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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H. B. Lies sos up wishers. Marble Rock Iowa. In a thunderstorm to Lillie Are some curious people at and they cuter ?ni7? is to a safest thing to do a thunderstorm. experience of their Quuinn Ness in this respect was a very Brit of one. But my recollections of it Are remarkably vivid and distinct. I went Down to Bessing to spend a fortnight s vacation with my aunt Esther Aud the thunderstorm tool place on the morning after Tuy some what a udder arrival. Immediately after breakfast tie atmosphere be came hushed and sullen while Clouds of a heavy bluish complexion gathered overhead. aunt viewed these omens with Manifest uneasiness natural 1 thought in a nervous old lady. Presently she left me to myself Aud i re tired to my own room to write a letter or two. This took me about an hour and the storm was still gathering when i had finished. The hush which prevailed without seemed to have found its Way to the inmost quarters of my aunt s House hold for there was not a sound to be Leard anywhere. After some trouble discovered aunt Esther in the Library. Fast closed. The expression she wore was one of intense pain. Good gracious i cried what on Earth is the she opened her eyes suddenly. she said mildly How you startled me there is nothing the matter. It is the the yes. 1 am very nervous about Thun Der and 1 have found that the Best tiling to do is to try to forget it. I sit Down with my t 3 is closed and try to concentrate my thoughts upon some thing else. Indeed i have found this plan most a 1 asked. And Are All your servants doing the answered the old lady gravely. I have ordered them to do this accounted for the prevailing silence. The Cook the housemaid and probably the Gardener were All sitting Down in the Kitchen with their eyes closed trying hard to concentrate their thoughts on anything but the storm. Before i had a trite realized this aunt Esther went on i am not so foolish As some people about Thunder. I know one person who refuses to stay in the House at such times because there Are so Many steel articles about her. Mine How Ever is a Good plan and i give my serv ants the full Benefit of it. I think har in another moment she might have ordered me to follow the general example so i left the room hastily. I sat Down in the Hall for a few moments to enjoy the vision which her words had suggested then i took Ruy travelling Cap from the stand and went into the Garden. Aunt Esther s Garden which i had not seen for some ten years was an extensive and old fashioned one with wide walks and the privacy secured by High Stone Walls. On reaching the further end i found that the House be Hind me was quite hidden from View by the abundance of foliage. Before me was the Wall covered by peach and Pear Trees and against the Wall stood a Light hand ladder. The Gardener had left it there when he had been called in to concentrate his mind upon some thing else. I Felt an Idle curiosity to know what was on the other Side of the Wall. Probably i should find a Field or per haps another Garden. With cautious Steps i began to mount the ladder. I am inquisitive by nature. Slowly my head Rose above the Wall. It was a Large Garden that came into View with a House halt concealed among the Trees. Everything was very still and there seemed to be nobody about. I raised myself another step to to make a closer scrutiny. Then i gave a Start and for a moment Drew Back. It was Only for a moment for then with increasing bold Ness i was peering Down at the scene which had startled me. Just below built against the Wall. Was a kind of rustic summer House. It was n won lot for Phi the ornamental bark so frequently used for Flower boxes. There was no floor but it was open at the end and within i could Sec a couple of tall car pet chairs and a Wicker table. On the table Lay two books one of them open and in one of a lady. The Ino she was fast asleep the second that she was Young and Young and decidedly for some seconds i could Only gaze helplessly. She sat leaning Back with her face turned in my direction and the Tain o Shanter Cap set daintily upon her head. Her Loveless hands were beautifully White and Small. When i had observed All these Points i mounted a step higher let me say Here that i am shockingly susceptible and exceedingly roman tic. The sound of a girl s voice the very Rustle of her skirts can always set my pulse in rapid motion while i am prepared to read the opening of a Romance in a simple Chance meeting or in the commonest everyday remark. As a Rule i am shy and reserved but like some other men of this character. I can occasionally act in an absolutely reckless and daredevil Way. These facts must be taken in explanation of toy further conduct. I Apon that picture for an minute. Then i mounted i other step. Again i gazed for a space incl then i found myself sealed astride the Wall. By this time the spirit of adventure was in me. And i was capable of any madness. A thousand foolish and romantic fancies came Rushing to my brain. 1 was already i love who and what the Sleeper was her name nature and those things had nothing to do with tie Matte. Happy Clince and a providential thunderstorm had led me to the spot. The same thunderstorm no doubt had sent her to sleep with the Book open before her. I looked the ground carefully Over but there was no sign of life. While 1 was doing this i thought i Licau the Sleeper stir but win i glanced quickly Down she was As still As Ever. With perfect caution i lifted the ladder Over and i let it Down on the other Side. A moment later 1 was in the Entrance to the summer House. Save for the breathing of the Sleeper the stillness was almost painful. It occurred to me once to wonder what she would say if she found me there but i die not trouble to answer the question. 1 had read of similar cases before and everything always came out nicely. Of course she would see at once the Romance and Beauty of the situation. I Felt quite sure of this when 1 saw that the volume before her was a volume of Tennyson open at the coming of my own name is Arthur Simp son. She was absolutely charming. Be Neath the rakish Cap stray curls of dark Glossy hair wandered Down to the Graceful Little ears and about the Pale and the lips were closed just a trifle too firmly for perfect repose but that Only seemed to increase the Charm. I did not gaze too earnestly. Fearing to disturb her and presently took up the other Book which Lay on the table. It was a Morocco bound autograph album with the majority of the leaves empty. I turned them silently to read a number of unfamiliar names and commonplace quotations. While i was doing this a Bright idea came to me full of the spirit of Romance. 1 would write something in the album As i searched for my Pencil i decided what this something should be. Ing1 a vacant Page i quickly Drew upon it the outline of a heart. Within this i wrote the name when she awoke after i had gone she would Lind this Symbol and know that her Prince had been with her. 1 would leave the Book open at that place. Prince As i Laid the Book Down an other thought flashed to my mind. It made my heart beat madly and sent the hot blood Rushing to my Cheeks. Here was the sleeping was Prince. There was one thing wanted to make the Story whole. One thing. Somehow i Felt that it would not Waken her otherwise perhaps i should not have dared. But her slumber was sound and i was Strung to the High Cost pitch of reckless excitement. No it would not Waken her. It would be but a touch. With intense caution i Drew nearer. There was no difficulty whatever for her face was turned toward me. I trembled As i Bent Down the fragrance of her breath was in my face Aud then it was just a Touli and nothing More. But it sent a tremor through her Frame As from a Shock. For a breath less moment i stood still behind her chair and then i saw the madness the utter Folly of what i had done. I had a vague thought of police and turned cold with fear. Good i said to myself that was the maddest thing a. Man Ever i walked twice around the Garden to quiet my nerves and then went indoors. With the Relief of my sudden panic came the desire to know More of my sleeping Beauty. The Romance had begun Well and now it should move Forward. I had some twelve Days in which to work it out. Naturally i had forgotten All about the thunderstorm and now i found that it had passed Over without break ing. The skies were clearer and my aunt had gone to the Kitchen to make arrangements for luncheon. As soon As she came Back i opened the subject. Aunt i said whose is the Garden next to yours when i looked Over the Wall i saw a Young woman sitting in a Little summer House fast. or aunt seemed surprised. She said. That is St ranch. Tint it must have been mrs. j mrs. I gasped. Said aunt Esther quietly. She is the person i was about to Tell you of this morning. When there in Thunder about she dare not stay in the House because Are so Many steel articles in it. She goes to that i dict Little summer House Tiutin the storm is 01 or. But she could hardly have gone to sleep there she would be too i Felt a horrible sensation of bewilderment. I cried helplessly this was quite a Young girl. She was not mrs. said my aunt nodding a just 20. She was married six months ago. There is no other Young woman these measured words struck me with dumbness. Aunt Esther looked j at my face with increasing Surprise. And seemed just about to ask a ques Tion when a noisy interruption took place. The front door Bell was rung with an alarming Clang Clang Clang eloquent of haste and urgency. We heard the housemaid running to the door and then there was a sound of Roxcea. We listened and waited my aunt in Surprise myself in growing built and Star. In a moment the housemaid knocked Aad entered. Of you please she said excitedly or. 1 Outingdale a compliments and can you run Over to so mrs. Virti Nyale she has had a fright in the Garden and my aunt Rose in agitation but she was not the one to delay a kindness for tilt Sake of asking questions. Dear me dear she said in Dis Tress. It must have been the Thun Der. Ask the girl to wait Mary and i go Back with tie messenger was taken to the Kitchen to Tell her Story at greater Lon Irth. While aunt Esther hurried up stairs for Hir Bonnet and Mantle live minutes later she came Down and left he House with the girl. As soon As she bad disappeared 1 went to find the housemaid. 1 hastily what did the girl Tell you what is wrong with mrs. I Ort and Mary told me pleased to find an interested listener. The first part of the Story was exactly As i expected to find it. Mrs. Porting Dale had gone to the summer House because of the Thun de storm. And had taken a couple of books with her. The heaviness of the air had Given her a headache and she had closed her eyes for awhile to rest them. Presently a slight sound had disturbed her and looking up she had seen a most terrifying sight. It was a Lunatic Aid Mary sitting on the Wall and looking round the Garden so eager and fierce Ike it made the poor lady s blood run Cobl to Sec him. She knew at once that he must have escaped from the Asylum because he was a strange face Tii Iii s iiuppoij1111 rally. So she shut her eyes fast know ing As her Only Chance was to pretend to be asleep. Then he got Down off the Wall she almost dying of fear. It must have been awful then she peeped again Between her eyelashes and there was the madman grinning silly like Over her books. After that he was still so Long that she expected every second that he would Spring at her but he did t. What do think he did who i gasped falsely and painfully. Well sir Mary blushed at this Point even in her excitement. Fancy being kissed by a Lunatic. It sent cold Shivers All through the poor woman and indeed it must have been a horrible feeling but she did t stir a Finger. Then there was quiet of Long that she made bold to Peep again audio and be hold he was clean gone. Then she fainted right away and did t come of until her husband found her. And after she had told them All about it she had another faint. So or. Port Inadale sent round for our mistress to go there at once. And that s All i know about it. it was quite sufficient. I dismissed Mary and sat Down in a state of mind which it is impossible to describe. A married inn inn t in Miff or if. I had been a Lunatic indeed perhaps at that very moment the poor woman was giving a full and a c Lafe of Niy person to an inspector of police and to my appalled either t sprang from the chair and rushed to my room. I have packed quickly on various occasions but never so quickly As i did this time. An Omni bus passed the door once in every half hour Aud i watched from my window for its appearance at the head of the Road. When it came in sight i ran downstairs with my bag in my hand. Mary was the Only one to see to go. I left her with a confused impression that an urgent Telegram come for me. And that a strike had taken place in my department at the general Post office. Before she could utter a question i had passed the outer Gates and hailed the omnibus. Twenty minutes later i was at the railway station. For wedding and funeral. A. Queer of East Wuo arrant re Tor their own Siuri Iii. A queer East Pennsylvania custom prevails among German Farmers. Carly All the people eld and Young have their shrouds and grave clothes All ready when death conies. The old people especially have All arrange ments for their funeral made Aud writ Teno urinal details. Indeed itis Acom non thing to find a special Bureau Rorr w r Sot no int in rave clothes. One custom is to keep every vestige of the wedding outfit for the interment apparel. Gown and undergarments Are in Many cases worn but once by the Bride and then Laid away to wait for her death. Gray silk is much in in fashion s realm. Pretty trifles that will lie wow with the As t have already said there no people at Bessing on sea who live curious ideas As to what is the Best thing to do in a thunderstorm. It is to their quaintness in this respect that i owe the vivid and painful experience related above. I had not the courage to write to my aunt but in a few Days received a note from her. The affair had developed to any great extent after All. As no patient had escaped from the local Asylum and As mrs. Forming a e had Only very vague ideas As to the stranger s appearance people soon for. of. It asleep in the summer House and that her constant dread of lunatics had produced a kind of Nightmare. In a Feriv Days she inns persuaded to adopt tie same impression herself. Curiously enough. Aunt psf her was aisle to set her last doubt it. Rest by second hand evidence. Her dear Nephew old. From London who Only arrived Iho previous evening ail who had been called Back to town almost immediately had been walking in the Garden that morning and had chanced to look Over the Boundary Wall. There he had seen mrs. Porting Dale fast asleep and probably at that very moment in the throes of her awful dream. Aurit closed her letter with Hope that the she would read up in the daily paper As soon As she could find the place would Scon be Over so that i might run Down again to Complete my holi Day. I have no intention of going1. Though i May object to being called a Nightmare. I cannot help seeing that mrs. For Tingdale s last impression of her adventure is a very Satis factory one. She May revise it when she comes to examine her album but in the meantime i have no wish to disturb it by introducing her to the Lunatic to journal. Lor wedding gowns As the color 13 much preferred for burial Robes to White or Black. Where wedding gowns Are not saved the women folks make their own shrouds cutting them out sewing and trimming them. To borrow a shroud pattern is nothing unusual. It passes from farmhouse to farmhouse. Long Winter evenings Are taken up with get Ting grave clothes ready so that when a. Person Dies All Hie friends need do is 10 is pen the and find written instructions As to the place of burial the kind of grave and Cost m. The name of the minister who is to officiate the text of the Sermon the three hymns to be Sung the pall bearers the Gravestone and its inscription and All about the grave clothes. This fashion makes it very easy for the to arrangements. Rome old Farmers go so far As to state exactly which calf and How Many chickens shall be killed for the funeral dinner and who is to be hired to take care of teams and feed the horses of the visitors. Not Only do the elderly women pro vide a grave or death drawer but voting wives and Young girls do the same thing. They begin Early in life to accumulate their death Trousseau. Sometimes elaborately trimmed Gar ments stockings and slippers Are care fully wrapped in Oil paper and stowed away. At times some of the White Gar ments have become yellow with age. Silk wedding gowns it they lie in folds Are very Apt to go to pieces and for this reason such gowns Are placed in bags and Hung up on the Wall. On Rainy sunday afternoons Many a housewife on the 1 in Sylvania German farms spends an or so looking through her death drawer to Sec that nothing has been left unprovided for. It she attends a funeral and sees some thing new in the shape of a Collar piece of lace handkerchief eiderdown Blanket embroidery or anything else that May strike her fancy Shell buy it on her first visit to town and put it in her death drawer. Where a Young wife is especially fond of a certain perfume Shell buy a Small bottle the contents of. Which will be used when she is Bur the old folks will frequently Moke out a. List of Small articles they want placed in their Coflin such As an old prayer Book or testament spectacles or a thimble. One most unusual re quest was that a plate cup and Saucer knife Fork and spoon should be placed in an old woman s co in. She Hail used them for 70 years and did not wish any one else to use them when she was gone. This like All other requests found in the death drawers was faithfully car ried out. Some old people invariably direct that their old House dog shall be shot Ami buried afr the funeral. It is nothing tin usual to find a written re quest that a certain person shall sing a special Solo at the funeral either at the grave or during the taking of the final leave of the remains. Some re quest that their face shall be Well Cov ered before the coffin lid is screwed on for the last time. Others do not want this. The death drawers Are always kept locked but the family knows where the key is kept. Each drawer is regarded As sacred and no one save the owner for any consideration would venture to open it. The men folks occasionally have death repositories but they Are not so careful As the women Are. The of men have their wills and final instructions very carefully written out so that no mistake can be y. Bun. Capture Kusic. Lace boleros with Black velvet rib Bon run through them Are a useful As Well As effective addition to the bodice needing a fresh touch. Adjustable Stock collars have a place in the variegated display of neckwear and Are built in the Prin Ciple of the Pulley Belt with flexible Bone encased Between the Satin rib y lining. A ring is attached at either Side and ends drawn through these Are in a. Knot in a Short Bow with Long . Mercerized Canvas and Cotton grenadines treated with the same Alkali solution add variety to the extensive array of Cotton dress fabrics. They Are checked striped or covered with waved lines of varying soft colors and very pliable without being easily mussed. The pretty gloss which gives them a Silky appearance is their chief attraction. The latest advices from Paris hint at the waning popularity of jewelled Combs. Plain Combs have the Lead and these Are arranged As inconspicuously As possible. Black velvet ribbon in narrow widths is strikingly in evidence on Many of the new gowns in the form of straight bands rosettes or lattice work designs forming the Vest a por Tion of the sleeve or possible fan divisions on the lower half of the skirt. One revival of fashion is the White tulle Bow worn acc the Back of the neck of Light silk theater waists. The Bandana ties worn a few months ago Are supplanted by the softer and lighter tones of the per Sian patterns. One Point in favor of the new Spring hats is their lightness. Tulle in a new variety which is very durable Chiffon and Ace Straw Are the leading mate rials with the most exquisite coloured ribbons Flowers and fruits imaginable. Grapes and cherries Are the favorite fruits and As for Flowers there is every kind and color. Ulack Flowers on coloured tulle hats Are extremely stylish and then there Are toques made entirely of coloured leaves with a Bunch of roses at one Side. Toques Are the prevailing style of hat perhaps but there Are hats with fluted brims hats with Bell crowns ? with almost no crowns at All. Polka dots of Straw on Black rna lines formed into a Toque Are very effective. Straw applied to net and Laco applique on Straw Are especially pretty features of the new millinery. Y. Sun. Easily told. Could Julise of the time with the greatest accuracy. Of it occurred in judge Lawlor s court a few there was a i murder trial on and a policeman named Kiley Java san the wit s and relating the details of the trag Fly. Said or. Ferral who was acting As s counsel How Many minutes after Tae shooting d d he Man die or. Tiro minutes answered Tae witness without the least hesitation. I yen seem positive about the time re Nisi cd or. A Verai with the air 01 one no Tevi your ability to judge time. 1 i i hold j r. Re or iwo . Her you i Tii Ink like time up say the i Iii Iii held on the and stood examining the j a artfully. The policeman however did lot i "3 be worried at All at the tax upon his Nier Ai apparatus. He sat staring i i cantly about the room and at the exact Sec i end a Hon the two Cipu de. I Sphinx. I or. Kerral was the inc Ninny of the witness and who a As was Pra portion lately a his opponent s Cisco Nti Ture. Lie Chuck Ltd in a cd a Muir Way during the rest of the session. At the noon. I Jess he called Kiley to him and him on. Ibe said officer Kitcy. You Vass a . Dit you do Dart lit a Kizey a 013. Red would Cluck on thu to , Why i that was dead i Kiley will be Iraq disc a motives misunderstood. The mending Basket. To tons wives from n Consi Cucut ant Jority on Boit tie apron Ronns Ili Siery of it St Ell Yousik Stryiek a hotel Flork. There is a yours business Man who More hosiery than be knows what. To do with lie quite recently on a business trip and happened to Sion for a couple of Days in i i Adelphia. Lie wanted to get so Iii he 1101 fixed to pay for it and he had about the of tiie dude St and other freaks who Nia Page to pet some Brief notoriety because it their antics. To had ten dollars to spare on a. Scheme and he acc ordains y went to a bar pain Sale at which they had a lot of last sum Mer socks at 50 cents a pair. He spent the Money on these things Ard he went out of his Way to get the most outrageous combinations of color and the most bizarre effects that were in the p Ace. He succeeded won he Hail socks which made the Asphalt Side walks Eurl As they under extreme heat. His extremities fairly shrieked. Then he spent the Day in the corridor of the hotel sitting a a conspicuous place showing off the lie would Wear a pair for about 20 minutes go to room change and. Coining Down show ref another design for about the same time lie his for Alinosi in hours and Nairn Aily attracted finite a Good Deal of attention. Thai was ii wanted but he could not break into the the clerk when he Ivas paying his Bill said you u Ughi to Patent that asked the sock Man with in Anticipatory smile As he sex ducted Sonie Alk Tii his theme. Don t you Iio that for cold Burgh daily . Why americans win. J the Mart in by i Vilich the Uritis do vols Murchet in to Intel in British Devons the old Illoldy Hail the mis Fortune to lose the whole of their . to Weir Iii trn in cats. crossing a River Nuler the enemy s fire. A inter Noar Flushing they Opisso of in Battle to tie Icie Venth rear irent of the line in Liotus i Hoy routed in i Bayo net charge. An Gorijr tie spoils of Vic tory were the Bass Drums of the French the Ile Voni . That not their Only capture. also took prisoners the entire band of the for cinch eleventh consisting of had. their been pressed Liuio Napoleon s service1. The offered them their lib titty if they in Oulu Ronon Rice the serv ice of the French emperor and take the oath of allegiance to King George in. The prussian Bondsmen gladly consented and for the rest of the Campaign the Devons marched proudly in to Battle to the Inspirit ing strains of the Rev band which they had Cap tured from the enemy. Cincinnati . Shiv inc Oft. Every Lime a tries to show Oft is tire to go Cago Dale a cars. The clothing comes from the 2auiulry confide such of it us. Needs the a time to the Bas Ket. And by the work Basket 1 do not Antoan Iii liitle Basket Liolis Llic spool and thread and the Light sew ing material but a Basket Large Enon h to hold whatever needs to be repaired or whatever piece of unfinished work May be on hand. Never let an a amended article get Back into tie drawer of clothing that is ready for service. And when the repairs been made place the fresh article at the Bottom of its own pile. Us Init or your next occasion the articles c-3 top of the pile. In this Way Nona of the clothing will be allowed to ref Ivain in the drawer until it becomes yellow from of use and the Wear will about equal on the suits. One of stir objects is to dress Well and at the same time to avoid great accumulations of Good to be thrown away and not Good enough for comfortable use yet endured for Economy s Sake. Never fall into the mistake of sup that it a of no importance that any garments be Nice except those worn in sight. Fineness of texture dainties a of trimmings these can be dispensed with but perfect clean Liness and perfect wholeness Are in dispensable. There is an intangible ethical influence or As a Good coun try Mother put it there i a sight of Good manners comes jest with Bein dressed up. children always be have better in their Best she was right. Girl who Don t cart what pars Iovin i Mani for some Ether things that she ought not. To forget. That same Good country Mother to cd to say always Wear what you would be Willin to be brought Home to Viccii they a i Niiler they Don t. I Ianire anyone to 1 old it. c the Many reasons Why american Are so cum i Ling Iio occur red acc Enizy at of Spe was an but ii firt is made was Cist is your Price on this thins asked the in your . About ?19." replied the dots it Cost you " i ii a Xiver Ai your door a yen want at said lie in to you do the Amer . win div. across that a Sigur or Anacher. In t Tiki Othni Man on the Side t Aik the foot of the in America to Nave ladders Liat up by need a to hold _ eni. So you Sec. In this instance we Divide Yum Cost of labor exactly by i remarked the trial review. To California quickly comport a Lviv via . Union Pacific and North line. The Overland limited " i saves Chicago daily a. Arrives san Francisco the afternoon of third Day and los Ai Teles next morning. Cars. Ail meals in dining cars. Buffet smoking and Library cars Wii ii Barber. Best of the Pacific express it Ives daily p. M., first class and through tourist sleepers to califor Nia. Peison Aliy conducted every thursday. All agents be l tickets via Chi Fjon for in Farina Tirigi and Illust rate a pamphlet apply to ii. , 22 fifth Thi do Knirr , a a nest to ii kick i do to i ii2 if should Hap How a Lii tie boy was saved. J Noi majr dreadful Ever did Hap j pen out her children All grew in Eccl i ing that be More to to found in soiled or ragged Louis Globe Democrat. Toltec Bent together a half cupful of sugar arid the Yolks of Oliree eggs. Add to them slowly t to cupfuls of hot milk. I Cook this mixture in a double boiler i until it Thi earns. Remove from the fire and add a half Box of gelatine that has Soal cd for one hour in n cupful of Strong Coffee. Pour into a bowl and when it begins to set fold in carefully one cup of Cream that has been whipped stiff. Place on the ice and serve very y. Trib Une. Dried to Cook dried mushrooms cover them with water Over night. Thu next morning Cook them in the same water slowly for three quarters of an hour or until perfectly tender. Then butter Salt Ard Home journal Washington our boy was ? old he Ink. Tit with a rash which was though to be in a few Days he bad a swell ing on Tho . Is to of his and it was to be . He was Given medical Ait Fidance for about three a Vocks when the doctor in d it was scr Fula and ordered a lie to Lance the sore but i would not let him. And Contin Giviner him Medicine for about four months when the Bunch broke in two places and be came a sore. Wiiret doctors said it was scr Fula and in he or dered a blood Medicine. A neighbor told me of a Case somewhat like our baby s which was cured by Hood s Sarsaparilla. I decided to give it to my boy and in a Short while his health improved and his neck healed so nicely that. T stopped giving him the Medicine. The sore broke out How Ever whereupon i again gave him Hood s Sarsaparilla and its persistent use has accomplished a Complete joins. Noti in Chase it k St., n. E

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