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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - September 15, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJournal vol. 29. No 7 Marble Rock. Floyd county Iotta. Sept. Terms a year we have a Good line of Haviland China also a few pieces of the German and Austria China with a smash line of Cut Glass. These goods arc within Lac reach of ail. Please Call and see them at least if we Haven t your needs Well gladly order anything for you in the China or Cut Glass line soliciting a portion of your business Vav Ai e yours to e. W. Speedling co. Pharmacists. Republican ticket. For president Theodore Roosevelt for vice president chalks w. Fairbanks. For congressional Gilbert s Haugen state ticket. Secre Ary of state w. B. Martin. Sute auditor b f. C a it Boll. Site tre Aanner g s. Culbertson attorney general c. W. Mullen. Judge of supreme court h. E dem fill Railroad Coa Imig Ioner n. S Ketchum county ticket. For auditor h a Rosenkrans for clerk of the District court. Willard Perrin. For recorder. A. L. Dood for panty attorney l. 0. Rue it Hoffman. Of Rockford g. F. Heitz o Ulster those Roosevelt expenditures. To Are indebted to Leslie weekly or exact figures to relate the exaggerated statements of the democratic Preeg concerning tile government expenditures under Roosevelt. As shown by the government re ports the expenditures for the ten months of the fiscal year ceding with june 30th, 1902. Which cover the first part of Roosevelt service Roosevelt s accession dating from sept 14th, 1801, were for the year ending june 30, 1903, they were 000, and for the twelve ending that Date la 1904 they were or in the a add about for since june 30, 1904, and we soon goof for president Roosevelt s administration to Date or it the rate of a Little Over a this amount la Consi trally less than Tho claimed by or. Editors. Leslie s weekly Oon 4odes its examination of the real Fig ures a 1 several things have taken place. Gag a Mem the Spanish War and the increase id the army and Eavy which that conflict and the country s grow no importance necessitated that Render a a Parisod Between the government s your Money is now and in Cleveland s Days de unfair several millions have i been added to the country s population since March 4th, ib97, when Cleveland i left the office. The country s wealth and the vol ume of its business activities have of fief in a juju higher ratio than have the govern ment s expenditures. Our Charleston Riend has been deluded about the Cost of Roosevelt s administration probably by the new York democratic papers not a cent of the government s outgo in the past three years has been unnecessary or the Farmer and his vote. All will remember Bow during the Campaign of 1888 and again in 1892 the democratic press and spell binders were disseminating utterances concern ing the for in mortgages of the Agri cultural portion of our Western states i tables were compiled and circulated which while though untrue were based to some exit upon facts How Ever during the Campaign of 1s96 and 1900, the farm mortgage argument was dropped and it is not even heard of. The fact is that under the splendid operation of the Dinghy Tariff the Farmer has not Only been Able to cancel these mortgages but at the j q it lists ten per cent upon his loan be himself stands ready to loan to Hie de St a competitor either on the farm or in the manufacturing interests All the Money he May need at from four to six per cent this is not alone True of the Farmers of any one state. Per haps in Kansas the Farmer is better off than in Many other states and yet without exception the splendid values which All our Western Farmers have reaped during the past six or seven years have made them not Only inde pendent but possessed of Large work Able surplus to use in reinvestment or in loading where it May bring a Good return it can hardly be doubted that these prosperous Farmers who have burned their mortgages and now have Money to Burn instead of Corn will vote next november for Roosevelt and Fairbanks. N and rerun de to you if alter us ing half a. Bottle of the famous rheumatism blood cure yen not sat sned with res nuts. This is our Gua Laatsc goes with bottle. The democrats Are having a hard time in trying to alienate the Quaker vote from or. Roosevelt because of a sentence or two in his Wii Tinga of Twenty years ago instead of the quakers being against or. Roosevelt in this Campaign it is found that Al most to a Man they Are for him not Odi in Pennsylvania but in or. Tag part e own state of Lodi Ioa. A Quaker believes in peace in mediation and in arbitration but when War is necessary there Are no better fighters no the face of the the Western labourer Omaha which claims to be the oldest labor paper to the West will support Theo Dore Roosevelt with All the Power it posses and will do a beat to show the Bryan men of 1s96 and. 1900 a Way to rebuke Fis by the Republican party had reduced theiste Westoo the Public debt to a year the demo cratic party under Cleveland increased it in Lime of peace to the Republican party in spite of the Span lab War has reduced it since to oar avenge National income Ander the democratic party Laom is94 to a. J. Asper co. It two focal Jeat Der Roosevelt cd the diddly tar of wig s511 ifc6.745 in 1593 when democrats came into Power under Cleveland our Sav Ings Bink a Principa Roro to 957. They were Cut Down in 1894 to is to Day under Roose velt and Protection they Are Orer our next expenses during the past Lew years have been about per capita this is considerably Lees than were the per capita expenditures Dur ing the Early seventies and then we had no Large pension account we had no Panama canal we bad no Rural free delivery we had no Philippines and we had a wish to maintain our position As the Foremost nation of the world with us responsibilities and Neo Tesa Rily increased expenditures. Senator Davis Calls attention to the difference in expenditures under Roose velt in 1904 and Cleveland in 1s97 would or Davis like to go Bank to is the you Imiola under the Wilson Law and the administration of Grover Cleveland surely do peaceful citizen can find fault with the following utterance of president Roosevelt in his epee of of acceptance our steady growth in Power has gone hand if band with the strengthening disposition to use this Ower with strict regard for the rights of others and the cause of a tarnation Al Justice and Good will. It is True that our expenditures Bare increased during the last deca be about one Dollar per capita and Jet when we measure Thi increased benefits which we Are enjoying under these increased expenditures we must All acknowledge we Are getting full value for our Money. Polk and and Davis sound very similar and very familiar let the similarity end there. We never again want to Trust a pretended protectionist to be in a position where he can Oast a deciding vote in favor of a free Trade Tariff. The democratic party and its Candi dates Are great sticklers for the cod Switij ipod when it does not interfere with thur out particular desires but Whan it does so note Fen then with a Wink and a toss of the head they de Clare what is the Constitution Tooig friends anyway " there was t time when the n. Y. Evening Post declared that judge Parker would be unfit Ever to be presi Dent because of the agreement to a nullification of the Constitution and National Laws above All things judge Parker seems to be a master of arts in the science of of expediency. Senator Davis compares present expenditures with those under Buchanan. Would senator Davis brings about the Industrial and financial under which Buchanan wrote his famous message a 1857? the Folio be question of unionism is put into a nutshell by president Roose velt when he says we recognize the soft Ore like the running Brook the red bleed that sous thu Olga the veins has to come from somewhere. The Springs of red blood Are found in the soft Core of the Bones called the marrow and some say red blood also comes from the spleen. Healthy Bone marrow and healthy spleen Are full of fat. Scott s emulsion makes Nev blood by feeding the Bone marrow and the spleen the richest of All fats the purr cod liver Oil. For Pale school girls invalids and for All Shusi blood is thin and Pale emulsion is a pleasant and rid blood food. It not Only feed the blood making organs by gives them strength to do their proper work. Send for free Sammie. Scott cows chemists. 409-415 Pearl of Creti Yew York 5oc.uxifi.oo organization of capital and the organization of labor As natural outcomes of our Nadu anal which is to be granted the full Protection of the Law strict obedience to toe Law a id b Hill announces his intention to retire from politics and Public life january 1. He is determined apparently to stay a couple of months longer than Parker and Davis judge Parker has made it Plain in a letter Over hrs own signature that a vote Lor bin is an endorsement of Erv my whoa Law and the group of Malcon tents in Boston who Lavor a scuttle policy in the Philippines. The democratic plea that the country needs a change might be More effective in the Coos try did not remember the disastrous results that followed the trial of democratic theories careful perusal of democratic speeches this year fails to disclose any inspired orator who is claiming that wheat and Silver always maintain a parity in the the republicans Are showing what they have done with conditions the democrats Are still wrestling with a theory. Kansas basks have on Deposit almost As much As Iho amount of mortgage foreclosures in the Stato during the last democratic administration american workmen Are so Well employed that it a very difficult to find the recruits necessary for the army and Navy. Recruiting officers probably re member the demo Artio administration when Idle men fought for the Opportunity to enlist. No democratic orator not even Bourke Jock an has revived that old cry the Tariff is a tax which at one time deceived the voters of the nation to their sorrow. Tom Watson can not understand Why democratic leaders should curse bin because be preaches the same doctrines they advocating Only four years ago. Democrat will got farther when voters decide to weigh promises in Stead of records. And no one has heard any preposition i to reduce the poll tax one half. The association believes that auctions Are Dunno. As they brio the people together every year Aud keep them in touch with political affairs. We Are pleased to note that the association has taken this stand in the matter it is True Thore is to general demand for a change from the sgt can which Lus made great politically to one which to say the least is an in Novation in Iowa s methods of running her state affairs that there is no Gen eral demand or the change Wai made evident when the question came to Vole four years ago when the vote on the question was very Light. Though it carried by a Small majority it Coul 1 not be said to have been a re Preselia live vote the preponderance of Evi Dence As we see it is against the passage of the Bie Naul amendment. From the Chicago record Herald. Friends and country Cen let s Trust Hui though be a not a Man to Endeavor to elect him though Bis cause is far from just 1 have put away All rancor As i promised them i would 1 urn for the splendid Loket though it in t any Good. Let us fird ourselves fur but i hops we cannot list us Pray to be successful though Success would be a sin let us give the people s attn Are unto my to nobly Bear but it s Danse Roub to do it for he in t on the Square. Let us wave our hats for Parker the poor tool of foxy Dave let us rest our Hopes upon him though he s mammon s cringing Clave list us raise him up to Power help to seed my whooping through but Here 1 warn you you la be sorry if you do. Opposed biennial amendment. Boone the biennial election amendment proposition will. Piave Strong opposition from tit Corn Belt meat producers association of Iowa this fact came out in the speech of Hon j. J Ryan of fort Dodge to secretory of the organization at the Farmers picnic Here the other Day when he entered into a discussion of the question and argued at some length against the to posed change tie stated that the officers of the Assoc too had Given the matter careful consideration and had come to the unanimous conclusion that the amendment should not be passed arguing that there do advantage offered in the change whereas there were several Good Rea sons Why such a change would be detrimental. Or Kyan brought out a new Point in the discussion which will Appeal to All who Are giving the matter consideration. With elections but every two one of these elections coming at the same time As the National Campaign h will result in a discussion state issues Only every four years inasmuch As state issues Are largely lost sight of when National ones Are under consideration. This is very True and is a Point worthy of serious consideration the fact that Iowa has been so free from scandals in politics is largely due to the fact that with elections every year the peo ple Are in touch with All Public affairs affording less Opportunity for chicanery. Or Ryan stated it As to belief of the association that there we do demand for the change from the present system which has proven so sati Stac cry Walesa demand comes i to a the politicians or the corporation interests lie the paint that state elections do not i san rec neither can the amendment be nested according to or. Ryan on the grounds of the expense for Thyra it no Fez pose put upon property to de fray election exp Osea. The poll tax Gow to de Ray the in making up his Campaign commit tee to carry on the democratic fight against the trusts Tom a elect de for treasurer Geerge Foster Peabody vice president treasurer or director in twelve corporations one of them a Trust Liam p Sheehan director in corporations three of them being Standard. Oil companies August Mont director or president of thirty seven corporations one of them a Standard Oil company John k Ime lean Gas monopolist Thomas s. Mar tin counsel for railroads and other corporations James m. Gusty Standard Oil magnate and controller of six corporations James Smith Street railway Magnet Thoma e Kyan a corporation Monitor. The Chattanooga advertising toe Chattanooga Medicine company with laboratories and general offices at Chattanooga Tennessee and Branch Bouses at St. Louis to and san Francisco Oal has become one of the digest proprietary Medicine concerns in the world. In the growth of this great business two factors have been dominant the Merit of ifs products of Cardui and thed Ord s been widely re cognized unit the original advertising methods adopted have excited great comment. The publicity Lor these medicines does not consist o the catch phrase and Petra vacant statement too often employed in advertising to Day be Hope for him. You reckon hell gits too tet 3e Devil in but you Kin bet in n hat s hit Don t freeze Orer in stator when you see a Dajaan trying hold up a lamp put. A blows lie sympathizes to title anything Ugat. Somehow the average Man is never Able fully to revalue that silence is a Oman until after his face a swelled out of feh ape. With Twe sagas. The cheerful Man s a Start. The Brave Only now How to Lorgia. The cause Freedom is the Yauae of that evil is half cured Oasin fee the beginning compunction a beginning of a new so lot. That Nie n 0j Tao can do everything for the Fortune of others being aws to do any thing for who Al Low then lantis to be Mac. Depend upon it you Weir cd gain unspeakably s you would learn with pm to see some of the poetry and the pathos the tragedy Aad the comedy ing in the experience of human Sou l thit Loots out through Dull Gray and that Speaks in a voice of Ordinary Eliot. Tofle table. Rock Island system Mabble Rock Iowa. The right read to and from and Between Chicago Omaha St Louis. Denver Memphis Colorado up s Peoria fort Worth St. Joseph St. Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Al Barbla Rock As follows East socks. Burlington pass slope at All stations a. M mall express p. M All stations a. To. No. No. To 7. Mail and express a. M to. 47, Rockford passenger 7 03 p. M no 71, local freight 5.45 a m for sleeping car Akons tickets time tables etc., apply to any Rock a land ticket agent. L. M. Allen general passenger agent. Csc ago 111 definitions. Prophesy generally pro Cen Stanoy. Our Virtues but generally our pet mental Corn that when. It is tread us fun. In the struggle of life. We bad re Art Eit figr out of humor or in a bad humor. This is not a contradiction but a fast. Brag that might carry a in Ltd Peia Puon to the Bram but we have Learned to Sou Rrt Ana narrow our perceptions. Two kinds Good and bad and like most other things bad appear in the greatest volume they Jar on our sensibilities while the Good being in to Harmony Ispir pass unnoticed for a Lea Santresa that is but partially but instead the Plain tory of experience with the medicines Given to the Plain language of the people themselves. Adolf pit 01 the thousands of wine of Cardui testimonials published during the past 20 years. 306s Eastern Avenue Cincinnati 0 May 20, 19 02 1 consider wine of Cardui a most excellent woman s remedy. It is car a specific As a tonic and Regula Tor for eight years i suffered with female trouble. I had intense pains in the Back and head leaving me so weak that i was unable to stand at Medicine did not seem to help me but after All remedies had failed me wine of Cardui proved my one great Friend. What a Relief 1 experienced it Only a few Dayi after i started taking it. I used it faithfully for four months and gradually grew stronger and better. I am Dow regular to the and for the past two years have enjoyed blessed Good health i certainly wish every sick and suffering woman could know of your blessed Medicine How much pain and suffering it would pit vet and what a difference it would j in of boxes where i weak men be what Pepper s he vigor toil it acts red Wulc when 11 of cers fall nun it Iti Abood 1 Aii teed to Core is Tiv l impotent in Jar either sex falling m Morv v. Acting and sufi novt or Tod non Creston doa get Ini n4 carried ii Al

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