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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1905, Page 6

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - October 19, 1905, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Reck journal. H. B. Nie3 son Pumi Ihnn. Harcule Kook Iowa. Written in red Chas. Howard Montague and c. W. Dyar m the existence St ii.-. Emotional drama in life. The Gene which he had just witnessed did not therefore seem incr i Ible in itself but the time and circumstances at and in which it had curved rendered it in estimation of a most John Lamm s Peculiar and astounding nature. As Jet his ideas were too disorderly and confused to enable him to draw logical deductions. The moment had not yet come for i copyright by the Cassell publishing co chapter the name burst from Marion s lips like the accusation of an avenging an Earth she v. Usu t already crazy she i gel. It is probable that Stackhouse was making repeated and intelligent 1 staggered under the Force of the blow. Or. Lamm who v. Without an instant s delay turned his attention to putting that queer sounding name upon paper Moyson he wrote did not Leo Huiai again for a Brief space and in that time he May have slightly Fedov i d give ?500 to know what that girl is thinking thought the detective she can assume the Moat unpleasant expression for a handsome woman 1 saw. And hang Ine if i should t dislike to he in a position dependent on her and incur her comity. Sho would sting like a Serpent the Man who attempted to throttle the fair woman with the medea face did not remain Long the subject of his crticc.1 contemplation. Slowly theories and explanations. He could i and a the same thoughtful attitude Only stand still with bated breath and she began firm step to ascend the rapid pulse and await the out coins of i staircase and soon from the strange situation. I John Lamm s Sishc and hearing. When Marion fainted Stella Pale i that gentleman rapidly came to the and trembling and looking very unlike conclusion that there was nothing further to be gained by longer remain ing in his precarious hiding place. In Stead of leaving by the door he first sure that the coast was Clear and then got out of the window and walked rapidly around the Corner to the Entrance. He pulled authoritatively at the Bell. After a Short delay the summons was answered by Tho still tremulous ont summoning the servants eventual Monett. By having the Ettelt of causing the i am sorry said air. Lamm eyelids upon which some of the drops but i must see the ladies after All. Give my card to miss Harwood. Moffett accepted the proffered piece 11 her smiling and roguish self As Ihu photograph had proclaimed her ran i do in to her assistance and while aim Comfort was ambling wringing her fat hands and reflecting audibly that could t see Why of efforts at restoration. The Syria of water which Stella procured fell to enclose Marion murmured some incoherent words arose and ered from the first violence of his be-1 v Ith her sister s help staggered to a traded emotions. He still agitated Eha a where she for several m n j of past Lizard on which was engraved enough in All conscience. This Man i utes As motionless and As speech Ess Levi Dillingham. Thornton Stackhouse whom Lamm As if she had been in a t Ance. Aunt police detective. Veil knew to he in Liis Ordinary walk j Comfort suddenly Awakening to her aunt Comfort responded breathless of life no More self betraying than the i responsibilities ran to Faa her with a Ami asthmatic. She invited John polished surface of a Mirror had been Book . Nun Muring continuously i Lamm into the reception room. With so affected and overwhelmed by what soothing Aud reassuring expressions. Quiet dignity the detective proceeded his wife had said to him that he was j Marion did not appear to notice her. I to apologize and to reassure her. He than a child. He tried to shake off his growing terrors. He endeavoured to smile to laugh to pass Over the affair As a joke but the Effort was a ghastly failure. He murmured. Marion who has told you what scoundrel tas maligned me to my own silence sir i am not your wife. This was my father s House. Either you or i must leave it. Which choose this Marion Calm yourself i beseech you think 01 the effect the occasion the time. Who knows what people would i do not care sir. If you do you should have thought of it before. It is too late he turned his White face towards her. Lamm marked plainly in the am ple Light How his lips trembled How is eyes gleamed. He said in a fierce under tone Are you enough mistress of yourself to think what my leaving this though the detective saw Ter s motions in a relentless question ing Way. Or. Lamm hoped Tor some conversation which would throw Light on the dramatic charade that had been enacted in his presence but lie was disappointed. A ring at the Doorbell fell with startling elect upon Tho silence of the House. Stella fled precipitately to the upper regions while aunt Comfort with her hand on her heart stared apprehensively at the door. It was Marion herself who waved Back the advancing servant with an imperious gesture and went resolutely to answer the summons. Bless or. Lamm exclaimed within himself. It s my risky and behold on the threshold Tat in hand a bit flushed and embarrassed and with an expression of Lively solicitude As befitted the occasion. Or. Rich Ard Fetridge you come at a sad time murmured aunt Comfort walking aimlessly Between the door and the Stair Case. I am very glad you Are Here or. Llanon said in co elected tones. If we Ever needed a Friend it is at this i need not say with what eager Ness i shall Avail myself of any of the girl s regretted the Bhe. Reeled and caught at the railing. House at such a time will mean to the gossips can you not ses that even i might be accused of complicity in your father s and who should be if you Are port Unity to Aid mrs. Stack you -.wv-o-, be Aasu. Us Tylij she looked him directly in the eyes. Not mrs. Stackhouse Marion he made a painful Effort to appear a embarrassed but it was quite Evi Dent that he was gravely alarmed. Iou you know he stammered. She returned with a forlorn bitter accent. Good he ejaculated in ill concealed alarm. Who told she made no reply in words but with a simple gesture indicated the Portiero at the right in a moment the two people had disappeared from View leaving aunt Comfort staring like a petrified figure in a museum at the drawn curtain. She was Awak ened from lethargy by the voice of Stella calling piteously from above of aunt Comfort co Koine Here do come and As the Only remaining person age in the Field of his Sion disappeared John Lamm detective began to exhibit sundry signs of exasperation. In vain he strained his listen ing ears in vain he ventured to Raiss which forced Sutu Iii it Auu enlarged upon the great service she might do the cause of Justice by Mak ing him acquainted with whatsoever facts of any possible bearing on the motive for the murder that might be in Ner Possession. It was useless. At another time the amiable housekeeper might have filled his notebook with unconscious revelations but there is a Point beyond which garrulous less be comes Complete idiocy and it is Little exaggeration to say that the terrible events of the Day had carried aunt Comfort Over the limit. There was absolutely nothing to be got from her but tears and gasps and interjections. The idea of calling upon mrs. Stack House to present the Case was an inspiration to her and a Relief to the patient Lamm. It is True that he awaited the com ing of Marion with some compunction and no Little curiosity. The Young lady entered the room haughtily and looked of i him in a Distant unemotional Way. What do you wish Pardon said Lati humbly but respectfully As he stood before her turning his hat in his uneasy hands. The affair is a mystery. A e desire to Arrast the Cuilty parties. Often the relatives in such cases have Strong reasons for we have returned Marion no corroborated aunt Comfort. The idea of such a you Are utterly unaware of any possible motive for this intentionally detective Lamm cast a keen searching glance Fuli into the face of the stoical Young woman. His idea was to intimidate rather than to observe her for he had a furtive Way of scrutinizing people without appear ing to do so. It was ineffective. Not even her eyelashes quivered. she said firmly. And now. Sir Are you unfortunately said Lamm glancing uneasily at aunt Comfort could it be presumptuous in ask for a private inter Marion Drew a full breath. There was a slight quiver As she did so. Which seemed to indicate that her calmness was the result of rigid repressions of her spontaneous emotions. She motioned aunt Comfort towards the Hall. She said As soon As they were alone. John Lamm saw that she a Marie Mosat Fet Ruge sprang up with a Force Uia overturned his chair. The he ejaculated. Came you by that to quoth John Lamm in Hia rain. This gentleman Joes not guard his secrets so Well As the lady i must remind you or. He returned quietly that you were not to ask questions. Still i Don t mind telling you that me woman seems to be in some Way connected with our Friend jul Rinji i a Vijh 1 of n l As a wizard rather than a detective or. St Edge remarked with an Effort to conceal his astonishment i must say i cannot conceive by what possibility you become possessed of that name. But since you have 1 must remind you that you Are work no for i me and that whatever information you obtain ends with me. Nobody beyond us is to know a syllable. You under stand to be continued mothers helped their health restored thou Mitt in u e. Us Miku t advil. W. L. Douglas w. U. Douglas f 4.00 cult Edge cannot to equalled at any Price. A devoted Mother seems to listen to Call of duty excepting the supreme one that tells her to guard her health and before she realizes it some derangement of the female organs has manifested itself and nervousness and irritability take the place of Happi Ness and amiability. He missed a Fortune. Simple Faith a the Wisdom of governments kept this Kan out of Hiji ions. Early in the sixties a foreign inventor offered tie secret of a new explosive thai lie had discovered to the British govern ment relates a Riter in London. Truth. He asked for ii an insignificant Price something under alter he had been kept waiting three months and had made repeated applications for a decision he was informed that his offer was declined with thanks As neither the War office nor Ilia Board of Trade anything in his indention. The foreigner was a swede by name Alfred Nobel. His invention was dynamite. My Friend has Only too Good cause to remember the incident Tor Nobel had offered him a half share in the profits if he would finance him to the extent of 500 Kroner. Unfortunately for him my Friend was Young and still cherished illusions in regard to the Wisdom of governments and their officials and the consequence was that when he Learned the views of the British experts he also declined the Oser with thanks. But for his simple Faith he would to Day be a millionaire. objected to the hash. A new yorker at the Palace hotel talking about the Drayton fam ily of his state. Old capt. Percival Drayton who was Farragut s Chiet of Stas during the civil said he used to Tell his experience Wii i the rough and ready men of oarsmen of that old Shell backs who regarded soup and bully scouse and Plum Duff As the pieces de resistance of a meal. Drayton was a wealthy Man and one Day celebrated a Happy fam ily event by blowing off his Crew to a first class dinner. Toward its close tired nervous and irritable the Mother is unfit to care for her Chil Dren and hoi condition ruins the child s disposition and reacts upon herself. The Mother should not be blamed As she no doubt is suffering with Back displacement making life a Burden. Dia u. 1 Lankham s vegetable com Povod is the unfailing cure for this condition. It strengthens the female organs and cures All Dis placements and irregularities. Such testimony As the following should convince Womac of its value dear mrs. Pinkhard i want to t on How much Good Lydia e. Rink am s vegetable compound has done me. I suffered for eight with ovarian troubles. I was nervous tired and irritable Ond it did not seem As though i could stand r any longer As i had five children to care for. Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable compound was Reco amended and it has entirely cured me. I cannot Bank you enough for letter of advice and for what Lydia e. Finkh Rares vegetable compound has done for me mrs. Pm. Hoffman 100 Huriod Street. Brooklyn. X mrs. Fink Ham advises sick women free. Address Lynn Tass. Ii . Dub Gas makes and Kike Mem s so shoes Thau air . Reward to Sny Cne who at juju disprove this statement. W. L. Douglas shoes have by i eel let style easy fitting and qualities de the largest in s of any shoe in tie world. To Lucy arc i just is Rood o Thoss that Costou s5.co to j7.00 Only Dir Rencs b the Price. If 1 could taks Jou into my factory at Brockton mass., the largest in the woe id in Jer ice roof in Ahrer men s Flea shoes 5 now you the care Witlip which every pair a Douglas shoes 15 Occue. Oun Euid realize Why w. I j3.so shoes Sre the Best shoes a Raducci in the world. Ill could Bho you the difference slices of Icia by factory and those of other makes of would understand Why Douglas f 3.50 shoes Cost Nore to to by they hold their shape lit better to ear Longcr Ore of greater intrinsic a Jue Thun any Ether shoe on the Market to Day. W. L. Story Wade a Faaa of Man bets Las shoes i Lizo to substitute in our goal met Liis aug Price stumped of Boito a. in tiers w. L. Shoes Are not sold full line of samples sect free for inspection upon request fast actor used they till not Utar Traci to. Ants for illustrated Catalon of fall Styli. Of. L. Douglas Liro Cutca rials. To see the Captain at the to thank be said the spokesman All had saluted 1 tie elegant feed us but the think it s Only right to Call attention to that ship s Cook. Sir. this hash he s worked on us sir on your Bounty they offered Drayton a plate of Terrapin Stew to fran Cisco chronicle. Distant sound of sobbing rewarded his esmits. To be Cut off at such a Point As he funded. I d enjoy hanging the architect who put such a stupid building there nothing for Nim to do but to conjecture and wait. The two people remained a the parlor for nearly half an hour. At the expiration of that time the impatient watcher the pea Rances hoping thereby to construct nothing of her. Really the woman retorted in a vibrant tone that pierced the detective s ears like a . Liere were simultaneous cries from her three visible for several seconds after his wife lad delivered herself of this terrible taunt Thornton Stackhouse seamed mainly endeavouring to articulate. Then with a sudden movement he seized his hat and turned to the door. Tie voice which now to him was unlike his natural tones that Lamm would not have recognized it bad the speaker been out of View. So to he said. will Ever know what this is to me or How i Hare loved you Marion but so be it if my own wife turns from Rae rho will have mercy on the door opened and closed violently behind the partner of tha late Paul Worth. Did he speak for effect or were the emotions that inspired his words genuine u is certain that the amazed became strongly prejudiced in his favor. There was an interval of silence and then a flutter of skirts and a White White face appeared at the foot of the Lansi knew at once that that prone imperious countenance the red Mouth the flashing Blue eyes belonged to Marion Stackhouse. But great Powers could that be he-1 natural expression and then saw a what was the matter. She rested. "1sheyefs Tarocan the caught at the railing threw up her a and fell like a los to the floor. The Sash of the window to an Imru had no intention of prolonging the in Dent degree. Nothing but the vague Ter View. He resolved to break the ice murmur 01 voices and the occasional of her Reserve with one fell crush. Tell he said without preface who is Marie she could not repress the Start nor the Tell tale Blush that Rose into her Cheeks. But she made a Brave Effort which aroused John Lamm s unspoken admiration. Why do you Only this in a faint voice As a response to this unexpected Bombshell. He said bodily there is reappeared a the Hall. Or. Lamm j mixed up a this eagerly marked their respective Apah she returned coldly i know fair warning. At one time Horace Greeley lived in a pleasant estate on the Hudson River. It was approached by a narrow Lane from the Street says a writer in the Spring Field Republican and was four Miles out from the City Hall on the Harlem Road. The ground from the House on one Side sloped Down to the River on the other was a Garden which bore fruit accessible to boys. On sunday their Day of Freedom As Well As 31r. Greeley a the boys sought the Orchard. Lar. Greeley never saw or heard them but mrs. Greeley always saw them and from her place on the Piazza she would Call to or. Greeley to put on his hat and Deal with air. Greeley would never have Dis Turbed them but he always complied Ith his wife s his own time and Way. As he slowly reached for Hia hat. He shouted i m coming after 3-011. Of course not Many captures were made. Good but y7rong kind. Al Beer in acting to Gre you. Or. Kurd in regard to Fie of Pauty of i k a hic Yon Are serving me. Or. Miner Feiy i War Ted to m Mure t to i the or Elk for and not for cons stones. Loss and gain. Did your Luis ind that Golf improved it his Beauli. But in he Lea is .0 Teu Crit my spoil his Star. A Leader Shou d cot etude too j fat to. Of Emmet be May be hic Deri irom rus foil Wei b the 01 Tae for women Troat so with fils Peculiar to Timeir set used As a a Occas is Tarvel Otily Suc thoroughly cleanses kills disease germs tops discharges heals azi local soreness cures Suco Tilicea and cisal Patine is in Irra to be d in Pum water and is far errors cleansing cd Naichi Bud economical than a Citi senses for All toilet Ano special uses for Sale at 50

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