing to allow Ali tie would be leaders of the party to try their hand at playing the part. First it wis Olney then Carlisle who was followed by Russell and now it is Pattisson of a. It May be that or. Cleveland himself is playing a part in ibis Jei Doratio Mulo Brauia. Already some of his Woi slippers Are saying that none of the men suggested As satisfactory candidates to the administration developed any support in the rank and file of the party that Whitney who might develop a says Parry lol Lowins will not allow his Navaie to of used and that there is Only one Man who can port of sectarian Indian schools. There Art Nisei a ii of Senate Amend ments to other appropriation Bills that will find bitter opposition in the House. No positive action looking to Early adjournment has been taken in either House or Senate and nothing has been done to indicate whether the statement that the democratic steering committee of the Senate had determined that adjournment should not take place until after the Republican convention was fact or fiction. Owing to the Peculiar condition of affairs in the Senate adjournment cannot be had without democratic consent. Potatoes have been used for fuel in new York state. What wonderful Luck the Empire stale has had since 1s93, when its favorite Sou became preside. Not lie i aim Era Don t have to bother hauling their potatoes to Market or to Rai roads. The extent of the markets is contracted by the closed factories and Low wages and this saves the Farmer labor besides hav Init having to Advance freight Money. Think too of the advantage of growing one s own fuel on one s own farm Wiat a blow at Ilie Coal nop lists and the labor in plot Corn to Burn potatoes to Bun Whitt for hogs. Who would t a Fantur during democratic free Trade economist. Railway on March 10th, april 7th and 21st Aud May 5th, excursion tickets at of one fare plus for the round trip to Points in eleven Southern states and territories also to a number of Western and Northern states. An Opportunity to reach almost every City in the South and Southwest and a Large Numerof important Points in the North Weet. Are Good to return any tuesday or Fri Day within the final Liu Ilc which is 20 Days from Date of Sale. No 8 exp 5-5 ids annual Masting at Ottawa km., May 26-29. Tickets will be sold May 23, -21 and 23, from All Points on the a c a n r Vij at the rate of fan plus 62 for the round trip. Good to re turn 80 Days from Date of Sale if ticket is deposited with station agent at Ottawa before june 1. For further information Call on a c r n agents. Wanted an thine to Patent protect your ideas they bring you wealth. Write John Etc Dokr. Burn co., Patent attorneys Washington d.g., Tor their prize offer. Has arrived. We have a Fine new Stock in the latest styles and shapes with prices ranging from 5c to no matter what you Dav Vou will Money s Worth. Our bicycle suits can t be beat. We also carry a Complete line of sweaters stockings belts Etc. Muff sed. Alone have been defrauded of thousands j pc vent tie nomination of Silver Man of it is said the scheme is be j do the Chicago convention. That Man ing operated in other parts of the state i is coarse. Or. Cleveland and a All the business be Iolj transacted i cording to the aforesaid worshippers through Thomas Teller who will be j the Way he can head off the Silver rested knights of the the stir commander writes us from Lincoln neb As after trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate of ouija in our two children we tried or kind s new discovery the end of two Days j the cough entirely left them. We will not be without it As our Wing of the party is to again become the candidate the party himself. It my be that or. Cleveland nothing 15 to do wit i this sort of talk but it much More probable that he some of the Senate amendments to appropriation May live consider Able trouble in netting through the House in class is that Allowin Price experience proves that it cures where chef. J d allot to a medics sevens slate not driven w ii this great Medicine trial us it guaranteed and trial bottles Are free at a. J. A co s. Regular Sims 5tic. Will be thar when this was in thu in. Niane to it bin sex drag store that to nov carried by it was to to expended for the j do Yon feel sick if to Suiter or disease commonly comes on with slight symptoms which when neglected increase in extent and gradually dangerous. From headache Dys Dora Taqi ii cd i Art bilious. Constipated or in d5sauc liver com put Ake r1pans tables Are Ripans tabbies Ripans Tabu i 09 the system and preserve the hell to. Easy to take Quick to act Ione gives Relief rims tables Are by draw att 01 the Price docents a. Fri of Spaay to. 10 Spruce St., 1ft cents. Or of Mil k

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