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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - April 2, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 21 no. 34. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa april is90. Terms a year cd Pound liquid Sulphur colera cure ii a thug thousands of dollars for banners. Thoroughly tested in the wont cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of be Washington letter. March Lio Crai Harris of s in you Eress arc unanimous in declaring that there is no truth in the report Bat Tod the Only guaranteed remedy there was a combination to bring about Ever placed on the Market Lor the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Tarry or ran afford 10 be with out compound liquid Sulphur 1 Hole a Jure. Nut Only the Best but cheap tit rented on the Market cos ing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day or hop. For Sale by a co. Bead our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dis com relics. Sundays 11 a m. V. M Epworth league at Potjer meeting thursday veiling. W. W. Cum Naos pastor. I Torch or caching sunday at 11 a. U. And Christian kind buyer it 6-30 p. In. Prayer Meetins wednesday eve Ning. 3. Walters. 1 actor. I Kee sundays at 11 a. M. P. In. Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday Eie Wiuff. . Evora sunday in Kwh month at 11 a. M. P. In. Sunday to lion every Sunda at 10 a m. Services had. In the Union school House. 31. Giant pastor. Societies. A. F. A. M. A if. A a. Stone Lodge no. 251. Age near wednesday on or before fall Moon. Brothers la Good Sta iding cordially invited to attend. To blurt gusset. It. M. S. Ii Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Rock Louie so. 362, meets to Lureda. Evenou h. Liu relay of Eark week. Visitors cordially limited. A. A Meier. X. 0. See. Lar Lodge. Meets tuesday Csc Ujiie each week. Vit Ding Bret Brun invited. K. C. C k. Of r. B. I. L. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday in each month in Odd fellow Hall. L. Of. Pros. It. 3. Anklet Kec. See. W. K. C. Meets at the Home of Stewart the let and w thursday of each month o clock p. M. Mrs. K. A Stewart pres. Jlr8. Asrun Sec to. A k. Marble sock Post to. 306, first saturday of each Mouth. To. B. Cab tree. A Flat. W c t u meets every thursday. , president. A. A. , secret any. Bis nomination at St tentative Henry of Louis. Indiana Kep re says there is absolutely nothing in the stories so far As 1 know and i am in constant communication with those who would be first to know of such a move and representative Hanly of the same state said the people of Indiana have always taken Gen. Harri son at his word. They believe implicitly in what he says because they know be is not a demagogue or a trick Ster. Of course we would All like very much to see general Harrison presi Dent again but we Are not planning to have him nominated. Should there be a Long drawn out fight in the Conven Tion la u sea Diouk Geu. Larn Sou s name might be suggested. That however is Only a possibility not a probability. When the time comes the Indiana delegation will act As men and other Indiana republicans in Washington talk the same Way. Senator Platt was perfectly serious when he offered his Resolution provid ing for the adjournment of Congress on May 2nd. Speaking of it he said it is perfectly Clear that there will be no important legislation during the session except that embraced in the appropriation Bills which ought to be All Dis posed of before the Date mentioned this being tue Case we should begin to Bok to adjournment. 1 see no reason for remaining Here merely for the Pur pose of introducing and talking upon agitating resolutions and am persuaded that the country would under the circumstances be letter satisfied to have us at Home than to Hare us or. Platt s Reso ution was referred to the appropriations committee. While it is i judicial Burr John c. Sherwin. Of court-4th monday la january 1st londay in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Lio Arti of Lucius Lane chairman Charles City Phillip Shultz Marble Rocic Rockford Timothy pippin 8. Chi Tweeter j. C. Merll meetings 1st monday in january Rudd files april june and september Sod londay in november. County auditor treasurer clerk of the courts. Recorder superintendent Surveyor Coa Fety attorney Coroner officers. George s Blanford Cash St. A. I. Merriman . I Jackenbush it. f. A. Roziene Frank Lingef elder c. W. Knickerbocker township justices of the peace e p Wulster. Sii Davit constables diaries t Bex k e tit Cuell c Dhand c or Bowman and j q Kerf eld. City officers. Joseph Wiloth recorder 11 b Rosenkrans treasurer. J Martin Strait commissioner. C. F. Team orc Jun Hal. Willed Strond h c Dpi Ltd we Fletcher u Bor Ahnna a u Meier Chas h Nuggett Union township school boned. President go w ens sell. Sec fetus. L b lies to Rawner. Join by rectors 1 Nick Standt Madison Blue i 7 John Gates e p 8 James Parcher 4 Lew inned ceo w Knisell i 10 Sam Shaffer. _ a Phil Shultz. Lcou town help Olcen. O x Hildwin. Vol Nev been Leoy town t w Sicko Bop. Steven Kinney w w Witter and or Tavra. Coins Pittee had Only to report m favor of the original Senate resolutions and re f t t 1 Nous Cru the incident without giving the pc Eua tots who had been talking against the resolutions any further Chance at them. And after All the difference Between the Flous resolutions and the Senate resolutions consists mostly of phraseology speaker need s supporters Are be ginning to display much activity in pushing his claims for the presidential nomination and they Are predicting that he will shortly demonstrate an amount of strength that will be sur prising to sonic people. As a Rule the speaker s friends seem to think the nomination will not be settled until a number of ballots Are taken by the convention and they Are counting upon his staying Powers to wic. Nov. Jjck Kinley s supporters express Confidence that he will win inside of three ballots of the other Dales Hope for a deadlock Between Mckinley and Reed to give their Man a Chance to win it is getting very in Verestin. Discovery saved ills like. Jar. G. Caillouette. Druggist beavers Ville 111., says to or. King s new discovery 1 owe my life taken with la Grippe and tried All the physicians Lor Miles about but of in Avail and was Fiven up and told that i could not live. Nav bag or. King s new discovery in my store i sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better and after using three bottles was up and about it is Worth its weight in Gold. We won t keep store or House without it. Get a free trial bottle at a. J. Asper go s drug stors if passed be a step toward the solution of the Rural school problem. Des Moines letter both Bouses of the legislature Are working very hard. Sessions Are being held regularly Aud a tremendous amount of business is being done a very Large part of it being tie Andes Nite postponement of Bills. J. W. Be Rcpt Ted to the Senate by that com c. T. Aikley com. Tin Stoa with quite As Early a Date for adjournment As that set by or. Platt the opinion a general among republicans in Congress that unless some new complication arises to prevent adjourn aunt will occur before the first of Jane. Many regard the Bill this week introduced by Lle presen Active Hepburn of Iowa providing for a government com Mission of five engineers to report upon the Best practicable route for a ship Casol with a depth of 28 feet connect ing the great lakes with the Atlantic Ocean As one of the most important measures before Congress. Col Warren s Beese who is con testing the seat of Fei Alor Morgan. Of ala., and who is credited with being the father of the Allen Resolution providing for an investigation of that election which was recently favourably reported to the Senate a in Washington he Gays of Bis contest it is the basis to show that Alabama ii deprived of a re publican form of government. Over White citizens of the state have set Forth the facts in a that the government of the state As Well As the to. S. Senator elected by the legislature of 1893-94, was not chosen by a tvs Jontef of he Legal voters of the state. It is one of the most remarkable conditions Ever known in the history of this government when 80000 voters by fraud and other dishonest practices Defeated who Are wailing and tearing their Gar ments to have Liberty vouchsafed to bleeding and Down trodden c Iba need to do a Little missionary work in be half of Liberty a Little nearer Home As Wel to strike a blow for Freedom for that unhappy and Long suffering band of senator Sherman must have chuckled when the senators who showed a Dis position to keep up the talk on the resolutions indefinitely in order to prevent t vote Sass ested to Ribeir willingness to support motion i to Send the resolutions Buck to Confer j ence. Of course he promptly accepted j the Nide the motion and the resolutions went Back to conference of Short or Long time Sheroun too experienced a not to hive Leeoz nixed ices me Victory woo of Oba Truc Itoch Iowa ten. He Kew be Multi school Joan bit Bop. George Baldwin to Tunrer Clarles d Meni Csc directors 1 Jota Witkop by Reavard. I k w Garber 6 dec 7 j Cunningham 4 Etta abet 8 tvs Jeffrey John Inte. Votary Public and convey Ancer. Collection agent. Musur real Muley was introduced in the House Aud killed at once. Following this a Resolution was introduced by representative Byington lot to adjourn until the code is adapted. Its introduction and passage was a Surprise to Many and a great re Lief to the speaker of the House and the friends of the code. Goths building and loan Bill has finally passed both houses and will become a Law when it receives the governor s signature which it will be sure to do the lobbies that undertook to defeat this much needed measure folded their tents and went Home alter its passage by the Senate and the Small men who bought the Bill in the House had no show at All. The Senate has passed the Bill to prevent drag stows from Selling malt liquors it is to be hoped that the Bouss will do the same thing Ati i if done i l put a Stop to one of the tuned regarding the furnishing of supplies to state institutions and recommends that the purchasing of supplies be placed in the hand of the execute coun cil Aud also that Iowa products be Given the pret rence. This matter it will be remembered grew out of the furnishing of Illinois Coal to our state institutions. This report Lias been backed up by the Senate giving instructions to managers of state institutions to give the preference to Iowa pro ducts the collateral inheritance tax Bill has passed the Senate and will be pushed in the House. Col. Gatch who was in the Senate from Folk county last session was the first to bring this measure before an Iowa legislature. His measure seems to be bearing fruit it is site t 10 say there will be no manufacturers Bill passed this session. The House is known to be pretty evenly divided upon it but there is a very Small majority against it. Some of the agricultural papers and the sensationalist generally Are making capital out of the awful 1 efforts of the code commission to favor rail roads and of the Monument commis Sion to Rob the people but the people have heard so much of this kind of thing that they arc suspicious of it. On the 27th the great six Story re Tail furniture store of a Larbach of this City took fire and a loss of was sustained before the flames could be extinguished. The Slock in the building at Trio tuns was valued at it was All that the fire department com possibly do to prevent a conf gation. I most disgraceful kinds of liquor Selling Ever carried on in Iowa. Jobs House Defeated the primary election Bill which was passed by the Senate sometime ago. This is to be regretted it seems that some kind of a primary election Law is imperative most of the members in both houses claim to be in favor of a primary election sons the House passed the Dowell water works Bill allowing cities to own and control their own water works. This measure was in the Especial interest of Des Moines. Which has been is Jet having grief with a private water works company. The Bill allowing the claim of the new Orleans Yeshib Siors has been pissed by the Senate. Ebete claims were a Long time being recognized but prefer Verance and Pluck May yet cause them to to paid. The Bonaparte dam Bill which or. Crow so ably defended in i he Honse and which lost is Likely to be brought up again and May meet with More favor next time if this destroys the Hopes of stocking the Des Moines Rifer and its tributaries with fish it should be removed. The Normal school Hill was killed in the Bouse Bat will be reconsidered. This measure lies very Rose to the heart of Iowa teachers and close to the of All Trenta who Hare Given thought to tire Nutter it Jure Eor a remedy for All forms of headache electric bitters has proved to be the very Best. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headache yields to its influence. We All who Are situated to procure a bottle and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation electric bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels and few cases Long resists the use of this it once. Large bottles Only fifty Centi at a. J. Asper co drag store. Of a via railway a a , in Iowa state Encampment at Cedar rapids april 28th to 30th. One fare for the round trip from All Points in Iowa on the b., c. B. It pc. R y the Quick step route to Cedar rapids. Tickets sold april 27, 2s, and 29, Good to return until and May 2d. Call on agents for further information. On March 10th, april 7th and 2lst and May 5th, excursion tickets at rate of one Faro plus Foi Tho round trip to Points a eleven Southern states and territories also to a Cumber of Western and Northern states. An Opportunity to reach almost every City in the South and Southwest and a Inge num Erpf important Points m the North West. Tickets Are Good to return any tuesday or Fri Day within the final limit which is 20 Days from Date of Sale. To 8 exp 5 o California tourist curia k c k t i r y leaves each monday on train no 2 and runs to san Francisco Jos Angeles and i 1 Ite Only 85.50 and per double berth. Call on b c r x agents or address the undersigned for descriptive pamphlet contain ice full information. J. Moira by g p t a apr 1 Cedar rapids is. Rich discoveries of Gold. At cripple Creek Anu elsewhere Are being made the production for will h6 the largest Ever known estimated at two Hundred million Dol Lars. Cripple Creek alone is producing Over or a million dollars a month and steadily increasing. Mining stocks Are advancing in Price More rapidly than any other stocks and Many pay dividends of go and 50 per cent. They offer the Best Opportunity to make a Large profit on Small j. B Morgan co., 45 Broadway be a York Are financial agents for the Prudential Gold mining co., and Othera in the famous cripple Creek District. They will Send you free interesting particulars of the mining companies they represent also their Book on speculation in stocks Grain and Cotton containing new and important features. Send for these books at once it you Are interested in Sny of or invt tents. They May prove profitable to Ami. Oct wanted an co. I s via a Reed i of anything that you think a first class clothing store ought to keep try us a Complete assortment in every line and our Stock is new and Bright. O a Brand new lot of gloves this week and new hats and Caps till you can t rest. 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