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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - April 19, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaEmf Laoo Tod Nonte us. Ufuti Idab a in Raatsi Terri tory. F i Iii i cd cml Junto. And of Todl til eth Bovim. m West. Alto a own two u inv warm Montna and Vilchi to. It to Mettr a Abbt Cut offend by to Rob Equator it any Road Fasi great As Comfort safety Wail permit Daw Toraa claw i Yuoa depot and win us Tom stat null Fordt of Ano Kort Hjokt and offer to to coat test speizio Ompok and safety a chmm6o Tion tilt it rum thro Jan Tintah. Kabua Ciji on the free Tiffi. My Lin Iii i. Of wuss Tiit Fuzfa ref us of l hour. T719 to Vutter Hiing Fec. I m St. Joseph co to. Published Henry b. Kies. With Mike Stoa. Far All per in Advance volume 8. Marble Rock fl6yd county Iowa april 9, i-s3. Bucklin Marble Rock Iowa. Vre prepared to Jay the highest Tor far was find ii to their interest in Jive them Call be Ore Selling elsewhere. 20 Toa week. F 1-2 it try to Boire easily cd Sll Ovaisi . True t co. Joseph Merrill livery feel anb8ai.e Marble roce . Shepardson we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general by j and sell Exchange still Llu Kurt la principal Points in Europe. J n. Mass sewing machines Marbe Rock la. Keeps for following Well known new Davis sew Home. Singer and the Royal St. Johni at prices which Dely Competition. Machine can teen m of Yanci Bro a store. A for Wilke trunks a tends Ludwig a dentist. Casrice to Roft onre , Teeth Ell m Ltd Wilhoit win by the Rock food Iowa 9 12 a. And few 1 9 v j. F. Shekmer the armb. Tew Iain me Law Tom feh tw4 Wib at Marwe re4 Indk Only a to. All Wirt Lew Mabie acc pumps. _ 11 Lor pile at Rezonable prices. Also will repair old All work h St Koch. C cheapest Money f. A. Roziene loan heal estate broker cha1u.ks hit Iowa. Negotiates Loans on improved farms a to input pacing men i offer adv Akita i no us veg to Felt the Daj video the tide to Security is perfect and such can it All times be Veliaj upon. F. A.k07tknk. T4n24vl Geo m. pm Honable Barber i hair Dresser special attention paid Laditi Aid freeing. Qamil Post Mirble Koce. Yet aria Twenty six grud Chugren at whom Only too ate Nanod. White Early All other Royal families in Europe Are dying oat Are increasing. A class of italians have a Belm that it one touches the body of a bub who is killed instantly the person to touching will meet with a violent death within a year. So great Soeles has attended la Bors of mormon missionaries in and around Chattanooga tenn., that Twenty additional convert seekers have put to work in that fold Sydney Australia has the Daiv newspaper in the in single week the Uertz smut 388 a a we paper am bump Twenty pages of autom Llan Bew s of three Days in the week Ead sixteen the to president of the bookmakers Salt note of has brought to Light the fact that the inventor of mat King was one uru Imi of cow associated in the american mind with he is now to have feint to went let to inventor despair. A California Ostrich Farmer went to Africa to boy Stock and while admiring Sonn Fine blooded specimens one of them of cowl at him. But missed and hit a horse and broke its neck. Lie says they kick with m much As two Jan throws a Stone. Webster is not Carlyle wrote to Emerson hut he is pertinent conclusive a dignified perfectly bred Man. As a fencer advocate parliamentary Hercules one would incline to Back him at first sight against All the extant a turkish Pasha Lias shown his appreciation of the work of our Mission schools country by the following remark when a girl has come Back from the american Mission school you should not say a girl but a school has a Kentucky whisky dealer who Hul been arrested for failing to stamp the barrels sent out from his distillers proved by ocular demonstration that a Goat licked off the Stamps As fast As the barrels were rolled out of too establish ment. He was liberated. The following modest item appears in a Kentucky paper whose editor has been instrumental in obtaining Relief for the sufferers by the hoods too much Prate Carnot be awarded our editor for Iris successful efforts in. Behalf of our a half starred cat in new York on being placed before a Pic Roux moil., ate a Jittu went away from the howl washed Herwil. Waited for Iti Gest Ion to set in and do in perfect work then ate a Little mow did the. Same thing Over again and so occupied another has been killed by she was known As Katf Betty and she lived in Wales. Re Litaud of that of to the list she was fond of the and Akuoku a Rigac with in Myrnus tourists by whom she ask visited. Four years ago. . Heart ii Southern men caught a Alligator and do bolted his Juliws with Iron bolts that be Cotile not open his Mouth. They then returned him to his native Elemen Cottec tide him to do of Star ration. When again Cluj rat recently Hii a Vliga Toni was found to have grown Trio Ign his jaws were closed a tight Over by the Iron bolts. Odd at the beat Workman in Fomia Mino is a Man who in 1578. Lost by a fall of Rock a piece of hit Skull covering an area o skin inches. Flesh grew Over the ape Wrt and to now Hearty As Ever end can hit a Lull in Bis pocket to i hit to peo ple who notice the Pernu Aritma his coir Meta. Will not Owlett Alra to graduate women because the too cab tit Bear the expense. I can Bot Tew said Ali Sfritto in Tow Vartin ton. Hav be if vol replied Straf would Jiff them toe College Intro oiled Nook after us manner of miss Prim. The Shennu Tex courier to Bority for on stat Mcm that among the Chick and Indiana h h in tonary to toot of death on parole of Honor until the Day of it is a tradition awk the tribe that no one wider such Araud has Over failed to a Cir at the time Asb place for the too. It been of Woven that to Potash in the leaves of diseased rape tines thaa in Boa thy the Cimesa. The Lack of Potash is made up by an sex Cese of Lime. It b to Tible that uck it Mineral ref Flaxen May be the of Many Dis fast of Trees and other plants and Dut Farmers Landga Denen May yet have to consult the Grain and vegetable doctor. Mixed husbandry is the Only Way to Success in fanning. Repeated crop Ping with single Cereal will bring waste of toe Plant foot elements in the Wilt in the end nor Norfi View u to entail certain Low upon the bind owner. This fact will do More toward Forcht the Cut up of their land though they May Mot now ice it met Light the latest zloty of wine Donn Froais of Yukiso. Agunde whery Pucich. On our. Of axiom liter taking his Muiir Delaw. In dram by Vod in b0 wbk Wally Lay of the Hearth Rug in front of Hiya while indulged in his flotations. After that tit dog carefully watched feta Bamer after diaper the the second Toner wifi cubed Gamly left the a Story the to c fic com Oom Viig Viand tribe fian in Washington territory. Know it As the a pot. Who an an Ark i of another Boon in which they Are to play us part of and his Farlly. After the avid they alow to be left to in Hack the Earth which they will dwell a perfect ant . Ohhet nor hostile ill my to then to of Spain bestows her patronage upon the . A visitor University writ ing Abbottt the women in that says they ire not beauties in the popular sense but Urey have attractive and intelligent dress Well Gad sensibly Are in Tine health extremely Well behaved. Que t and womanly Anil Pronto a to just the sort of women that Mako the Courtn get in Miof ail strength. As a Rule they receive the most respectful treatment from the men and their presence Here u regarded a precisely the same As men the pc Seav of women in Church in theatres in the Street. U is simply an Accius Otuel and Bot lung More a thought of the last heard of was from jul que. This strange Little old Man makes a practice of visiting in turn All Tho by curies in the United states lie claims to have Sata Theiu All from to Texas and. From the Atlantic to the Pacific Boikan. To is dependent entity tie Charity of the Urt Werg but titres Well As lie become regaled of them an a bearer of go Oil Luck. He is the son of a discarded wealthy bavarian Brewer ii n Man of Fine Cut cation Mut in Couver Kation and perfectly contented with Tii strange life be leads. He claims to be Able to Tell the location of every brewery und the Naruo of Evart Bruit in Tho United states Aud Cha ats. American tables. A Carp which had been looked by a Fisherman look Tel up with tears in its eyes and called oat Pray spare my life i am Small and Bony and shall not make Over two Biles for Voul "1 fully realize that replied the Fisherman As he tossed his victim into Bis pail but tiie Man who throws away Carp in How i to secure ass will go Home to eat Domestic Cox omit. The wife of a peasant who was in the habit of borrowing her neighbor s col cd Mill one Day broke the e Titi Clov Besom a repair and lie to Lier husband Canitis in she Rietl out in we Are Rili Netefor the Etc Naioti season i a tic broken mrs. Blanks Colre Mill Anil it will Cust us thirty cents Ali but you Are tit tech a poor i replied the Semi the remains Home by the servant girl Uthil get mad at Thi Lily. To in you will not by t o and she will not dare ask for your Ilat a ii Hunter across Antr Ali rough Forest s. For jct eral at length Hart mor Tinct ice of his. Prey escape hit by a Are t ii coming he asked u he looked up and licked his chops. Complain of in nod the Wolf hut what hurts my feelings is fact that you did t climb a tree on the Start of gov aug Pic this useless Chase. Pray have some respect for other people s feeling the honest Cheuk. A merchant who Felt that his profits were tint m Irge. As his Trade Warran Ted looked Over his books on sunday and then i Mervich this Birtt with Ujka of Niy in once by acc Jaugu that s Sov i used it to buy futures in Ottoo. A Tel i and i must Send you to state Pris a Riviotta to january i look 800 of you Money and. Boort wheat Aad my pro Titi have been so that i can return ail your and have enough left to buy race Borse but for my honesty Yon would never ban known of the first steal. But for my business tact you would have dist All. Ton d better up Vrtiak and give me fall eras Prat. Good a Wagnis of Taining a in a Cage yesterday with a Fanner s wife in charge and a Butcher with an Eye to real stepped a my inquired Madam is that calf for yes. be a Una half he May in t an Ayrshire enough. Don t Yow Inow its Breed he Aak cd in a surprised voice. No i Don then How do Yon expect to sell All i know about that calf is that los father a Justice of the peace to death and i Mother chased a female tact re two Miles and if that Ain t Breed enough to us m on Yon need t take the Batcher said the Breed was All right piers and t i in 18831 the newspapers and of All kinds in the United states and Terri tories now reach the imposing total of 11.1m. This Afi of jew in twelve Nontha. Taking the states Ono by one the newspaper growth in some is very considerable. The present total in new Tork state for instance a 1.390 gain of 80 in the past year. The Ioia is 48, the exist Ingn Nair be Bowka s total grew of tech 175 to Soi and Illinois from 890 to Fri. A year ago Dumchus Cotta had papers now Weber it 438. In Texas die papers the a pensions by t and Ohio now has 738 papers instead of c92. The most remarkable Clia pc has occurred in the territories a which the daily papers bbl Crown from 43 to 63. And the week lies Frum 169 to being chief of activity. The number of utile asst Maglore. An zip Mem of Olira found and cute fat a the moral Sooke of one Day mrs. Clara Morris Carriou saw a Little Gray eyed mite in a Black dress Piug with a lunch Basket under her Arm. The new York Lorn my journal that might not have noticed her if Tho mite had not fallen Down in the bowery As if she had struck men nil boys and shop girls All homeward bound crowded around her in a minute. Our gentle Damsel from Vescy Street solid saw had the hydrophobia. Another said pshaw it was Only a fit. A trackman wanted to throw sume cold and dirty water Ott the mite. But a police eau picked u up in Bis Briw by and parting crowd carried it into an adjacent drug store. The matter with the asked mrs Harriott Cal but polite clerk. Gues Esho is slav de and after a while the. Mite opened a pair of big Jray eyes Aud looked All round Ith a Dull wonder clutched the Croaa on its Flat bowl mechanically with a Little dirty Blue hand As if there was a stitch there Ami said with a thin trem Ulous and scared voice want to go what makes her smell so awfully of asked the lady. I Sahf to gentlemanly clerk that so works in it there s lots of pm do. They re pickers and Sorters m hot rooms where the Atmos phere is worse than a tropical swamp. It kills most of pm sooner later. Specially when Thoy Haven t got much a tool. Like this then the big Gray Eves turned in a precocious took of intelligence that the Little Mouth with its hard neuralgia lines Coulot put into a Only and they seemed to say to the ugly he s struck it sir cum. I a Solil of Ter Bucuy that i Caa t there any tobacco factories in few York where they employ asked a woman in a swans Down wrap per fat the Everett House one morning As she sipped her Coffee. Piety of answered Graj Harreil Mai we Iowa standing before the e Jar Etc. What new Crotchet have you get into your he id i want to go and set said the woman. must to Sec them Poison tic "0, Moonshine. They would t let you in and tin children said the luxuriant Crank in Swan Viown. I want toc nov Jit with them for half an hour. Life has n t got so Many pleasures that i can afford to miss this is that All the foolishness that a red of for 5 Ull. Itu Kiili where Callahan s Alley never a card of it do they kill peo put yes babies. They re killing Vicku i what u Sec in Calla Haits Alley is in Essex Street it rent hour a top floor italians next7 Scriv ongers Nett nig Gers next chinese Piuni actors next und soap int men. In the Aggy Mcglonn them Ito still tra Ellins of and curled up on a bundle of bid clothes in the Daup Corner asleep and a teething As if there Watsn t it Luik use in keeping it up. Maglone himself sits on a Keg with his head in his hands. To Hastert had any work for six months. Mary mag Lone Boot because she is in an envelope factory. Mrs. Maglone is dead. The doctor says that Aggy has1 got the intermittent. It s ten to one if he can pall her through. In comes with a Rustle and Smirk a great Deal of skirt and a null amount of woman followed by a puff Ligand ponderous somewhat exasperated Maas of Man Watfa Whitehand Kehuei in. Hii hand. General consternation la the it flame ios Tinte. What Are Thode pipes for. It milk Troia 795 to while the leaped from is the to Gnu at Canita which pm Kina a Mil of it is interest Atif to Dett Tal rear he of the Cash Tom Northern Are pour to try of my Papen u Well of Wool Lor the Woebber of journal a re tort waa it Fly Doob Tod Taring looking round. Those Are the waste Pipea from the other floors and they aft leak More Lew into this says the Man holding he handkerchief to nose. We Are in sewer and i doa t want to Watte any time say frills sitting Down on a i Washtub if to tiry. I Over was i a sewer before. It s novel. Just look at this baby and Tell me if Yon can save her scientific fuss and at the in the Comer. There in t enough life in the bundle to set up business for an Ordinary on Good spectacles blows his note torn up Nis Contr jeeves. Then he turns Down the rags. A bit of White leg Sticks out gang to die i suppose. It s a says frills. No answer. A Little Limp eyelid is lifted a and Gold spectacles Peers in it a Gold Pencil pries the Little jaws apart and then Tho big Man unable to get Down to Tho patient lifts it his ear. Then he a Long breath lays it Down wipes Liis hands with his handkerchief and plants himself it front of . Mag inc. At the end of fifteen Ninnmen be tarns his cuffs Down and up. Says to woman is Sabad Job i do you want Hwy rally to save Hei yes i do. Five taken a fancy to her quire to a Warfor night Bui the Vonil tiie Maui to it was cruel to save dior in Niv . The manager received i notice Tyon i society thit it wit Imi Urjil for to Art. Then her father Tichik ire kick. And she s in the -.gaiu. I believe. I tried to explain it to her that it was fur to help her in my Way. That to Umu s12 a by her a Turtil Jar dec and wicked and that she must try Ami do and go Back to tobacco for week. But i Dou t think be it and Here the of not a cording to the inet a in of action but according to the programme of. At sea Deli he in essays in the april Century the subject being the transatlantic Voy age. In keeping with the text is the full Page engraving. By glib Ridge Kinsley of a ship in mid Rowau a Biclie was draw a with the Graver. We quote the following from tiie writer s in pres Lions one does not seem really to Hare got out of Doon till lie goes to sea. On the land he is shut in a the Hills the for ests More less housed ire the Sharp lines of his horizon. But at sea he Amis the roof taken off the Walls taken Down be is no Longor in the hollow of the Earth s hand but upon Ite naked with nothing Between him and tic in densities lie is in the great cosmic out of doors As much so As if voyaging to the Moon to Man. An astronomic Solitude and vacuity surrounds him he Only guides and landmarks Are Stellar the Earth has disappeared the horizon has gone he has Only the sky and in orbs left the cold vitreous Blue Black liquid through which the ship plows is nut water but some denser Furni of the Ovamio Ether. He can now see the curve of the sphere which the Hills hid from him he can study astronomy under improved conditions. If he was being borne through the interplanetary up Iricea on an immense shield Nis impressions would not perhaps be much dil Terent. For it must to admitted that a voyage at sea a More impressive to the Ima Giha Tion than to the actual sense. The world i left behind ill standards of of magnitude of there is no size in form no perspective the universe has wit Idlett to a Little Cir Cle of crumpled water that journeys with you Day after Day. And to you seem bound by Sonie enchantment. The sky becomes Diw dome else a pall seufts ready to you. You pain not see Rei Slize the vast an to cutout surrounding theft is nothing to define it set it off. Three thousand Miles of Ocean space Are less impressive than three tubes bounded by rugged Moun Tain Walls. Lud cd. The grandeur of farm of magnitude of distance Are Only upon Ahnor. A voyage Mcl Oss Usu at anus id a us buy sail through vacancy. There is no. Sensi ble Progress you pass us fixed i it the that is moving the Aca is it nil a dance Ami illusion of the Trou Kii brain Yeste Nuy to tiny Ami to Morrow you lire in the a inc a of no Ven. The three Liun Rcd More Miles the ship daily makes. Is Ideal. Lint real. Every night Tho dance and reel there in the Samo place amid the rigging morning the Sun Oomes up from Beliinda the same wave and staggers slowly across the sinister sky. The Eye Bec Mcd a Buuger Tor form for permanent lines for a Kori Ano Wall to lift up Aud keep off the sky and give it a Seuss of room. One understands Why Sailor beco no an imaginative and race it u reaction from this narrow horizon in which they ring of late and oppresses them. They escape by invoking the Aid of the super natural. In the sea itself there a far less to stimulate the imagination than tithe Mariej forms and at the land. How cold How Merci Leai How elemental it looks u4 i. Tic we i Iso o11xv ii up Dan Ike Elf i and Trio Ujj Al he Claud. Irl Tomt int 1l. Ii i iklu., it will j u k Ana it i ii Toul m4 a be i Haik u u Tow Lulu a nil Del in. It b4 a Mhz . For the whiskers to u Iwler la Perry Gulob u 1 Pauj Upp Ucil 9ud Piri Maliu ugh will manuli o4t. In. Wl4ca, piles i Ilo Sare j by pm Ihms and part of tie Ebdo ii i a Picut to turf Joe he h w some a Recti. U of the Fijn tvs Usi Ilion i at times ure present u flite Lect Unta Siuss of the Tomah Etc. A like ration pro dicing if v itching a t a Jilin Ulier get Ting in bed h civil Mon it ten Dent. Internat Hui Rich in 1 its yield the Tion of . Lion Kuiv. Which its direct Lar upon Ilsc a f fluted absorbing the to inert Ilie , pm cure All a tier Hare failed. Nor disl.-ij-. Until sin on tiie its twin is ability but try it Price in cd its ask it and when it Liim to will Send it pro i on Sci i t of Primo. Com Biko Jedi tone co., Pinju. Sold by to subscribe. For the Globe Democrat to 10 l f 1 Purpi year to your a ,.r per cur. 5 i Yuu 1 will Rizii e Globe Send for spec Iowa my. Joseph Wiloth dealer join harness at an English wedding in High Tho Bride Given away by her Mother and her father per Farad the Ainia ii Lehet away from Here. She s six months later. Take my card of. she inn t Well give it to mrs. Harriott All right sir. Step up in the with regards to miss allele. I wish to ascertain if i can get her Lor a Lew said the Ludy i Don t think Yon Why Sot Money no object she is pretty and me. Yoa arc wasting Tine. this is reserved to advertise the Oum Moth Stock of Wall Piper Mil window Stu Iff at a. J. Asper a store. Ladies oct Levens Sajdl a whips Harneu Oil. And in tact eve cry hog dually pm till in a first Plum harness shop. All work warranted. Marble Rock Iowa. Burlington Cedar Northern railway. Tim Aen Iff Emmet. Ion win Ike in it i we Wiik the Imp want lit in Illinois ind Tux. Fur it Titlow did Poi i Islalee j in cars Fla uti uni. Make link i iat
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