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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 30 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - June 30, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaPc journal. Vol. 29. No 48 Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. June 30. 1904. Terms a year i is next on the program and to make your horses buggies and harness look new and Bright just give them Stock food paint and dressing. For Sale by e w. Speedling co. Gam Rockford a 1 it is Icatar to get along without a smoking hired Man than lose a Good Bari. The red and the French Cana Dian Are very much alike in one i ular it both raise Tig families. Announcement. The office of county recorder but jct to the action of the Kep Hcan county convention. T. D. Kalstek. 1 hereby announce myself As it d its for domination or foe of county record a subject to the action of Republic id count convention. A. In City Lowi. 1 Alaska drove the spaniards out of Cuba and off the american continent i hereby announce myself As a Candi Orea Teci the Republic of Cuba annexed for county auditor Subj Sci to the r dec Teizo of the Republican county Hawaii Porto Kico and the Philippines convention. H. In. Roben Kwaks. Gave the Peoples of All these islands i sell government for the first time in then history incited the creation of the Republic of Panama started the construction o the Isthmian canal and nearly tripled the country s population and much Miori than quadrupled its wealth Baa record Remote and near which is the Best possible platform on which to Appeal to people. On the hoes which have Laid Down by the action not e Republican party in the past half Century it will conduct the government in the future. In the spirit and with the courage and sanity thus Lar displayed the Republican party will meet present issues and the new ones Winch urine Protection s Basic principle will be maintained in the Tariff Laws and no alterations in the schedules will be made except where demanded by the Public interest and the changes in those Jaaes must be made by the friends and not the enemies of Protection. The Gold Standard will be de fended trusts will be assailed hostile to the Public interest the army and Navy will be strengthened and improved the interests of the people 01 Porto Lii co and the Philippines will be protected the country s debt to the soldiers and sailors will be Rotnem Beret Steps will be taken to build up the country s Ocean Marine and tue i tension of the country s Commerce Over the world will be pushed. The states which have abolished the negro As a voter while banging of of the representation in Congress which the negro s Piea ence gives them will find some thing to their interest a one p Annc of the platform preen sent Roosevelt s act in calling a Hull on Germany England and Italy to their raid on Venezuela Floyd county Republican convention to the Republican electors of Floyd Juu aty Iowa. There will be a convention of the re publicans of Floyd county held in the court House in Charles cite Lowe thursday june 30cb, 19im, at 2 o clock p m., for the purpose of Alacli g in nomination candidates for the following offices to be tilled it the coming election nov eater county auditor clerk of the District court. C maty recorder county attorney. Two members of the Board of super visors. Also for the purpose of selecting nine delegates tie state convention to be held la Des Sloin re wednesday july 20th, 1904 the ratio of representation will be As follows one Delegate Tor each precinct and one additional Delegate for each 23 Host Cornfields Are worse off with five kernels in a Hill than they would be with Only one. A boy can hardly be called Lazy when he Orji Bard for an hour to get enough Money to buy a Gatiss of soda water. Ten Days spent at the world s fair by your fifteen year old boy will do More for him than u Yeti in Lul Best College in the land. Because a Young Bird grown to Boas big is its parents compels to been to still feed it is no reason Why n big husky boy or girl should depend upon their parents for food As so Many do. By the time the Young Man has reached the age of Twenty five he will Hare practically settled the question of whether he will work for some othe Man the rest of his life or go it on his own Hook and be his own Boss. The relation of the com crop to the meat production of this country is so vital and intimate that the prices for meat Are mostly dependent upon this crop. There is no other Cereal to take its place in the making of Low priced meats. Votes or Over cast for a b. For governor it held nov. The general election the various town and precincts Are entitled to Dele Gates a follows City first Ward second Ward third Ward fourth Ward Floyd Nilea pleasant Grove by order of the Republican county Central committee. E. Weeper chairman. J.13 Case Secretary. Riverton Rockford Rock Grove Rudd Scott St. Charles Ulster. Union total pfc the Republican party s Creed. A pleasant task confronted the men who Drew of the platform of 1904 for the Republican party says the St. Louis Globe Democrat in tilling what the party stands for to Day they were obliged to recount some of the great things which it did yesterday and the Daj before Back to a time beyond the recollection of Many of the a in in the convention. All this fur Zirbes Many of Ibe most inspiring chapters of Ameri can history. Daring the half a Century of the life of the he Publicar party it been the dominant Force in Amer ican politics except to the latter part of Pierce o Semcer through the whole of Buchanan s and through put of Cleveland s since 1859, in the Middle of sue Hanan a term the democratic parly has not bad Complete cod to of the National government except in 1893-95, in the first halt of Cleveland s second term. Daring All the rest of the Lime the republicans have been in the ascendant in part or All of the govern men Lor most of the time it hag been in control of All o it. All the and Tances which have icon scored by the United states Between 1554 Sunj 1904 been due to the intelligence progressiveness and of the re publican party. The panty which put Down the. Re destroyed slavery killed the heresy More per Moo than bad this fed prior to 1801, established the Tariff i opened us free lands us. Join it the Pacific coast to the fico Gold oat Dooal Viriga Tiosh i will will show what the Republican party stands for in the maintenance of supervision Over the Western hemisphere Secretary Haye s work in getting pledges from Russia to maintain the open door in Manshun Bis commercial treat with Rhioa and Lua defense of that Empire against threatened assaults from without foreshadow the policy which the Republican party nil take in Tho external politics of Asia. The Creed which Tho Republican parly has just outlined will have an absorbing inter Cator ail elements of the american people. Notice to the Public. Commencing june loth storage charges will be put in Fleet on the b. I p. Railway on freight whether car loads or Lees than car loads when left in cars in freight to Jse or on com Asliee premises will he charged for after the expiration of 48 hours As follows car Load j one Dollar per less than car ibid freight at rate of 5 cents per toe or fraction of ton per Day or Frac Tion of a Day. Be governed according in l. A. Chew agent. Order of the Illinois and lows car service one of the most ungracious things which a Fanner can do is to refer with contempt to the work of out1 Experiment stations for these stations Are doing an almost invaluable work for the agricultural interests of the whole country. Once in awhile there comes a season when june planted Corn will make a big crop but not often and most Corn the belief that they had better Plant Early and risk a late Spring Frost rather than an Early fall Frost the Cost of living is higher on May 1 of this year than it has been for thir teen years in most vocations Cue Raie of wage has been increased to offset Liis increased Cost of living. If it has not been done it should be for most of this advanced Cost is permanent a Farmer should make it a Point to learn the names of the Many Weed and insect pests with which i he has to wage an unceasing warfare. Bulletins May be obtained upon application to the state Experiment stations which Are Complete test books of these matters. A. Man can be just As dishonest in Selling a Bushel Grain As he can in looting a Bank or holding up a rail . The map who will mis tall Ings in his Grain when he thinks he can do so without detection would tac Kle the Bank or the Pullman if he Only had the courage to do it the German exhibit of potatoes at the world s fair is n Large one Proba Bly a Hundred varieties but the specimens show Are surprisingly Small so very Small that they would not be marketable in this country. The Colorado and Idaho murphies exhibited near by made the German product look smaller still. How Many times should the Corn be slowed some plow twice some three times some four and some five. This we know the More a. Ground is stirred during the growing period especially if the weather is dry the better the crop Grill be. Cultivation conserves moisture and it is Mois Ture the Corn needs. A writer for the agricultural press in reporting the condition of fruit makes the statement that the wintry april of this year will insure a Large crop of fruit by delaying the Blooming period. The crop is determined by the growth of the previous season when the Blos som buds Are formed. A late cold Spring holding Back the Blooming period can Only contribute to immunity from danger of late frosts. That s All. Roast beef May be said to be almost As Standard an american dish As it is with aug Friend Amie it Boum not be there Are plenty of Cooks who Are utterly ignorant As to How Long a roast should be cooked. The following to be the Correct thirteen minutes to the Pound Ami thirteen minutes for the oven will give what is known As rare cooked wet fifteen minutes to the Pound and fifteen minutes for the oven Wil five a medium cooked roast and Twenty minutes to the Pound and Twenty for the Ore will make the mat Well the nicest time to Hoe the Garden or cultivate the Cornfield is when there Are 110 weeds to be seen but you kill them just the same. Illinois has an exhibit of Corn grown by the boys of that which will attract the interested attention of every visitor at the agricultural building at the world s fair. An annual Side Hunt for crows came Oft in Northern Illinois lately. A total of crows were killed. The effect of such a warfare on these Birds is to net really Dree them from that Sec Tion of the country. When Soine scamp comes into a Fann ing Community with some scheme to swindle the Farmers it would be a Good plan for the first Farmer to f it by self Fabor i by phone to be on the Lookout. It is 110010. Sweet sure enough when John comes in from Tho Corn blowing at night and finds a Strawberry Shortcake a foot in diam Eter and three inches thick on the sup per table and the Bernes from lust own Garden. There is a right and a wrong end to All things which truth is Well illustrated the Case of o men recently killed one of whom was gored to death by a Bull and one kicked to death by n mule. Both of these men got at the wrong end. Down in Oklahoma 20 per cent Ana More is paid for the use of Money to Provo up on inn and develop that Rich country while 5 per cent is the ruling of interest in All the older portions of the country. We hardly understand Why this should be so. The Outlook for prices of All products for 1004 is Good. Nothing will have to be sold at a Price below the Cost of production. A weakening soil. The Wear Oil the arable lauds of the West is very observable notwithstanding that these lauds were originally Rich and Fertile. Fifty of persistent cropping Aud taking and Selling of soil Fertility without making any due return the heavy tribute by Weed of Croft Ali and erosion the Elimina Tion and exhaustion of the humus so essential to Plant growth Are Patent forts to be noted millions of acres of hat Art termed the Choice Tarm lands of the nest Noil Northwest. This process of degeneration is the most noticeable on All rented farms where under the Liioi to Usu Tecl policy of s hot ii Iii Cash . Ilie skinning process has been mocked to a finish. The re sult of All this miserable work is sum med up in Otie fact Ami that is Pool crops us comp iou. With what the land is capable of producing under proper management. It is u repetition of the same process which has degraded the soils of new York Pennsylvania Ohio Ami audit it. In Diana Wisconsin Iowa Aud Minnesota. It Lias made the new York state farm sell today for less than the Cost of the buildings upon it and it will do the same to ing for these other states if persist pm in. The biggest and most important Iju Estious Wlinich con fronts the american people today More vital and fun caching in us future effects than any question of politics or statecraft is How to maintain the Fertility of the soil for n Century from now there will lie Mouths to feed. Tho Long term lease the sen sible rotation of crops Clover farming and Stock feeding will do much to at rest the miserable work but aset Only the few the very few Are alive to the importance of this matter. Half rate to Chicago. Fer the National Republican Conven Tion at Chicago june Island system scents will Tii Kels at one Jure plus cent for round turning until june 29th. Half rate to St. Louis. For the Nasonal democratic Oon vec j Tion at St. Louie Juh tits Island Sis Etc agent Wil Elt tickets to cd return at one fare plus cents Tor the round trip tickets on j uly i g lube Good St urn g fifteen j Days irom Date of Sale Waterloo Chautauqua july -22 215. For this nce Gibion the stints of the Koch Island system within two bund red Wal t c Tets to Waterloo at rate of fare and one third Lor the round trip tickets on s be Juh 22d to 2g Iii Good returning to Juh 30th. 4 Colic Ami Oiher Boeji , the uniform Success of this Smiet y bae made it tie most popular ton in use complaints. It la everywhere recognized Astl a one remedy that Caa always be depended upon and that a pleasant to take. It is especially valuable for summer diarrhoea in children and is undoubtedly the Means of but vibe Lua lived cil n Leui Musj Ren each year. For Sale by a. J. Asper annual Camp Alting association annual in rep meeting National holiness association. Dee Moines Iowa june 6-13. For this occasion the Rock Lelaud system has arranged rate of fare and one third on certificate plan. Please Call of nearest t Ctet agent Tor full in formation. A grizzly Benr Suppo sed to be As much As forty five years old which had Long been the terror of the ranch men of a Section in Wyoming was recently killed. He weighed pounds and was covered with scars. The Man who got him secured a Lery Large Bounty which had been offered for his Scalp. We at tie world s Tan ii Usu plow made and used in Maryland in 17tg. It had but one handle was made of Wood find an Iron Point and two of an old saw Blade nailed on the wooden Moldboard it was one Var nation by the Side of one of the modern chilled steel plows of today which shone like a Mirror. The crop of Clover Hay is due to Ca re Fer along the Hist of june through All the Northern states and this is the period of the year when storms Are fre quent and the rainfall heavy making the securing of this crop one of the most difficult problems on the Jarai. It is Safe to say that not 50 per cent of All the Hay put up each year is secured in Good shape. There never has been a time when men of wealth who have made their Money in the cities Are investing so largely in farms some doing it to gratify n fad some Asau investment it matters Little what the motive the fact that they Are doing it and doing to in the very thorough and progressive Man Ner which they Are is working almost a revolution in farm Aie Ilious in Many localities their Good example being contagious. The farm boy should be allowed a reasonable number of Day memorial Day. Fourth of july find at least half a Day off each week to go a swi Minin and a Al Shin. The Wise Man will take a Day off himself once n month during the summer and take the boys with him on a of Lubing excursion or a picnic. By doing this More and better work will be one us the boys and then they won t want to run away from Home the very first Chance they get. By what process do Birds identify each other when once mated it can hardly be by sight alone for there is no apparent difference in appearance in members of the same species. Do Birds have an individuality like human beings by which they can be identified or is recognition secured by Means of some difference in voice or is there something connected with the Fine instinct which Birds and animals have in place of sense which enables them to know each other the South has a one horse Agricula is blowing cultivating and working tha land Are us omit Cloisie i with one horse or rather mule. A i Little farther North there will be found a two horse agriculture where two i horses form by motive Power for farm j i own Hie three horse team is almost universally found blowing dragging seeding harvesting while up in North Dakota we 2nd tee for Type of fanning where vast areas Over from year to year with the least possible expenditure for human Lowr. Iii or tits. The possibilities connected with a modern packing House Industry Are Only just being realized. The handling of meats on the packing House plan involves Large cold storage facilities and an Exten she refrigerator car system. This expensive car service Hus until recently been utilized Only on its out Ward trips from the packing House centers returning empty. It was easy to see that if return freights could be secured for them it would be a profit Able scheme. The buying of eggs of the packing House companies with much profit and this year they have entered the fruit business and will Han dle perishable 1 rub All Uinos. While Tho general Public is Likely to be the gainer by this inn Wintion it is working n serious hardship upon regular fruit dealers and they Are up in arms about it. Tho modern packing House has the crop total the perfected Means of transportation the cold Stor age warehouse the agents scattered All Over the country anal it looks As though taif a would in the Uear future enjoy almost a Complete monopoly in the perishable food products of the whole country. Pit their . Ton see. Providence or Luck or the irresistible logic of events has made Tho Republic of the United states a moral and Legal Avay responsible for the Antol Leurial spiritual and phys ical wants of a matter of aborigines half Breeds scrubs and mongrels of the in Rains of the tropics. It is a responsibility which cannot be evaded and we shall have them on our hands As Long is the Republic lasts to feed when hungry to Settle Meir n. Tornal disputes to educate and police them and to fight for them when they get into some auction. It is a great and very costly contract in h Linan Tarlan any nation Ever under took. These crude barbarians can pro Duce in their tropical countries certain commodities which Are needed in hem i tobacco sugar bananas and the like. Favor most unqualified Day such revision of our Tariff Laws As will remit flip Ami ten people to have the Benet of these products at the Low est Cost to ourselves and so in some measure make these Heathen pay their Way. The Sogah beet. A government bulletin gives some interesting facts relative to tie growing of sugar beets in this country. The average yield per acre for 3003 was eight and one half tons per acre the average Price received by the grower was per ton the average Cost to pro Duce the crop was ?35 per acre and the average net profit per acre was As opposed to this really discouraging so wig a possible crop which yes produced in Colorado thirty three tons per acre costing to produce and Selling for ?158, giving a net profit of 5120 Norn. It Corr Rilent that in Gnu beet culture will find its Best show in the lands of perennial skin Lilno and irrigation. The beet crop cannot with the Corn crop in the Corn Belt. Rock Island system Tine table. Marble Rock Iowa. The right Road to and from and Between Chicago Omaha St. Louis Denver Memphis Colorado up s Peoria fort Worth St. Joseph St. Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Marble Rook As eastbound. No. 2, Burlington pass stops at All stations a. M no. 8, Mitil and express p. To no. 1-, local freight Steps Atrall stations a. M. 7, mail and express 10-o5 p. M of. 17, Rockford passenger p. M no. 71, local a reign a for sleeping car reservations tickets time tables etc., apply to any Rock is land ticket agent. L. Adj Lex general passenger agent Chicago Iii. Definitions. Prophecy generally a guess. Bullhead deafness sometimes pronounced constancy. Our pet Virtues but generally cur pet sins. Mental Corn that when it a tread upon in the struggle of life. We feel bad we Art either out of humor or in a bad humor. This is not a contradiction but fact. Broad that they might carry a Broad perception to the brain but we have Learned to squint an4 narrow our Puep Sloas. Two kinds Good and j bad and like most other things Tho bad appear in the greatest volume they Jar on our sensibilities while Good being in Harmony with our Spir its pass unnoticed save for a plans Annesi that is but partially cont weak Man made vigorous what Feffer s Ner vigor it nets powerfully and quickly. Otters in a ouija regain Jost no Utard of men recover Youthful Embr to a dec lost j Steur Nair Hajy either Falloni term nor Elj Tinor to and All Fult so a Lumc or text Eltiti Tond nil Atid Don t let on you because it a or in r . Insisi of tag i mfr Job s , or sew1 for it cd it try Roket. . I lilo v Rupner f 1 .1 to Atli a. M a Stern Onta Small Alze 50 Oreato. By e. W Lippin Guti monthly Magazine a family Library Tea Best i cur Ort lifer to 12 novels Var Many Short stories papers on timely Sci pm to cafe 2s a no continued secs i num veh come let r

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