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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - October 20, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJournal vol. 29. No 12 Marble Rock. Floyd county. Iowa. Oct. 20. 190-t. Terms a y ear your Stock and poultry will not be pretty healthy or1 even profitable without the Ingre a clients of Fleck s Stock food if not satisfactory Money refunded by Salesman. E. W. Speedling go s pharmacy. Republican ticket. For president to Leodore Roosevelt for vice president chalks w. Fairbanks men Iii a Good Deal like then they get the big head they burst Sihirl become worthless. Corrosion of farm tools and erosion of farm soils Are things which to be eternally watched. For District of Gilbert if. Badges state ticket. Secretary of Sute w b. Martin. Site b f s. Us Beltson. Attorn y Leneral 0. A. Mullen. Be of supreme court h. E Demei rail rna l commissioner. N. S Ketchum. County ticket. For auditor. H b. R03knk.ivan3, fur clerk of Tho District court w1llard Perrin. For recorder. A. L. Doud. L 0. Rue for Suomi visor l. T Hoffman of Kocky re 0 f Heltzig of Ulster Bone food soft and crooked Bones mean bad feeding. Call the disease rickets if you want to. The growing child must eat the right food for growth. Bones must have Bone food blood must have blood food and so of through the list Scott s emulsion is the right treatment for soft Bones in children. Little discs every Day give the stiffness and shape that healthy Bones should have. Bow legs become straighter Loose joints grow stronger and firmness comes to the soft Heads. Wrong food caused the trouble. Right food will cure it in thousands of cases Scott s emulsion has proven to be the food for soft Bones in a ii orse never takes up n meaner trick than that of pulling on tie Hilter. We would Trade a horse with this habit for a Balky one any time. Right Send for free Sample. Scott Bowne. Chemists. 4o9- .0 Pear s treat. Mow York. Ii 4.at druggists had he i m going to ask Yon a catch question miss Withers. Miss of this is so Sud Den or. Goodman. Your Money is to Good and i .1 refunded to you if after us ing a to cts of is famous Seiv cure for Snake bite. The world has awakened to the truth that the japs Are great fighters but the fact that they Are also scientists of the very front rank is not so Well understood in the West. A number mentions and discoveries Are already credited to japanese Genius while their surgeons Are of the most skillful and up to Date. The latest discovery from Jap sources is vouched for by no less a physician than or. S. Weir Mitchell of Philadelphia. Or. Mitchell announced at a meeting of physicians not Long since that a japanese or. A Oguchi had discovered a sure cure for the Rattlesnake s bite. Or. Mitchell is a High authority on Saake poisons and it must be assumed that he is himself convinced or he would not make such a statement. In tills country it has Long been held by the common Folk that whisky administered in stupefying doses was the Only cure for the Rattler s Poison. But top believe the medical profession has never Given this notion much encourage ment. Whether it has or not Many men have found it a convenient excuse for carrying a Liberal bottle of Snake bite Medicine about and to use the same As a preventive if the Serpent should pounce upon them which in most cases it never did. The american welcomes nearly All the things labelled japanese. Their their Art the tales of their Geisha girls and most of All the reports of their victories Over the whiskered slav Are a Joy on this Side the water. But to offer a substitute for our traditional Snake bite cure is going too far. Simpler Ellis of fare. The English have Long been known As a that excelled at almost everything and in nothing More than eat my. If any question of state were j to be settled a dinner would be arranged and after absorbing a sufficient amount of roast beef and other appetizing and substantial a solution would be reached. If a wedding were to be solemnized the dinner table was i again resorted to As the proper method j of celebrating the event. To social function was Complete without an eat ing programme no guest could be prop Erly honoured unless he were stuffed full of the Good things of life and even religions holidays were made More impressive by elaborate feeds. In fact about every sort of ceremony known to Man with the possible exception of n funeral was made the occasion for a feast. It May be remarked in passing that the Amei leans Are not far behind their British cousins in this regard. But now if we May believe a Lou Don Exchange All this is passing. It i says to it r ing More simple. There has noticed the patrons of West end restau rants an inclination to spend less time and also less Money on the dinners that form their prelude to an evening at the theater. They seem to prefer a few courses quickly served. Last Spring they wanted to go straight to the play with out lingering the wearisome Succes Sion of courses that characterized the dinner of last fall. Economy is hardly the reason for this. It is rather a revolt from ostentation. The restaurant proprietors have quickly perceived the Chang ing tendency. The aggressively smart is being left to the aggressively people and the calculating proprietor seeks to Cater for quiet Good class patterns. This is a hopeful sign. Eating is a Good thing and according to most mor tals even h necessity but it May be overdone. Recently we remember to have read of a pie devouring contest at Evanston 111., where one ambitious Young Man took the championship Belt by absorbing five full grown pies while his opponent Only got away with four and a half. The fact that both of them lived cannot be charged to any fault of their own but rather to pure Luck. Ambition is All very Well but it is hardly Worth while for a Man to stuff himself with an overproduction of pastry with the idea that he is go ing to break into the Temple of Fame for even at his Best the animal that Maue Minous uns nun util a mile As a food Reservoir. The movement across the water to Ward simpler Tuckus is to be commended. It still is True that Man lives not by bread alone or even bread and meat. The Champion eater to longer Chal Lenges admiration. Mutism and blood cure s -5---d with results. Vice which goes a a Attr or. The Earth s heat. Great is Radium. To it have been ascribed All sorts of marvelous Powers it Lias been credited with All kinds of miraculous cures and has brought All manner of wonderful prices. Lord Kel Vin even hints at the fallibility of the old theory that the heat of the Earth is use to tie fuel that is. Is a Moilien mass internally while other scientists boldly take the ground that Radium is the cause of the Earth s heat. Science never lags in her Onward March. Having discovered the microbe and Laid All the ills of mail at the door of that microscopic edition of satan it now cheerfully trots out Radium and intimates that it will be quite As potent for Good As the disease germ is for evil by the Way the Price of Radium recently fell a few thousand dollars a Pound and it is possible that sooner or later it will get within reach of the simple millionaire and other common folks. A Young Massachusetts Painter jumped from a re Ramla roof to the ground stopped n runaway horse and saved three women. Then he tried to get away before any one could discover his identity. That is not exactly the car Negie medal sort of heroism but it is n Choice variety nevertheless. The Sultan of Turkey s life was recently saved by a shirt of mail. It is remarkable Imp Archa have to protect themselves from the love of their Loyal and devoted subjects. Jack Munroe has been silent since the fell on him at san Francisco and when a pugilist has urea licked into silence he Iris l hacked indeed. A substitute for Cotton. There have been various reports in the past few months of the discovery of a substitute for Cotton from the Liber of a grass of the nettle species called Ramie. The United states Consul at Liverpool England reports that the manufacture of this vegetable fiber is Well understood and the initial and original difficulty of de gumming has Long since been overcome. It is said to be of the most perfect and Beautiful character and can be produced in unlimited quantities at about 9 cents per Pound considerably less than the Price of raw Cotton. Its Pur Ity and intensity of Silky whiteness its softness and tenacity exceed any thing that can to obtained he says from the Best american or egyptian Cotton. The grass is manufactured into cloth dress goods ropes for lift ing or driving purposes and other articles. The material is capable of be ing made tip into the finest Plush fabrics on account of the length and tenacity of its Staple. It remains to be seen whether this glowing account will be by infer not Iii of it is n new Era May be marked in the manufacture of cloth goods. The Czar s Baltic Fleet having departed for the far East it is presumed that if the vessels do not ram each other on the Way or run on to any russian mines after they reach their Destina Tion they will furnish material for an other thrilling account of a russian defeat. Having smashed the tort a thur and Vladivostok squadrons Togo will doubtless Welcome the coming of the Baltic Fleet to keep him from get Ting out of practice. The Connecticut girl who had a youth fined ?17.50 for kissing her against her will has thrown a scare into the Young men of the Community to that they go a Block around rather than pass her House. Compulsory of curation is always to be discouraged but it is not a Happy subject to Parade before the Public. If the russian army could manage to get along without flanks it might j wed wac show. Al our foreign Trade. Rent Avor Tinct i Ducr lie v Iii of under the Wilson Gorman our exports averaged about ss4.i.nno.ooo annually. In under the Mckinley Law they had risen to ijl.uuo.2ts.lls. Since 1807 they have at wed Over with it font Trade conditions unchanged Thi a to average for the live some thing lilys the new York Tribune. Tho year just ended Marks the Climax in the Grov the of foreign Trade under the Stim ulus of t restored Republican . What possible excuse there be for urging in interference w Atli this Beneficent process for advocating i meet of the Coridi Luiis under which we have achieved an National Prosperity it is tie custom of free Trade critics to explain away the a i Mamou of our Export Trade by saying that it Comet in the main from a unavoidable Europe an demand for raw materials my food stuffs. But this answer ignores the Luel Nihil our exports of arc inc roast by Jear. More american goods sent abroad last year than in any other year in our history. Complete figures by the two of exports Are not yet available. But the department of Commerce and labor estimates that this year s gain in manufactured exports Over last year s notable record will be at least a greater gain Rel Stively than that in nou exports. Our Trade with foreign countries in Llkn-04 leaves us a balance in our or of this is 000 greater than our balance for 1902-03 and is four times the average balance shown under the democratic Tariff legislation of 1894. Whichever Way one turns those figures they utterly Dis credit the Contention that conditions in Trade and Industry have so changed As to demand a overhauling of our Tariff system. Judged by its results that system needs no overhauling. Least of All does it need revision it the hands of a party incapable of Unity or logic whose Only serious Experiment at Tariff legislation in nearly half a Century ended ten years ago in it confessed Aud melancholy failure. Tariff revision. I Clil Neie typewriter. The Kev. U. Z. Sheffield president of the Tung Cho College an american i typewriter for chinese characters. In the chinese language each word has i a separate Ideograph. There Are of these. In common use words i will answer. Or. Sheffield s writer i consists of a Large wheel on whose us i Der Side the letter Stamps project i while a Hammer from below does the i paper up against them. The wheel is Reio hed with the left hand while the right hand operates a Pointer that indicates where the desired letter is. Typewriting chinese is slow work out it in t so slow As writing out the Char Actis one at a time with irom five to Twenty five Brush strokes m each one another american Senius in Stamford is at work upon a japanese typewriter to print characters. The system is similar to that of or Sheffield. In the it strict court of the Stittle of Iowa m and for Floyd W. Grigors plaintiff is. If the unknown cd lot 1, Block a Fie Eurim except that piece sold mid us l to o hair de scribed As commencing at the North Westerly Corner of Micil lot 1, and run thence East of n line of said lot jul feet in n line youth West to Southwest Corner of said lot 1 at intersection with Alley run Ning through said Block thence along the Westerly and of said lot 1 to also All part of fractional Block 80 Kelly com Nanys a dilution to St. Charine lying a is Terly of h line drawn Par l a with Clinton Street Imru the South fide of Gilbert Street 13i feet from the Ortli Erly Corner of sad Block 89, to inter Section of the North Side i f said lot 1 Block a Freeman thence incl i i ing nil that piece of Landrt Between find bounded by said parallel line Guber. Street. Cedar Street and the North Side f said lot 1 Block a free Man. To said you Are hereby notified that there is now of file id the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd county Iowa the petition of plantiff claiming to be the absolute and unqualified owner of the premises and alleging int you have an apparent in Terest in Ibe said premises cute lived by you As grantees assignees Devisees o r survivors of Peter Brown Robert l Freeman Julia Freeman Pavid s Rouse Dezell Gilbert mar Cus weeks or Elbridge g. Bowdoin or m some other Way to the plaintiff unknown be Heing unable to c. E. Efts erday r j will attend to any and ail sales at his i time. Usu in terms. Terms and tint a j can be Mude at the journal a flite or me on Rural Uuele no. "2. I pursues to it present Noble bal Loute 1 ainu ii retail men hauls and pipe nth. 1 Goa Kern toy of Lew counties. Sis thl i any Puichl weekly. Expense i Unev us Vinced. Commission extra per j Macut Eug yement. Business fun Cess Ful previous experience not essential. Enclose self addressed envelope addres so born St. Chicago. Dec 8 colds it should be borne in mind that every cold weakens the Luis Fps Low i system democratic orators and pamphleteer who clamor Tor change of National administration Cor a or less Complete revision or our fiscal and Rev Enue policies can find no Comfort in the summary of our foreign Trade for 1003-04, just issued by the department of Commerce and labor. It is the favorite Contention of demo cratic writers and speakers that for eign Trade cannot expand under a High protective system. If we do not open our markets to the foreigner they say we cant get a foreign Market for our surplus products. Exports should shrink according to their logic with every increase in Maruf rates and expand with every reduction. Yet Antler the Dingley Tariff Law the most avowed and Radical Protection measure we have Ever had our Export Trade has advanced by leaps and Bounds till the United states stands today at the head of the great exporting nations. For five or six years past we have been struggling with great free Trade Primacy As an exporter. We first overtook and passed the United kingdom in 1sos. In 1000 and 1002 Fiji Ipuru Dino exceeded our great rival s. But in 1soo, 1001 and 1903 they fell a Little below hers. This year the United states again seizes the Lead our exports for the twee months ended june 30 reaching a total value of this total has been exceeded but once in our 1900-01, when the figures Rose to but the aggregate of imports and exports for All american records in forage co Merre. Alae extraordinary grow in or our Export Trade under the Dingley Law is a fact against which democratic theories of readjustment and revision dash in York Tribune. Bryan and the it is said that the encroachments made by the populists upon the demo cratic vote in new York state have in Cluce the Parker managers to Send for Bryan to speak in new York. Some time ago Kryan called new York the enemy s and there Are suspicions that he has not changed his opinion although David b. Hill might reassure times. In Bryan predicted that a Campaign with Parker As the candidate would j Oei Riu with a race and end with n Tho country feels the same Way and refuses to be alarmed Over of a change of adm Nistra Cal news. Russia does not permit a divorced person to marry for afro rears after the granting of the decree. It is a lather sad commentary on our own Laws to admit that we could improve russian Model. I Harmony of part too candidate Davis fully agrees with o1 Tion. And candidate Parker fully agrees that candidate Davis must come Down the Cash. This Harmony on the Money question is decidedly refresh item. Tion of title and blitzing whatever right title or interest tout you Runny in or to is id the s Inie Are Junior Baacl inferior to the plaintiff s Staie in sad premises and asking judgment and decree that his estate in said Piv raises be Estabil Sfard and that you he barred and forever is topped from having or chiming any in Terest in said premises above described diverse to the plaintiff. Unless you appear thereto Atid defend before noun of the second Day of the term of sold court to be begun find held Al the court in Charles City on the Sib Dav of november a d., 190i, default will be e tired against you rendered As prayed. 9wo W Guios plaintiff. To Robert l free Taan Julia Freeman Surtis Dunwiddie mrs. D Vid to. Rouse mrs. Gilbert mrs Marcus weeks Johnn Luller Lou a Mullar John Millar Ana Louevea Millar. Vou and each of you Are hereby anti tied that Terf a on die in the of fice of Chr clerk if the District court of Flo d , Iowa the petition of d Griggs claiming to be the absolute and unqualified owner of the following namely lot Jno. 1 Block a Freeman except piece sold off sri lot to James o her. Described As commencing the North Westerly Corner said lot 1, i Tho i Kast o North Hoe of Jig feel thence i a direct lice South West to South neat. Coiner of said lot. 1 it. L. M. Allen general Paese per agent Chicago 111. When you see c. Man trying to sold up a Lamppost it shows that he sympathizes with anything tight. Somehow the average Man if Able fully to realize that e i Golden until after his face is out of shape. Hittiii Iti Auti vi5uiuu International live Stock show Chicago nov. 2gi.u to dec. For the above occasion the Rock in Lind has arranged Rale of one fare 82.uo Ticke e on nov. Inc Vaive Good returning until dec. 5th. Nov a powerfully an it i. V ,.i Wijers Yogi Iii in n r re Onar Steed Toci ire vitality neoteny. Mining Oiver her t mini acting and Allf Fitt of Aitch m tact substitute Oil m because it profit. Insist on hav Viktor it Carr Leil in lain wrapper i per , or u for a Rotten Ona r m ".joney. I amp Lettres Assn. Chi Catov till Small size 50 cents. By e. W monthly Magazine a family Library die Best in current literate 12 Complete novels Many Short a i papers on timely topics f pen rear a Cory ii no continued Softic i every number

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