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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 22 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 22, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 37. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa april 22, 1s97. Terms a year hardware store new Man new Stock new prices prices lower than Over. We invite you to Call and get our prices on tinware shelf goods be also have a first class Tinner in connection with one of the Early ruining towns of the West when a Man is drunk and i Home the Saloon keeper can charge f Usu lie pleases for drink and col it jobs a m t Al to i j.lj.11 i in t f 1 i j i i j i is family perhaps crying Tor bread at our store who will Yon As Good work As any Man in his line also make a specially of tin roof in and eave spouting or. Call and j i 1 1 j i 111 Tuc umut is i by we give us a trial you will Hud us always ready Lifave ilm Snoll a a will be passed in to please and to Acom oblate. Respect filly w. L. Nelson. Lect the not be societies. Seed Corn should be tested before it is planted in order to this in the shortest time possible a writer in an Exchange gives the following simple Iowa. The insurance Bill upon which the House and Senate have disagreed will go into the hands of a conference corp 1 am have last copies May be had by writing to the department of Public instruction Des Moines Iowa. The legislators Are snuff Iii the Balmy air of Spring and it is making them very restive. Look now for legislation to be pushed to a finish. Mittee. The House has rejected the Berry substitute for the Temple Virnet dment a. F. A. A. A v. A a. Store Lodge to. 251. Regular communication wednesday on or before nil Moon. Visiting Brothers in cordial invited to attend. Kob Burl plug get. W. M. I mail or am in a pan level ult the same by the Senate a Lew Days Atco the s. H. Sec. Plan plate an Inch or More of Fine to the Railroad Bill which was passed i o. F. Marble Hock Lodge 382, Tnuett thursday Avesing of Caru week. Visitors cordially invited. Ii. Ses. Mouy of Beelar no. 210, meets tuesday evening f each week. Rishi air Brethren invited. W. U. Homies c. C. A. H09exksax9, k. Of b. B. I. I. Of ii. Fleets the 3rd tuesday neut in each i ouch in add Fellows Ball. L. Rose Kike free. H. J. Ackley dec. Sec. 31. W. Of a. Marble oct comp rest Lar meet ing second fourth Satu Luv of each month at old Fellows Hall. Visiting neighbors in Good Iten Diu Ore cordially invited to alted. Ii. My lab v. C. Ii. I xxx clerk. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. M. Lbs k. A. Stewart pres. Lbs. Chris Tina Asper Sec u. A. K. Bock Post no. 303, meets Erst sat Day each month. C. T. Anklet com. W. B. Crabtree adj. To c t p meets every thursday. Mrs. To lab president. Mas a. M. Mar Riidu Secretary. Thin h no sundays at 11 a t-30 a m. Epworth league uie eting at meeting thursday Avening. W. W. It Misson pastor. Cubist is Council preaching sunday 11 a m. M. Christian end Tetter meets wednesday Leeks. Pastor. At p. M. Meet no Nung. J. Will sva Fie sundays at 11 . And p. M. Tang Peoples meeting at Mueting every 1st sunday in each Mon Thaula. M. And p. M. Sunday school a. M. Services held in the ii. Giust pastor. Coety sunday at 10 a Union school House. City mayor recorder the earner. Street commit incr Joseph m Iloth ii b Rosenkrans w Martin c. F. Willard Auoad c darldnr1., we Fletcher h Bee Krans a 11 Meier Chas Weber r Suggett Colon town help school president Geo w Russell. Jec Reafy. H b Nice Treuner. John Gates Dike toes 1 Nick Standt Harry Packman t e p waiter. 4 Lew ionian. 5 Egbert Jdavid. 11 Phil Shultz. Madison Blue 7 John Gates 8 James Parcher it ceo it Buell 10 Sam shatter ton in help officers. Justices John schermerhorn s. Sours Jon tables Gcorge Reed Ellis Blanc town clerk Elf Trowell Garber or w Witter Miles Marsh and . Bcott township school Hoard. President e. W. Car bar. Secretary. George n Baldwin treasurer charts merrici., directors 1 John Bif Bop 5 Bryce word. I e w Tiec Spaulding t Chan Uker 7 3 Cunningham 4 John Abart 8 j w Jeffrey 9 John Loewe. John c. Sherwin. A. F. Clyde. Tenns of court -4ih monday in 1st monday in May 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board of super Lott. Lacin Lime chairman Charles City Pimp a Blu Marble Kolt Tim he pippin Lockford a s. Kidd 3. C. Merrill Sites Regolo meetings 1st monday in april. June and september and 2nd monday in Sorembe. County of been. Aviator. in Flaxman tet rarer. M. Lair Cluck of the con ref. Willym twin c. Ii. Johnson a h. Allis f. A. Roziene superintendent Novarr attorney Corver c. To. Knickerbocker and place the seed on top of this then j House Loeuis to be dead set upon Niak a thin cloth on top of the seed the ing the Teiple a part of projecting Over the pan or vessel then o in Inch or Tiore of Well pulverized dirt on top of the cloth then the proper moisture and heat applied. When the seeds need to he looked at the cloth can be raised and the seed easily seen and counted to get the per cent hit Keri Nate. If the forecast of the United weather observer of states Sioux City is to be relied on Iowa will not be bothered by mosquitoes this sum Mer. Or. Furs Eli says they need stagnant water in which to propagate and the floods this Spring have cleaned out the streams so thoroughly that they have hard work finding Breeding places. The hard Raios for which i look later in the Spring will make it More uncomfortable Lor them. Picnickers and campers will be Little troubled by their bites during the coming Des Moines teaching him the value of diversified crops is the sensible program of a prac tical agriculturist. Ken the Farmer in the Cotton Belt can be Orsu add to raise the Grain fodder pork and beef As Well As draft animals required for himself and his family and when the Farmer of the West can be induced to vary his crops by growing More fruit More tobacco and More beet Root the returns from agriculture in both Sec Lions will be enormously increased. Wilson has the tremendous advantage of his own persona1 experience a a successful Tiller of the soil and Hief forts can hardly fail of Large and Valu Able results. The Revenue Bill is in the Senate and will come up in a few Days. It is Likely that it also will pass into the hands of a conference committee. It is probable that there will not be so much change in the Law concerning re venue insurance and Railroad matters As has been expected. These Laws with a few exceptions will probably take the form of the old Law. The Telephone and other companies which the Cheshire amendment pro poses to tax Are out in Force against it and Are working for dear life. Iowa is not the Only state that is making an Effort to tas corporations the legis lature of Texes has just passed a Bill taxing life insurance companies two per cent annually on their Gross earn Ings fire and Fidelity companies one per cent dining and sleeping car 10 cents for every Hundred Miles travelled. The Bill also levies a franchise tax of Ull uu1 thuijs Iville u capital Stock of and Washington letter. Washington april 1g, 1s97. President Jalc Linley made a number of appointments ibis week among the most important of while Mere president Jimes b. Anjell of the Michigan slate University to be minister to Turkey and sex representative Meikel John of Nebraska to be assistant Sec Reury of War. This is not or. Angell s first diplomatic appointment As co Cut to China As minister during the Hayes Ada ministration. Especially to a Cuie a revision of the Barling tue treaty and succeeded in getting it. Is thought to be Well qualified to enforce the determined policy of the administration in making Turkey pay for the property of american missionaries destroyed by year or Meikeljohn the Jonse with routers last served two terms Emit and will make an efficient Assis Tant to Secretary Alger senator Murr Ilhee chairman of the committee on finance celebrated his eighty seventh birthday this week and had the Honor of mating the motion upon which the first Tariff test vote was taken in the Senate to refer to Sena Tor Vest s Resolution declaring Secre tary Gage s order to collectors of customs concerning the clause of the Dingle Tariff Bill making the duties take effect april 1, to audio qty a 01 teen be i earned by a majority of one. Without motion when for Evary additional ten thousand. It i the Bingley Bill is put upon its final passage h will have a larger majority looks As though hard times bad waked the people up All Over the country and that the Day when corporations Are to go untaxed is passed by. Governor Drake has been notified by Secretary of agriculture Wilson at Washington that an attempt will be made by the government to put an end to hog cholera in this state. It will be remembered that 1 quoted some time ago from the reports of chief Sage of the Iowa weather and crop than that. A notable feature of the Jefferson banquet of Silver democrats which was so manipulated a a to seem to endorse or. Bryan for the Silver democratic nomination in 1doo, was the absence of Gold democrats. It was a combination Bryan Sizer love fest and Only those were invited who were known to adore he combination. There Aro no longer any sceptics con Tho friends of free Silver who claim the Chicago election of Carter Harrison As a Victory for their cause not know what they Are talking about. La our recent visit to the Western Metropolis we viewed the posters and placards adorning the Bill boards and windows of the respective champions of the different candidates. Those for mayor Harrison were prominently displayed in the windows of saloons and on them was inscribed vote for Harrison honest government and personal when one stands or walks on the South part of state and Clark streets and carefully surveys the Situa Tion he at once realizes that the Appeal to personal Liberty is a very Strong lever in the hands of any candidate who holds the government of the City in his bands. Peirona a Liberty appeals at once to the business Man of. Moderate habits As Well As to the Nauib Laken Ler Cortisa and All around bum and was the slogan that gave Carter Harri son such a tremendous majority Over during last year Worth of president Wick inlay s intention hogs were destroyed by hog cholera. The government is determined to make an Effort to extirpate this dread disease. Secretary Wilson has requested governor Drake too operate with the United states government in this Effort. The legislature should by All Means make some to vision whereby the governor can assist in the work. The various investigating committees Are making reports and their recommendations Are along the line of Cut Ting expenses. A very proper thing to live up to the St. Louis platform by making every possible Effort to bring about the accept once of International bimetal ism by the great commercial nations of the world. In appointing three diplomatic commission cars to visit Europe and ascertain by negotiation svit i other what can to done to bring about an increase in the us of Silver As Money he chose men who Are widely known As staunch advocates of a Olcott of Colo. Gen. Paine of mass and Don. Adlai to there is no reason in the world e. Stevenson of Illinois thoe 1.011 newspaper reporters should receive an allowance for stationary there is no reasons Why the members of the legis lature Nii Ouid be the enormous sums they Are for stationary and trinkets of various kinds there is no reason Why the chairman and clerks should by permitted to draw supplies j Carie to Washington and inn item. There is no reason Why the Lien expect to Start for Europe in about a month s time and will probably remain there until the attitude of All the important european governments is officially made known to them. The committee from the executive Board of the Tennessee Centennial sex there should be any census of the state Bcyon-1 that by the United states. It would look As though the each of his opponents. Des noises letter. Town Ftp office Des Moises. La april 17, 1807. Notwithstanding the report to the contrary. There is to connection Between the air ship and the legislature. There is no junk eting in the air ship Dor has there been a the peace e p Walstr. Sii Davit appointed to pm rfcs t k e Winchell r invite president Mcl Vinley to attend the opening of the exposition it Nash Ville of May Cut Home delighted. Tiie president told them that As him self and Cabinet would attend the Dedi cation of the Grant Monument in new York 02 the of this month he was afraid that he could to be in Cash vile As Early is the opening Day but credits and property personal and real Itiat he wow if he could and would and nobody will have cause to grumble i certainly visit the exposition and bring about he amount of Tases to has to As Many members of ins Cabinet a pay. If All the property owners in could make it convenient to accompany j Des Moines paid taxes does the j Small Householder Des Moines i could be paved with Marble and her the machinery from Washington. People Fiad Money to let the business of the state be conducted the same As the business of any other corporation and the people and the corporations be taxed alike on moneys. Now is the Lime to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and. See them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a writes a regular subscriber Virlio has read it for Many years of the twice a week Issue of the and this is the verdict of its Quioro than half a million is hey pitl All cosh Parigon the biggest Best and cheapest National and family journal published in America. It is Sti it la Hemb Licaisi in polities but it is above All a newspaper a and give All tolf. i of a i tid impartially. It is indispensable to the Farmer merchant or professional Man who dts rss to keep thoroughly posted. But has not time to read a Large daily paper while its great variety of Well selected Reading matter makes it. An invaluable Iio Jujj j and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies for pbint1xg St. Louis to. Vessels now building at Rlason Uble tax Sale notice. Price senator Chandler a introduced two Bills providing that the Secretary of the Navy shall take Possession of tiie Akujor Points of those two companies and manufacture the Armor plate needed Lor three battleships now in Ier construction and authorizing those to bring suit in the court of claims for their compensation. Representative Cannon of Illinois will be chair Dan of the committee on a pro nations when it is appointed asked what would be done to meet stubborn attitude of the Armor milkers and he replied i suppose we shall have to remove the limit of Cost and allow the contractors i hair blood Sicney the shins must be finished. Moore Orin Wallace and All other heirs of the estate of John Wallace dec you Are hereby notified that on the old. Jay of dec., a d., 1s86, the treasurer of flood pm my. Iowa fit a i a Holden at the court Ilo Jse in Charles dry in said county sold the following described real estate situated in find county to John Gates for the delinquent taxes thereon Viz a esl2i.o. S.-. Of k. W. Of x. E Section Rio. 20, town ship 94, Range 17. And that the right of redemption will expire and t deed to made by the treasurer of said pm my conveying mind premises to the undersigned pursuant to the statute in such Case made and provided unless redemption from such Sale be made within ninety Days of the completed Servit a of this notice. At Marble Kock. March 25th, Armor must be had. But if nil trip t could have my Way i not think any More armoured sea going vessels would be built by the United states very the constant clashes Between us men who made Juiley. Of Texas the Leader of in lie Alouso. Anu the who wanted of tons Gates. To m. J. Harraman Aloiv m. J. You Are hereby notified that i Ere a now on Iilo in use office of the clerk of the Distrito of Floetl count Jowa the net Tiou of the plaintiff Jse Ileon asking the court that a certain Road of St flip mortgage on the North East 11 of the North East of Section no.28. No. 18, West in i. For and sex o Uttel lira trn favor of m. J. Hair rate non May 21. 1875 War recorded in Bok Regp 4-27, of Kea Jav tort Hes Iowa on july 1875, be cancelled of record and for any other j i we. No. 05, j nuke Mcmillin of Tennessee Are really amusing and it is Belista l that they Are so v by Slippery Jim of Tennessee an Silver Dick appear thereto and defend before Coon both o whom have Tiosh to be Leader of the to Louie minor Ity. Meanwhile the Loti Fujii in us to and adjourn every three Linin. And that if unable to be in Nash Ville at the opening he would Start Days. A talk a c Dir Ltd j the Senate week passed the i manufacturers Bill with several changes and additions one of i will meet with a Avert Deal of oppo i sidewalks with Silver and Gold. It is to think during electricity. Red . me dec Hiiri Iann and Ca nil the til Moil the department of Bethlehem steel companies Are trying Deri -1 Vav Public instruction has held even to theg that is the making of a quoi Tenor of Way without a w re of to Siake Armor i you Are Al o Noli if re that unless you Pear thereto and defend before Coon f the second Day of the term of said District court of said Floyd county to be commenced at the court House in charter on the re Uay of May. A. You and a decree rendered thereof As prayed. Moore plaintiff. Do you want employment Itiyr-1 at Home Timve ins with Good pay i j if so wite a for partic Uinos giver so age Pany

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