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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - March 3, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJournal 29. No 31 Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. March j. 19o4. Terms a year silent famous mex celebrities that have been noted As misers of words. Vine of to Ltd Urr Nicut cd intr have been us of Lnu Kurce Lime Ileau j Rod Zirul of of Reno Iii. It is n curious and interesting fact that to Tiffny of the world s greatest min have been us sparing of words As they Lave been prodigal of it is doubtful if there Ever shed a More taciturn Man than the famous commander of the austrian try during Tho thirty years War. It a said of that lie lived in an atmosphere of and never uttered a word that was not absolutely necessary nor would he permit others to speak in his presence More Thau was essential. One of Bis chamberlains was hanged for waking a Wallenstein with needless noise. His servants were so Many mutes not daring to open their Lipa in his presence and he was sur Roux us a Pairis. And the approaches to his House were barricaded by chains to preserve him from the least disturb Ance. In comparison with Wulle Stcin it has been recorded Diogenes would have been a Chatterbox and William the silent a brawler. But silence is a characteristic of Many of the world s most famous soldiers. Napoleon boasted that in his dealings Frith non he never wasted a. Word and made monosyllables answer most Pur poses. But nothing escaped his eyes and he could compress More within a sentence than most men could convey in a Quarter of an hour. The great Duke of Marlborough receiving reports from Bis generals would produce his watch and say. Give you a and it was Likely to go Bard with the officer who did not observe the limitation. To his staff the Duke of Wellington was Al ways More or less a Sphinx. A nod or a shake of the head was often the Only response they could get from him and when once he was asked what be considered the Best equipment of a minder he answered a Long head and a silent von Moltke almost rivalled Avalle Stcin in taciturn Ity. He never opened his Mouth if a gesture would suffice and when the news was brought to him that the French had declared War to Bis time and when be arrived the King in a great passion at having been i Kepi Amisey Ana i at him Wjk the most indecent manner on which the Bishop very coolly said he be permitted to withdraw As he pen lived his majesty was not then in a fit state of mind 10 receive Tho Sacra ment and should be ready to attend on lome future Day when be hoped to find his majesty in a better state of Prepa ration. Kentucky tries Oil. An old Indian legend. Tradition of hit origin of Avaunt com null to Loci o. I have been with an Indian tradition concerning the origin of to Bacco. Indian Corn and i although Yon Nuiya have seen it before. I shall tiie poet laureate of All tile Tasca Goulas. At some Dir Tant period no Indian youths pursuing the pleasures of the wore led to a Remote and in frequented pan of the Forest where being and hungry they sat Down to rest Thi ii eyes and to dress Chi in Ivilue in univ Luu i employed the spirit of the Woods attracted As it is supposed by the in usal and Savory smell of to Venison approached them in the form of a Beautiful female and seated herself beside them. The youths awed by the presence of so Superior a being and struck with gratitude for the condescension which she had shown them in becoming their guest presented to her in the most respectful manner a share of their repast which to was pleased to accept and upon which she regaled with seeming satisfaction. The repast being finished the female spirit thanked them cd Dhilly for their attention and informal them that if they would return to the same place after the revolution of twelve Moons they would find some thing which would recompense their kindness disappeared from their sight. The youths having watched tiie revolving Moons and having returned at the appointed time found that upon the place on which the right Arm of the goddess had reclined an ear of in Dian Corn had sprung up. Under her Ifft a stalk of wheat and from the spot on which she had been seated was growing a ton Risheg Plant of Tobac Orleans times Democrat. I Ond pigeonhole on the Rig lit. First and Tuni etl round to sleep Aplin. But he Witul sni ii All that was necessary for in to pigeonhole indicated wore com plete plans for the Cump Algu which closed in Brilliant von Moltke used to Sny Tomt one verb in the Gor Man Lan punic was Worth nil the oth ers put together Iid that was Thun the worst thing his enemies could say of president Grunt was he won t talk because he has so much to con and yet it was precisely in this silence that Grant s real strength Lay. His orders and dispatches were the briefest Ever penned and when once a charming Young lady playfully asked blk Why lie would not talk to her he answered my dear Don t you know that silence is one of the greatest arts of but it has been the some in nil Ages. Charlen Dafnie was a perfect miser of holding with confucius that silence is a Friend that will never be Hannibal was a Man of Mono and Julius Ca Sar was Nick named by his soldiers the even great statesmen and writers who cannot suffer from any Lack of words have often been among the most reserved of men. Of Addison. John son Sarg of his external manners nothing is so often mentioned As that timorous or sullen taciturn Ity which his friends called modesty by too mild a according to Chesterfield. Be was the most timorous and awk Ward Man i Ever and even and Olson himself jus own deficiency in conversation used to say i Fern a for pounds though i Haven t a Guinea in Rny Dryden was unutterably dreary As a companion. My conversation is he Onoe wrote my humor and reserved and i uni none of those Endeavor to break jests in com Pany and make and Shad Well tells How he once dined with dry Den and from the beginning to the end of the meal the poet never opened i lips except to Thomas Carlyle was a Hoarder of the Gold of silence and would sit for hours puffing at his pipe with uttering More than a Clint or a Gnit monosyllables. Hunt his neighbor and intimate once wrote loft Friend have just spent a pleasant hour with carlyk1. When i went in he growled Hallow Here and at parting he snapped out. Good Day that is the sum of the conversation face honoured me with. But How Elo quent his silence is i just sat and looked at him and rame strength ened for fresh new year s customs. French families always make a Spe Cial Point of being reunited it the new year. The Itoman a always Nike it a Par Tolci to appear in new cloth ing on new year s Day. The peasant8 of Italy Hail the new year by boating wildly on frying and shovels. The custom of Lakinjr gifts it the new year is supposed to have originated with the ancient romans. On new year s eve chinese Mer chants pull Down their old Advertis ing posters and put up new ones. In Greece tic i Situck of a family How Ever poor must give wife and each child a new year present of Money. Scotsmen regard the taking of Money on now year s Day As a very risky proceed tier even though it be in pay ment of a debt. In Germany if Millet and Herrings Only be eaten on new year s Day it is believed that Money will be plentiful nil through the year. In Japan at the. Now year business generally is Iii Peidt a. Both private Ntuli Public. The cooly is the Only Man who ii it lit Itu Uil 1m t Mii yes soul. I list d on a Road near Ninaj Tiivi. Kyj. I under it a listless mud i ii durable and it is said the results Are All i Iai Imi old hoped for. Afier a can Ali i Al in expense and preparation a Viiu Ami a half on the reconstruction part of Tom Pike were get Vicil by winning Ono mile from the limits says the Lexington Herald. A White s Oiler similar in Many respects to a Street sprinkler spread the crude Oil. In or which Sand Nas scattered to a depth of half an Inch. Lio gently a Larsie roller passed Over it. In the time jute Neisins be to ten laying Anil the lighter oils had and the Sand and penetrated had set in an As pliant coat the effect of the roller he ing still further to compress and smooth the surface. I despite several of which inability to heat the Oil and the Cool season were chief the results Are probably All that could have hoped for. Has also been made More durable. This last feature of the proces.-, disc Overy of which incidental to the orig Inal use of Oil As a oust layer has brought it to the attention of the entire country. In the West the first treatment of Oil is charged to the construction account. Coal in folklore. Probably most policemen child Nave answered the question of the Magis trate who asked a burglar in court Why he carried about pieces of . Among other Coal folklore is the Bur Glar s firm Faith that the of a piece confers Good Luck and vision searched in the police Matam it is usually found in Bis pocket. A belief been held by to Early britons and it is certainly frequently found in their burial places converted into personal ornaments such As beads Etc. Believers in dreams maintain that to dream of Coal is a certain sign of coining riches. Then. Too. There the Spei cum or Mirror of divination that caused such i sensation in the s in tenth Cen or. Which Puhst intently i formed part of the Strawberry Hill collection. It was formed of 1 Coal though tiie doctor pretended to have received it from the chronicle. A of Kitty George in. Thomas a pc try who lived in the Early part of the nineteenth Century tells this Story the King had appointed the Bishop of Winchester to administer to him the Man intent on one of the sundays about Pontell. Solomon was a Man. He knew All that there was to know. A Man with his sex if ushe awol Tenient of wives must have heard All that was going to icon transcript do you believe in a College a location Bocker yes. It Pachec a boy s father to take care of his life. Oice actor meant a person who could i it. Now it Means an appearance on the Baltimore news. Fam Hortch blocks ctr Skom an Jimd boat. And after that the Cost is much less than keeping a Road sprinkled. After the third year it is unnecessary to use the Oil except for Patching and it i calculated that a Well oiled Road will remain Dustless and Waterproof for ten years or longer. The saving in re pairing alone will to Large the added Comfort being incidental. About 4.uoo Gallons of Oil and of ii Tiu eur on Usu mile which furnishes the test. The Oil Cost cents per barrel. The Road had been reconstructed two years ago and is a Type of the fifty two Miles around Lowinston which the ironic construction company is remaking. If Tho county finds it advisable to Oil All of the reconstructed Pike the goal of perfection will have been closely approached. On the basis of a mile the Cost of oiling the Newtown Pike exclusive of machinery was ?2-i4. Drainage of roads. A few simple to follow to get Good uen Lin. Water is the most destructive agent to a Road and yet if a few simple principles Are followed it can be easily dealt with s w. 0. Excl Ridge. Assistant director of the Bureau of Public Road in quiries. Earth is More susceptible to tiie action of water and More easily dissolved and moved by it than any other Road material and for this Rea son too lunch attention can hardly be Given to the drainage of roads. Drain age alone will often change a bail Road into i of. The other band the Best Road May quickly go to ruin for Lack of drainage. Most country roads Are too Flat on top to shed water. Indeed a great Many of them Are not Only Flat but concave the Center being the lowest part in other their crowns Are inverted. The sides of the roads Are often Square shoulders which obstruct the water in its passage to the Side drains and As a result the water lies on the surface until it is absorbed by the material or to l Aat v Lowed to stand in the travelled Way until the material softens and yields to the Impact of the horses feet and tiie action of the wheels of the vehicles. The holes and ruts rapidly increase in number and size Wagon after Wagon sinks deeper Anil deeper until the Road bcc.oinc5 b us. To important of drainage has been emphasized in the statement that the three prime essentials to Sood roads Are first Drain air second better Drain age third to Best drainage on open or pervious soil surface Drain age in connection with heavy Rollins is usually in to Saiu factory the slope is Good and the to Retlic is not to heavy but for the impervious alluvial Anil Clayey soils Subi Rainal o is sometimes r.cf04-Ary. With heavy tray Rains freezes and thaws Tho surface of any dirt Road is liable to be completely destroyed and in this Case the Only remedy is a consolidated mass or crust of gravel or broken Stone a roof to keep out and off Tho water. This of course constitutes the Best Orai Nain possible years trial has proved that abundance in those portions of the West where the rainfall is limited ten or twelve inches per an now a a ill have our own Macelh. Spaghetti Rind Macaroni fac tories where u tse food products will not in Riel in some italian s Back Yunli with the family washing. A Friend of ours a yogini Man. A Farmer has built up Ono of the Best sad Corn we know of in i Side of Throe by studying the Corn Plant fixing a Type suited to Bis latitude Siul a plying common sense rules of Seploc Loii. Lie is simply Over whelmed Wii i orders for a be cause his labor Howarde in by Iuit nearly All the Best prices for Corn in a male Competition. He May now grow All the Corn be can and git fancy prices for it. L to my m to la Tim Tel i tin la. Of Illinois. Iowa Sas and Nebraska the four the question As to How Many Feath ers there Are on b Chicken in aeon to be decided by an Eastern firm which is of j be Riff for the persons making the neatest Correct Sussex to the num Ber of feathers on a i Mouth Hock Ben weighing seven pounds. The Hen will be killed and All the leathers counted la tie Init file ital a is old Hie it Fri a maa in a of Iii City who Bud of cd sect a killed n buried Ahmou i Rock in of Tho Mizuire a weight had counted 1 the Fen Theis la discovered that Lere were perfect feathers on the these were double Feruba ers a Small Feather being attn bad to of the hire breast and Biuk Teutli ers. Pointing these Snible festers there was on the Hen feathers. One woman in Nia Kirg in on the Cumber of feathers on n Hen of thie building Rock without counting the Proi hiking Stales there i interest be in. Dov Elwod in the study of the Corn Plant. Hardly a in stir is being Heli this Winter which do s not prov file for an exhibit of Corn and the payment of Good Prei Simns for the Best Sampler shown and which do is not devote least a full half Day to lectures Atul of com in All its phases from the preparation of the yield for the crop to irs final hares Hilr. The stations arc develop inf Many my highly important facts about Cereal its Type pure Breed ing culture and selection of seed and in oujda undisputed testimony has been presented at these meetings to prove a Jond a Iwuc Simon that it is easily pos sible to increase the average yield of i that Bhe Ronld place the number at another pieced the number 0. At 1.000. Is a link Alfalfa Story a Man six tame into push Moshih of a farm in Ohio which had been skinned to a Luish. Tin Clay Fields baked or i hulled. Air Nodi is to the season refit Iii i in i of Nice even sep poor a crop it ten Bush Juls of Corn to the acre. The farm rated As worthless for any Purpo a. Without detailing All that wits done by the buyer to this farm to will conure the Story to what he did Wuh one yield. It As first reduced to As Good a tilth As possible and then n with Twenty live pounds of Alfalfa seed to the acre nowed three times flu1 first year and the cutting allowed 1n remain where they fell. During the next four years the yield furnished an of the tons to i he. Acre of Alfalfa Hay Worth about the Tii a was then slowed up. And last year he raised thereon a crop of seventy live bushels of Corn to the acre with the Fth i in the Best of condition for an other crop. I perhaps this Story May drive some of our readers what is termed a hint. While uni promising Boom prices for farm products such As prevailed two and three years aug. The year still holds nut a Promise for a inra1 Meas ure of a Ricu Turai Prosperity for the Farmers of the country. Lint ins tiie Pam year their Lias been a gradual set to inti of values Down to a Hardpan basis the speculative Clement has been eliminated from All lines of business Tho Vator has been squeezed out of in Fiat ii securities and values of All kinds Ami pm re is in is Iacoi in in with melt Ous to the country at Ulici i. A idea itly demand upon Mill mine and factory for their products lint i modicum of unemployed labor and All the american people Are Liu Nirry Day. And the Farmer must feed . All the Cotton Corn wheat oat Lioi a cattle Dairy products and Phi Liry tiie farms can produce will to it fair prices. To Rait things Jansi Iii it Liere Sli Oxild be a Dou n of at least 10 per cent in for farm help and All tiie common cities which enter into the farm expense account. To Kiihn Ihm. My Luis Iid is in one lady to an Lii t n car the other Day. I have j never tried Rubbin his tints or Iceni. Ninin a i n Beefy woman Frith a Basket at feet who i was tiie lady s i hint and my remark. That Llen him in is As Inythe a i know i of. If he Ain t pit h Ion Triin backward of time m your Light make me h boy again Nat for Uio Infin. Iive me the of rep Troub time when i would go swim Ming Siy half of the Titus Ghe me the Blister that f unwed the Bliss. Of the part of my Back that the Sun Diioia miss give i the belting that followed it then Rake me a jubilant Urchin again. Backward turn backward time in your tight give me Otie Chance at the teacher tonight the teacher Tuut Larru Ped me five times a give me one Chance at that teacher i Bhoj Uuk Ive due to pupae us Uig As n Hill let the pleasure of or Hung it Beer me and thrill while the Bova Gully me from Over the Fence. Of give me , pleasure the i up edit the snip ill reservation just Over the Hill where the thought of Lue Nuutti give to chill the cow that caressed me each eve with her Tail As i tried to draw milk for a Twenty quart Pill the hens forever were wanting to Sel the pig with a stomach Man never filled yet the Niaslee Trot bit me Tho col icky give me the Bliss of my boyhood again if you d Rill me with rapture Loci cd Eiful Delight backward turn backward of time to your feb get. When the butter won t come put a Penny in the is an old time Dairy proverb. It often seems to work though no one has Ever told when mothers arc worried the Beau gain say Sion. It is like the Penny in strength give children do not and flesh we them Scott s Emul milk because it the works and i it fac Yttre poet s Little do you Call them fugitive papa because when i begin to read them or listeners generally Hec in . Ell said the Junior part Ner Teaf the Man to whom we have sending so Many Bills belongs to a Rathor fast answered the senior partner a s of Kex -Hrmg-1. 5 i the Van intr that t of t Ulvi s on s of try you buy Scott Bowne chemists per t. N. Y and coursing Stone ing up the old Boone in diary an prepare d to All kinds of build Rock and Couis Ini Stone at reasonable prices. Stone ready fur immediate delivery. Boone Pierce. Weak men made vigorous what Pepper s Ner vigor did it acts and jul my cures to than All others fail Ioui Ift Reguis loss men recover Youthful absolute or vat of Steed to Oure 1 Imi Woten either sex railing it Alt lost a wus Tinb in a no or race act and wards Are l Constino plod. Don t let drug inc Bibit Clonte on Rou because it j i clips a Krar r insist a Iii ing Feiry or Shu rut it can be Carr Letl in Vest Poi coct. Plain Wra Piper i per or j Foi with a written guar Antee to Stirr or risk Jakk a Vitato. In. Small s z 30 cents. Suji.1 by w astonishing about it Scott s emulsion is simply a milk of pure cod liver Oil with some specially prepared for delicate stomachs. Children take to it naturally because they like the taste the remedy takes just As naturally to the children be cause ii is so perfectly adapted t their wants. For ail weak and Pale and children Scott s Emu Imon the satisfactory treat ment. We will Send you the Penny e., a Sample free. Great Bijj Simkiss train ing school 16 specialists in the faculty. Students annually. Feet of floor space. Hundreds of students in Good positions. For a handsome Cata Logue address capital i y College Des i. M a. Cut Tihe table Maisle Hock Iowa. L Road to and from and Belicen Chicago St. Louis Memphis Peru. St. Joseph. Kansas City Omaha Radosz s fort Worth St Paul. Minneapolis. Trains leave marllt1 1 Ock As follows to "2, to. 7 . Bit , stops it1 a. M p. M at nil of. A. T i. Mail Cru k Jacklo d t sleeping cur of a i Thrlee flc., Upple in i ticket at it l. M. A lies. Gent ral a. M. N. In a m n. M is. Tickets f Rock in ,111. Lippi Noi y monthly Magazine a family the Best in current 12 Complete novels yearly Many Short stories papers on timely per year i 25 cts. A copy no continued stories i very number Complete n itself notice of proof of will. Stat Kok i i y1 t of m v. To it May car Bettj the Oli it phor built a. Cje be Sisfa. been this Day filed. Cd sri Hie huh any of March 1004, u a Levi limited in i. City proof of feb rears 1st. Pc. A Dpi clerk

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