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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 8 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 8, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. 35. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa april 8, terms a year f hardware store new Man new Stock new prices Carter 11. Harrison Democrat wad elected Mavor of Chicago at the elec Tion tuesday by plurality. Who Pavs the Tariff new York Tribune a canny Scot i ices lower than Over. To invite you to Call j in that or can of and get our prices on tinware shelf goods attend. A. Ii. Jle Teit v. C. Ii. Pious clerk. A. It. C. Meet at the Home of mrs. Stewart the is to and ii thursday of each month at i o clock y. M. Mits. K. A Srewart mrs. Chi Istina Asper see. W. A. K. Rock Post sos meets first saturday the Tariff Hill is considered the Entile Linance committee and it i said that Nhen it is presented to tie Senate proper or. Wil not be Able to recognize it As the Hill he introduced into the lower Houie. Of each month. To. B. C. T. Ack tev com. At let. W v t u meets every thursday. Vns. Mrs a. 51. Meriac Secretary. Six Hundred Iowa miners have Pone of a strike refusing to accept a ten cent Cut in wages. Operators declare they will close their mines As the demoralized condition of the Trade will riot warrant them in paying old Price the republicans made a clean sweep of the City Oil ices at Davenport at the municipal election held last saturday the Victory was Complete every Republican candidate on the ticket being elected by handsome majorities. For Twenty years the democrats have had undisputed control Oft Beatty government. It is reported that the action of the u. S. Senate requesting Spain to spare the life of uen. Rivera has been heeded the Cir chios. Sundays at 11 a in. And to Iio p m. League Leutina at prayer meeting thursday a veiling. W. Ito Bissoux pastor. Stirs Church Frencl is sunday at 11 n m. And a m. Christian and Caver meet in prayer meeting v Cune Suai nine. Will Walters. Pastor. Tike preaching sundays at . And p. M. Conns Peoples meeting at . I prayer meeting to Silay . Iless pastor. Port also states that Gen. Weyler is furious at the action of his government and that a will try and have the order revoked. every 1st sunday m each Nontha Lla. In. And p. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. In. Services Lieut. M the Union school Hoyc. H. Of cart Pictor. City of Lucri. Mayor Joseph Wiloth recorder 11 b Kojo Ukran i treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore marshal Willard Stroud c Darla not we Fletcher ii Rosenkrans a it Meier Chas Weber it Sluggett Union township school Cunard president Geo to Ruseell. h b sies treasurer. Join Debec toils Niclot Standt Larry Packman e 1 Walster Lew Laman. Erheart Davis. B Mari soon no 7 John Bates 8 Tamos Parchur ceo v of sell 10 Sim Shaffer. 11 Piil Sulu. Ricott of slicers. h. Sour Coli enables George heed Ellis i Lasc town trowel Garber w Witter Miles Marth and Richmeier. Scott township school Hoard. Tips ident Tohati Bishop Secretary treasurer Chanes Ujj Merrick Jike Cooks 1 John Bishop 5 Brace Ward. 1 e w Gerber 6 dec Spaulding i cans t scr 7 j Cunningham 4 John Ahart s j w Jeffrey. 9 John Losee. The legislature now has before it a Bill providing for the publication an notation and copyrighting the committee having the matter in charge has Caref Tilv considered the matter and has reached the conclusion that the state has the right to copyright the new work. The Bill provides that the new code shall be sold to the Public at a Price not exceeding per copy the old code Cost the Cost of the new code to the state is expected to be about 00 per copy. Terns. But if this writer is convinced when u duty paying import has to Foj j oof m i a mint Man product the duty is paid not by the consumer but by the foreign producer or , to Ere is a vast difference Between them. If this latter hypothesis be True the exporters of great Britain Are contributing enormous sums to the revenues of other countries which contribute Little or nothing in return to British revenues. In the last Twenty years British those to British amounted in round numbers to if Only 10 per cent of that Low pail n duties out of the profits of British manufacturers tiie British contribution to the Revenue of foreign countries been and in the Sadie time British Consul Lieis have paid in duties on Tea Coffee fruits and tobacco alone Over the writer has challenged the cob Den club to disprove the correctness of his argument but that discreet body has declined the undertaking failing that he has conducted extensive Iti quiries Amone British merchants. To has asked exporters la the chief manufacturing districts whether they or Lam foreign Consumers foreign goods while the trip is being considered in the Senate the doubt will be sufficient to scare off the inclined importers. There ate reasons to believe that tue Senate May Surprise j the country by disposing of the Tariff j Bill in a much Shorter time than has i been prod into a lending democratic told a personal Friend that he i saw no reason Why the Bill could not be disposed of Iii in sixty Days and 1 would not be surprised to see it done in much less time. The dinner Iriven this week in Honor of chairman dab cock of the Hep Bli can congressional Campaign committee was a notable event. Chairman manna and Many of the who helped to win the list Weie on hand to share in the rejoicing. Judge .1. Franklin fort of Newark n. J., was the Toast master with chairman cock seated on one Side of him and chairman manna on the other. Over i Weir Iii Iii a Inge plaster Lac simile of a Jold Dollar and above thai a gilded plow Protu the Bea n of win ii hang a placard bearing the inscription j Money of the Plo Holder should be As Good a the Money of the Bond senator Pritchard who is chairman of the civil service committee has been directed by the Senate to investigate the administration of the civil service Law say on the subject. "1 shall insist upon an honest and thorough inquiry. T not believe that the republicans want to absolutely wipe off the civil service Lav Protu the statute books i know that i not but 1 believe that the administration of the Law can be corrected and to this end 1 Wil Bend jul Oil energies believing that i will be supported by the Best people of the country. I am not in favor of Al lowing incompetent persons to remain in office under the Protection of the civil service Law. This is done entirely too much. 1 have known of cases where discharged persons have Ina i Hamm tug Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price we not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away your old Wicks used Vath poor Oil and try our new Wick and Vou will Oil a More yours for Mutual Benefit never have uth your lamps. Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a a rites i regular subscriber who Las it for Many years of the twee a week Issue of the be Democrat paid the duties levied by countries upon their goods. Of thus asked 530 replied that they the British manufacturers and exporters had to pay them and Only one replied the foreign Consumers had to pay the solitary answer came from the English Branch House of an american bicycle factory and was coupled with the re Mark u britishers Are the biggest fools in the world Why Dou t you put on the 531 Manu Lattur successors to fill their senator will doubtless receive the of very body who opposes the introduction of nefarious and demoralizing lottery methods into the business world for having taken a step towards checking the evil by introducing a Bill making it unlawful for any person or firm the business of procuring u. S. Patents to offer or award to inventors or others any Premium or prize in connection with any alleged Competition of inventors the Patent business is one id which the u. S government is directly ers who declared that they and not interested and if the men who act As the state has Money. This lorning s count showed 867.10 Cash on hand. Deputy auditor Ole 0 Hoe and the auditor s bookkeeper b. F. Rehkopf settled with the state treasurer this morning and found the Cash in the Treasury follows Gash in office 507. 70 Cash in Banks Bonds total Cash Agri. College mtg. The foreign had to pay the Tariff including leading firms in the Cotton Wool silk Iron cutlery and a dozen or More other important trades. In the face of that the Cobden club still keeps up its piping when fair traders say British goods arc est Luje from the world s markets by Tion iat tariffs they state that protect which is i agents or middlemen Between the in ventors and the Patent attorneys and not honorable enough conduct their business on a plane above that of a gambling lottery the should be compelled by Law to i of. The title of senator flan Brough s Bill tells its own Story a Bill to prevent inventors and c. Shenvi. F. Clyde. Terms of court monday in .innnp.rr, 1st Jon any in my 2nd monday in pc Tenil or. Ind in 5 Ovi a bar. Lioi ird of it twins , cd Virmati cloy Phillip shill to a Carlile Korfe Timothy pippin a Rockford b. S. Mcchester of add 3. C. Merrill beg liw Tocu Tings Mont no in january. April. June and september and monday in november. County of this amount 07 is in the either. State University special tax of one-1, tenth of a Mill. It is estimated to pro Duce per year so the april pay rams by county treasurers will probably bring in More. J since january 4, 1j-97, treasurer j absurdly now Little that in j others from Home deceived Amine Bel tved by serious statesmen is to be Fraude by alleged Patent attorneys perceived in the recent address of lord Salisbury to the Cha tubers of Commerce in which he spoke feelingly of that stifling hand of hostile Tariff which causes to know that when we hear that a territory has fallen into foreign occupation it is really robbed from British and lord sails a a joint Resolution hag been offered by representative Heatwole of minn1, providing for the creation of a banking and currency Tomn Littion to and report to Congress at the regular Washington letter. Time ago expressed himself As favourable to this idea Hon. H. Clan the new com missioner of pensions is in washing ton. His like All others yet made by president ? Washington april 1897. J general satisfaction to republicans tres arc clerk of the courts. Recorder superintendent stat Vayor Coanta attorney Coroner ca.4 it Urr Willard i Cirin c. W. Knickerbocker township officers. of Llic Pacu e p Wahoo. U 1 Jav constables Charles t lies it h c Esrland numerous Well deserved congratulations Harriott has paid 4f of warrants a Large part of which were on that had been drawing inter est. It is estimated that the state will be Able to pay off nearly half of its present debt by May 1, when the Good work annual payment of taxes Are in. It will in the t require Between and doubt about the chairman Dingley is acc living especially to his ild army comrades the selection of or. Frank w. Pal on his having successfully corned out j Riner of Illinois while apparently in the Tariff programme to the letter and j conflict with the president s the Only regret is that there in t a re-1 not to appoint to the prominent Posi Publ an majority in the Senate to tons the same men who held them in tier Gen. Harrison except under extraordinary circa Iii Tancey is not in reality the Sircum in the House. There in t the Senati pass 000 to pay the members of the j ing the Lacroia about the stance in or. 3r s Case were Tare when they adjourn. The j of it May be j record As Public Printer and and other expenses Are something Over j of to get it i the number of prominent republicans per month. Along in the summer and fall when lie reel Pat county treasurers and other sources Are Small the debt that body Kven admitting that the including Gen. Harrison who asked amendment adopted by the j for in reappointment. Ing the duties prescribed in the using lev j a eau is of Republican senators this go in of e Leet apri 1, is of j to attempt to is the i mid this is the a enlist of its More than half a million is of Eyhild All co111 Pai Igro ii. Thu biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in America. It in politics luit if is above All a and of Ives All sic i Ompy accurately and impartially. It is in dispensable to tiie merchant or professional run of keep thoroughly posted. But has not time to read a Lanie daily paper. While its great variety of Well selected a Coidin matter makes it an 1nvalua 1jle Home and family paper. Two papers every eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar Tor one year. Sample copies for co., St. Louis to. Tax Sale notice. A transaction Suni till Lar. L red i Muu i. Ills Aio liver. Cd .1 Der jail Nuu live frn Niqui tonic Are Bill is r Ivy i to Day Sai Pic Piid Frau. V los Ciss l c i to mire to Jjo Ore Orin Wallace and All Ouirt of the estate of John Wallace dec you Are hereby notified that on lit i. Ii in of dec., a d., 1s3c. The treasurer of Floyd Chi Init. Iowa at a Las Inki enat the court House in Charles City in said county sold the j follow ing described real estate situated in a Iid county to John Gates for the Delius inc ii u to Iva list Reou s. K of x. W. Of x. E of Section in. 20, town a Hippo. 17. Anil twist the right of redemption will j expire and deed up made by the treasurer of said c said pie Niesp to the . To the stuuts in Surh Esse made and provided unless redemption from such Sale be Mowle Nin Ftp Daja of the service of tins Cotie. Marble Rock Mirch 25th. 1 in Siless. Are the heroes of Iii world. Thousands on thousands of them endure the torture of tiie ills Tiec Tillar to in Vic silence Home. A Jucy suffer on l the f to a of Aud torture is i n t features in the Sallow Skaj in the list less eyes in the line of care Ivory on the face. Inborn modesty Sells they prefer Oniu to humiliation. A it Lom made Ihetu belies g the Only Hope of want Ethan idea we think i isl Ataie however Lias done into the exposure of Examina Tion Aud local take ten cases of female and in nine of them local treatment is unnecessary there is no Ica Sou Why modest sensitive women should sub Mit to it. W3necfca3dui is a vegetable wine. It a ton Der fully Healing strengthening and soot i ing influence Over the organs of woman kind. It invigorates and stimulates the system. It is almost infallible in curing Tho Peculiar weaknesses iroc and of woman. Year after year in the privacy i will probably increase a title. The kit Ful it i. Still a Good committee vacancies and the of from the eyes of every thins and will go far towards accorn mint will be Nia in by a committee a polishing its preventing our pointed by senator Allison chairmen daily Iowa capital april 5. In a facets being overloaded with foreign j of the caucus. Wt5te of cab i it for 81-0 in Meir Fiao soil it. . To m. Ilbra Ramon. Now m. Wei let yom Are hereby no Lilied that there Iann file in the office of the clerk of the District c Liburt of Floyd , the Letitio of tiie plaintiff is Eilson re asking Couil thai u certain real state inn Mirage on Hie a of the Portl. Of xo.2s i . No. Of hinge to. 18, West in Floyd county ii urn. For and i Cut Iii Brett a favor of m. on May 21. 187o anal recorded in Bonk j we 427, of real Jas Date Charles Ity. Iowa on 21.1875, be cancelled f record and Lor any other Relief. You Are Rio tried that unless you linear thereto ar.ilc fend before noon of second Day of Trio Tfir. Of said court of said Floyd county to be commenced at House in on Tho 3rd Day of a. D., default will he entered against Lousinda decree rendered thereof As prayed. Veils of Moore plaintiff. you want employment at Home or travelling with Good pay occupation. You ran work All or a rtt Iroe. And the work is Light and the Hawks Nursery company i 4aio. Milwaukee. Wi5

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