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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - June 16, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaHock journal. 29. No 46 mar bub Rock. Floyd Cote qty. Iowa. It Joe 1904. Terms a year the4th is next on the program and to make your horses buggies and harness look new and Bright just give them Stock food paint and dressing. For Sale by w. Speedling co. Announcement. I hereby announce myself As for were steady prime Veals making 85.25 to with toe bulk of Good to Choice at 54.50 to so 00. Stickers and feeders were weak the outside demand being very Light. While the upward movement of Ripe Corn fed beef values has not yet ceased be Outlook for Plain heavy medium grades and weights common steers As As Butcher Stock aside from strictly Choice to fancy hard finished Corn fed Cowe and heifers a far from being favourable and values will sustain frequent slumps from now on for exporters will have to curtail their buying operations owing to prevailing a Jig prices and the country is evidently in a hurry to clean tip this Stock of scrub beef fearing an Early invasion of the Market by Range Stock Texas Green goods and Grassy half fat native aters Are also beginning to to mean constant de the sooner All of the former kinds of cattle Are marketed the better. Don t hold Baek Plain heavy medium weights common steers or Grassy Butch or Stock let them come Forward promptly and escape tee losses that will accrue from further declines. That packers cannot control the hog Market despite their Moat strenuous of Lorta was conclusively Uemon Aiea this week and they Are now convinced that the june run of bogs will run far Short of their both As to weight and numbers. This is the per Iod when according Topaco Ringtown pie diction of a month ago the Yards were to be flooded with overweight porcine Stock and the Market to be on a Cut. Basis but the Price trend is soaring under the influence of Light receipts a top of s5.07j4 was paid on monday the Advance has been effected without a Strong shipping demand and should that Competition reappear further appreciation is to Evita e. Current tattle and bog prices Are As follows c Choice to prims Beeves. Common to Good heavy fair to Export and shipping steer medium beef steers 1 ofe rior and Plain steers Good to fancy cows and heifers Good to Choice feeders poor to fur stickers and feeders fair to Good cows and heifers Good cutting acid fair beef cows. Common to mod Nam Init rows b tills poor to Choice cares common to Choice Corn feed Western steers. Tit is and thin steers be i steers fair to Choice hogs. Bulk of sales to heavy butchers 240 to ibs 100 to 5.07 licht butchers to i30 ibs. 4.03 to 5 00 Light Bacon 100 to 185 ibs. 4.85 to 4.93 Light Light 130 to m ibs 4.70 to 4 so to Swib s 00 to 507 heavy packing. 230 to 400 ibs. Co to v ,1 ,.1 inn oni Tii 1 my to a rough packing grades 4.35 to 4. To Light to Joo 4 so to poor to beat w to 120 ibs 4 25 to 35 to Job t 5 05 to s 20 5.55 to 5.ik 5 20 to 4.40 to 5 is to 3.83 to 4.75 2.20 o 3 75 8 30 to 435 2.40 to 3-25 125 to to 4fio 2 00 to 550 4 70 to 6.40 2.75 to 5.40 1.60 to , world s fair info Motlon. T hive been on the world s fair grounds at St. Louis and have full in formation in regard to transportation hotels Etc., that will a is enable to the intending visitor. The Rock Island system has arranged h set of very Low rates for season tickets 60 Day tickets 13 Day tickets and i want to Law As helpful As 1 possibly can id making your trip to the worlds fair pleasant and comfortable. J would tier before to glad of have Jou write me stating when you expect to the information you would like to and i will insurer you promptly Niia to fully As i chd. Irix g. Farmer. Div. Pubs agent f. K. I. P. Cedar rapid Iowa. June 30tb. The filipino is in one Liko Pat for his pig is nil honoured guest a his Home. Tiie Merridge of miss Margaret Contee and or g. Bearer occurred last at eight o clock at the borne of the Bride s parents or. And mrs. Albert Gates on College strut. Rev. The Sermon with Only the relatives i most a sub wl11 1u our and uie near friends of the famil being Duy Tho work at tory minute i Voutil it a done present. Bride and Groom were led j to love s Star by Little miss Talora speeding strewing half blown White mexican Roenee in their pathway and marched to the Sweet tones Otjen. Persifer p. Smith s grand March played by mrs. Philip Knott. The Bride was attired in Cream White Wool 1 a Etta and cried half won n to White mexican Roizis the Groom the con i it Dooal Black. The Bouse was artistically decor Ted with Beautiful Flowers and after the ceremony was performed the gue to were invited to partake of a three a nurse supper waited on by the misses Belle Rex and Pearl mend. The couple were recipients of Many lands one presents. Rock Island s7stem improve their service. Of foot in Jonoth. Rock Island to Stein will i Tab is cafe and observation car service on their trains to and Frera the twin cities. This car will be attached to train 19 arriving St. Paul a. M Minneapolis a. M., Servian breakfast. It will Thep return to Albert Laa on no. 8 leaving minnea Polis at a. M serve lunch thro to Liea and will return on no. 7, s Ervig lunch to All Meala on restaurant plan. A 1st is it a reversal Dallas county news some of those papers that Are disgruntled Over the Victory of the stand hitlers in this state Atid who think the Only real Issue before Ibe people is reciprocity with Canada insist that our present plat torm upon the subject of rec proc to is b reversal of the Republican posit n up on subject let us see if it is tiie first distinct utterance regarding reciprocity was made in the Pla Loim of 1896. William Mckinley being the presidential candidate. The platform a defining by of he re publican Pirty said Protection ind reciprocity Are the twin measures of the it publican and go hand in bind. Democratic Rule recklessly Atrock. Down both and both must be re established Protection West we produce ree admission for the Ness Sites of 1 be which we do not produce reciprocal agreements of Mutual interests which gain open markets for us in return for our open markets to others the platform of 1900. Declar ing for Protection again Aste reciprocity favor the associated policy of reciprocity so directed As to open our markets on favourable Torras for what we do not ourselves Pra Ducs. In return for free foreign markets. The last lows platform a Bis of ire in is or of reciprocity in non competitive pred you perhaps some advocate of free id produce under the name of reciprocity will enlighten us As to where the platform from the National platforms of and 1900. Perhaps some one will Tell As what the real Republican position upon reciprocity is if it a not food if the utterances of the National platforms. The platforms of 1896 Sunj 1900 de Clare for reciprocity in non competing products Only. No Nati Coel Tepu Bli can put form has Ever declared differently. If these utterances do not Espesa the Republican position will gome one Tell us what it to annual Gamp meeting seventh Day adyent1sts. Coif a Iowa june 5-12 Pur this occasion the Kock Lelund system arranged rate of fire and third on certificate plan from Points in Iowa june 4 the country is millions of dollars ahead by reason of the almost entire absence of cholera. The Robins you Wise in your door Jard in the North will to killed by Lagos Winter in Louisiana Aud sold for 00 cents a Doeu. We had a delicious Apple pie May -15 made from Northwestern greening apples which were in perfect condition kept in a Ordinary cellar. Thu s Apple is a splendid keeper. The Loi King to have a Day Oft and go is a sort of apostolic hered itary instinct and should been courage if possible. It is Only real bad men who never wish. We shall get our Corn dragged five times this year before it is big enough to cultivate. This looks like a Socol a. I. S later cultivation of the easy matter. Crop a in the dry Western country where the got eminent is Grott ing dates and tue Ostrich farm May lie found it i.-, not strange that the mormon should want to Complete the picture of Oriental life by running a have. Canada is pushing for More big Flotie Mills in her Northwest territory. She Ems the n Lien Fields which produce tie finest Bard wheat in the world unlimited water Powers to grind it and some Day she will have the Mills. If i Farmer has his work Well in hand by the last of May lie can keep ahead of it the rest of the season under Ordinary conditions but if there is still planting to be done his Cornfield and his Hay Field arc bound to clash and usually to the detriment of the Corn. We do not take much Slock in mixed seed for the sowing of lawns. In All the North country no matter How Many varieties of Glass May be sown tie re wih be nothing left in three years but just straight Blue grass which really makes the finest Lawn in the world. The wealthy Apple the Best Appie in the West has come through the severe Winter tue i visited Cue Norm Tiai uie past season in splendid shape. There is no longer any que Stirm that this no is Hardy for nil the Northwest reunify where apples May be made to grow. Most of on Birds build new nests in new locations each year some however like the Bluebird Wren House Martin and Bank Swallow will choose the old place but will build a new nest while eagles vultures storks and crows will use the old nests Only doing a Little needed repairing. Probably one of the most Beautiful sights in America during March and april was a Twenty acre Field of carnations owned by a men in California Twenty acres not Only of rare of color but a veritable mine of be and intoxicating fragrance. Just think of doing this and be making a lot of Money at the same time it seems hard to realize that not so Many years ago eggs were unsaleable for Money even at 5 cents a dozen in the West and butter could hardly be Given away during the summer Mouths. The winery and the fold storage Plant have completely revolutionized the Market for these commodities and they represent the most profitable Tarin products of the West today. Artificial wants Are More mandatory and oppressive than natural wants. Men Wear themselves out working to get Money to buy things which they do not need. Nearly All women would rather go hungry than once the critic asu.1 us t hat or dress. Men will walk farther when they Are tired to get a Chew of tobacco or a drink of whisky than Alliey would to get bread. For 8ale a Good room cottage. J. W. Mccrav for by e. W. Speeding co. The fruit growers of the South coun Fry suffer just As much from untimely Spring frosts As their Brethren in the North and often More. This year Large sections of the South were visited by an Early april freeze which caught the Peadick. Strawberries plums and other tender things a Bloom and ruined the crop for this year while at the Northc the weather keeping continuously cold has kept the fruit Bloom dormant and no loss resulted. A in South Dakota which had always enjoyed n Good reputation on tlif1 no it l it ways have its drafts against its ship ments honoured by the commission hoj ses worked off two tubs of Misem j blk worthless Frise on a commission we recently drawing against the shipment an , with the result that the Creamery had to Nike Cood and can now wait until its Vitter i som for its Money for not a on the j will Honor its drafts it pays to 1 be bluest in bus lines half Kate to Chicago. T Fer the National Kepu Blien Conven Tion at Chi Etc june is cd agents Ell tickets at ote fare plus for the Iouli j trip tickets on Bale june 1c-20, Good i tin Ding until june 29th. Half Kate to St. Louis. For the Nai Ionni democratic Hon at St. Louis Juh title Rock Island agents will Tell tickets to St. Louis and return at one fare plus c5 fir the Rocc trip tickets on sign jul 2 c Good returning fifteen Irum Date Sale. Waterloo Chautauqua july 22-20. For this no fusion the agents of the Hock Island system within two Hund red Miles will Iell tickets to Waterloo it rate of fire and one third Tor the a nut trip tickets of shift inh 22d to Good returning to july Colic cholera Anil our Rhea , the uniform Success of this remedy Lias made it. The most popular prepare Tion in us for Bowel complaints. It is everywhere As nne Fernr by that can always be depended and Tufit is pleasant to take. It Isis pc ully valuable for summer diarrhoea in children and is undoubtedly the Means of saving the lives of h great Many cbilr1-. Ren each year. For Sale by a. J. Asper a co. Annual Camp meeting Iowa Holl nees association annual Gump meeting nation ii holiness Appo Cislon. Dts Iowa june 6-13. For Tia occasion the Rock Island system has arranged rate of fare tied on certificate plan. Plen e Call on nearest t Ciket agent for full in formation. Up Island system Tofle table. Rock Iowa. The Toad to and from Between Chicago Omaha St Louis Denver Memphis Colorado of s Petua fort Worth St. Joseph. St. Paul. Kansas c1tx, Minneapolis. Trains Incavo Marble Rock a Collona eastbound. No 2, Burlington pass stops at All stations a. M no. 8, mull and express p. M no. 7-local Freiger stops at All stations a. Westbound. 1. Mail and a. M no. 71, local freight p. M _ fur sleeping car reservations tickets time tables Etc., apply to any Rock la land tic feet general agent Chicago 111. A free pattern rear own selection to Erera vhf Scriber. Only so cents a Stu. Macau s magazine1 a Lames Magazine a rom Beautiful entered Htu Fiu Cwm Cort Vinici fancy work Hoo hold hints fiction eld. Sot i or scat k for la Tot con a mined. For r stylish reliable simple up-to-1 economical and absolutely paper pattern. K is Call Bazar pm term Only to maa 15 Chi Tich now i i ask for them sold m newer eve try cite i us or by Frodo the Mccall co., ijs-u6 West 14th St. i447 what Peffer s Nervi gob it acts Ana i Ilcy. Crw Hugn my others raq. Yon Mea regain Man Boort old vigor. Alu Olotele to ult . Either my Al rare ewes and All of Rcpt n Fnanie or a titty Oft Iii balt Ami cown Maom. Don let dry Gist 5 i it a profit. On Tor car Rietl no i Pief Vii is a Wal tooth Small size 50 cents. By e. W Speed line. I monthly a family Library the Best in Oral 12 Complete novels Many Short 4tor1cs papers on timely to c2 so tuft team 25 cts no continues secs Tkv Civ Humph comfy Etc it t. It

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