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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 29, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 3 Marble Rock Floyd county. Oava april 1s97. Teems a yeah hardware stoves tinware and cutlery at Walstr s old stand. A full and Complete assortment always on hand. Borne manufacturers and Protection to Home character tint is the state is the moral wish to Call your attention to the fact that we Are making you prices that you never was Able to buy hardware Tor in Marble Rock. No soft soap no misrepresenting no running Down our neighbors fur Trade but we Are doing a straight legitimate business and attend to our own Busi Ness. And All we ask is for you to Call and investigate for yourselves. Bring your repairing and tin work to us we have a Max for a Tinner and one that understands his business we guarantee our work. Your respectfully w. L. Nel50n. Societies. So. 251. Or before a. K. .4. .11. A Stone Lodge the Irlar communication on nil Moon. Suit ii r. Cordial la Iii vital d to Jit tonci. Robburt Hogget. M. S. Ii. Davis Sec. I. O. O. F. Marble lock a odae to. A Tami Fasy Jye Viiu of Eurtis week. A ult ors cordially invited. Editor Murphy of the Vinton Eagle has been selected by congressman cousins As postmaster at Inton. Adequate labor Ard Home i gainer by the and heroic struggle. J without the years of training in prohibition 1-e thought the mulch Law could not have been successfully enforced in a City like pcs i Moises. The the Campaign or. Mckinley kept the Tariff Issue to the front and largely attributed the depression to the Low Tariff a he found Bere Lle could not explain on any Oiher hypothesis these Are the utterances of a Man who does not believe in prohibit then in Force. In the Light of a l of these facts no one has the right to charge the Republican party with be trayal of Campaign pledges upon these issues. The trouble with or. Oleve Dent s office a thoroughly soured Man and now that he has lost his Power to carry out his private policies delights to relieve himself by actions of his successor. There Are 140 Gnu Ute Farmers Mut Ual insurance companies in Towa vhf Iii insure farm buildings live Stock Grain and against loss by fire and Light ii. Sup. K. Of Belm lodges. Tuesday Cru Piug f each week. Isi Tuii Brethren inv Ltd. W. B. C. C. A. K. Of in. B. I. Al. Of it. Meets the 3rd tuesday minut Una cd a Uonelli in add Fellows Hall. L. Ko5us.kk.ixs, 1 rus. R. , Kec. Sec. M. A. Of a. Marble Hock c amp to us Liu Gular Lucet v. C. Mr.3, k. A. Heteu aut. Pres. Cum Jota Asieh 5tc, Marble Bock poet a o. 30s, meets first saturday Grant was Dedic itty lift tuesday with a pomp mngni5eeuce Liat rivals similar occasions in the old Mim Arehie it was the tribute of a great nation to one of its beloved Citi Zens. The capture of Larissa by the turks has set England to intervene in he Ning. These companies carry risks aggregating . There is a state Tornado Farmers Mutual insurance company which insures farm against by it j lotion of the distilleries risks aggregating there 1 but such wins gradually 13 a Farmers Hail Mutual insurance com Tion. No Ian and no parly was responsible for prohibition. It was a wave of Public indignation against the Saloon keepers who had become throughout Iowa an and Lawless set. T was a protest rather than a principle in the beginning. And he of or pro tests it urdu airy assumed form As an org nixed body with a Creed. That is where the trouble Benan. The prohibitionists irom one advanced position to another until finally they became go extreme that a party was formed against them and the internal War Beiran. At there was no in Pany which is paying out this year Over to its members who suffered loss Over Iowa Farmers belong to these companies and save hundreds Eastern War. She is now trying to a of thousands of dollars every year Range an armistice Between the com expires it is Bat ants and before this hoped that an amicable settlement Greece will be made. Tie turks too numerous for tie greeks. To Art cordially invited to it Tull. A. H. 1. , clerk. A. K. C. Meets at the Home of each Mouth. W. B. Caltab title adj. W c t n meets every thursday. Tvr.zr., mrs a. 11. See retry. C. T. Ackley com. Churches. Methodist at ii a in. And 7-30 a m. Up Wortlie 1-Engnc it prayer meeting opening. Hub Isaiah gnur.cn-1 reaching Sun Driy at 11 i. M. Ana a Christian Kyle River meets at6 30 p m. I Coyer meet Vui a. Will Valtes. Fake Sun Days at . I. M. Yot Init people meeting it Itnyer Meetin tuesday evening. every sunday in each month a Lla. M. P. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services the Union school Bouse. H. Ubit pastor. City officers. Mayor recorder treasurer Street commissioner marshal c bailam1., Wiloth 11 i Rosenkrans ,1 Martin c. F. Illard St Otid Fletcher. Ii Rosenkrans a h Meier Chas we bar k Suggett Dillon township school Hoard president go w Russell s . Ii b pics treasurer. John Gates direct Obs Nick a tact if tire Packman k p Lew i Diann Egbert Davis 11 Phi Shnitz. Muir ii Blac John Gates James Parche ceo Nissel 10 Sam Shaffer Scott township Otto cars. John s. Sour. I Jeri Khi i like town de Cronell Jake gather w Witter. Marsh and Scott township school Board tit or tent f Secretary. Leorlie n Baldwin treasurer chants b it Strick John Bishop Bryce e w norber 1 t Ker 4 John Ahart to e c Siml Duir 7 j s j w Neil Ray John Losee. .jcuici.xi-. C. So Irwin. I. F. Code. Terms of court-4th monday in january. 1st monday in monday in Tep Tentor. monday air november. Contrary to expectation the demo cratic members of the finance commit tee refuse to allow the Tariff Bill to go before they have a Chance to Amend it in committee. The Republican members Hope with the Aid of senator Jones of Nevada to be Able to report the same at an Early Date. Sex president Cleveland. Sex president Oleve and at a dinner in new York charged the republicans with had Faith. In his speech he inti mates that the present administration had practically promised to lot the Wilson Law which or. Cleveland him self denounced As a thins of perfidy and remain on the statute books and confine their legislation entirely to the confronting Cleveland financial conditions us finds where i. His author Ity for this statement he fair to Point out. The Republican platform promised the financial do new legislation on question further than International there appears to be a mistake some where among the statesmen at Washington who Are diligently engaged in talking this country to death. There is a general impression among common folks who took part in the lust presidential election that the meaning of it was quite Plain that the verdict was unambiguous and that the purpose of the majority was expressed in terms so definite and Clear that it could not be misunderstood. Or. Mckinley was nominated because of his connection with the Tariff of 1890 which made him the most conspicuous exponent of the by or at least imminent. It has for Many years been inevitable that the party which was driven to take extreme positions on this ques Tion would recede sooner or later. An extreme political position is not Long tenable on a moral question. A Politi Cal position at All is to is regret Ted on a moral question. The moment prohibition was made a political Issue be tween the parties if was doomed the Republican party struggled nobly with the Issue but it Eodald not go on for Ever. It was forced to take a More reasonable position and that was finally undertaken when tie loth Resolution was adopted in s9o, the Retreat has been gradual just As the Advance was gradual. The party has been Sucese sively charged with betrayal and con a Diec from both sides. We Are not writing of hib Tiv in Tiore than sixty counties principle of Protection embodied in that j prohibition for prohibition measure. Trio Riml Mari the to Republican nomination wag con ducted almost solely upon that and the result turned upon it. And whatever other questions entered into the Campaign later even though they seemed in the changed conditions Fol lowing the populist capture of the democratic party to be Prado intent the fact remained Patent and Incon Verible that the overruling desire of the american people was for redemption Frow the Universal distress Conse the death of not Deal i . Ibid Usu me statutes of the state which still preserves al1 of prohibition which was Ever really pro is the Lime to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and tem. W now we can Pease you. Invincible unsurpassable without a i regular subscriber who Lias read it for Many years of the twice a week Issue of the and this is the unanimous verdict of its More than half a million is feel Oil All Cowa Paris Fosi the biggest bust and National arid family journal pub Lilied in America. It is strictly in politics Init it is above All to of the slate two thirds of the territory prohibition is to Day under the mulch More c than in tie Palmiert Days of statewide prohibition. In the other counties the Law was never or Only imperfectly enforced. The statutes of the state now give to the people prac tical prohibition with the advantage c1 largely in favor of the Temperance Side. Air and impartially. It is in dispensable to the Farmer merchant or professional Man who it sires to keep thoroughly posted. But has not to read a daily paper while is Varie y of cell selected Rendini matter makes it an Ina Alu ule Hajj i and family paper. Two papers every week. I Cit pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies for quent upon the initiation of the demo i the other Mac has to proud pkg erotic Experiment of free Trade and a j and except in the Large cities must bimetal ism it simply stated that j return to tue protective policy under i prove to per cent of tie we Are unalterably opposed teen which the nation had was j the Register Hopes that there will Ery measure calculated to debase our j a verdict for sound Money to to sure i no relaxation in but for something More that we had anti rent of talc already. It meant that the country j re atoll wily Tyllere be such Rolax. Was tired of an Experiment that gave it a Jor Only Treasury deficits and entailed Busi and the Ness depression and Universal distress. Gift i aft co., St. Louis to. Currency or impair the credit of our country. Ave Are therefore opposed to the free coinage of Silver except by International agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world Nahieh we pledge ourselves to promote and until such agreement can to obtained the existing Gold Standard must be pro served 1 this Plank the Lle publican party is trying to carry out to the letter. The commissioners Are already appointed whose duty it is to promote International agreement on the Silver question with the leading nations Otha Temperance s j Are As great As As the opponents of this sought to make out. Advocates and legislation have the people wanted a change and they wanted it As up cedi As York Tribune. No abatement of Temperance. Beet the of receded the people of communities to say whether they shall have saloons or not. To cipro is in Reed Foi Temperance rain or a prohibitionist to be worried about some county or Community that is a Hundred it be away from j him. Lei every one look at Home. Jabat is the place to worry about. If j the Temperance or prohibition element does not command 36 per cent of the novel supreme court decision. The United states supreme court last m02 Cay decided a Iti Vilvins a claim for damages or killing a which had made its Way from the lower and no one acquainted the gentle i la has by pea pie. We have not Faith that it that come Sou Ielmini of a for certain persons and papers to hold those who i took part in that heroic moral struggle j1 Slevc i Tuuli Auu Uii Iii Usu jul j responsible for real or imagined keep Fontini Eril in their own to the slate. C hear it is said for will be enforced whatever men and women can men will doubt Foi a moment but they will use their Efird Mote such an Anree Mcner. Land says the managers and representatives of Thi victorious these professed champions of sound finance have j Hack a of a Century and that j nvokcc3 in returned in hot haste 1.00 a Bot tub by . Have no do Mac to enter on a discussion is Complete. They Are not considered j do i of of prohibition in of recent legislation. That was enact i As talc do wanted in idea the Republican party if restore i m. Iowa which has Sines been Publ flied de by the representatives of the people without reference to part lines and in the country will be the enact in Book Ibri under the patronage i ment of a Tariff Law which raise ill i pm rep t0 men came o me of u i v. J r what has been enacted is worthy of a like Domestic who think i i the Money necessary to conduct h economically administered. Tilt on the had Boscn j or Nal. We do not believe however and so adjusted As to give preference to beneficial in us general influence and that neither the benefits nor the dangers j for Mystic in the cat Cory of Anir Zal kept for Pica lire in j at horns if so Ante Wam travel ids with Good pay for particulars giving see u they Are us Cru j p . Yours a fill or to work is Wight and j the Hawks Nursery company i i no i i we

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