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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaS 25. No. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa ask Al 5, 4 yeah i never have our efforts been so successfully accomplished in bringing together an assortment of merchandise to please or friends they this season. All the finest creations of our country Best manufactures have been brought together in this big store and arrayed most conveniently for your inspection. That you will be pleased with our selections we Are sure and Only ask that you come in look them Over. We will be pleased to receive a Call from you whether you wish to buy or not. We want you to feel at Home in our store. Our Milli ent has received special attention under supervision of the very Best trimmer pro curable. It filled up with hundreds of the prettiest most stylish hats that fashion can produce. Dry goods overflowing with the seasons most Beautiful productions. Plain and fancy Black dress goods trimmings laces Silks Etc. Our Wash fabrics Are the talk of the county and our shirt Waist and ladies tailor made skirts arc incomparable in this part of the state. We have just received from new York a Large invoice of ladies belts Pulley buckles ribbons and ornaments for same. Our clothing department our shoe department a Winner. There Are others this Spring Selling clothing one of our most attractive features. We bought our shoes Good ours some whose prices match there in t a store before the last big Advance in leather and sell them to you now in the whole county Selling the same Fine qualities at the same j at the same Price other merchants pay for them. Don t forget Low prices. Our Queen Quality in our crockery department we always have something new to show you and our groceries Are always fresh and wholesome. sat Clad trusting that we see you All we Are yours truly opening thursday Friday and saturday april 12, 13, and 14. Wilke mercantile co. What Are the agrarian coining to when Prussia sends to America Lor locomotives to enable German mechanics to study the principles involved. Tis not cannot euro everything. We Only cure dyspepsia indigestion. Constipation sick head ache and stomach roubles. Cald Well syrup pepsin rides the work and you can got it in Loc -50c or 00 size of a. Jasper co. Political parties in the District of Columbia Are at present sharply divided on the pro dog and anti dog question. The muzzling of Campus Issue there at present. Burning that throbs i would quickly leave you if you used King life pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their Inathe the census. To build up a great office like the census office in fifteen months from absolutely nothing to an efficient run Chine. Employing about three thousand men in Washington and about fifty the wheat reports show a product of Over forty bushels to the acre they Are suspicious and must be Laid aside for an expert to pass upon. But any such rules must vary with the cd too of the Cotin by. A yield of Twenty bushels in one Section might he More quit Ion thousand elsewhere in the country a i Able than a yield of Lorty Insko in difficult task and entire Success out a Lottiev hence the division must rom supervisor or tin Cut Nail remained on the roof until the j a million a Day increase in circuit Tor or the Fanner himself what the real facts were Indes rotted whereas with the steel lion id the record of the new currency wire Nail the blows Offalter ten if the Public will continue years. The main trouble with the steel to cooperate the card nest wire says the evening Post re id , this Effort will result j that it Emnot stand the weather ,.s the in a snort of farms i wrought Iron docs. This partly than has Ever been taken. Farmers. Caused by the Sid used in annealing arc Able to cooperate the wire before it i drawn which Bill up to Date. Hon Charles a. Towne has called k meeting of Silver republicans for july t it Kansas Uii. This surprising. Are there enough Silver republicans to fill a convention Hall of the question the office naturally in Advance what the Jansse of reports j than the repro in Vivus of any o her not be thoroughly cleared off. Can Ine i compares itself with the stage of preparation attained at the same period ten years and tried i y this test it has gained several months on its predecessor one of the problems be fore it How to put in thethus secured in such 3 Way most to Benefit the census. In the Al a Cultura division the need of for preliminary work perhaps in each part of the country and for j treat Industry. Ilc nes the census office each prop that May be accepted a prob can do More fur them thable on their and not requiring j centralized line of it can for which Nan water Het Arsenal show that Cut nails have proved to to per cent More when driven into not a cast Iron stomach course you Haven t. No one need have. Doctor Jal Jwell syrup pepsin Ruedy prepared on purpose for stomach troubles weak stomach sour stomach special Exa Iii nation to the limits i and do make their own investigations j woo l with nails hut the Bright 1 or Little stomach or less merits for sick and nervous head great anywhere in the census iches they mate pure blood and build up your health Only 25 cents. Money Back if not cured. Sold by a. J. Asp co druggist. Ii it True asserted that the labor troubles in the country have been stirred no and fostered by democratic leaders Lor Campaign it Dif office. Banners a class do not of Piombi Bibity for this purpose Tor each county in the United states that . The maximum and minimum yield and the no Siumui and minimum Price which May be accepted without verification the object of an extensive Cor Respondence now being earned on by the agricultural divison under the and it will do its to present a full j and cheaper wire Unnik soon succeeded and accurate of this leading occupation the director of Hie Cen Oija Ini cres cd Taid the work. Lukl u things Best the Bee i no the keep their accounts Well Scanu direction of or l a Powers chief fact users and die returns from Farmers statistician in Char a of that .1 Best Abri Iii Hare. Which a trained 030 will at once detect. Hence the farm schedules be examined and such errors corrected be l i u the tables can be made up from to Sav what punishment should j of Hiseville. O three simple schedules have been pro j bitters have pared and printed on different coloured i Vou know Why most Ili Caes begin it i. A Lead writes Seii in i Yea in a croat difference in Cut . The Chr Router a in drive and irregularities caused irom or constipation. They can be permanently and thoroughly cured by the use of or f Aldwell syrup pepsin which wire nails of handily to return to Iho size3i 50cts Cut miss Unk r-5 specification i actually i 1 01 and sold by a. J. Asper 4 ref uric it and the demands Lor Cut go. Nails Are coming largely from a steel wire Combine i pc ill Uail made an Vai Section i cd nil Over. These Aro guaranteed to j outlast any Nail in paper in order that they maybe readily i no liver kidney distinguished one from another. One of them covers Ordinary Jirden pc j ters to hrs up Stoma ii Cli or an 1 ii Sivels. Purifies be ii eled out to them the misery j and crime which will assuredly Fol Low. Them with safety ii a Farmer reports j Tallec a covers and that his land sown to wheat was ten i the drop j m in Mac i. Bowels blood Ami electric b u i Latch purities the Buloti. The nerves hence i Tii Tiu a. It Buzun acres and the yield four thousand i he urls of cml up to entire i it new i it Pirir inf a Are ran a i i i i into any weak sickly rundown a c tar Uniac an average played and the net Price , and j a yield of four Nundice Bushel i who ni0ro film Soki Larsie sores on my Little 10 the acre incredible and Viust be or Apoc Field and for head developed a Case of scald j reject of or corrected in accordance with to inf Iho Ami head writes c. D Isbill of Mou an ask for the and it l u i i e i the probabilities Boine titles tvs truth in ton. Lenn., but Bucklen Arnica Salve v Lowes. Siciu of crop i completely cared her. It a guano be made out by an expert Rosu schedules Aro being mailed to Promin teed cure for eczema Tetter Salt j comparison with entries in other parts ent Farmers All Over the country and in Iii. A Irreg Cut Iii i revival. I on Cut Nail Fob i. I Sasin syrup co ilunliu1 j had Boon trouble until about two pc Ais when 1 or. Cavil Wail Bavo Lound it Ili Only or indy to five no permanent Relief and i Chour fully recommend Ita to anyone in j of such a remely. Very i ully yours inv. A nto the Industry of making i j Asper it co icon and having Iii Lri 1 ctr i to ii by a j Spur co. Objection to wire nails. Iti Radii option o i i rnai up soul Rhet a pimples Dores ulcers and of the schedules Soui times correspond pro i phys. A. X Cnoc he the returns have if Winter lingers much longer in j under the Senera head been received and a scheme Cut Nail Bur now the the an 1 Cit fire the Nomina Spring Lap. She will be justified in j of the schedules and the win be nude from them of what to hops Aro i i Jinji Niichi cry i lion in his a hat pin on Huo. His Liuio was agricultural division to give All be a Mac and and Tir Wilities the i i n j the tire to of verify Wila to to probed farther the Only Crea Oci by the fact i Cuba should be Solei Bulj warned j los cach of tiie furl aim of the office i to net what was that Inglis tint i arc f3stenc- i d she not Model her coming Lea to Tai i the time intention o1 i a scr in Roo f 7 a t elect on the Kentucky plan. Allowed the wors of Hundred half with car Bio a in Oft an i1 it might be Well Tor Cen. Ind clerks wi-1 be and Bey Aiu to n Ean ire greatly office tint. I a i ii Sci poo i Iii of Sun 5 . V of Tny so t no str or. Nor in Pretoria prediction j or Esaw ple. told u Heidi j ,0 Seirn 1 tic Ahins fut Tud wit ii thu mov or m your Rion map he w in if co. -1. Biggest reduction Ever made on pm Topps in greens. Mantic to cab. Slatum ?2.oo was 3 50 Standard -2 00 was -3.00 Standard was cd Tim i0 00 Oil to in proportion. No reduction in Quality of work. This offer Good until May i 1900. 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