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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 20 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - April 20, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaCheapest none f. A. Roziere Las real estate broker Loans on improved farms it obtainable Kates. To it Cluj pm a Choice i offer 0 i us terms i am to set the consummation of Ion a 1 t a title to Zacamy is i to Ucli Ciu at Al tics by. Re Neil f a i Geo. M. Foht Diuble Eacer Hiir Dresser special attention a Toul to and in Dren k ii air Dre sump e Post office Hock Iowa p. Published of Henry b. Hies. Volume 7. With malice toward Fafone and Charity for terms per annul in Advance Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa april the most of All is True Stone store Marble Rock Iowa Avill sell Oil kinds of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco kept i store Asch Tir Lui us a urus and show of Carl Ercer Rel Ifill be i oud it the Stone store de clothing is Al. Hind in sup 1 custom All goo a warranted As represented or Money refunded ill the new sewing Mach in one of the Best manufactured. Allen Moore this new map proves beyond reasonable a Justion that the Cul Cago Lonh Western railway is Broida the Boa Road for Jou to tale when travel u2 in Eitler direction Between All of the principal f units in me wat North and Forth Wist thu map the inn civil cities of the West and North test Art Iti on this Rettle its trains rite Doss the Tiiu of All railroads Junction Point con Abr All s Cor Opolto to talc. Cd old in Gatton Drsek twin Intel Jatty Tryc Frera twit of Najip Colte Junks of Bunn Coli Lack of Energy Saric Lica tile pm Bahlo and. Erra new lib to Ttoe acts like Clu kno at one about no moist in in lbg7 Huichu at Downer s hotel m i id inst and a third in Lamoille m 1369 a Panther wis seen and per stick 4 of Hunt i a Ille years since Aud w As pm ibo the same one Shor at bar nerd it by Section men to Cro a the Central i a Bent Lun cok b of heart k r r u d in now a Tenn in 1 it mint of the n a. Mistiri kit roid 11 i Utown Soiu Mcnece i Pming the in Iti a 111 j thu Oil cd then a i in the to ins uro1 Ier he Arr cart in do n in flu morning and flip taken to the printing clothing Pac e n j. M in Neil trunk it is i time of if j lit til e Orient the t its Light j twin Irr nut Tuc big of inn in inn Gina Plieni i in 1 i so. Coibion us thu my in id the to it u i r in at the fat trim o i r t t not i1 Loh Ven iou ii Jimr ethic c Hugo Tion to Ltd theirs Nua Iid Hotiu carry Bijj with thru nest the lit tie in of to e i it Bor lie was Nof Long 11 i Mihi. It is he first Corei ii of me a. Crowd Flims Miles from is by mulch Torunn Home ind Sorn tiie poor lad on the 11 ibeftailu1 product Ca of i n for he it is3l t i in r r i icon 1 Thi i 10-Inain Irue me in u Tjo f the n in Jav met Ctm i i in it i j Hie i ret in f p it to j l 1 n in i Ful c. I e i in torn c i p u in 1s i the to i a 11 in a i or p r u b id a f i1 i e i1 in g of n i a c n Tai Ivy u pro j in i 11 in no it to of arc p r i Lor l an h a month since Danng the season Farmers in Nearh Hundred sheep prowling hich no doubt w is thib Panther a description of the uni in w 13 ent to t t Barnum it the time Tho shooting occurred Ami the great show nun in response said that it was to largest Panther or seen or captured n Ica. He Furt Lier stated thit Thart Nero Only Toto on crib tto no am enc tie Bernard put Lur is to teemed so much of a curiosity the it its present owner or rather the owner of Ita Mech stuff cd skin has be n offered fifteen Hundred dollars for it and it 13 proposed the it the Faroe looking relic to placed m the state House Cabinet at Ilont Peur 1m lending parm tools the loss St timed by Many f Romera by the practice of lending tools is lire lose by the injury done to tools and Trio Nomen Lenic Orci by their not being returned some persons borrow mid lend them m turn to their Neit neighbors looking to them to return them if they Are broken or injured in any Way it is Dif cult to ascertain n to is responsible and still Roro difficult to recover and i hero is Economy m having Many lands of tools do the work they for on so Oral farms one breaking plow seed Drill and rol1 or can be made without Difili Zulty to do the Ork on several f arms by co operation m the Purchase and of Sive tools much Nione might be Tho members of the Grange or club or a number of Farmers Tonj m the same neighbourhood pm own tools m a Amnion to excellent Wantage. The lending of tools m the w in is object Lunn ble a Ever respect the plan of Lent ing them for Asi Pul led Sunj for a time l. At Leist Worth of to it of Elaura 3t r sonic me put m part Tiue by some. Of the Menichi Anil found to it Only borne Small i Micro hired All the Thov Tho p on and tors Thev required to work their land some it Nuiry farriers Antt m maj to be made in keeping tools to h t out a certain Sura is per or hour for Eich machine or i pigment and is exacted from the tune Eich is taken till it is returned Lii is Rule insures a prompt return in Miny Appici Tion 13 made for a machine d 133 m Nice of the Tim in is he tiie a Formosa Alcor Bill jays m i h a written i Bock Toru from Tho tie lied this Community he t he lit the he us of the list of tie nut Forti fou r morsel i As written by the Emlow Nice k no editor of the .44u, Organ of closer and Pound closer tiie Iohp. Lie in Down in the Church of Tim of i liter in i sunk i Short Tine Mie gentle i in its in jul Vatu h a ban 1 on Witk s head he Sud s the in Itter my r m Uter enough the i be Loit my 1 cloth ing How i a it-1 Fegain Lucr de the kint1 1 put it in the from to in a 11 them Cut Aso Fellows must i took t continued the ill sri Slemin Don t cry 111 see if i e n liking the name of l1 l 1 and i do a caption of Tho Little trunk the string r departed i within Tei mining propert and Buck Liliu fill a heart w m t to h Ippu the was Abr Nim Lincoln in of thib me deut of Long or Rindall save love and veer virion for or Lincoln tier faltered the Man who Mould thus Uit Erust in Seh in the affairs of a Stringo Chad must tic a heart in the Richt place and Abraham Lincoln a w Hole boo proved that it n a Hus located it would state m this co to action thit Dur ing or Lincoln s occupancy of the chair to Kidau served Faith full As of internal reve nut m Ono of the Central Illinois Dis tiits the a per m in irl icle of the late enormous defile Ilion. Tau abcs the uling method of Book keeping As deserving but jilt e better Tith thin the common gites to Fml As sonic 1 ind of Check upon the i ish Book the editor Cutie Hora for Eiery Peotr on to h. Sides of inc Book. Indus Nal Brevi ties land to tug the no Nous use in the Uil tic of Highland property during the Clit sus in in by Tho a it Ite of Lorn Dun in mount Uno. Thru torn on the co of Ali it bought col Mubi rect for thirty tit1 arc it air i h of loin l it Jill Chih to i it Lui jul y Marcul of Mure the m too per cent another property that of in inn it i for a Init history in 1822 col i Burnet Al com air our 000 1 it sold it for 000 or j in isl it is b might Foai k b or Hijii Timon Tor the mar town a. Tjo t i to p pro of or of in Burn via c Earh in Jie pm for 000 to a in ken7ie by who a it wis sold for the u in Puri i or resold it a e Ira Back to or Etc Hng for Jufu i weights no Surca m co Union Iii in Market report u of Igor Cul ii 1 in to us defined trills of strip g Pound a truss of old in tar it i 16 Pou ids i of 1 00 Hurt k trusses runs tit Ite a in 11 one ton of Hutch or 3 n pit is 8 p mils Ordi Sirj Stone a it i pounds i is four Quitera or i Bushel of Loui pc pounds As h s Ooth is l r Ojer tiffs in jul 1 i ily adapted to 3 it to by 4jt without tax of huh Esfi. Tolu sask and Rye 83., proper tutors 4 Piver St coins Ion Ici fas m Lac tit Sivc my int Aid Omic to Stilld up t is Iff Fie Cra inc Lias Ali ate die sum 01 each bottle Tutts hair Dye. Jan do a 2- t1 e lit tilt Dofi Wii d to a ten i to i a on the i Foj h Anil Hul of film Phu i in i j the Gentile with a clean shirt to in in the Miry at their Dinces my no the u Ith to w Etc Sheik Edito mls for Tho Doe ret Porto on and pred its in i plans and Spe Citi to god on sunday for the m in if Anent of the universe Dunn Tho Fol lowing Tucek Iti a cruel blow ago a Resolution was pissed Refus ing the editor of Piper the Freedom of the endowment to iliac ind now ire a lilt Nib no Good out to Uhic we e in except ii Wijn sol Icv of the the be t be re i r run Roi Slih see to Lone our life will he toils tout a inso no Jinie no. We now i u to it w iroc in one Iso Littel in is the i Inch i u we the put be of a or Lui n incl c in o on the f c of to c Pir h i i nov one Vii a 1 the Ilij t. Id win it b t to e us e intr to i my t0 i Ite of u i n k b in 1 f from to i t i ller d if i i i of Tupino 2. No p i in. Whix per Cebu fro u the i l it r 0 0 m d i n in i n of 2 Pir u it. On n on "0 a in i be d of 10 1 in he is l to the of m 11 r i i h r 0 Pun Cro i i u 1 i r i to t i 1 i 1 10 he t by i r re 11 i i t u bus ice a Educ thrown on 1 %7 in of _ i j la ids Pei i re 1 like Cut 0 co by sir in on slur it 11 1 bushels per tue 1 Lio pin Luct of a l Cecils 70 Bui ties 2713 1 501 a decrease of 2-1 per cent the due of Cereda grown in Istl is arc iter tin the total Vulva tin for Corn Aud Lush consumed at Home ind used Are most affected by the fiulurc1 of in Nze Ilie 11 Eric Valno of Cornilis and sauced fro i o9 g cents in 1s80 to 63 6 m 1881 Oats from 36 to 46 4 cents at Haa Meed from in Averige of so cuts to is 19 por Bushel the the a sequel to this i thit Homo of the neighbors had in too. Nife eted by using to his Tak n in in 1 irn the t in h d he n 1 Lien in. Lio Wrever no Deroide 1 11 to by which c Ory c in be Cor for Ite 1 it Rill be s to people thit finning i4 i ten led Mohd infers f to Huimin Lik men m the by Art 11 Fren from i Mill from of n f Iyoub Bint in lid it ii t of Viet r i cipo Colon lit week s 11111 w is actually pc to doth in in on Tho n Lii h Bone dispute arose i Tut in them to t in of us in to a the to tied it the bid 1 i k it 1 1 t on him Xiu til on he f a of co Noil no of u a in r if i i Milf if a nov 1 till Letl l Jit i Al i i to in ii Ith of he r if n lit i h u Boon m Cut in l it i i i in w Bolo 11 1 11 c of i ends prof i to n1 we i i t i trl my Wilt soon it stabled it 15 no ind the tort i licit Jisc but uti state Eist of the Kocev mountains that h u 9 it sur j ins of w e l its with lit run ind Oregon on the pacitto canst and ill then he in for tin of n n sup or a Bei Tioila aim it Iua i Etui to Lite ten to c Stit 1 ? porn he d 6 per cent of Tho wheat crop of 1881, m Bill d but if out Bort h could Mph to Uit in in he woul i sit upon his until the danger of Loi try had n i. To i w id at i test tits Tomij of us old in n that he had failed to silence 11 titty a Deadwood called to Btl Reino s. Tint i 1 been clo old for i prior itch a Sopow i 1 i w l n t 1 be or 1 should a hot i d nth in it i belies to there is a place m that in Bible it j Feller is a fool an Lazuli in in m i c. Pm mid Island on it it in ii n id it it in and i Utju in is ii in her to a in sup m or no a Tuider 01 to and a a team her Ruinn the mip Hull Cir round and hat s the. Kind of a cat i am there is i uti to vote to Start her up Oil training boys 1a the proce of Titi i in the Correct be of Langu should prop Tih begin m the Tow to or us of the Clenus tar school it is at this Quige the it the Tot of or rate Are me b c and vis cent Tiht to impressions is mos Strong Mirku d if a Judit if Mode of i Tig be pursued at this m habits of exprt0 Ion arc much snort e Isih act tired thin i later it Tod Hea by the Force of vicious Masot Iatrou most of inelegant a w Ell As inaccurate Ion Tia Joe first of ajl it to to is a Tutti hoisted upon the it Tho so lotions ust for Tad j genre sont nothing but Tho purest livery fee types of Angl Ion of is sub t. In in in n ill perfectly cot intent with Jura be of sex 1 Chi t or pedagogic error the in to suppose that co of fiction 13 toe air no rebellion Oti the part of children i hts Ivill Supply an unlimited East narrate in couched in the purest in gouge it 13 also essential that As soon As a boy acquires Tho of the simplest words he be diligently practice pm in combining to bpm into Short and Seutin pcs tins of Erciso is Tho germ of and the nth tit Power cannot he called into exercise at too Earh stage indeed words cannot be St nutty defined except by action in sentences it is the thit generally determines the of the to tool a Mere Defi Intima u often deceptive and Misle t Ling the in sentence building will gradual expand Uto and they arc the Best introduction to it. As the Bov gradually Thor her act Crof Rasih changed to adapt it to his i Rora to e Chaste simple Stoit of the lower Padua he can unto to of the higher cows is whoop Lucid diction readers exact but gravest Thomac Fasco i Mif to Youthful minds of Ordinary intelligence and application such s life of Columbus Irving s life of Vav Whing ton Frescott i i Lorica Miciulis sea 5avs Sonio of sir liter Scott f novel l ref 11iw% Fromm id noted to the purposes of class use to say nothing of their tendency to Stimon the the purest Taatu Ard the noblest a a rations or profuse anti isms and All purely questions tub As the evolution of the genesis of Fornix Etc should be deferred t til Jie is in this Jint Tea gird to go up o s cd o o b by q o in. I prune of jul t to Insuk Ite in in the h m first m leu of i in Ful 3 s him i Rei Tiv o Ali. A of vhf 1 Winch f n r s in grit to c Iii 1 in t t i i Ift in n onh t fermentation c 013 for Racin h in n or i Tulp to Riff 1 1 us t 71 r. T l u f 11 Umil i Itsel Mil n in 1 it i. Leti r 11.1 i. Of i in t i 1 to a 1 i Ella t l c c f Lal a t Ronjen i i run i n in j i the i t. 1 n w be i i i to in t i f j l in nil of inc Mil 11 inc i r i it i a 11j or i s Niue ii Sun i ii Annii Lili int l our int Olden Star Oil stove my 1 Fri in it the f a i i o a hints to be from to c t us or 01 t in o in our r Utun. And ii j4 n i for i. C jul in p a Good 1 i 1 id w t pit upon the. Corpe Troi Puni one it we pm 15 us t it mounted a tier n took i i i it Limilo in 1 i j 1 d nit. In ctr m 1 a Cornu i us e of t for Eye i a Cir the the. M t Freu work Ruoi a j it ouch m to in canal or tonne its a i i it i a f 1 in 1 Tenil c l vim s in of r i n o r to Iff r fit t not in it. T u. Sci ii. I the f l t on a in in tilth in in i to t r 1 10 in in 1 1 t of i i a x of tin of id he r k for or in i for if Dan is i Jyh Ell tic Tei find nor to e f r Rte in nut the t i ill c Ift my n cd. H go i i r n t in 1 i. J n p _ piles ire ii. Or to k hie1 i h i or hint Tupp of i e l j to k in r i i Tonuu i j u n x 01 m 1 i e i i i 3 1 see a hit i. And i no 1 j in. By n f i if tour in i an h Virtu f r i in ii to u it Iii a i u Ilc it i in c in i k r to n to t the f a i in it m tin a Max of n g r ,.v. I n i to. Unit e f1 1 tin i i tort n on the c r i it d r to h 1 in cup n in f nil re n n f it f i Hurt i i i ref Ai i 0 i o pm still leads the wokl0, in use Aid Cecil to Oak Send for Rew lib Culafic. Stubs co c Call of extra to accent. I i r tn1 Ohio u
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