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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 16, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. 36. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa Palill ib96. Teems a year i liquid Sulphur co term cure if of dollars for Iowa tested in the worst cholera infected districts of at oven proven beyond doubt the greatest discovery of the age aft in the Only guaranteed remedy aver placed on the Market Lor the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With lae enormous Corn crop and present prices to Tanner on afford to with compound liquid Sulphur cure. Nut Only the Best but cheap remedy on the Market Coaling less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Lor Aach hog. For Sale a co. Read our free Booklet of Micro Biu Dis easts. Societies. A. F. A. Al. A a a. Stone Lodge to. 251. A Galar communication we tuesday on or before fill noon. Tiei plug Brothers in cordially invited to attend. Hobbert hug Jet. W. M. 8, a Sec. I u. O. Of. Marble lodes so. Thursday evening of week. A Isisore cordially invited. A. A Meier x. G. Ii. of Beer Lodge so. 310, Meek tuesday evening each week. Visiting Brethren invited. R. Kyj Luai c. C Wilt Dahs k. Of r. B. 1. 1. Or h. Slutts the 3rd inc Sony night in each Mouth in Odd Fellows . L. Kos Kriv Frei. R. To. Bachiet rec. Sec. W. K. C. Heets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and 8d thursday of cinch month ats o Clont p. M. Alitt k. A. Stewart i m. My. M Aspen Fec u. A. R. Hock poet so. 306, meets saturday of month. C. T. Anklet com. W. B. Adj. In c t u every int. Toleu Piu Siudut. Via a. K. My Kikau. Secretary. Churches. Methodist French Long sundays at 11 . And . Epworth league meeting at Pinter meeting Uvyn Iii. W. Pastor. Com stirs Catir cd Prea Bina sunday at 11 1. N. M. Christian Endeavor Nln j. Will Waltkins i suitor. Or cacti tvs sundays at 1 p. M. Young pc files meet Ian at to to. Prayer tuesday evening j p. Pastor. Iny every 1st Sumlyn in Eracli i la . M. Burday school Nutry Sinsay at 10 a. M services held. In the Union achoo House. H. Grant pastor. City officers. Major. Recorder treasurer. Strart commit Winner marshal. Joseph to tilth 11 Kobe Krans .1 Martin f. F. Jef Inore Willard Stond 0 we Fletcher ii rank runs a 11 Meier Chas Webar k Huggett Union township school Board. President Geo w Russell. H sies try Myrer. John Gatei director 1 sick Sundt 6 Madison Blue 1 t John Gates t p h James Parcher 4 Lew Inman 9 ceo w Kussell i Ejlert Davis 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Phil Shulte. Scott towed help just Lem Miles Marsh g Baldwin. Chi table Volner Beers Coy Bailey town clerk to w Echo Leon. Steucy Kinniey w w Witter and or town Alp school Board. President John Bishop. Secretary. George x Baldwin treasurer Chanen n Merrick 1 Joan Bishop brn Ceward. T t w Garner 1 dec spin Ldina. 1 Basl scr i Cunningham 4 John Ahert 8 Jevc Jeffrey John judicial. P. Birr John c. Shevnin. Tenor of court -4th monday in january. Is 3lijr, 2nd monday in september. And Board of supervisors. Pm Cut chairman. Charles City fac Llop Marble Rock pop non Rockford , Rudd , mro Tinei 1st Ilonda in january april. September and monday in auditor. Tramer . Scold or of my attorney cont a Corse s Ila Ford Cash m. Tare a. H. Merriman . W. a a. Ozlene Frank Lingenfelder c. W. Knickerbocker face k p Walter s h Charles t Kel r e Roachell c dwt Ltd c w Bowman and j j. W. Sotaro. Public and convey Ancer. Collection scent to stir real estate Money o loan on Short or Long time in sums to suit costumers t Iowa below we give a to stuary of the More important Laws passed the Twenty sixth general Assembly. We copy from the Iowa capital of april Lith an act def inning fraternal beneficial h societies orders and associations and regulating the same. An act enabling the state auditor to summons before him and persons suspected of forming a combination relat ing to amounts charged or commissions paid agents for fire insurance mud find lag such to the Case lie May revoke the right of the companies affected to do business in this state such Compa Nies to Hare the right of Appeal. An act to compel persons having infants in charge to notify a health officer within six hours of the discovery of redness swelling or inflammation of the eyes of such infant under penalties of fines from to Gooij. An act changing the statute relating to meeting of township trustees to Settle with supervisors to make it Reail november instead of october. To act enabling cities of the second class and incorporated towns to Levy taxes for sewers or tile drains when property owners petition therefor. An act providing fines up to for no viciously wilfully or felonious a hitching a horse meddling with any harness on the same or any chicle attached thereto. An act requiring that juvenile prisoners kept apart from older offend ers. An act enabling cities of the second class an-1 incorporated towns to fund outstanding warrants and refund Bonds in Bonds redeemable after three years with not More than fifteen years to run. An act declaring express companies to Iowa common carriers and putting them under control of the railway commissioners. An set changing terms of sub directors from three years to one year. An act making it the duty of super visors to get water removed from the Highway in its natural Channel and giving authority to enter on adjacent land to remove an abstraction. An net chars in fees of so for articles of incorporation under Staie Laws and additional for each of capital Stock authorized the total fee cot to exceed the aut shall not apply to building and loan associations and similar corporations. An act levying a collateral inheritance tax on All estates Over of 5 per cent. An act providing penalties of to fire years in the Penitentiary for breaking into railway or express cars. An act making All kinds of paper Money used the government of the United states taxable the same As any other property. This will make nation Al Bank notes and Sil ver returnable for taxation the same As Gold and Siver an act granting to City and town councils the Power to prohibit the use of Barb wire to Fence any lot or lots within the incorporate limits of such City or town. An act to require hogs that have died of disease to burned or buried three feet underground. An act requiring fences of Osage hedge unless the same is used As a Windbreak to trimmed within fire feet of the ground at lost once every two years also requiring the Brush and limbs to burned or removed it is made the duty of the Road supervisor to see to the enforcement of the when the owner of the land does not trim the the Road supervisors is authorized to do it and the same is taxed to the land he same As other an act raising the age of consent in females from 13 to 15 years. An act to enable boards of school directors to provide free text books for pupils in the Public schools. A n act providing that in Case a Crim Inal break jail he shall sem sentence not exceeding one year and pay a Fine not exceeding in addition to the original sentence. An act to Levy a tax of one tenth of a Mill on the taxable property of the state to erect necessary buildings for the state University. An act to authorize townships to vote a tax to build Public balls to which to hold elections and Public meetings. An act making it a crime to male buy sell or distribute written obscene matter As Well As printed matter and baking the penalties one year instead of thirty Days and instead of a act making estates of insane per sons Hawe for their support in county poor or amount due to determined to the first instance the Board of Inge Mars. An it drag stores from of Gross receipts. The act requires express companies to report their Gross receipts to the auditor of state and in Case fail to do so the first Mon Day in then it is made the duty of each local agent to report the receipts an object lesson in Iowa. Ill Lluc Ulfik recall the gear seemly congressional Campaign of 1m30, in which Jar. Meek proprietor of tie 13onaparte Woolen for his particular station. The ble property of express companies is to i value to the Ald of the utter taxed As former y in addition to the advocating ins election and Tariff tax on Gross receipts. When express coming from a Tumanu a i companies fail or refuse to Render an j Turer of Woolen goods the declaration accurate account of receipts As required i a favor of they shall forfeit for each Addi Loimil Day of such failure action to re cover the Sahib to in tin name of the state. An act authorizing the executive Council to Purchase or condemn a site on which to erect a memorial historical and Art Bui Diug. An act. To prevent the issuing of poli cies of fire insurance on risks situated i in this state insurance companies without having complied with the insurance Laws of the state the Aci. Makes All such insurance void. Contracts now in existence Are exempt Froin the operation of Ilie act. An act to provide for a general tax Levy for state purposes the act pro Vides for raising in 1s96 and in the year if cot. The state Board of equalization known As the executive Council is required to fix the Levy a order to raise these amounts. An act making teachers certificates Good for two years and requiring them to pass examinations in elementary civics and economics. An act authorizing the guardians of insane persons to mortgage the property of Thair wards for their support. An act prohibiting the use of any shelter ice fishermen use of More than two lines with too Hook each a still fishing providing fines of to or imprisonment of one to Days Lor violation. Esp rats coup ties 1 Wool could oot fail to have influence with the voters and or. Seemly was elected. Two years later seemly was left at Home and governor gear returned to Congress but the democrats elected the president and gained a majority to both houses of Congress. Then followed Tariff Reform and free Wool and a Chance to test or. Met s theories. He now has free Wool and on the basis of his prophecies must on a High tide of Prosperity Bis Mill Ranning Day and night wages. Instead of that however we find or. Meek is trying to sel1 to the state for the sum of the Dain that furnishes Tho water Power for his Mill and the Keosauqua Democrat whose politics is indicated its title published in a neighbouring tonn in the some county tells this Plain unvarnished a fitting sequel to the memorable Campaign of 1890-92. About the bluest Prospect this town Ever had is right now the factory will stopped Lor an indefinite period of the proprietors have no idea when they will Start up again. Hall the hands Are Laid off now and when thirty they run out As they style it All will out of work. It is not an uncommon an act providing that the Board of supervisors May at any regular or Spe Cial so Moo fix the compensation of offi cers under it. To the trial magistrate not exceeding and the peace officer and milage As now allowed Law an act absolutely prohibiting the Sale of cigarettes cigarette or paper providing penalties from s 20 to for violations thereof provided the act shall not interfere Wuh the interstate business of jobbers outside of Iowa. An act authorizing the state executive Council to sell 100 acres of state agricultural society or fair grounds land and buy with the proceeds thirty acres better suited to the use of the society. An act compelling the wife to join in mortgaging personal property in order to make it valid. An act giving mayors when acting As justices of the peace the same fees As the Justice receives. An act providing penalties up to ten years imprisonment for assisting a prisoner to escape from custody whether held on a warrant or not. To act to tax bicycles the same As other personal property. Hereafter in Road cases where the . Titiner for a Road appeals from the action of the Board of supervisors he shall pay the costs unless he recovers a larger amount than the amount allowed the Brard. The soldiers Monho list. The final action of both blanches of the general Assembly in regard to the soldiers mount sent is embodied in the following joint Resolution first that the Contr Russion directed not to place upon the Ino nement any medallion por trait of any person living or dead or such special recognition As exalts one Soldier above another of equal or More deserving record. Second. That the commission directed to have inscribed upon the Monument the name of each regiment i organization the number of men enlisted and the Date of its Muster and discharge. This is All the action that was taken in regard to the Monument the Twenty sixth general Assembly and it mean that the medallions already prepared Aust omitted from the Monument. One veto. Governor or tic vetoed the hich was intended to give Burlington a Board of Park commissioners on account of its unconstitutionality. Free your address to u. E. Fuck Leo co Chicago and get a free Sample Box of kind s life pills a trial will convince you of their merits. These pills Are easy in action and Are particular or eff Motife in the cure of constipation and sick Flea Diche. For malaria and liver troubles they have pro Ted invaluable. They arc guaranteed to perfectly free from every do tenons substance and to purely vegetable. They do not weaken their action Bat Eivir tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the regular site 25 cents per Box. Sold a j. Asper co., thing for a factory to Stop running at the beginning of Winter but right on the heels of Spring the stopping for bodes something causes a great Deal of concern and anxiety. Everybody feels Blue in consequence of it it is said that the factory is running at a if an Iowa Woolen Mill runs at a loss with free Wool for raw material and the markets of the world open for us us Utju 04u1c limit Luti Lumu Wool growers Are also Leavy losers depreciation in the value of both sheep and will necessary for some one to sit up nights and labor j with the voters of Iowa to convince them a democratic Reform Tariff is the kind of a thing for which they Are Hawkeye Burlington Iowa March 14, 1s9c. We Are certain that we have the Best line of overalls in Marble Rock our Black bibs with double Knees and big pockets at 85 cents Are hummers. It you want something Cool Large and comfortable buy a pair of enough for r cheap at 85 cents enough cloth in every pair to make two pairs of common Over alls. Our gloves ranging from 50 cents to Are All Good and we will guarantee them to give Good service. We keep everything m the line of gent s furnishings. All of the Best and at sex. Tremley Low prices. All free. Those who have used or. King s new discovery know ins value and those we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle Iree. Send your name and address to h. E Eklon co., Chicago and get a Sample of or. King s new life pills free As Well As a copy of guide to health and household instructor free. All of which is guaranteed to do you Good and Cost you nothing a j. Asper go s Ilaug store. Railway. Gab fall in Iowa state Encampment at Cedar rapids april 28tb to 30tb, one fare for the round trip from a Points in Iowa on the b., 0. K. If. R y the Quick step route to Cedar rapids. Tickets sold april 27, 28, and 29, Good to return until and including May Call on agents for further information. On March 10th, april 7th and 21st and May oth excursion tickets at Rale of one fare plus for the round trip to Points in eleven Southern states and territories also to a number of Western and a Ortner states. An Opportunity to reach almost every City in the South and Southwest and a Large number of important Points in the Northwest. Tickets Are Good to return any tuesday or Fri Day within the final limit which is 20 Days from Date of Sale. No 3 exp 5-5 Dux cards annual meeting at Ottawa kas., May 20-23. Tickets will sold May 23, 21 and 25, from All Points on the a c pm n r a at the rate of one fare plus 32 for the round trip. Good to re turn 30 Days from Date of sate if ticket is deposited with station agent at Ottawa before june 1. For further information Call on a c r n agents. Train to Lor oar on tuesday april 28th, the a c r n r y will provide a special train Tor the g. A. B and others who desire to attend the state encamp eat at Cedar rapids the grand Parade will held at this Date at 2 p. M. Train leaves Marble Rock at a n. Arrive at Cedar Kalida Atwood. Round trip 92 93. For further arc rare but Here Are some sure we have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and we propose to close them out As a bargain this is the Price on a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth and in nearly All sizes. Every pair is a great bargain ind deserves attention. We want to sell you your shoes and we Are going to make prices to do it. Geo. W. Gates. Do you feel sick disease commonly comes on with slight symptoms which when neglected increase in extent and gradually grow dangerous. Ii suffer from headache. Pts _ p6psia or Mph Testim. If pm an bilious constipated m Tan _ Tver complaint i one gives Ruef. Ripans tables Ripans tables Ripans tables Ripans tables set Tom mint fret tort easy to rur _ jc71

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