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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - October 6, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaIt Tore vol. 29. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. Oct. 1904. Terms a year j a Little Oft a Hundred years ago the Price of a us Cotton was i today one can act three pairs for lest we forget. Blit now on display at e. W. Speedling go s pharmacy. Potatoes arc not contraband of War in the Northwest this year. The Man who usually robs his neighbor s Patch is out of business St Kepulis Licaisi ticket. For president. Theodoke Roosevelt for vice president n to s i v a 1 h a a v of s for 4th District of Gilbert n. Haugen state ticket. Secretary Osute a b. Martin. State auditor .8 p. Lauroll. State treasurer. G s. Attorney Venetal c. W. Mullen. Of supreme court h. E Hemelt Railroad commissioner. N. S Ketchum. County ticket. For auditor. H b. R03enkran3, for clerk of the District court w1llard Perrin. For recorder. A l d. For county attorney l 0. Rue few surf rat inns l. T Hoffman of a Ockford g. F Heitz o Ulster four Good reasons. You Are a Democrat and do not believe in the Republican policy o Protection but favor a Tariff for Revenue it is Well Lor you to contemplate the tact that no democratic Tariff Ever did pro face enough reve nue but i hat the same tinkering which eliminated Protection also created in creasing deficit in the Treasury endangered the Gold Reserve and with it the parity of our Silver adj paper Money and necessitated Large Bond issues out of which Wall Street syndicates could pet a Takeoff but on which the amen Oan people must pay the interest and ultimately the principal. The expenses of the government Are now running close to the Revenue and these expenses Are for such purposes As Sjon siding the old soldiers paying Lor the Panama canal irrigating the arid lands and rendering useful service to agriculture to commence and labor t Arouth departments specially most Tut for such services. There is no Patrio tic Arbo can desire esp Endi loss for such objects cot Down so As to cripple the prestige efficiency of the Fri verment hence to patriotic democratic however ardently he May believe in free Trade should vote for a policy which would Cut Down the reve Nues and Oile up a disastrous deficit As Money is no Good and will be refunded to you if after us ing half a bottle of the famous o o oooo rheumatism and blood cuke Are not satisfied with results. This is our guarantee which goes with Evary bottle. For and Only by a j. Asper co. During the last democratic administration. Since the War takes were to Cen off several Jears ago there has been no Sale Roon for further redaction in the government revenues. Anything that tin Juht be taken off from the protective indirect taxes would have to be put on somewhere else where it would be a direct Burden to Tai papers or else Money would have to be Bor rowed to make up Tor the deficiencies in Revenue second you Are no tools a demo crat but Demorat of the Jefferson Iao Type you should vote the Republican ticket if Only because Jefferson it Jis if stood for expansion always does. The present leaders of the democratic party Seldom express themselves strongly on an particular line of policy i they do they usually Alao take the precaution to state that the Senate will continue Republican during the nest four years so that it would be impossible to change existing policies anyhow. You Are a Democrat you owe a duty to yourself your n in Bors your families and especially to the Little ones and to your Fel Low countrymen not to Rote for Candi dates of your own party when it obvious As it is now that their election would certainly cause apprehension in business circles end to the Rich poor and poor poorer and increase the difficulties of making a Good living. When business depression visits the country it is no respecter o the poor will suffer quite As much if not More than the Rich and Democrat will suffer quite As much As republicans a Cross Between the Jersey and the shorthorn mry often results in a High Quality of milk for Dairy j poses this is one of the list crosses a which can to made where it i desired to have the steer Wilf Worth smooth aug As a feeder. It is interesting to read of some flood Coupe Sariotis. The Kansas River Bot Louis which were so mercilessly storm i swept Early in Junu Are now ripening j u splendid Wop of Corn the Hood As a fertilizer More than offsetting the dam age wrought by the flood As a de Stroyer. A lieu a Hoy the writer remembers into a forty acre Wheatfield where Twenty men were Busy cutting the ruin with Sickles other men Fol Lowed and bound the gaels into bundles and when the Grain was stacked the when and children of these reapers carefully gleaned Over the whole held and counted themselves Well rewarded could they but carry Home at night a bundle of wheat font Ainsil Pere sauce two quarts of Grain. Otems eight cents a Pound is a Young woman paid for twelve pounds of flesh. She was thin and weak and paid one Dollar for a bottle of Scott s emulsion and by Tak ing regular doses had gained twelve pounds in weight before the bottle was fib had. Eight cents a Pound is cheap for such valuable material. Some pay More some some get nothing for their Money. You get your Money s Worth when you buy Scott s emulsion. We will Send you a Little fit. Scott Bowne. Chemists Pearl Street new York. And Al druggists. Light Between this sheep herders and the cattlemen is is old As the world. These interests clashed in old mosaic times did they clash today. Where sheep feed there Cuttle starve j Tho Mountain ranges of the Rockies witness Many a tragedy Between cow j boy and Herder the Herder picked off with a Rifle Ball and his flock of sheep driven Over a precipice. Sixty thou Sand sheep thus Peris i each year in Colorado Wyoming and Montana. There seems to be altogether too much parasitic life in this sect blvd and animal lives off others labor and this is not the of it for we have lots of humans who Are just simply parasites in the rank est sense. If a Man who will let his wife take in to support the family while he Loans around the saloons is not a parasite we would like to know what is Aud the worst of it is that the women won t let this sort lie killed off Europe is full of half starved peo inon and women to whom n Good Square is almost n thine in known while America is full of half starved Field and battered and abused for Long years and j Ever Liu pry for Plover rest and de cent treatment. The condition of the half fed poor of the old world is Al most impossible of improvement. The impoverished soils of this country can be helped if men Only had sense enough to do it. One to tie the past year has not been a Boom 1 year. Conservative business methods j Aud some contraction have been the i logical and inevitable sequence of the j inflation and exaggerated speculation that accompany every period of v e Prosperity in any country. Closest students of conditions believe that All branches of Enterprise Are i merely taking their second wind for m renewal of the Industrial Ami com Mercial activity that Bocari when the country was freed from fear of the Tariff and currency wreckers eight years ago. The belief of these observers is based upon advices about tin crops which on the whole Are Good the assured increase of Railroad earnings because of big crops the improved feeling m the steel and Iron Trade the profits of our exporters be cause of the War needs of Japan and Russia and the reports of Good collections both in the cast and West. Meanwhile there Are thousands of men on strike in different parts of the country. Men in a few of the Indus tries have lost positions or suffered a reduction of salary. To these men the old democratic Sermon will be preached and they will be in danger of being deceived into advocacy of far reaching disaster because of a Tempo Rary depression. No american should be permitted to forget the time of the Tariff of perfidy and Parker did not object to the St. Louis demand for revision and reduction of the Tariff by Tele Gram or otherwise. A vote for him. Therefore. Who be a vote for such Tariff tinkering and consequent Industrial distress As was experienced under the Cleveland regime. The puerile plea that a democratic president and House could do no harm because of the re publican Senate will not Avail. The introduction of another Wilson Bill would be the signal for retrenchment of Busi Ness ventures of every description even if a panic were York mail. The country hopeful. There Are enough disastrous Bank failures reported from time to time. In not a few instances sweeping away the accumulated savings of a Community for Many years enough Trou ble. Misery and loss of Confidence so that we arc firmly of the opinion that the Hanking Laws of tie country should require the adequate bonding of All Bank officials by the surety companies. The Public is confiding trustful while the dishonest banker repays their Confidence with perfidy. Outlook for Hen by Leith in peculiarly Bright. The Xiv York commercial remarks that business hopefulness is in the air. Everybody is breathing it. It la something real and tangible. The Basic conditions in Industry nod Trade Are i Ipoh Thor no Only seem not to let politics disturb or Embarrass them in the slightest degree. For once it least the Bete Noire of a Campaign year is in nobody ii scary the common sense of the american people 5s reasserting itself in a at a Ono Refl son for this hopefulness if that the Outlook for Republican Success is peculiarly Bright and Republican Success Means that in the next four years there will be no Tariff tinkering to upset the business of the country and that the policies so successful in the last eight years will continue to bring Prosperity and Good Lawrence mass Telegram. Elf a the Man who is Strong within him self who is not a slave to his Environ Nikont. To True to voice within him Aud who follows the Gold 1 in mean of simple and wholesome Liv ing will find at last that the Earth has touches of heaven that All Crea Tures hold traces of the divine and that he who follows the upward path will be filled n perennial Joy. To be Resolute but not obstinate self Rev Erent but Humble individual but respectful to the opinions of others unbending in following one s own path and yet Sweet and courteous to this it is to have real fun Ivy of charac Ter. The most powerful May seem the Meek est. The most masterful May seem the most yielding. Keeping Ever one goal in View Aud going to Ward it however the path May wind. Influencing others for Good Leav ing them free bending them without forcing or constraining to Lien being righteous without Pharis ism and pure without it i to have reached the highest human plane. What n glorious heritage is for them Here and now life would grow like a song and Earth would seem indeed a Paradise. But we permit Little things to draw us aside Little obstacles to affright us. Mule natures to vex and Little tasks to Gall us until we Are Over whelmed by Petty troubles that we be too great to give a second thought. We must awaken in the innermost Depths of is. It must be conscious in every fiber of our being. Ave must to divinely Alert and responsive on every prime. Get alive inside. Become acquainted with your own soul. Seek the divinity in All things by finding the divinity within yourself. Urow sympathetic and receptive to the world around Yon kindly and Friendly to All beings conscious of the life that Pul sates through All things. Tie Ujj Christ like is simply being manlike in the tru est and Best sense. Reach your own perfect function in your oui highest nature be genuinely and honestly your self. To him who lives his better self Earth is a place of Beauty and life is Worth while. It is a Good idea in the fall to make an Kiuei Ivory of the Stock you have of hand and expect to Winter and see whether the Corn cribs and rough Fod Der Bear a right relation to the Stock. This trying to Winter cattle at stray stacks and in Cornfields alone is a mis Erable business and some very cruel work is done in this line every year by men who otherwise rate As pretty Good Fellows. As it never pays in the Long run to do this we often wonder Why men will keep doing it. Judge Parker has made his speech of acceptance but instead of electrify ing the country and his party it turns out to be a very Ordinary utterance. Indications of democratic disappoint ment Are manifold especially on the part of those gushing organs which were declaring that the judge s utter Ance would be the most important speech of acceptance Ever made by a candidate for gauged by the great expectations regarding it the address Lias degenerated to something suggestive of a times. Many housekeepers have to put up with a Good Deal of waste in the use of cheese As a part of the family ration. As a generally used More or dries up and is Here is a j better Way take the cheese when bought and run it through a sausage Cutter. Pack it As firmly As possible in Glass tumblers and cover the top with a piece of paraffin paper. Set in a Cool place. By so doing the cheese will keep perfectly and not a morsel of it will be wasted. Ave have followed this plan for years. A prominent Florist says that peonies will afford twice the satisfaction to the Lover of Nice Flowers that roses will that tie peonies have few or no enemies and by making a selection of the right varieties they give Liim More sat it Aenon than do the roses. This May be so for him. But for us we had rather pick one Jack or american Beauty Rose and have it Grace the dining table than to gather a Bushel Basket of the finest peonies we Ever saw. Of of Firso the roses Are lots of trouble but i tent s True of everything in the world cloftes now it is announced that candidate Davis is a close Friend of Russell Sape. A Man must be close to be a Friend of Uncle Fost. J strike and or. Davis the democratic vice presidential candidate spoke of the strikes is evidence that the people Are not prosperous strikes Are evidence of Prosperity. Men did not strike during the democratic hard times. They had no jobs to leave. Strikers generally until an employer is crowded with orders Tir contracts. That a their Opportunity a strike under demo cratic administration would have been City journal. It is known that the ancient Kirp plans and malleable Glass and the mod Ern Seei mentalist has sought to discover the lost Art of its manufacture. While this has not been Success Ful it is now claimed that Dulies Are being made which will withstand the ravages of either the proverbial Bull in a China shop or the servant girl who is almost equally destructive. In Liege Belgium the famous com Pany do Tol St. Lambert crockery is made which through the Peculiar hard ening process employed not Only successfully resists Wear and tear but is almost proof against breakage. So difficult to break is this new Crock Ery that a hardened Crystal dish has been used As a Hammer in driving nails into Wood. It can be put into boiling water and then plunged into the cold est ice water without cracking and dropped on the floor at Liberty without breaking. And yet it is so flue that it closely resembles the finest Granshi cent China in appearance. A writer who visited this establishment says he saw specimens of this Ware thrown against the Stone floor of the warehouse and go bounding the length of the building without injury. It May do nil this however and still not stand the onslaught of the modern Domestic. Hott Coniry it. Took the Republican party eight years to convert Parker to sound Money. How Long will it take him to convert the democratic Norwalk of reflector. Warn or. Willy Hearst s passionate sup port of or. Tarker is evidenced by the appearance of ringing editorials on the importance of breathing York with the ardent of the automobile the horse is having another breaking in. Within a few years he has had to face the bicycle the traction engine and the Auto on the Public roads and he is no doubt wondering what comes next. There Are a Good Many chauffeurs who need killing and some horses which should be sent from the Carriage to the plow Liilo hero Are riot n ladies who should not n1 at to wed. To run is risks of the ror.3. Only trouble seems to lie in the coun try districts where the Auto is not As yet common enough to educate the Norse to its use. There is but Little trouble id our the nearest fixed Star is said to be Twenty Jive trillions of Miles. This is the Earth to the Sun. In other words. The comparative distances to the Sun and to this nearest Star Are As some thing less than a Quarter of an Inch to a mile. When one tries to think of spaces such As these his own Dimen Sions dwindle to a Mere pin Point and then become in Isible. C. A easterday attend to any and us at any time. I Suil terms. Terms and Dait a Cim be made at the Jurmu cell be or by me of Rural route to. I. Few persons to re present Iodko established wholesale House among retail merchants and a tents. Territory of few Tountas. A no Iii and expenses Katie Ute Money advanced. Join Mission per engagement. Business Musesh Ful. Previous experience not enclose self Audre Saed Durem sol Elixt eldest Tiia Elees born St. Dec to going for Chamberlain s Colic cholera and diarrhoea remedy. Don t put yourself in this Man s place but keep a bottle of this remedy in your Home. There is nothing so Good fur Colic cholera Flo bus dysentery and diarrhoea. It is equally valuable for summer complaint and cholera infant Tum and has saved the lives of More chill on than any other Medicine in use. When reduced with water and Sweet ened it is pleasant to take. You or someone of your family Are sure to need this remedy sooner or later and when that time comes you will need it badly you will need it quickly. Why not boy it now and be prepared for such an emergency Price Large size 50c. Jaa Najj 0 Tao in s Pue esd sin . Aux Numis 9.1v. S328.u. Matix 8trj 05 3noi so Pine a Cali Oai sip jays Aupi oot i a axiom os8 it to sit Treni Jod san non Ai Cload too i a tip Tari a member of the new York school Board says that chickens should be raised in the schoolroom is an object lesson to the children. This might be a Good Way to Hatch ideas but unless All the pupils intend to go into the poultry and egg business when they grow up the object of turning the schoolhouses into Hen coops is not sex so try apparent. System Rock Iowa. Tie Twig lit Road to Aud from Between Chicago Omaha 1st Louis us Nukk. Memphis Colorado up 6 Feo Iua fort Worth St. Josefh St. Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Marble Rock As follows eastbound. No. 2, Burlington pass stops by All stations a. In no. 8, mail and express p. I to. 7 i local freight stops at All stations in. Westbound. Sto. 7. Mail and express i. No. 17, Rockford passenger p. M no. 71, local freight p. M for sleeping car reservations tickets time tables etc., apply to any Rock is land ticket agent. A m. Allen general passenger agent t i r Iii. When 3 of see a Man trying to hold up a Lamppost it shows that he sympathizes wich anything tight somehow the average Man is never Able fully to realize that silence is Golden until after his face is swelled out of shape. Mat Pepper s the Only trouble with the Many kinds of flying machines is that they will not Fly. This is a Mere minor de Tail of course but the Public is Apt to hypercritical about Little things of that sort. May 1 and Xor. S May be regarded As the two smashing Days of this year. May 1 Breaks up furniture and nov. S Tad lid Wood on t let. a v on no bin App h jilt us r Trof to. On it 1 Carr Leitu wrapper 1 inn or Tor with a Vair Titi tar Annj Money. I. , Chicago in. Email size 50 cents. By e. Speedling. In r m Lippl Nuvoli monthly magaz5ne a family Library the Best m current literature 12 Complete novels yearly Many Short avd papers on timely Torch 5 per year 25 cts. A copy no continued stories j every number Complete in itself a

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