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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 12, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 3ft Marble Rock Floyd Iowa april 12, 1wo, a. Year who that Ove. Is a question of vital importance to some of interest to others and in Many cases easier answered than the father of our universe 1 god. The father of our country Washington. The father of Marble Rock Jacob Beelar. The father of prohibition Frank Wright. The father of equalization of taxes in Marble Roek the father of John Doe and Richard Roe the father of the most important and beneficial business to the people of this Viciey the father of Low prices in Marble Rock the father of the largest up to Date goods the father of highest prices for your the father of the finest store in this part of Iowa the nicest and easiest Way for you to answer the last five questions is by attending our which is now on and by giving us your patronage. We assure you we will do our Best to please you. We have the very latest novelties just such As Are carried by the largest City stores goods that our competitors no Yak handle and sell them at the very lowest Price possible. We know it is a fact that if you will and give us your Trade we will save you a Good Many dollars in a year. We Are after your Trade and want it. We Are in a better position to look after your wants and can fit you out from a toothpick to a suit of clothes. Opposition is not the life of Trade consequently we do not oppose anybody but Competition is the life of Trade and As we buy in Large quantities and for spot Cash we can compete with any City store and propose to sell goods to the people As cheap As possible and be the red hottest Competition in this neck o the Wonrau Foft v s Ati in f a v we How a t a pc a to my fax our Many customers and get the benefits which we offer. Five stores in one. Yours for business w 1 i i a ill uu1 Jim pcs inc Wilc of proceedings of the Board of super visors. Ami of c u its on hand you for which the to. Is indebted to state Britt ii mayor of it Ecklord corporation i cil showing Ali us ii Iii of Miles of the 0. M. Lewis Justice of peace pleasant several Kail Roxy operated in Floyd Grovo township and g a. Staebler county my the Liisse is d valuation per Constable Nuiloa township were pc j mile thereo1, Asti red by the executive and on motion approved Council for the year was read. The Loans of Herman ohm and 0. The official Bond t. D Walter As m. Townsend were paid in full and i Sesser Lor Rock lord corporation was Ern jul 07 Ini Lui per mile have cancelled the same from record. J presented and on i notion approved. April 1900, session. Board met in regular session in supervisors room in joint Bouse at Charles City Iowa april 1st, at 2 o clock p to members present chair Man Chichester supervisors Merrill Shultz Knapp and Qeitz and w. D. Linda mad county auditor. M. Bugenstein of Marble Rock appeared before the Board and Aske l that a part of his personal tax on a to hip inn Bird in Fitim a visor s no Stock of merchandise destroyed by fire pad Cion v la p were presented and on motion the action on Fob 5th, 1899 be abated h appear submit j auditor approved. Ing tithe Board that the claim was of fc0a of Njau. Lil i he report of i no pkg of Thiv. Muir Jii the following rates Pel year were of Peil Ducra License i until further orders. J for Genera merchandise on foot j kor Genera Morfi Haridis e one Jurlin Irton. T har rapids k North Chicago Jesi Paul respectfully submitted j the Oili isl Bonds of m ii. Vickor j 04 j2 per mile. , 1.indaman-, co. Auditor. I son of the peace Lor Hock Sioux City. Cedar Kalis Grove township approved be Audi a Minn 10 of o per tile. Auditors Keport of fees collected Charles i a. Iowa april 2nd, 1900. Tor Jan. 24ih and k a j. Zoei Torii ship clerk for Judd la township approved Fuh. 1 Joo a licit it or Leri d that the statue be o the several corporations town Liipa and taxing distr Clr As follows. Just under Section 1307 code 1897 i was on motion ordered that the balance unpaid of 1s09 tax in the amount of 00 be abated. The official Bonds of Xina Robens assessor Lor Nora Springs corporation the Dale of my report to this Date in the sum of 75 respect Lily submitted d Linta Manco auditor on a lion Llie reports Ollio permanent school fun i and Audi j the court of collected since Jan. 1st. Ryan Rover 1 Miles to March of 1000. In the amount of 2-Ri with trend res voucher Ai a cited subscribed and sworn to by Perrin clerk was read and on motion Ai and h b r isun urans Lor assessor for 1 tors Lees collected and new Loans pro i Tho report of the of f be. Marble Rock corporation were read and on Rution approved. H scat 1 were approved. The for the months of january i i p. 1 s57-v Loek on Mii Sopfie a Rook Lonj ind. Oal ule corp i is. 153s1 j Roe Kenn twp 5 2f Miles. A Ter twp. Pit. .00 Miles Marble Arp 1 Kyj Miles i february and Moreh 1900 Illic account i 7 a m-1.- or.4uo a and sworn to by i the petion of h. B Bhaw and m to the permanent school Ami r a read justices of the i each Lor he t Rita Kock Grove twp a Skint the appoint the rate of interest to not j a u10l Jai in men too p water Burgas Constable Ess than five per cent and allowing rho ref Urt of hic lilt l1 a i j .1 it n i. _ ._., i. __. R an i i i o n t h s f an a r v e b r car v a n d 3 j arc 1 for said township was read and on motion the prayer of the petition was i was read. Up to the amount of of fees earned in the amount of ,1-Rantpil and o p a i m t r s-1sg 00 eol Leclede and granted Ana u. R. Aier Oury appointed the application of Tim pippin for to said office. I of the school Tun 1 at 5 per i balance due of of subscribe. And the following reports were presented j interest was read and on motion sworn to by j. Parser Jtj and read. J the auditor Wab authorized to make the read an i on motion approved. Permanent school fund report. I Joan on the Security presented at .1 per i motion the auditor author Charlos City la apr. 2, co j Cadt or a stated number of years or o.1. to draw a 00 in to the Hon. Board of supervisors of f per cent or an loan to pay on j of ii. for Woon p in j Floyd a univ la i or a in time or in any amount j chased on con rust and a sniff client. Herewith submit my on motion the Board adjourned in i for the delivery of the inc. Report relative to the permanent school 1 til nine o clock tomorrow. J on i notion the b adjourned in Tup. Fund since Jen. It. The due of my tuesday a m. Session. I 1 1 o clock this p in. Last report to this Date As follows Coard mgl at none o clock members to a slav Mission. On hand at last report so940 4g present. Mir it i at previous session c m. Of i i1 i k. . corp. I of Miles liar Les Ity Oil inc corp Floyd twp. 1 Nora in Lull s. I 2- i cil s. 4 l Miles Miles 00 personal lax 1s09, jars j j5 erroneous assessment Bou tax 1s99 on Loo 1 and 2. Elk ii free Ian. Kretlow. Unable to pay. Si-2.0 is tax Isi 9. Pm. So. J5, 16 Adams error in valuation m. Us j concluded on last Foi tin Vii earn patented 00 i i ror Bettj Vefik for spectacles watches jewelry horse. Tivo is us a cast Iron stomach course you Haven t. No one need have. Arid clock 40 us on in Ticino Iii i Briard adjourned until nine o clock tomorrow. A. 11 session Board met at nine o clock. Doctor Caldwell h syrup pepsin is t on purpose for Stonich troubles weak stomach. Stomach big Stonich or Little stomach or any caused Iron indices1 Ion or constipation. They can be permanent All . Minutes of yesterday read j a oru ulily cured by the of and on notion Upp Roveri Caldwell s Syran pepsin Winch 13 i made in three locis Outi and 1 he Ocial Bond of 0. I a i 3 1 1 v Burn fur clock Grove twp a a i Ajo. Nas or Estric i Ana in motion approved. The res of i he lord upon was taken up with matters. I in Iii Tion i Hoard ail mourned d o Al 3 i fit h p Dull Blini Oil oif co Orp 2.7 i Miles. 1650u i i Ter twp. Dit Miles. To i o nolo tap. . Irises 9000 paid in since last report Herman Ohai 15u 00 n. Freeburg. 1000 00 j Duhn. Townsend ii. L. Boil 30 00 motion approved. The Bill o of. B. Uzi Eye in the amount of 75 for platting and re o aug Uuro i t Gnu i in a s i Cordiner a part of lot 1 South West. O a s t in Board met at one o clock members All present. I Iii of a Jikit in. In for x the school fund was . 24 Xuy c f a m. K. K. West Sec non s township 94 17 same having Boon ordered by on the application was and the auditor author Uii i 2.71 in izod to make he loin at 5 per con .1 the co a Idilio was presented and Vav Strait int term of or o per onto Orr 1 pro first Baptist Church Charles l up bal on this of a_ r_ ,2- i pity As follows 3 and 5 k 52 u 4 Milen a and Vahn Ion of k is twp. 2 go Miles 700.00 is 01, so. G and s. 47 and so. 7 in county for 1900. 74 Miles 6120 j 75 the Loil Owma s tement Irani the a col. 47-25.4 o the annual Lenorls Loi lbt if k x. I of the state Exee Uve coun j total 30 55s frito so Soldier. Met at one o clock. Members Oil sex copy Knapp. Corii Difatt a of fees were presented Ixl on i he auditor a Nitifor driven i county uni for a i allowed in Thi Cis of of Iowa i h Luh Liu Klu of ill. 1 a . j a l3, v l Monck j Harry i Orick i c b. Fre Man. On Nio tinn the an i air a i a Warr Ctet Unne fund i i Lor . Ref. Co.-t.-, in the of fre l Pat uni i Chart. inf a i l Atli or in j j i on . Tiu 1 o Roqu Colon 111 c Wen or or 1 f 1 a i Iii lots . Block 01 Wol k. Ilo prop Riv of Miry skin Nev. Ii Mucio j this offer Good j an i to 1 4 Luk t i i i. K a of i in. July i Pooi in greens. Mantello cab. Slatum 50 Standard 2.00 Standard 5 0 a 00 to try photograph or Gil Bene

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