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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - July 21, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaTom cd. Floyd county. Iowa. Tie Oil. When of machine oils of various kinds please give us a Call As we have a Good Quality and at the right Pride. E. W. Speedling co. Pharmacists. Republican ticket. For president Theodoke Rio Siivelt for vice president Cuba elks w. Fairbanks for congressional District of lows Gilbert n. Haugen Bounty ticket. For auditor. H b. Rosenkrans for clerk of the District court w1llard Perrin for recorder a l dood for county attorney l 0. Rue for l. T Hoffman of g. F. Jeltz of Ulster 3 Frank s. Black s speech placing Roosevelt in nomination at the Republican convention in Uil Cago june 23, 1904. Or president and gentlemen of the convention we Are Hare to inaugurate a Campaign which seems already to is nearly closed. So wisely hate the people sowed and watched and serve As ballast but it will never steer Ilia Thip. Ille democratic motto Torset when All the people have forgotten will Dawn a Golden Era for this new Foo Donn Frt in Fiot a j ready to p Ace a party in the Lead whose most expressive motto is the cheerless word forge that motto May oppress contrition but it does not inspire Hope neither Confidence nor enthusiasm will Ever be aroused by any party which enters each Campaign uttering Tho language of the Mourner. There a one fundamental Plack however of which the two great Par ties Are in full agreement. Both be Lieve in to e Equality of men the Dif Ference is that the democratic party would make every Man As Low As the poorest Tilc the Republican party Woald make every Man As High a the beet. But the democratic course will provoke Noontide interference now for the Republican motto is that of the great commander never interrupt the enemy while be is making a in politics As in other Fields the most impressive arguments Spring from contrast never has there been a More striking example of Unity than Bat to measure up the Grain. They Are ragtag themselves not Tor Battle but for Harvest. In one column reaching from the Maine Woods to the puget sound Are those people and those states which have stood so Long to Gether that when great emergencies arise the nation turns instinctively to them. La this column vast and solid is a majority so overwhelming that the scattered equals in opposition can the enemy hardly raise another army have neither nor ammunition and if bad they would use them on each destitute of the Wea warfare the Only Eye Demaeo of approaching Battle is in the tone and number of their bulletins there u among the generals discard among the soldiers each would fight in Bis own Way but before assaulting his Republican adversaries he Woald first destroy com rades a the adjoining tents. Each be Levea the weapons Odom by the other Are not Only wicked but fatal to the hotter. It Irwi. This is the Only War of modern thees where Tho Boot rant his been saw muted for whatever a unities idly of new however Anong the disow3aot boats Bow moving 00 St Louis no _ h Nui i he people litre Mil be no opposition Nufi Umito there wifi baldly enough for Competition. There tie no democratic plans for the fall Campaign their entered in discussion As Jefferson would do living Are Remean a of in of or pc Ltd from that n own represented Ilia Conven Tion. It n m 4qr fat part when Only of living noting in at Pomi to Altitude of a Ata Tarakai who dead. Thence of Diton Leavai that party always a Yakw eve try to Etimoa the dam tits party Mekom tried itt Aid it a str Tea in Yoa Are gathered Here not As factions Tor a by discordant views but moved by oae desire and intent you., have come As the chosen representatives of the most enlightened party in the orld. You meet not As strangers for no men Are strangers who hold the same beliefs and espouse the same cause you May separate two bodies of water for a thousand years but when Onoe the Barrier is removed they mingle instantly and Are one the same traditions inspire and the same purposes actuate a All. Never in our lives did these purposes stand with deeper Root thin Dow. At least two generations have passed away since the origin of that great movement from which sprang the paint which has been the leading impulse in Amer ican politics for half a Century in that movement which was both a creation and an example were those great characters which endowed the Republican party at itt birth with the attributes of Justice Equality and Progress which have held it to this boar in line with the highest senti i meats of Mankind. From these men we have inherited the desire and to their Mentery we owe the Resolution that those great pc Emea of Govero l patriotism and established by their blood shall remain a the fixed and permanent Emblem of their labors and the abiding signal of the Liberty and program of the race. Republicans never Tail in crisis. There Are Many new names in these Days Bat the Republican party needs new title. It stands now where it stood at the memory alone a ceded to Tell the source from the inspirations of the country flew a drowsy me Muir would be As guilty As a sleeping watchman the r is astir. The name of re n Patty Over Svery door where a righteous cause we born. Its Umb Iben have gathered around every problems of every age that age must solve great causes impose great de mands but never in any enter Prim have the american people tailed and never a any crisis has the Republican party failed to express the conscience and Inteli Gimm of that people. The Public Waii is awake both to its opportunities and its dangers. No where in the any Era did citizenship More than it Oronna to Day in America men of courage and sturdy character Are ranging them selves together with a unanimity sol Dom seen. There is no for groping in the dark for the Light a Plain to him eyes. The n a Man or and knows we 11 but raise his people believe convictions believe that what experience it is Idle to resist. A Wise Man is any fool about to die. But there is a Wisdom which with Good Fortune May guide the living and the Strong that wis Dom Springs from reason and experience guided by these this thing is Plain and Young men May rely upon it that the history and Par poses i have described rising even to Tho essence and aspirations of Patriot ism find their Best Concrete example in the career and doctrines of the re publican party. But not alone upon the principles of the party Are Iti members in record. With the same Devotion which has marked their adherence to these principles magnificent and enduring As they Are they have already singled out the Man to Bear their Standard and to Lead the Way. No higher badge was Ever yet Confer cd. But great As the Honor is the circumstances which sur round it make the Honor even More profound. You Hare come from every state and territory in this vast do main the country and the town have vied with each other a sending Here their contributions to this splendid thrnn0 his pair non Trot in is leading Here and crowded with the members of great party which sees in this splendid City the Symbol of its Rise and Power. Within this in example multitude is every rank and condition of free men. Every Creed and occupation but to Day a common Pur pose and desire have engaged us All and from every Nook and Corner of the country rises but a single Choice to fill the most exalted office 10 the world. Roosevelt in peace and War he is no stranger waiting in the Shade to be called suddenly into pub Lic Light the american people have seen him for Many years and always where the fight was thickest and the greatest does was Felt. He has been alike conspicuous to the pursuits of peace and in the Ardonas stress of War. No Man Dow living will forget the Spring of 98, when the american mind was so in flaps and american Patriot ism so aroused when among All the eager citizens surging to the front As soldiers the Man whom this Conven Tion has already in its heart was among the first to boar the Call and answer to his name. Preferring peace but not afraid of War faithful to every private obligation yet first to m How weak if to of Kish cd pro for i to Yum bus the of Hope on every where lib erty War us wort. Party my Sam Pitt Ora to dam Giatcu Ito to we has Ben awl w Volunteer at the sign of National peril a Leader in civil life and yet so Quick to comprehend the arts of War that be grew almost in a Jay to meet the High exam Tiong of command. There is Noth ing which so tests a Man a great and unexpected danger. He May pass his life among Ordinary scenes and what he is or does but few will Ever know. But when the crash comes or the flames break out a moment s time will Stotle out the hero in the crowd a Flash of lightning in the night will re veal what Yean of Daylight have not discovered to the Eye. And so the Flash of the Spanish War revealed that Sofij courage and Devotion which the powr i Ciao heart so i oops and a bib met again to decorate and Retog his qualities do not my retold for of pm that plam Ziaee hat Ben better Ajuis every bomb of it for ikw4, u it to fun entry u that which follows to porn pity Koen braced. Fortune soars with and rapid Wing Aid who Ever Bridge u Down must Sbet who Ace Gracy and Speed. Only the Man with steady and nerve and the courage to pull the trigger brings the largest opportunities to the ground he docs repudiates ticket. The not always listen while speak but every Day a the sages Nightfall be holds some record which if Dot com plete been at least pursued with conscience and intrepid Resolution on Mam Roosevelt. He is the slender Flower swaying in the wind but that heroic Fibre which is beat nurtured by the mountains and the Snow lie spends 1 title tune if re View for that to knows can by the schools a statesman Grap pling with the living problems of Hoar be gropes but Little in the he believes in going ahead he by lives that in shaping the this great Republic Hope is a a Igor impulse than regret. Be believes Tom preparation for the future triumphs is a More important Doty than an to veil tory of past a profound student of history he in to Day the greatest history a Aker in the Irold with the instincts of the scholar he 7 is yet forced from the scholar s Pur suits by those Superb qualities which fit him to the last degree for those great world currents now Rushing past with larger volume and More Porten Tous As Reot than or Many years be fore. The Fate of nations is still decided by their wars you May talk of orderly tribunals and Learned referees you May sing in your schools the gentle praises of the quiet life you May strike from your books the last note of every martial Anthem and yet out in the smoke and thu Oder will always be the tramp of horses and the silent rigid upturned face men May Prophesy and women Pray but peace will come Here to abide forever on this Earth Only when the dreams of child Hood arc the accepted charts to guide the destinies of men events Are num Berless and mighty and no Man can Tell which wire runs around the world the nation Bas Kiuji to Day in the quiet of Contentment and repose May still of on the deadly circuit and to mor Row writhing in the toils of War. This is the time when great figures must be kept in front if the sure is great the material to resist it Oia at be Granite and Iron. Whether we wish it or not America is abroad in this world her interests Are id every Street her Natre is on every Tongue. Those interests to sacred and stupendous should t be trusted Only to the care of those whose Power skill nod Conrage Bare been tested and approved. And in the Man whom Yon will choose the highest sense of every nation in the world beholds a Man who typifies As do other living Amer ican does the spirit and be purposes of tie twentieth Mentory. He does not claim to be the up lotion of his time. There Are Many things be May not know but this is sore that above All things else he stands for Progress courage and fair play which Are the Syo Oomes of the american name. There Are times when great Fitow chair Iau of the state Central resigns his position. T 8 it says party and j in. The gras and the stand Oil Trust. The follow log letter from or. Max Well is the political sensation of the week. Seymore Iowa july to countenance Aid or support the Candi dates or platform of the St. Louis mention i have tendered my resignation As a member of the state Central com Mittee and a chairman of the same body. The announcement of my deter Uuna Uon to repudiate me ticket ii a been delayed until this Dale in an Effort to persuade myself that there was enough Good in the candidate and the platform to justify me in remaining Loy Al to the ticket. Thui tar i have Dis covered absolutely nothing to commend it to the voters of the country. Its surrender to Wall Street Baa been to Complete As to leave to doubt of the party s further course. Dominated a it is by the trusts of the country i can absolutely no Hope for the party in the future and no Hope for the country if by Accident Parker and Davis should be elected. The party has been gagged and delivered bodily into the control by the very interests i have been Nahting for the past eight years and if its candidates who Areaux servant to the Standard Oil company and their trusts shall be elected it must be with out my Aid and Sanction i shall in the near future Issue a More extended state ment of my reasons for refusing to sup port the ticket in View of my inability to support the ticket i. Of course shall not attend the convention at Iowa City. Signed a. W. Maxwell. I Lutary escort train. Patriarchs militant Boston to sin Francisco i. 0. O. P. Sovereign grand Lodge. As an escort to the general command ing and staff and for this great trans Continental tour a special handsomely Simiu appointed train Baa been arranged for starting from Boston september 8tb, 1.00 p. In. Boston

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