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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 15 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 15, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa22 no. 36. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa ap1ol i hot. Teems a year hardware store new Man new Stock new prices mint will not be Defeated on tie nex vote the railroads Are turning j Over to defeat they pm i Vul .1 ulu Vutuc u. Money to carry heir Point. The House after numerous Amend Bill. The ices lower than Ever. To invite you to Call j meats has passed the Revenue it our prices on j one of the amendments makes take notice of the t prices on j la assessment Fer steel Ila Iii is we handle the Garland Ami have Cheshire amendment to the knocked the Bottom out of the was also have a first class Tinner in connection with ithe but 13oilse seeing to our store who will do you As Good work As any j to have part Man in his line. We also make a specially of tin lion Flag and eave spouting. Call and five a trial you will find us always ready and to accommodate. A awfully Senate tie pants at Leffue we it pm lire Section of the Law. As passed i j by inc House giving the right of a Council of of the Bill. It refers to the taxing of Railroad and Telephone am Telegraph companies. The building and loan Law is on in to there s re no differences Booi ties. Amon republicans on the general Prin Sci plot Protection. A Ery Kepul can i Peil from the executive 0piino" j second the interest charged by and tiie speaker took occasion during uie Short time the iome was in ses Usu it failure to appoint the House excepting those to borrowers a Lively Virlle is before the l. O. O. R. Carlile Jock , no. Of Ecru Tuut etl. Are a Cenou ii. , see. , k. G. Mcclur Lodge. 219. Tuesday Uvea aug f enc week visit inst Brethren invited. W u. Voi tiits c. C. A. K. Of , i. L. Or u. Illets in add Fellows Bull. L. E. J. Ackley dec. Sec. M. W. Of it. Marble Hock Ciup. To. A Law. Henri Ilner ii acct in second Jim Fourtin Ai Tunby of each month it Odd Fellows Hall. Vim Init in Good Itu Udipi Are Cort Viliy Uniti in to a thud. A. It. V. C. Ii. Is Ian. Clerk. At. K. C at the Home of ills. Slew Art the and a thursday of each month at o c Ouk p. In. Mils. K. A Steu Ait pres. Mrs. Sec. C. T. Auto lev com. Marble Rock Post to to. 30s, Cost Satui Flay enc month. B. Clia thee adj. To c t u meets every thursday. Mite. , a resident. 3ir.s, a. M. Emil pc Huilui a club. Methodist preaching sundays at ii a in. And 7-30 a in. Up Ortii nil thug it . Prayer meeting thursday Aven Iii. W. . Liina sni Ulav at u rip i Here in the Bill which Sivc this Protection. Such differed is live existed and always will they Are usually adjusted however and the Bills in their final shape have received the support of the entire Patty. This will tie the Case with the present measure. We Are not pledged to any particular says the platform of the Republican National Jove lion of 1s9g. The question of is a prac ical Iju estion to be governed by the conditions of the times and of production the ruling and Unco promis inc principal of Protection and develop ment of american labor and this is tie policy of Wisdom the men who formulated it know that conditions change and that duties win us would be adequate or Loo High at one time might be too Low at another time and vice versa. For these reasons no party which has sensible leadership will tie itself Down to a hard and fast aver age of rates but will govern itself by the state of the markets the presence Effort to secure to the the to expend the Money raised for building outside of cities on to until Bridges and allow cities to build their own Bridges but he failed the City Fellows overpowered him. I the printing and binding i Vestiga j Tion is dragging to s of length along it has grown into a Battle o antagonistic plans rather than a search Lor truth. Facts have Given Way to weapons of any kind that injure or destroy the enemy. A Bill has been dra Ted providing for a state beet sugar factory to be built at the agricultural College at Ames and 10 Cost to is not probable however that the Bill will be allowed to come up at this session of the legis lature. Most of the members Are opposed to legislation of this kind at this time to is thought now that legislators will be at Home to participate in the upon How near the House and necessary to transact the business for j which tie a Sei Sion was called i after Ful i ii rot Ori ice to there 150 us urn. R in the mouse and the time needed to know them Well ii Ouye to judge Luicir capacities for committee sl-rviei1, lie said Slit the late James in. Blaine then speaker of the House had under circumstances deferred tiie committee.-. Re Ferring to the charge tint he was i Cee Jing his , or Iverd said if the House the has tint my cuu Jaoui pint of the chair is not out us , is not Ngenng As its Impre , the re Hedv is in tie hands i 01 poor Oil Vurnen you we can Good Oil or same Price j clo but Oil from the Charles cite tank on. Duct shipped by in Only Pennsylvania pro barrels. Throw away i Ith poor Oil Nna try our have of the House at any Iuie and the chair welcomes any anon on the part of the House he Fri t i i Mil u i Uki Tui Tui a and you never More bother your lamps. I ours i o Mutual Benefit be a Gates. Without a can finally get together notwithstanding there is no Scarcity Ca Nuison of labor. Iho Republican p of water mines still in party grasps these truths and will con-1 fight its water company or absence of fore in Competition and the Uhri Tia a huh u a n 1 i 1 3 i . M. Christ Ira Kiu Enver meet. Imus to regulate and conduct its con at p. In. Niu prayer meeting wednesday Ove j. Wilt. Walters. Pastor. It 11 . " at j. P. Pastor. Every 1st sunday in month will a. M. P. In. Union school Honse. Day school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the , pastor. City officers. Layor decor Der treasurer. Street commissioner marshal Joseph Wilot i u e Kosei Kirmis .1 Martin c. F. Jetmore Willarc Stroud ii c a Ailant we Fletcher. H Boaen Krans. A ii Meier Chas Weber u Sluggett Union incl tool Linnerd president go w Easell. Secretary. Ii b treasurer John directors duct by their requirements. There will be no break in the re i publican line on the Tariff or any other great question. The party will Endeavor to shape the Tariff measure so that it will Deal fairly with All interests which it touches. The is to make its operations equitable upon All Indus tries which come under its influence. The Republican party is making an Earnest and intelligent Effort to inset these demands that this Effort will be successful every Republican believes Louis to Globe Democrat. Standt Harry Packin e p Walster Lew Luman. Egbert Davis 11 rail Bultz. I Ladison Blue i Lonu utes. S a macs per Char ceo w Kussku 10 Sam Shaffer Scott to pour constables George Keeti a Ali Lihtz a town c Rowell Iatter w Miles 3iar-h and Fitch Meier Scott township school Board. President e. W. Barber. Treasurer Charles i Merrick Dike Toki 1 John Bishop 5 Brace 2 e w Barber i k c 1 Chas veer t j Cunningham 4 John Harl s j of Jeffrey. 0 John . Jcdici.vi-. C. Benvin. J. K. Terms of court-4ih monday in Jannary monday in monday in no Mui Des Hoines letter. Lbs Moines la april citizens arc fearful that if a fire should break out among the sky scrapers there would be a great loss of property and Are preparing for it. A Hook and lid Der truck recently ordered by the Council from the Racine fire engine Uichi Ipaty. Of wis has arrived and is certainly a Well most modern piece of apparatus hand and it is recorded a very valuable addition to the depart i it. While our people Are going wild Over free test it is Well to remember that the Brooklyn n. Y., doctors say that indiscriminate use of test books is highly dangerous to the pupils of the Public schoo s. It i further known All. The questions at Issue were purely municipal and not Nali Oual. It is quite the tiling Lor Ohio to swing from one Ide to the other in local and history has repealed it self thu i ail. It n National Cam should occur tomorrow Ohio would be in the Republican column. I am quite sure the result will have no effect on the i Eelila of a legislative ticket next fall the friends of uen Jaoin but. Ter Worth and that Means everybody who knows him has a rain been nominated and confirmed As commissioner of patents a position lie so ably filled under the Arthur administration to Ritiner 11 t n f n to n t 1 a pm. U a i a the administration and those who have Senate Bisic s the Patent of co and not maj. should be can . Tie office of of patents has never been filled by As Iii ii Man from All Points of View As rite.-, a Iii scribe who rend it Lor Many years of tie Issue of Tiu t9 v Tho ii is tie nun Mouti veil it of jts Jii orc Tutu Lulf a million . Is Issis Pawl All Coosa tie biggest Best and and family journal published in America. It is in politics but it is above All a and gives All Quaw i accurately Iii id iuipi.itiuliy.ri1 is i esd Ispan Sable to the Muir Haiti or frolics signal to d to thorough in posted. But has 10 l a Large daily Parer. U. Burcat of will selected u Nis Kos it an inv Alua and family paper. Mij Dutten Vurlah is. And by this state ment of fad i Morin no disparagement two Nehry eight pages each to Sedav Friday. The week just has been the . Of 1 that the schools of Boston most exciting of any since the opening j much More than tie average from con of the legislature. There has been famous the Iree More bad blood stirred up in both the books have been in use. And physicians there rec Uimer the abandonment of the trans or of of 1 books to new pupils. By Asheton letter. House and Senate than in any previous week. Not a great Deal has been done i in direct Progress in fact it would appear that business that had been previously done has been undone the past week but All these things i suppose Are necessary in Legi Lalino. It is very i hard to present a Short resume to the general Reader tha will give him a Cor rect idea of tie present condition of Lucius . Phillip Shutlz Timothy pippin h. S. Cliche ser of Charles City Marble Hock Lockford Rudd Reg Las meetings 1st monday in Jannary april june and september and Aid monday in president Mck Olev made new friends i Bolh by Liis promptness in recommend inst in Peinl Mes age to Congress to limit an appropriation be Nadu Lor the in in the legislature. Not what to r t i mediate Relief of the noon and Tell but what not to Tell is the double i i by his lol Lowins it up with tie an i some thins. 1 i Noan eminent Kutno Ulii nil the Temple amendment to 103 rail Mentec had been Niamat or is Dap Turc Road Bill was Defeated in the i from h Athi Cloi in order to Iret sever after one of the most Lively debates 01 avs needed rest he would not leave of the other gent Leirion who have held i Dollah for one the office and it would not be Surpris i copies fring if the Rumor that president Mckinney intends to Call him up higher after lie has reformed some abuses connected with the practice of disreputable attorneys should Lurn out to be True. Major butter Worth s Brilliant As Soldier Talesman and is too widely known to my Repi Tion by i i me lawyers can Seldom be persuaded to or express opinions for publication of i it speeches made in court by other Mem Berso the profession but it is evident that Jar. Bryan s argument be fore the supreme court tins in the zebras Iii Railroad cases did make a Good upon lawyers i however if a sunlit Irive sounded As a speech at a or Popup to Mas ii he knows any Law. He did t make Nii Icli use of the knowledge in . Sneak t i be l my with the Mem to of Tho Joue and Means Nitie and the ladies of their f amilis.-. In d i Tilc rip to the i of this wee tax Saie notice. To Floore Oria Tyi Ilalee and All other by irs of tie estate of John the session and after Trio recent decision by the supreme court in favor of j i unil Congress acted upon his recon Nen Avion. Tiie promptness of Uon i Gres in adopting unanimously in Bolh county of Beers. Inner Cieck of the courts. Beconder. Superintendent , the u. B. K q. K. R. To the effect that an employee accepting benefits from to print. The Accident association of the com no m or of the inf. Could not hold the for Lerr. Irom the floods in Ilie were nor and to outages Aid in the is i enjoyed. Ilo pro . Of Miu Nycota. Who is n me uber of file Efini Iriti pc w is Boi n near about yen previous of the Rosr lived t Ere working a Tor lip w is a Clits old at b icks Nikii Init. He acted As guide fur the party. This committee the Republican members of which c. H. I cent cd from Railroad men asking tint county Atto Mev Cottoner a u. Aim j f. A. Frank c. Knickerbocker the amendment be Defeated. It was j i River of the North enabled tiie Justice Folh Cecaci k r k h Travis i map Charles tees us Smelick Case argued however that these petitions were secured by coercion and a pretty made of it but of oui i Dent t i get away on the planed highly creditable to congrcs.-. Cd from i no credit i to Ikird and on i i the Tariff Bill irom the first of until tie til was by Iii Iio in. Is non a the right to take .1 Little rest r creation the Enate oui. A lot of Oil j cub in v life would v pared to e of this Reso is not apparent. For pains in the hips Back shor.utcrs1, Bend these Upshir Aie is of dangerous car to . To Mcelrea s of Cor Iai corrects these do in Krc inon a. Cures tie Reid Ives Tion Floo ii cd q a the nerves Ini is Liap piness to aftic cd Tor 7i 1 u 3l i. Liiri Romieu nov m. J. We lips you fire hereby notified h Cre is i u on Ilo in he clerk of the c nit of Floyd tiie Doti Joii fit if Plain Tiff. Eikon .-loori1, by Kinor that i cer Ain is i in the truth East of x a Ali of s Chi n no. Inn Rio o. 1s, in a , for red is i l Sitf ii i v . Brett in Envor of i. J. Harreii n1 on my 21. R corded act Kuite cd Salt sity. Town on i. K a Micelles record and for Isy Uther Elief Vou ire Notia Sii Olaf unto a you Ipcar i Hoipo arc before cod of i in of Iii if t t b of Aid our of f Orfio Anty. To be Quirt House in Fri Ali c to. On Iny of . A. I Utji 7. Cic Maui Wil he your a a decree rec Derc i i Erncr. As prayed. In Cookk plaintiff. Do vol want employment at hoir.8 a with Good pay if so. Unto for re i and occupation. You a i or work is a a i the. Hawks Nursery j March k Hil Watcke. Wis

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