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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - November 3, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaHock journal vol. 29. No 14 marbles Rock. Floyd nov. Terms 81.50 a your Stock and poultry will not be pretty healthy or even profitable without the ingredients of Fleck s Stock food if not satisfactory Money refunded by Salesman. E. W. Speedling go s pharmacy. Republican ticket. For president tile Doke Koo Sevelt for Yoe president chaj1lks w. Fairbanks for District of Gilbert n. Sum ticket. Secretary of Sute. W. B. Martin. State auditor b f ca11roll. State treasurer j s h1lbebtson aug Roxy 0 mullein. Judge of h. E. Lemell Railroad commissioner. S. 8 Ketchum Bounty ticket. For auditor h. B. Rosenkrans for clerk of the District court w1l.l.ard Perrin. For recorder a l Dud. For county attorney j for l g t Huffman of Stock of re f Hertz o uis or or t j Kocoj. Nna of the Cost prominent democrats in county Indiana Lua created a to Orevillo by renouncing demo enc coming out s wrongly for Roosevelt uproot Tod destroy that Tariff system would be to i Sorc lha prostration of the closing of fac tories the improvement of the the ruin of be capitalist and the starvation of exist Felt s letter of acceptance if Protection in indeed robbery and in our opponents really believe what they say then it is precisely to the Deal notion and uprooting of the Tariff and therefore of oar business and Industry that they Are pledged Hoose velt s Fetter of acre tame. The wage worker would do Well so remember that if pre Lection Rob Berf and is to be punished accordingly he will a the first to pay the penalty for either be will be turned entirety or Bis wages will be out Down to the starvation letter of acceptance Parker s Stone throwing. Jul Joe Parker in desperation at the thought of being the most overwhelmingly Defeated Democrat 10. The history of the country has taken the a okie of his managers and resorted to the most absurd end ridiculous state ments and of misstatements Ever put Forth by any Public Man when he says that the protected industries of the country Are about to buy the presidency in return for the Reward which they will receive by being allowed to continue to unduly tax the american peo ple be knows that be is stations not Only a falsehood but making a claim that is absolutely without foundation. He should know that the president of the United states has no Power to Frame Pasa or repeal a Tariff Law to knows or should know that it is the people s representatives in Congress who Frame these Laws and who pats them and that the president Baa simply the Power to approve or disapprove of them when the judge gets to Campaign contributions be should in his historical statements refer to the Campaign of 1852, when August Belmont Contri buted to the democratic fund and was appointed by Franklin Pierce As minister to Belgium he Var Alen who eave to the Cleveland Ciai Paivia fund Aad made minister to Italy but Movw Enoi inh to come Home when his Pras ence there Bee me it has been established that x50 our is the regular Price Lor a democratic admin ii to Nave gone faster than we Bave gone to giving the islanders it constantly Boer meaning measure of would have been Dis to Trona. At the present to toot to gift political to the is would Rewalt in the immediate Low of civil Rig la. Personal Liberty Tad Pablic order m regards the mass of the Vili Patnod for the majority of a Utora have been Eliveo these by and Only keep them a Mew vigilantly m and Gurulee them. To truth Drav oar Govena eat the islands at this Lim Wool 1 mean the average 01 Tife Low of he Burdt woo civil Freedom we Bare in the a Gater Tuen by americans Stead ily striving m Thi into rat of to expect from a prospectus a blur or minister abroad and in connection it can Well and be asked it Joseph h. Chuate or Hor Ace Porter or Andrew d. White Ever made any Buch contributions to a re publican Campaign fund i Parker is Hing to a Glass Hoise which will not enable him to throw stones at a Republican Campaign or a Republican administration. The filipino question. At length it appears that there is one question on which judge Parker a inc Caal dats of the democratic party has seen fit to take a definite position a few Days ago he was called upon by certain of those who Call themselves anti imperialists and in his response shows that he is in Accord with those notions which were decisively repudiated four years ago by the whole people Kud which have never been sustained a adv official act or by the decisions of any court. As representative of the organized negative of the democratic part he goes Back to criticise what been done from the beginning to unsettle that which has settled and to propose that shall the sub will begin to obey the to cites our to regard the consent of the governed and to which does not belong to be we do Posi Tion that his been repudiated Asem Phat Cally by the american people As the position of this Boston coterie of anti imperialists but that of Joyce Parker is so much More inconsistent and indefensible that it Borders on the absurd i Here is any excuse thing out of the Philippines based up on absrrac1 principle or doubt of our Rigl t to govern or recognition of the of the filipinos to Independence it applies just As a wrongly to Day Asil will next year or ten Jears hence it s conceivable that there May to men who be Lieve we ought not to hold the Philippines but it is not conceivable that any sensible Man should think we taught to hold them Lor a while and then abandon them Emo one else has propounded a policy so completely in All respects As that of the democratic candidate for the presi Dency. In Point of fact this very proposition of a Promise contains elements not Only but of illegality which do oot attach to any other. Our whole theory of a specific term of office implies thit the members of the popular Branch of government shall surrender their credentials at the end of every two years and ask the people for a fur ther commission to represent them to the executive department the return of the commission is made every four Yean. Neither president Cor Congress can bind its successor and right incoming con Tress or president to re View the acts of its predecessor to alter add to or reverse them is one of the fundamental rights of and in t an Meled government by the people. No president has a right to Embarrass lib successor by adopting any policy that will take Flecta Ler his own term of Lyoo Greis Nas toe Power to pass any Law which a subsequent Congress is bound to continue in history there Havo been rulers who were so convinced their oven supt rior knowledge and at Tiluy that they wished to male decisions which would stand for All future and to establish policies which should be irrevocable but no such thing is pos Ilc under the american system the right to Correct errors the right to make new decisions and change old ones is one of those things Guaran teed by the Colosti and by the very nature of the government itself ii b Parker should a elected president and should assume to a e the filipinos Independence his act would be an attempted usurpation grossly in violation of the fundamental principles of the Constitution but an Fly pc mkt Sti turd Tor that which the people ordained an entirely different policy which they have rejected. He agrees with the Little Junta of sell Cost stated go Ardiane of the Sac Doess of Independence Perse in All respects but one claim that nor cover Reot has to right to bold the Philippines at All that it is bound to withdraw from the Al Ostber and Grant their peo ple .-.dcpecdclce, because Cervio of the ambit Ion and turbulent have not Given their "consent1 to oar presence. Judge Parker Ace Epta All these theories and to All these Dornn but he or null not Grant in dependence now he would coot one to hold the without any right or and Promise them that at Alae tint u the a Dewaite fat Are attempt which would serve Only to show Bis own Folly and impotence it Causa is birrs Smunt ind difficulty and even disturbance and danger to the future but it would have no other effect powerless or any pos Sib e Good it would contain pos Sibili for evil Only desire of the voters. R of Evolt will b e acted rep n Licon policies Mot Mense majority of voters a 1 made up their iinds As Ilei Tion drawn it be More certain the lie Public Oan party is going to be continued id Power by t e expressed desire of an in the people before the and Burra Hini of the pain begin recently under the questions of canvassing cohort tees t m both National s tuve revealed their Mindt. Very re publican will vote Tor Roosevelt of Ratter what local disturbances affect in ticket Many who were democrats be Ore 1896 will vote for tiros event although naturally they say Little their intention and very Large number of independents have openly declared for him the to in that the democratic Par to shown inability to manage the affairs o the nation its weakness was Oon Apic Woosly displayed when it Wai us a Power thai became convinced that it no la re presented any Branch or con of the intelligent people of the United states Tho free Silver craze of lc9g Ami Yuo completed the wreck of a once idolized party Fetich. Thousands of old time democrats thousands of Joung men with democratic affiliations deserted the ancient Standard and came into the life and vigor of Kerub leans. There they remain. The election in november of thib year will show that the men who joined the party of honest Money in 1s9g and 1900 Bave resolved to support the party of honest Money and National Proa purity of sound virile activity in the of International improvements of a Dign med Strong foreign policy of Protection to american citizens at Home and abroad of equal opportunities and to All without regard to race color or it will the Earnest Devotion of hundreds of thousands of first voters to the principles of inefficiency uncertainty division in Council these do not com Inland the in Terest and Good will of the american people the Little coterie under the wins of David b. Will in new Yort a joing to have a great object lesson a the near Leturc the country is Safe in the buds of the rep Olidan party. Roosevilt and Fairbanks Are typical their endorsement by an immense majority is certain. Par kick rebuked. Having a deluding and deleterious effect on the natives now comes the report that the old agitators and professional patriots who Bave been in in forced retirement and whose henchmen Are the head Hunters and bandits from the mountains and the Bolo men from the Bamboo thickets in the Valley have conic Forth and Pur pose holding Public Independence meetings in Manila. If these fiery Shorter arouse their Liaf tanned Fellows to disorder and a Pine by their por served utterances and f the task of governing the islands is rendered More difficult and expensive our Home bid Tagal americans will ind that they Are supporting judge Parker with a knife this coun by is engaged in the so u too of one of the most difficult prob Ems that Ever confronted a civilized people and it is bending every Energy o solve Lvery Woid uttered calculated to Embarrass it will be resented by the spirit of the nation which stands or wrong our country in the democratic platform and in Parker s letter of acceptance will be found that blathering about filipino a dependence and corollary of which the Memphis Appeal com Plains. Or Parker Ernp Hasu d his desire to have it known that he de mands the giving of an immediate Promise of Independence to the Fili pinos. C. E. Easter i a democratic newspaper raps the blathers i is of its party for inciting the filipinos the hardest clap yet administered to Parker was from the band of an Ultra democratic editor. There is in the Southland no More rabidly democratic newspaper than the Memphis Commer Cial Appeal yet an editorial in that Pader reads distinguished blather skites l o Pino Independence and corollary inanities claim to be helping to elect judge Parker. Governor Wright who is on the ground and who knows in Romej thu government that All these declarations were being translated and published in regal newspapers and that they were Don t forget the old Man with the fish on his Back. A been travelling around the world and is still travelling bringing health and Comfort wherever he goes. To the consumptive he brings the strength and flesh he so much needs. To All weak and sickly children he gives Rich and strengthening food. To thin arid Pale persons he gives new firm flesh and Rich red blood. Children who first saw the old Man with the fish Are now grown up and have children of their own. He stands for Scott s Emul Sion of pure cod liver delightful food and a natural for children for old folks id for All need flesh and to Glt. Cott Bowne 415 Pearl Street Newport a. Juc. And All will attend to any Imd All sales it by time usual terms terms hic dates Oan be made at the journal office or 1 y j addressing me on Rural route no i. W vol quickly few persons to re present Long established wholesale i among retail Meic hauts and Lymal territory of few counties and paid a Peute Tuo Dei advanced. Join Mission extra per rna neat engagement. Business Ful. Previous i penance not e enclose envelope and Clefs 1 timid ices dear born St. Chicago. Dec b colds it should be borne in mind Attiat cold sve Akens the lungs Low ers the vitality and prepares the system for the More serious Dis eases among win ii Are the to greatest destroyers of human life pneumonia and consumption. Chamberlain s cough remedy has won its great popularity by its prompt cures of tins most common ailment. It aids expectoration relieves the lungs and opens the secretions effecting a speedy and permanent cure. It counteracts any tendency toward pneumonia. Price 250, Large size democratic a visas. Incendiary utterances of Congress Man Heflin of Alabama a Rabid Nigger hater if democracy Bas returned to san Ity As Rover Cleveland asserts it is certain the party Baa not Jet purged itself of Boni ething worse than Inzani anarchists Are a greater curse to any Cost nudity than lunatics for lunatics arc often harmless to society but anarchists by their Wirds or deeds Are Trtan ten congressman a t. Heflin for instance he is an Alabat Nide a Mouth More dangers us than a Dosca Zes. The Assassin of president Juo Kinley did not openly preach Anar Chism before carrying out Hio purpose and thereby incite others to slay pub Lic men. Heflin is More cowardly. In a rec at speech at Tuskegee ala., the Home of Booker t. Washington and the negro school conducted by him Heflin said i there they sat Roosevelt and Booker and if col poem or one of Hie kind had thrown a bomb under the table no great harm would Bave been done the of Tho report that broker Washine ton was going to help beat him for election to Congress be Fin said if Booker takes a band in this thing it will be one Trio t will ask him to step out. E will ask him to hands and you know we Bave a Way of influencing negroes Dow i Here Heflin who succeed congressman Thompson had a fight with in lie publican opponent curtain b w. Walker on Sunda smarting this he attacked Walker fiercely in in his speech he pet of honest Iii ight Deain he Aid it was the o the k to have Walker to can Gress to they Coald s y Here s a Friend of Booker i1 shows How is looked non Down there and How the people uphold him if Parker 13 elected be said and Booker Washington to wish ii Pton Yon will find him cat inc in the Kitchen instead of in the dining it avails Ilef in nothing to say his bomb talk was intended to be Jour the fact remains that it was by language such As h made Cricri Tinl by the Law rec nth by Oon Greas do the people of to Day like in policies of Lincoln and Mekin lev. The working out of which effected the Cav ing of the onion with or Lincoln and the Matins it prosperous under or Mckinley r or Roosevelt has run the government along their policy line in done in sad foreign affairs. The 02 by signs of Dimis action come from the det Ocra a and their cries Are political fault findings a Jura i3a Ujj 01 Raoji Nam Pue Mora and of set won of sat soap is Tom e 9jb e338j1 Jas Ltd nil Ojo both o 3no sans a sip Sai Jooi 9x9 os8 sat pop in Balo intae to Jsn Uva non a Doad oos t Sib Rock Island table. Marble Hock the right Road to and from and Between Chicago Omaha is Louis Dis Vii Memphis Yolo Hado up d Peoria fort Worth 8t Joseph by Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Marblo Rock As no. 2, Burlington pass stops at All stations 6 07 a. In no. _8, Mill and express p. M no 7i, Bijou in freight slops at All stations 7 4u o. In v o 7 mail and express 10 a in to. 47, oct to d passenger 7 05 p. M to. 71, local freight 5 do p. In fur bleeping car tickets time tables etc., apply to any Rock is land ticket agent l m. Allen general passed ire agent pm Carfo i1j when you see a Man trying to hold up a Lamppost it Shuros that be skin path izes with Are Clurg tight somehow the average mar i s r Able full to realize that i Jolden until after Lis lace i no out of shape Veak it nets it Brj fart in n Regina _ Ien recover youth Rel Lygner tee it to Ciiab in Potency by Pott cart All off ctr of fit is Tif ibid Idi or Linn o l i l in it and Oon Cumpton i p of t pro1" on in a of r Tor it Tan p r i us or o for own Small size 50 cents. B jux upping it s monthly Magazine a family Library the Best in current Herat fire 12 Complete novels Many Short itch to i on timely top per year 25 cts. A ee--7 no continued Eck a nut ii Complete in Itsel

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