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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - March 31, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaOtto role Hock vol. 29. No 33 Marble Rock Floyd coins try Oava March 31, 1904. Terms 81.50 a year Feii to Gaff v j 5.trigo copy bight 1904 by Trigo coff swede solicited Greenhorn dabblers in options could see the wealth and luxury in which then tributes n raft of speculators and produce like an army of bees gather aug and carrying Honey to a would thunk twice before dec d pm to maintain 1 the Cost of a liveried Footman and but j Ler for the Nice gentleman who Porru uses to convert a fifty Dollar investment i 111 Fionik or what not into in sixty new Jersey has had an Iowa Winter Jersey peaches and other tender fruits Are badly used up. When Fine oranges sell for less than Baldwin apples it makes the Low excursion rate to cd quorum look it a in Tractive. The government has decided to look up the beef Trust arid find out if it can How it is that a Dollar steer almost doubles in value before Tho con Weer can get at it. The Granger who had raised it Nice Jot of turkeys and had one of them get out when be took them to Market and Fly through a seventy five Dollar plate Glass store window went Home in a state of mind on the Turkey business. The building of a condensed milk factory in any Given locality it mat ters not much where located is the Best of Security that every sum am be made tributary to it will within one year Advance in value to at least per acre. The first fifty Days of 1004 saw eggs bringing the highest prices they brought for thirty years. The cold storage Stock was exhausted and the markets were v Holly dependent upon the whims of the hens during n period 6t continuous and extreme cold Veath the cob pipe Industry is largely localized in one or two counties in the a sloped a variety of Oom with enor Mous cobs. These cobs Are Woith to the grower about s15 per acre after the Corn is Vernoi de for making the Missouri Meerschaum. It is not a bad Mug thai Weedu ale found growing big and Thrifty of poorly cared for for the in Sach weeds will grow there will also grow other and bettor things when Good tillage is Given. One of the cleanest farms we Ever saw was one where Nei ther weeds nor anything else would the average woman will find that a dozen Geranium plants of different kinds will give her More satisfaction for Winter House plants than anything else. They will Bloom profusely give plenty of brightness and color will a tend grief and won t die if the Frost gets a nip at them or if she forgets to wafer hem while they Are almost the seemingly Small difference be tween Zero weather in Winter and that of 20 below Zero settles the Fate of a Large Hue of. Fruit. Teaches the european plums Many of our Best choicest shrubs which will with Little or no Protection endure Zero weather for ten Days at a time will be utterly destroyed at the lower tem jew nature is this condition of Cli Marks the limits of the peach Belt All through the country. A Young Man who lives in u Good fees country where there is neither Erta Merv nor choose factory wants to know How much a Small Creamery Plant would Cost and How Many Novi 3 he would have to have to support it and make it pay. A building with modern equipment would Cost from to and he should have not less than goo cows in sight before face puts a Dollar into the Plant in order to make it pay. Trying to run a Creamery without cows has brought men to grief All Over the country the unrestricted economic and com per Clyl Liberty which Hab up to this time been the Pride and glory of Lila to carry and its making As the first Power in the Ivorid is slowly but surely Derc loping n system of commercial Twat tyranny which bodes nothing but and which some Day the american people will get after rough shod. Men used to be slaves by the compulsion of actual ownership they May be slaves torn the less because of economic conditions which Taliej Hare allowed to them while they slept not for Long will the american people continue. To pay a unjust unrighteous tribute any Power on Earth. When you take a flier on any Board of Trade product do ital Tolj Motiey you ctn afford to lose just As Well is not and be sure to save enough to protect oils for margins then after you Javo sweat Over Sacra Latina to Jour satisfaction and the time conies Yon get out whole a Igor off never walk doing farm work it you can ride. Horse flesh is cheaper than leg Power. The Money the speculators made on cold storage eggs the past season has been Liu Goly ii ii to pay the losses sustained in them on cold storage butter. The Creamery separator calf and the farms up orator calf May be first cousins but is a general thing to one would Ever guess they were in any Way related by their looks. Meet stations show that the largest crops of Corn Are obtained when the planter drops an average of three and one third kernels to the Hill. On Many a farm a seventy five Dollar plug horse May be made to do one third the work of a forty Dollar hired Man and the horse won t talk Back either or be chasing around three nights in the week after the girls. In Many Western localities where the Bolo has been tried for the first time the past Winter the builders of the silo have been wondering Why Tobej were to very slow to adopt such a useful and valuable Aid to their Stock business. The vitality of nearly All seed Corn staved from the crop of 1903 is Low. And there is More need for a thorough test ing of nil seed to be planted than for Many years. The exact per cent of germination should be determined be fore planting. _ As a result of the new order of the railroads withdrawing free transportation Home to shippers of Stock there win be grangers making the acquaintance of old friends in the City and More Able to Bank the net proceeds of the Sale of then consignments of Stock. Thousands of Farmers " can greatly lighten their burdens by Selling one half of their farms. Any Man is land poor who owns More acres than he can profitably work under a modern sys tem of agriculture. Hate to let it go Well you will have to let All go some Daj. The one year renter is the Bane of Western agriculture. His Brief tenancy precludes anything like a systematic rotation of crops the keeping of Siock to consume the products of the farm the growing of a Clover crop and inevitably injures a continued process of soil robbing and land skinning with but Small profit to himself and the owner of the land. Ton May greatly increase the yield of your potato crop by cultivating hem every third after the Plant is six inches High until the blossoms appear. This is especially True if the weather is of All dry during that period while surface cultivation May profitably be continued so Long As the tines remain Green. As a Rule the potato crop does not get one half the cultivation it deserves. This is not a new suggestion but none the less valuable on that account. If you have a dozen or More pigs to feed this season by All Means son a Patch of rape for them and you will find that it will take the place of a lot of much More Espe Nahe feed. The rape Patch should be proportioned in Bize to the number of to be kept not Over one acre for Twenty Small a the Velnp of thai Plant consists in keeping it Well fed Down. If it is allowed to grow a foot High it becomes Tough and unpalatable. Slany varieties of our fruits Are bound to set More fruit than the tree can possibly mature without endangering the life and vitality of the tree. While nature will ordinarily do Tome thinning herself in such cases it if quite common that the Best thing which can be done by the owner is to give the tree a vigorous thinning. Tvo know that this is not just the right Way but where time and help Are tors we just take a pliable switch and where a tree is carrying an overload of Foulag fruit we just whip half or two thirds of it off when it is half grown. It is harsh treatment but Effe tue. It is not a Little amusing to note the Gravity and profundity with which Many newspaper men discuss every the varying phases of the ground hog signs As determining the length of the Winter when All Knop the question of whether or not the rodent sees his Shadow on the 2d of february has just As Urich bearing of future weather As All the rest of the and Petty superstitions which have come Down to m from tiie Days when agriculture was in occult science dependent upon Dinar changes of the Barba a whole Brood of luny theories and be la tvs that nun with All his Progress is Loti. The fam Ike s a hit him unit Luu Sioui and like Otious n one or of the old folks live Oil a Well conducted firm what amount of Money does the living of such a represent for a year Uver figure it out Tho a comfortable Home which if the had 1, to rent in a town Cost Thorn at a year there is the Board of seven people and such Board would be cheap it per week or ?500 per year for town people could not Beijing to live so wel.1 for any such sum then the family is clothed which certainly could not be done for less than Kio per year. Now Hern is the sum of shoo per year or the Hequn Lent of what would to counted As a pretty Good salary for a town Man obtained by the income which he enjoys year in and year out and of White but mail account is made by most Farmers in estimating the returns of their business. It makes lots of difference whether the Good Easto the milk House and skim off a pint of Rich Cream or take a Dozer fish eggs from the Henhouse or on a Well kept Garden for Nice fresh vegetables and fruits or catch a couple of Spring chickens for dinner or Cut into a Nice Home cured Bam in the smokehouse or dig into n Jar of homemade Sau Sage or take her pick of a lot of Choice canned fruit or whether she has to order All these things by Telephone from the town grocer. It is a fact that nearly All of the town Man s salary has to go for these very things and this is Why it is that the Mechanic the clerk the labourer and the Small trades Man rarely Ever can do much better one year with another than make both ends meet. This fact is Worth think lug Over. I i bugs beetles and bacteria. I it May be a wet season or a dry one a hot or a cold one it matters not which but every Man who tills the soil and grows Cereal or Fuit crops or Domestic animals of any kind can a i Bol utely depend that he will have the Ever increasing Host of insect and Bac Terral pests to fight in in nation disturbs the natural order and Economy i of the universe and the balance of the species of varied animate things. There is hardly a fruit Plant or animal Tyrl in pro tent from the work of parasitic life this condition largely by the inc Norcut stupidity of Man himself in Tho destruction of big to life in the ii using and continuous growing of one kind of crop or Domestic animals of the same ground year after year the fruit grower has to sight for All he gets. Tue Borer kills his Apple and Pencil the canker worm and codling Moth take his apples before they Ripen the curo Ulto ruins his plums and Tho his Plum Trees the potatoes must be sprayed the smut gets the Oats and Tho blight the wheat the Corn has Worms it the Root and bugs in the developed onus bugs beetles Bac Teria working Daj and night As in the Days of pharaoh a numberless Raven Ous horde difficult to Cope with be cause of their numbers and Ity. If you do not know How to fight bugs Don t try to raise fruit and Congo making sport of the bus professor at the Experiment stations who patiently discovers ways and Means of limiting the losses by these posts. Of the new Spring and summer styles in trimmed and tailored hats. April 1 and2, o4l everybody is cordially invited to this feast of millinery. There will be hats to please everyone and to please every purse. The fancy rag hat i is the sensation of the season. It is a shadowy creation of Grace j and Charm for Young ladies and can be trimmed in any Way to give variety. Dainty Chiffon and Waline fits Are shown in Many Cath i rating shapes. The new Napoleon and Continental effects torpedo and heart shaped turbans and the 1904 Pompadour will be of great inter est to stylish dressers. Smart ready to Wear styles also the famous lands co criterion of fashion. Get your easter Bonnet. Friiss Sophia Marble Rock. S of flesh when you can t cat break take Scott s emulsion. Tite asparagus no Little spot of the Garden can be devoted to a better use than to an As Paragus bed. This delicious Esculene comes Early and stays till the Green j peas Are ready and nearly Sll like it. We have before Given directions How to secure a bed but do it once More for there Are always some who forget. This is the Way we made our own bed we spaced up a piece of ground 8 by 25 feet to a depth of one foot and thoroughly enriched it. We gave it neighbor for fifteen old roots each As big As pieces with a Sharp Spade and planted these chunks two inches below the sur face and four feet apart one Way and Throe feet tue other then covered the bed with three inches of Well manure kept the weeds out and let it grow the first year without cutting. Nest year we had a Fine crop the bed furnishing All the family needed for seven weeks. The bed has been grow ing better every year since. La this Way one can get a crop about two years sooner than where Trio seedling plants Bra Sot out the Bane of so Many boys both in town and country. Is a seeming Lack of and desire to be somebody. The in works Ery unerringly and relentlessly that what the lad sows the Man reaps. 1c in youth he is willing to Drift merely even it he is not Poi telvely immoral the mature Man is easy to shiftless hapless mortal no aim willing to cat though he docs not porn. Three meals a Day a dead weight on his own family and Tho Community in to contributing nothing to the material Prosperity or i f this Sod when in years he away. Tor the Sake of yourself first if you will for the Sake of your friends and Tho age in which you live Brace up and be somebody. It is won immeasurably to Yout own material welfare and i you can t cat bread and butter take Scott s . When you have been living on a milk diet and want something a Little More nourishing take Scott s emulsion. To get fat you must eat fat. Scott s emulsion is a great Fastener a great strength giver. Those who have lost flesh want to increase All body tissues not Only fat. Scott s Furj Mckion of pm Bone flesh blood and nerve. For invalids for convalescent for consumptive for weak children for All who need Slesh Scott s of a Rich and com a Hie food end a natural Scott s emulsion for Bone ii blood and nerve. Annual meeting is or Ali Western Iowa teachers association Sious City lows april 14 1g. For this occasion the Rook Island system has arranged fare and one third on certificate plan. For full inform j tin Call on nearest ticket agent. Lowacki a. R . Mason City Iowa june 7 9 Rock Island system has arranged open rate of one Pake for the round trip tickets on Sale june 6 8, also on june 9tb for trains arriving it Mason City before noon soul limit june 11. Annual convention Iowa. Suie dental society Des alpines la May 3 5 for to s occasion the Kouk Island Tvetem of agents Wal arrange rate of Faie and one third on certificate plan from Points in Iowa. For full information Call on nearest ticket agent. 3 a great business train ing school 16 specialists in the faculty. Students annually. Feet of floor space. Hundreds of students in Good positions. For a handsome Cata Logue address capital cily commercial College y. M. C. A. Building Des Moines. Iowa. Rock islam system Tine table. M Horn Towa. Send Vou. B Sti that this pm court in the form of Label i on he v of every Boutte of or nubian Yea buy. Scott Bowne v v kidney cure mikes the kid and re it contains not off injurious. A. J. Asper co the right Road to and from and Between Chicago Omaha St Louis Denver. Memphis Peoria. Fort Worth Joseph. St Paul Lity Mim ulis. Iowa teachers meeting Muscatine la. Mar. 31st to april 2nd Fot this occasion the Rock Island Jetem has arranged rate of fare and one third of certificate plan. I no Monla a t old but never follows the use of Foley s Honey and tar. It stops the migh and strengthens the lungs and Torja perfect obscurity Froman attack of Poeu Monis. Refuse substitutes. A. J. Apper i. Odd Fellows picnic at Cedar Kop i Iowa april 26th. 190i for this picnic the Rock Wand system will make rate of one fare for the round trip. A 25 Emril for Ron Iii Ittin the it i t remedy c us d is set Niebch liver or e i . Of fun nov n v. They set can a without in unpleasant to of fact and a in a in Nril c n trains leave Marble Rock a 1 allows . No "2, Burlington pass slope at All san ion.8, 5.57 8. To 8, mail and express 3v3 p. M to. or eight Steps at All stations 7.40s. M. no. 7, mail and kor rep 10 55 m to. 47, Kockro a 1 a Senger p. M no. 71, local freight p. M sleeping car re a Mationg la feets time tables etc., Appl to any Rock land ticket agent. , general passenger agent Csc ago 111. I venting of maccabees Desmo Nee april 13 it. F this nor Sion the Rock Island c agents will arrange rare of fare nod of third on ap31. A kinds or Bucklen Grain to. Sal Poley s tar Loots mod stops the cough. Lippincott s monthly Magazine a family Lime at the Best to cur Ort Uto Rato 12 comp Etc no Cui a Taftt Many Short stories and papers on timely topics ran Yuan 26 a copy no continued stories a very number com pict in itself

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