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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 26, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 38. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa april 26, 1900, 1rms year of last agonizing gasps of a desperate but q o i like a growing Man grasping a Straw being unable to compete with Good straight honorable but hot Competition have As a last resort undertaken to statement and circulate reports that Are fall in a in the extreme and which when thrown against an enlightened Public rebound with sufficient Force to Knock the wind 7 o out of the originators. We do not stick the knife into our competitors Back but we have thrust it Clear to the Hilt in fir. High Price and broke the handle off and that is what hurts the feelings of his relatives and bosom companions. We did not make the statement that it Stow As 3 place for it of Tiff toned and do not want any common folks we Are common folks ourselves and do not know of any distinctions As Broad As our competitor would try to make you believe. We opened this store As a Mutual Benefit to All the people of this Community we want Ever bodies patronage. We know no difference and treat All alike. We give you More for your Money than any store in Floyd or Butler counties. We grasped the fact that this Community needed a Large department store and we Are trying to run one that is worthy of your patronage that will prove a Benefit to you All and a profit to ourselves and if straight honest business meth ods air treatment largest Stock and Low prices is what you want we give it to you. Our Large and increasing Trade is proot of what . Yours very Trul a tit Mantik warble Rock Jowa. Republican gains have been Noahie both in Kansas and Nebraska. This is encouraging. At p. M., Standard time you begin and take after each meal half Tea poof no of or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin you will be permanently relieved of Sny stomach or Bowel irregularities and we will gain your Friendship by this timely advice which we give in All sincerity a. J Asper co. The next of Easore to be taken up for consideration id the Senate is the Frye shipping Bill its passage by a Large majority seems assured whenever a vote can be reached. Itiat throwing headache. Would quickly leave you if you used or. Kind s new life pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their match less merits for sick and nervous head aches. They make Puro blood and build up your health. Only 25 cents Money Back if not cured. Sold by a. J. Asper co. Druggist. An excess of a month in exports Over imports is a pretty Good favourable Trade balance to carry on oar National Ledger. Spread like when hogs Are the Best they become the Best arabs in Harp a Lead ins i us gust of Kei Leville. Writes electric Bil tors Are the Best Selling bitters i have handled in 20 years. You know Why most diseases been in. Disorders of stomach liver kidney bowels blood and nerves. Electric bit ters tones of the stomach Regn Latea liver kidneys bowels purifies the blood. The nerves hence cures multitudes of maladies. It builds up the entire system puts new life and into sickly rundown Man or woman. Price 50 cents. Sold by a. J. Asper co. Druggist. When Ibe supreme a Wrt decides to Bact the recent Porto Eisaw Tegi Utica is constitutional or. Will Bare Mother reason for demanding the sop of that we have received Hie Griph letter from Hon. G. any one interested in the subject can secure a a Ftp of the circular by writing to or. Committe on agriculture House of representatives u s d 0 april 9, 1900, dear sir 1 am sanding oat copies of warmers bulletins selected by the agricultural department concerning subjects which Are of Especial interest to the people of our District the Bulle tin a which i you contains a Liot of the publications that arc available and which will be sent free of charge to any address upon application to the Secretary of agriculture Washington d. C i especially invite your attention to bulletin no 52. The sugar then we Stop 10 consider that we Are annually importing Over tons 01 sugar or 15u.uuu car loads of ten tons each or trains of Twenty five cars or a single train of nearly it becomes apparent that the sugar beet Industry is of vital importance not Only to the Farmers but to the business in fact everybody who has the Welfar and Prosperity of his country at heart. Considerable tide and Money has been spent experimenting in sugar beet raising in Thi United states and now that it is established beyond a doubt that Sucar beet can be grown at Home it seems like a flagrant Industrial error for us to pay foreign Ronny pics j out every working Day in the year for sugar an amount which exceeds the Tot i Export of wheat Corn Oats and bogs for fiscal year june 30 h or an amount greater than the commercial value of the total output of All Zold Silver mines in the or total output of All the of the world for Over 100.000 tons of sugar and yet the culture of sugar b3et and the Manu of sugar therefrom is in its in fancy.-. Thera is ample demand for 300 factories with a capacity of 400 tons of sugar beet per Day to furnish the 000 tons of sugar which we annually import. Nearly acres were devoted to this new and profitable Industry last season producing Over tons of beet for which the Farmers received it will take acres to Supply the tons of sugar beet require Echo make this on of sugar imported or if the around be rotated every three years acres Are essential. The Cost of labor and seed is Esti mated at about Sto per acre and necessitates Tho employment of about labourers on the farms. Allow ing 4 50 per ton for meet and 1c tuna to the acre it would yield to the labor while wage earners Are on strike and receive no pay the salary of the labor Leader and agitator continues the Hon. J. U. S. Pre sents a singular position. If the elec Tion which gave governor Taylor a majority of the Kentucky votes was can or. Blackburn s title to a seat in the United states Senate which was secured through the same process be deemed perfect. In Pulc voted for a change. In the years they found themselves without a cant of this year they arc Content wit i the change they have in their pockets and won t throw away the substance for the Shadow again even to please the democratic party of pessimism representatives Lezand Sulzer con Hnie o waste the of the other members of Tho committee on military cars on the farm and to the i affairs which is investigating the Idaho land owners or a profit of Minin riots. They Are not wasting per acre for the land rent and i their own a3 is Worth fertilizing. Sugar valued at four Cen s j nagging and scolding witnesses is the height of their intellectual capacity. Per Pound would yield to capital and to the labourers in the factories and give employment to . Men in the factories with an annual Roll of Over As has an almost unlimited there Wasan increase of in the amount of Money in circulation in the United states during March the total being april or per capita of the population. Home Market and As we have soil and j in july 1, 180g, it was Only la Oracle to the production of beet All that is needed to make 3 seems certain of Success and to i give abundance of wealth to the pro i motors of this Enterprise is Effort uniting the push Scercy and Genius o the Farmers labourers and capitalists. 1? especially u. X. Haugen. Per capita but that was under demo cratic management of our National affairs Flom thirty sugar beet fac tories which last year Porto Rico is not very Large but the politicians in democratic party Are hoping it is big enough to serve As a for free Silver. The Public school system receive d considerable attention at the hands of i the Law makers and several Bills of importance to patrons of common schools become Laws. Among them being a provision that on third of the school directors of a county May petition for and require an election to to called to a Oft Spoti the i vestion of uniformity of test books. The present Law requires the concurrence in the petition of one half the directors. It is also required that fro n Ive to i tree cents per Pupil in All township and Rural school districts be expended by the directors under the direction the slate Board of educational in Tho Pur Chase of libraries. Independent Suli ools districts May of the Law although it Joes not apply directly to them. The superintendent of schools in counties having a Ulm Erin j system of text books is Given the i custody of books unless otherwise pro i video by the county Beard of education the site superintendent of Public instruction is authorized to print and circulate pamphlets and other i documents of interest and value to the Public school of the note the trus tees of the state Library Are permitted j to increase the of i Luem of the travel j ins Library by appropriating for its Benefit the state Library funds in a manner which will Best con i serve the interests of the Public. J the Hon. Charles a Schieres Carmen mayor of Brooklyn has returned from a trip throughout the West and declares that the business country without regard to political beliefs Are Content to enough alone. Or Schieren voted or or. Cleveland on one occasion Anima looked upon As one of the Leadir Freifr Man american citizens of new Ysuf tis not Truje cannot euro a Vor thing. We oily cure dyspepsia. Indigestion. Constipation sick ache and stomach troubles. By. Cald Well s syrup pepsin docs the work and you can get it in Loc _. Or size of a. J. Asper reduced rates to tub out Springs of Arkansas. Via Burlington Odar rapids it North pm rail Ivy. Ked used rown 9 trip rates Are now in hot owned. Con by the United Stutes 7or the sure of a of human ills. Ujj Dutiful Winter 2ho hotels houses nil grades ask nearest ficket Anent for , or g. Sec Irrer a. G. P. A. Cedar rapids in. Lust rioted Bonks of in Oriu Ilion n Uress i Mireau of information hot Springs . Of in m y. The Cedar and arriving time of trains. Time table at Marble Rock in effect dec. 4. Is90. Goins North. Not a cast inbox Sto Sirach course you Haven t. No one need have. Doctor Cidwell a Pepsi is re Naeimy prepared on purpose for stomach troubles weak stomach four stomach i big stomach or Little stomach or any i caused irom in digestion or constipation. They can be permanent j by and thoroughly cured by the use of i or g Aldo clips Tyrnn pepsin which is i in three sires. Tocts and and is by a. J. Asper co give ? h certainly Gratifying to the Public to know of one concern which 1-5 nor afr i to to Tho proprietors of or. King s new discovery or consumption cough and colds have Sven away Over ten trial and have the of it cured Hefu Shock of ? asthma. Grippo and All Throat and lung diseases arc surely Curneil by it. All on a. Asper in co Drdul is my Tria Hottle. --17.0 00 livery Buiu a . No. Ii freight no.43 f going South. Entjer no. No freight no. Freight no. 1 Krei Toht no. Except sunday on signal. Will be Corrie a i Traio sooty provided i k. Vav. P in. P m. Of p m. A re. A m. 1 n w. The Fri Igot

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