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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 11 1901, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - July 11, 1901, Marble Rock, IowaIt a to Ittner blk Uoch journal. 26. No. 49. Marble Rock. Floyd county. Iowa. July 11.10oi. Terms a year m my. New machine oils barn paint House paint floor paint m i speedling speedling druggists. Opening Indian lands. The procum Tion of president Mckinlay to the land ceded by indians in the territory of Oklahoma Given to lift Public on taut the proclamation pro Vides for the opening o he lands at1 9 o clock a. To August 3th next the that beginning on Joly Lois. And ending on july 26th, those who Wuh to make entry of land under the Homestead shall be registered. The registration will take place at toe land office at Reno and Lawton. The registration must be made in person in cases of old soldiers who Are allowed to be represented by an agent on the 29th Day of july a committee selected by the government will in a1 Public drawing determine the order of making entries on the lands opened for settlement the government is taking All necessary precautions to prevent Irand and de seption and to have the selection of lands conducted in a fair and equitable manner. Under this plan the Man who is registered last will stood an equal Ebano with the Man who registers at the Bead of the list. To thin connection it is Well to state that an injunction Ratt is on foot asking j Edge Irwin to Grant an injunction preventing the Federal authorities irom opening the Laws to actual settlement. Cotol meet no. Marble Rock Iowa july of 1901 Council met in regular session at the mayor s office. H. A Darland was elected to preside in the absence of mayor Gates. Gona oilmen present Darland hug get Barnes Winchell and Sheperdson. Minutes of april 5, May 3d, 7 and july 1st read and of motion approved. Of motion the following Bills were allowed and mayor and recorder instructed to draw warrants for same c. K Lalab lighting Street lamps for May and june 00 if. K. Nies poll books and envelopes. 125 of notion the following judges and clerks of election were appointed for the special election of july 6th Haynes Martin Gates and 0. W. Bowman. H. Rosenkraus and p. K Nice. On motion Council adjourned. F. K recorder Caneil july 8. 1901. Comal set at eth of the mayor mean bin Raggett o Keife. D Bill of n. By 00 was allowed recorder authorised to to pay of to Tina Ejen Ben present at ibis meeting shall receive no pay for their h. Dael a or Ren. Pro. Tern. Or a minister to w Vera a Al Hanwitz qt., writes for a Long to Tom i Hwi we it sore of my Lee. I tried ree Lewiw without Benefit t awed Bette of Beatric bitters my Bexel Bai Klew s Arnica Salve and Well sores Grep Tom Botte bocce tether. Salt thews avow in tre blood. Tit Naanos Itte Etrie a Bield pm Rafter to fact Tyml Sitler fares these trembles. Lotief Aetis Maral teed of a Toast Relew ded by paper it co. Up books Only 50e. 5ome Rich men. York is supposed to contain More millionaires than any other cite in the United states Bat if the tax books of that City Are any criterion Many of our smaller cities will compare favourably with the great Metropolis for instance Pierpont Morgan who is at the head of the great steel Trust h id up his hands and solely Woro that constitutes All his per Sonal property including stocks and Bonds. Sage who is supposed to have More Loose change than any other Man in the country says that after ransacking All his pockets and other out of the Way places he is Able to find Only for the tax col Lector senator Depew who recently gave his son a Twenty five thousand Dollar Stone front for a birthday pre sent and who was suspected of having something like in Ubalgo about his person avers that is All that be has. John d. Rockfeller the Standard Oil magnate who is Able to draw his Check every few Days Tor half a million for the Chicago University allows the magnificent sum of to be assessed Agai oot him Carnegie who endows libraries with to munificent gifts every few Days and who in one Lump gave new Tork for the same purpose thinks that is All that be should give to the tax collector of the Empire state these Are but few of the prominent men who Are supposed to have Large wealth who would rather give of institutions where the same can be heralded throughout the country than help to Bear the Burden of taxation id a government which provides them with Protection for their enormous wealth the usual fourth of july accidents Are reported and when the full Detoma Are in the average record of deaths and injury by forc Wii Swul Luminta Piini Pierie Lorillard the famous tobacco ill Roaaire died at his Home in new York july 7th. His wealth is Esti mated at All of which be leaves behind. The Public is treated 10 the highly elevating spectacle of Spanish Bull fights. This acquisition from the Spanish War could Well be dispensed with. And Kendall c. Mckenne mail clerks were instantly killed in a Railroad wreck near Hampton last Friday. The baggage Man j w. Mandaw was seriously injured i a Kansas City Man advertised to a newspaper for a wife and got a widow and five children that Man s Faith in h-5 been Stu v and the Power of the will be duly impressed upon his mind As time Rolls on. Smallpox is dead. Or j. F. Kennedy Secretary of the state Board of health said this morn log that the hot weat bar of the past two weeks had administered a crushing blow to the smallpox epidemic in the state and would be instrumental in pre venting a serious epidemic next Winter smallpox has died hard in Iowa but or. Kennedy believes it is dying at last and that the 100 degrees to the Shade which has made Iowa languid for the last two weeks is pushing the Good wort along. I do not said or Kennedy that there is going to be the smallpox epidemic in Iowa nest Winter that was anticipated there is a Good Deal in the theory that when it does not die out during the summer it much worse the next Winter Bat the number of cases in the state already is diminish ing and the hot weather is not giving it a Chance to spread i believe Iowa has seen the worst of its smallpox Epi Demic and that next Toter there will be much lets of it than there was this year. The Large number of persons who have already had smallpox is one of my reasons for thinking so. This together with the fact that the Chance of new cases developing during the Sontner is makes be think that Iowa is not going to have Mach Small pox next to tics capital. A poor lately starved m in Wiloa Bee Alae he Coo id not digest Bis food Karly use old. King s new t life Pilu have saved they strengthen the Stoa Aeh Aid Ama Nimna improve appetite. Price 25e. Morf Back if so sold by aspet pc co., with the thousands of Miles of projected Railroad in lows Only nine and one halt Miles of Road have been Actu ally Laid of to the first of july. The Charles City electric line seems to be sleeping on its franchise. The last of the volunteers in the Philippines have returned to this country and have been mustered out and imperialism and militia ism Are issues that have faded into the past the doing away with the tax on express receipts and telegrams does away with much criticism of the government it was not the one cent tax that caused the criticism but it was the believe that the corporations had the ear of the courts who had Euch sred the peo ple out of their rights civil Rale to the Philippines is Dow 9 tar Larff of Loren t oath As civil governor on july 4th As the filipinos to realize that government desires the Prosperity of the islands and to allow them the same Freedom that the great american Republic w enjoying they Are falling into Hoe and Are becoming enthusiastic supporters of its policy. The hot Waves which have passed Over Iowa and the Northwest generally during the latter part of june while disagreeable and somewhat damaging to crops have oot compared in destructiveness to the hot Waves which passed Iowa in 1894 and which inflicted a loss of on this state alone a Young child of Sam fotes was killed at new Hampton july 4th, by an electric wire connected with a Street lamp the insulation had wore off the child accidentally Gas sped the wire on the exposed spot and was electrocuted before the horrified gaze of hundreds who were celebrating the fourth the writhing of the child in its dying agony made Many heartsick on july 3d, two men were killed and three seriously wounded and about fifteen others slightly injured in an at tack by striking miners at Telluride. Colorado among the great questions a bib will Bare to be settled by american statesmen to the near future is the matter of organized labor and trusts. This is supposed to be free country where every Man has the right to gain a livelihood by honest labor either by joining labor organizations or by remaining outside of their influence and it will be incumbent up on the government to give to each the Protection guaranteed by the Vedara lion of Independence. Dont wait. If you knew How sch s emulsion would bund you up increase your weight strengthen your weak t my Kim and put you in condition for next Winter you to take it now. 9ewl for Scot Bown Jolouis Pearl Street ail t and try it cow mls few yet. The Goberna Topial situation up to Date see is to Tavor or Cummins it is estimated that he now 054 in iced id credit. Thia leaves him Short 167 of the necessary to nominate Mitchell county held its convention its Lect delegates to the state convention last saturday and selected a solid Cummins delegation being the first county in the fourth Congress strict to select a delegation in opposition to senator Trewin should Cummins fail to secure a majority of the state delegates it May possibly become a serious matter with the Mitchell Dele Gates to swing the opposition in line for state superintendent Barrett the statement cabled irom London that Aguinaldo received from the s government to surrender to its authority is ridiculed at washing ton. It is shown that no such amount Coald be Piid without the Knoll Sega of Congress it is True that each department has a contingent fund to draw upon at pleasure but it is also True that each department except the state department must account for every cent of this fund and that the amount allowed the state department if wholly appropriated for thin would hardly be sufficient to tempt a Man like agy to surrender his Liberty and take hid chances As a prisoner of War Des Moines Register Secretary Wilson of the department of agriculture has just begun work on a Model farm of 400 acres near Washington and it a stated that within a very few years it will be one of the great sights at the National capital. All of the fruits and vegetables o the United states and other countries which Experiment shall prove can be grown in that climate will be been there and there will be Model farm buildings Model fencing and Model system of dra nage irrigation and cultivation to the agriculturists and horticulturists ii a Luaui Uruu will l Ute a upper Tonij for study in every Branch of their science and to the general up he the farm will offer a Beautiful sight. The country newspaper. Hod. Life Young of Des Moines in Bis address before the upper Des Moines press association praised the country newspaper in words of warmest eloquence and encomium declaring it to be the landmark of Progress. The two great he said which have had More to do with modern civilization than All other events of the world combined were the coming of the great teacher and the invention of he would rather be the editor of a clean Bright readable country newspaper than to be accumulating millions. The magnificent pro Gross made in the last Century by let ters Art and invention would be beyond Conception without the reality the Century came in with the launch boat and it went oat with the magnificent Ocean liner it came with the stage coach and it went out with the Empire state express it came in with the sickle the Grain Cradle and the scythe and it went out with the Binder and Harvester it came in with the spinning wheel and the band loom and it weal out Witti the hum of thousands of factories it came in with the Printer s stick and the hand press an 1 it went out with the simplex and the Mergenthaler and the double Cylinder and perfecting presses. The newspaper however is la the Home to Day what it always has been since its first be development to modern Force a guardian and Best Friend Corn log into closest Contact with inner Home life protecting its interests and recording births events of interest and lastly its deaths. It the world no Dis covery in Medicine has Ever created one Quarter of the excitement that has been caused by or King s new discovery for consumption. It s severest have been on hopeless victims of con sumption i a Pitronia. Haemorrhage pleurisy and bronchitis thousands of whom it hag restored to perfect health. For Coambs colds asthma croup Hay fever hoarseness Ami whooping cough it is the quickest cure in the world h is sold by Asper co. Who guarantee satisfaction or re fend Money Large bottles 50c to a trial bottle free. General Maximo Louici has received new Light since his visit to the United Cuba and the United states is Only i question of gravitation when they will be one if few More of the cuban patriots could visit the United states annexation o the Pearl of the Antilles would be an accomplished fact during the past year was paid to the Secretary of state in filing fees in notarial commissions in recording fees in certificates in land office fees 5150 in commissioners for Iowa in rendition warrants and in Trade Marks the amount paid in fees for last month was 05. The largest amount received in any one month of the period was 45 for july 1900, when the largest number of notarial commie Mons were issued. Illinois will find that his Coure in Congress daring the settlement of the Spanish american War will cause him much rouble when he Cornea up Lor re election next year Charles g Dawes comptroller of the currency has resigned his position and will at once enter upon an Active canvass for the position another prominent candidate is judge Peter s Grosscup senator Mason had the Opportunity to become one of the Leides of Bis party and thus practically insure his re election without opposition but be thought Best to give Comfort and Tup port to the enemy during the engage ment and he is reaping the Reward of the ingrate by having competitors who will at least make it warm for Billy to succeed himself pcs Molnes letter. All Desmo mers who can leave or defer their business engagements Are spending the afternoons and evenings at Chautauqua Park where the fore great at left Lessen for Tea Quarter ending with Jum. The col lateral inheritance tax the of and Jig to state s revenues. The report of the auditor s Maui tue above a. Grand total in the state treat nil of 09. Judge Mcpherson of Thi Federal oort has issued some very Eaph Atia orders to United states and Deputy marshals of the Soat Bern Iowa District relative to the growing practice of arresting persons charged with Petty crimes and holding Beai to await an investigation by the grand jury these arrests Are often made for the purpose of securing the fee which is allowed the officer and have become so com men As to be wholly a no Isaace. Hereafter Dee Monoca amusement will be under one management William Foster proprietor of footer s opera House and the grand opera House having bought a controlling interest in the Chase Stock to which has for the past year operated the auditorium or. Foster that a higher class of entertainment will be Given the Public at lower of admission la an article of the july number of the annals of Iowa or Charlea Al Rich Calls attention to the fact that there Are at least five soldiers who fought in the revolutionary War buried in Iowa. Their names Are Timothy Brown whose place of interment is not Cowd although he is said to have died in Washington county George Perkins who served under Gen Francis Mario who it buried nou Primrose Lee county William Blair who f ought with col. Clark and who wan a member of the first Iowa territorial Assembly lies in a Little Meme Triy near Kossob has. Shepherd lending their services to make the As Sembly successful in every respect. The debate Between mrs Jarne Chapman Catt president of the National woman suffrage ass n and Rev. J. A boat Man pastor of the Chatham Square methodist Church in Keokuk was interesting instructive and amusing no judges were appointed but the unanimous opinion of the audience was that mrs. Catt bested her opponent very decidedly. Leon h Vincent who is always popular with Chanta aquas is delivering a series of lectures on Litera Ture which Are attracting Large audiences. Miss Parloa a demonstrations in scientific cookery and Domestic Economy Are largely attended by our present and prospective housewives the Coo certs by the Ottumwa of Chicago Are up to the usual Standard of this popular organization. There is probably no quartet in the world so w Dely know As the Ottumwa. The quarterly examination of the state Treasury which waa made july 1st, shows the condition of our finance to be the Best in the history of the slate the general Revenue was never Rome and John Osborn who we buried in Lidd county in 1852. It is also said that a Soldier what of Oagot with the British was buried at bin Lington in 1s33, although nothing u known of him except his name which was roes. Iowa is great enough and should be Good enough to give fitting recognition to these heroes by erecting a Monument or several monuments to their memory. B f. Williams. Notice to wheelman there s positively no need to endure discomfort by reason of chafing sunburn insect slings sore and perspiring feet or accidental raises ton forget these troubles in using Bucklen s Arnica Salve. Infallible for pimples Blo Tohet skin eruptions and piles. Sold by Asper a o. 25 cents Soule s veterinary Point Treut Caret Barb Vire cot i v u Iii v scalds Tope bums Serai chs. Mange mid skin Price 25 the Best tall cure on is Atli for Sale by Joseph Wii Ort. N cures Carat in Nom we Tel ii finn uni ii Price 25 Eta. Ai Ludzki s oboe store. The weekly inter Ocean always Republican. Best political it my in per year. Or titty Statts weekly Jitter Ocean i the slightest family news paper in the countr containing All the news and High pm rent literature. A of roof i s excellent literary features Are Able editorials on live Topi us articles an Home topics on Well written origms.1 stories books find on Worts in the farm answers to queries on All subjects. 4 also Short to role of Why life of Hasas on health. Army o Ute Evory Bare. The inter Ocean i a member of the Laffan xew8 Bureau and the a news sen ice i. Absolutely in tin1 Avold. Fikis two Eil of n Yukue pages a much Rood Reading As a Large daily liter setai per Art Sofij per year

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