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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - November 24, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJournal Schb. 29. Sto 17 Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. Nov. If 4. 1904. Terms s1.50 a year of i the Long evenings of Winter Are on. Imi arc for your yearly Mouth ill Ami weekly subs pious on any Ami All periodicals on which we meet All Competition Ami save your postage and Price of exe Luini e on each and t i o 1 everyone. In your orders Early to avoid Roii fusion. Yours to please e. W. Speedling co s pharmacy. Women porters Curry oter Hundred Vonnda und Senrt Tyrenty Cauca a Dar. Chambers journal at the age of 2 or 10 the woman Porter of Martinique can Civray Uiti incl. Or i ii con Taining a weight of i rom 25 to 20 pounds. She then begins to go on Long peddling journeys with her Mother elder sister or responsible female Friend walking barefooted As Many As 15 Miles a Day. At is she is vigorous and Tough As a Mountain Pony and. Like most Mountain bred women she is comely. She carries now upon her head a tray and Burden of from 120 to 150 pounds earning less than 30 shillings a month by travelling 50 Miles a Day As an itinerant seller. Forty or 50 Miles always bearing a Burden of Over 100 stones Are added As the tray is emptied of merchandise to maintain the customary and this for an income of a franc a Day out of the franc she has her food and sleeping quarters to procure and her clothes to get. Twenty francs a year will keep her in clothes. A Brief Chemise and a Light Calico Robe constitute her travelling apparel. On her head she wears a soft Toche or pad upon which the Tait tray is placed. She wears no shoes she needs none. The soles of her feet Are Tough ened to something like India rubber feeling no Asperities of surface bidding Defiance to the sharpest flints. Her food is sous a Day for bread or biscuits a few sous for ragout a few sous for some cheap liquor Vail i per haps 15 sous in All. Her sleeping quarters might be expected to bring her daily expenses up to a franc nevertheless such is her ability to economize that she not Only manages to live on her income which seems but actually saves enough to set her self up in some simple business when her youth and physical Powers de Cline. Could t Stop Illg Wate Laff snip half the Turkey two ounce pies a Quarter of plumb pudding Tor his Baa you Don t Sav has doctor will beget Laffond never touched him he took b Lotof Doc Cald Well s syrup pepsin inn went about his business. It s great stuff you a. J. Asper co. Only weight Tor the Gold jewelry into the mint s Kelt id 5 pot. From the new Orleans times Democrat Yea we receive lots of things that we Bate to see go into melting said an old mint attache. Folks in financial distress bring Uncle Sam ail manner of heirlooms which Ais bought Over the counter Lor their naked weight in Gold or Silver Bullion. Art or Antiquity Don t count at mint and a candelabra by Benvenuto Cellini himself would t bring More than a Lump of raw Metal from the smelter. We get plate of every description old watch cases rings. Chains snuff boxes spectacle frames and jewelry mounts without number. In this Section of the South there Are Al editor see in y or of out Iota last an article re Garding the Cost of the Marble Rock water works and from tie general tone of the article i believe we can discuss to a financial condition of the town in s Friendly Nia Aner whereby we and per haps others my be benefited. Now As to the amounts paid j. B. Clow very alarming and Why such a thorough investi24tion should be or. Green Wood seems to be Able to get at lie records. If the ability and honesty of the Council is not la question Why this persistent attack on their actions. They bad Only to construct a water works system which was almost unanimously demanded by the people. They thought that they could Complete it for and undertook the Job when it was completed the incidentals which ate always in evidence in. The construction of new enterprises be they private or Public run the expense to say 000 which will fully cover the Cost of construction. Had it not been for Ibe 20 which the Counci has been compelled to pay out for attorney fees nud costs not of their own making the town would have the water works system a l be nearly free from any float bag indebtedness. Now As Section 7-llc. This Law was passed by the general Assembly and did not go into effect until july 4th 1902, about a month Jefter use water works system was in re Sciog Ortler. Ii is a Well Deliard principle of Law that no Law is retroactive and it is our opinion that the Council does not have to a statement of the in to of utilities established before this Luw went in to effect and we have seen no statement made by any town or City which included the Cost of Public utilities constructed before the Law became opera Tive. Kight Here we wish to make b person he statement. In our Issue of october or. Ramsay refers to the Bill of Ellis Ellis for 8101.25, which did not sip pair to. The Sacal statement of Ace diag to or. Own statement the Bill tvs billowed february and As the Law was nut even introduced into Shi legislature at the it time it would have Beau a Mist Alt to it in the Titan Cine statement of 1003, had it been included in said statement the Council would have Leid itself open to the charge that it inserted the item to create prejudice against or. Ramsay. Thie item was under discus Sion at the time the statement was issued and we held that it should not appear in the statement because the Law wbb not in Force at the time. We have a personal interest m Titis matter As the financial statement must be Public bed and Nnoli nah rate of 10 cents per line. It is there fore to our financial interest to Havo the statement As Long As possible but hav ing sex Imi oed this Law we have never been convinced in our own mind that we could compel the Council to Issue a statement giving in detail the coat of a Utility which was put in before the Law went into effect and we have Yeeu no statement from any of the cities und towns in the state giving the Cost of such utilities erected or construed be fore the Law became operative it was on this account that we voluntarily published tue statement in our Issue of october 20th so that the people Nigat have an approximate idea of the Cost of the system established before the Law went into effect. In tha financial statement of 190i the Council gives essentially All Tea Oiher facts demanded by the Section the Council could have been a Little c explicit but the facts Are there and be ascertain d. The statement Siuw a taxable valuation of 892561. id this rfcs to in be Adf to amount of s1.02s.05 being Nve Par sent of the actual assessment. The coat for Maint Imir the water works v. Labor and repair on pump 324 50 salary of supt. Of waterworks 00 painting Tower ill 35 Only 5 be extra for this paper and the weekly Ocean to s of Chicago. The Fern i ionic of the West. and strengthened by tin addition of Many new Tui urtus enlarged farm forestry and of the and girls sunday school health Midland s health and Beauty household cookery latest for All fiction full crop Aud Market reports. The Luter Ocean is the Only Western paper it Civino in addition to the Assoc v i o ated press reports the entire Telegraph service of the Central and special Cable of the new York world besides daily or norms from Over two x special All this Fob Oxly 5 cents extra. The Marble Kock journal weekly inter Ocean s1.00 both for one year. This offer open Only a few weeks Ness of travelling through the Rural districts and buying up All the old Gold and. Silver they can find. They arc experts in judging of the fineness of Metal and they pay As Little As they can so there must be a Hig profit in the Trade. As a Rule the stuff they bring us and that finds its Way Here j through other channels is old j and broken and uninteresting but now and then something of rare artistic value turns up in the lot and we would Only be too glad to take it out and make Good the Coin value but the Law forbids. That by the Way is no doubt the very reason Why we occasionally get such articles. People who Are poor and proud would rather have the identity of their relics lost forever in the melt j in pot Rothaa rur. The Ruk of exposing Straits by Lear lag theia with tha pawnbroker u Etc. To sold67 a. J. Aoa at Recti of fund just the some As the from the Sale of tronds it was a receipt and not an expenditure and should be so credited which we did in our former article. We Are i hip to admit Bat the several extra of the Council and the 315.00 paid or. Greene for drawing the necessary Pap re should be added to the Cost of the punt including All these items the Cost not exceed which is still under the lowest bid received from con tractors. We do not now Ever Fidmik that the Folio Ting Bill for attorneys Feeg court to defeat the suit brought by or. Ramsay is a proper charge against the system and we be Lieve or. Greenwood would Ester b vigorous protest had some been drawn from the water works Boco fund j however .13 or. Greenwood makes j reference to this wet give the cos p in taif Case of Ramsay a. The incorporated town of Marble Rock and let the Reader decide out of which fund it should be Psid Ellis Kilts attorney fee 25 court costs made by Ramsay so attorney rpt Cial review utter suit at led and be fore Bonds were issued 25 00 f. K. St Lossy fee 10 Oft wite a and expenses made on behalf of town total f 185 so the item which does not is for gasoline which was include ii in general Bills these should ban Ben Tho country Parson working on n Small salary should always Combine u agriculture with his theology. A Man cum work out u mighty Good ser Mon Wrhen he is blowing Corn or hoeing potatoes. Had rather have tin crops than Deuteronomy for religious inspiration then it rightly worked the product of five acres Well tilled will enable tie Parson to Wear a plug hat Aud a Prince Albert coat for his .1sun Day duties. The Only drawback to this plan is that there Are some communities so mighty mean that it he makes a Limilo Money on the Side the next an Nual meeting of the Church will Cut his salary Down for there Are All too Many otherwise pretty people who seem to think that poverty piety and Par sons Are a foreordained combination my Natii. In keep lieu Prett Cuer largely As a civilized object of Charity. Plenty of Rich banners aspect to go to heaven on the strength of pay inst the preacher a your and a yearly donation of a couple of old roosters a sack of potatoes or a big Squash. Or could readily place them where for a belong. This item amounts to about. 830.00 a year. The receipts s217 co the total indebtedness of the town according to the statement at time Bonds improvement Bonds. 00000 outstanding checks 861 70 total 70 on band april 1st, 1904, 5382 this makes the indebtedness of the More than the allows on he has easement of but to assets ment of 1901 on which the indebtedness was Bashi was much i chef he Bonds placed on that assessment were within the Legal limit and had the town not been obliged to tight the litigation instituted by or. The floating indebtedness would be Only Abr it half want it in to Day. The above Tig Uree Are copied out of the Public aimed and while they might Hare been Assem bled under More suitable the facts Are there and can be ascertained by any one the figures. What a. Prominent druggist said of Scott s emulsion a Short time ago. As a Rule we Don t use or refer to testimonials in addressing the Public but the above remark and similar expressions Are made so often in connection with Scott s emulsion that they Are worthy of occasional note. From infancy to old age Scott s emulsion offers a reliable Means of remedying improper and weak develop ment restoring lost flesh and vitality and repairing waste. The action of Scott s emulsion is no More of a secret than the composition of the Emul Sion itself. What it does it does through nourish kind of nourish ment that cannot be obtained in Ordinary food. No system is too weak or delicate to retain Scott s emulsion and gather Good from it. We will Send you a Sample free. in the of a Scott Bowne chemists i 409 Pearl St., . Dyspepsia cure what powerfully and a Tummy. Cares Fyhen All others fall. M30 Youthful vigor. to euro Jakeb Allty vital and Alt effects and indiscretion. Restores Cher pvt vitality and increases the nerve puff Ilii or new. Or Uibo carried in test pocket. Prepaid Plain wrapper per hox or a Walt Tiki Oil run Lee to cure Kcf und Money. Pamphlet from. Peppy by 31edical . In Small size 50 cents. Sold by e. W c. E will attend to any and All Salep of Rny time. Usual terms. Terms Ila Leo Cau be made at the Journi office it by a dirt using me on of uial route 2. Tin Bible Jis n s Noi Long Iii i in Ken Bucuy Liis life by tic i lilo. The copy of tic in ins pocket mid turned n Bullet of. I us Ite idiot Iii slut it at him. It is id if Juroc men Curr Ioil i lilacs would get shot. Not1 Ifould this result from the books Wol Ihl is i be to shut tie Tite i Salust too intrusive bul j lets hut rather to Ennic one could scarcely carry the Kible without look ing it it Oise Ision Aliy nuo some of the principles of peace on Earth jowl will a Ownne few persons o re Sonc Lohier Stibli ahead House retail Oierce Biinte and a gents. Local territory of Lew e. Sis Sal Ury and paid weekly. Expense Money adv nned. Commission per Rahdert. Bue inept Mcclese Ful. Previous expo Riesch not in Vul Uitti Sci Kristen Dent born St. Tonic Flo. Dec 8 the of. A min i lius in creased u s Lilau n halt Ini Linn in ten or Only v trite Over 1 Sci islam is Many , but the soft of Llinat seems to evade the Burden of Clil Droit is the most in Juri ulis of any. It cupper is a Gunn Icide As now Ciai Iii l Ianis average Man will Ucros aftera Lenit to carry his in must of us could i it Anil Yiirs Clvis Down undid in. It should be Home in mind that every cold tie lungs Low ers the vitality and prepares the e3 Stem for the More serious Dis eases among which Are tie two greatest destroyers of human life pneumonia and consumption. Chamberlain s cough remedy its great popularity by its prompt cures of this most common ailment. It aids expectoration relieves the lungs and opens the secretions effecting a Speerly and permanent cure. It any tendency toward pneumonia. Price 25c, Large size 500. It Sivji Iron i that Lilen iry men in Are Simiry Iii lie habits of the Many Klo Rary men i this Side will Jinn Siliati by interested ii it is that Ilu zulus. Tihe table. Rock Island 1 system Marble Kock. The right Road to Atni a and i itts Burin police recently arrested thirty Street mashers and collected goo in fines from them. Googoo yes Are sometimes expensive. Chicago St. Louis Memphis Peoria St. Joseph 11 q Omaha. Denver. Colo Kadosh s fort Worth St. Paul the Man who is really Superior is lie j Kansas City Minneau Ous who can treat every one Asau equal. Your Money is i no Good and will be refunded to you if after us ing half a bottle of j the famous 1 trains leave Marr of Csc As Kas Bousd. To. Burlington pass stop1 at All sit docs a. M no. 8, mail and express saw p. M no. Local freight stops St All stations a. M. 6 0 8 8 j to. Abji Aud esp refs i. M i to. -31, arts Seeger p. M Ixo. 71, local Fri Ighel p. In rheumatism and blood cure you arc not satisfied with results. This is or us Arastus goes trite i every bottle. J our anted Only by a j. Asper cd. I time tables Etc., apply to la i Lanci ticket agent. I l. M. Allen i general passenger agent a Binaco Iii. For Sale by k. W. Spec drug 4qd j. Sepor co

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