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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - February 18, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJournal vol. 29. To u Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa february 18. 1904. A year celestial refreshments value of wide times i f us Yeti in Ziy part m in line a Neil Ciuck jewelry and silverware. I have tit famous w l. March term of said District will be begun and held at cite i said county on the fourteenth Day of of crib a d a fam default i vow in Towd against you and judgment and de Cree rendered thereon As prayed in plaintiff s petition. Mii writ Plaintiff. Weak men made vigorous 3s3t what Peffer Sner vigor did Otlin flu title emission s lost Power either failing m Mary anti self a bar or and wards Don let o Tou because it j it. Mac Pratt a profit hav. Log if i it. Can be ctr led in Vest Cun a Tappier. It a Sabot. Ore a written guar a Jaffek it Ohai Chicago in Small 50 cents. By e. W speedling. I f a r fjord county Farmers Institute to to held at Rock Ford Iowa tues a and feb. Of and 24, tuesday Forenoon Addre sol Wallace f Nash. The hired help b Flone Fiell Dise Iasi on by lord. S. W Bishop John Brown. N. Bray the Short value ii a Leech m a afternoon. Miss Schmidt. Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus at its Breed them m k Avert and Erick Johnson the pair an 1 the silo Ohos How Ell. Atison bracket Chab it a Rock. Music miss Edna Schmidt the dirt Best to improve them. G f Nash. Or rus sell d. Wilbur i. Hoffman. Appointment of committees. Evening session Hinh school hand. Needed Reform mrs g. W. Holt. Mosio. High school glee club to feed a r Potter. Help in the farm Flomp will All ill Uii roue. Lilc. U. It Waller. Montio band. Or debtor Sam g. Sloane and j. R Waller. Music Hub school glee club. Wednesday morning. Magic i voc Mon Rev Snith. Live feeding and marketing prof. Kennedy of Ames College lesson of a wet season j. S. Trigg Stone crushers and Road improve ment. Leo. Heitz l Hoffman a. S Griffith. Afternoon. A school in Corn Cul ure by prof. Holden of Ames. The entire session will be devoted to this topic and will be the most important session of the Institute. Election of evening. Music male quartet recitation miss Jean Wilkinson. Haymakers Ger Trude Childs. Lecture prof. Storms prefix fit Ames agricultural Toile up. Music malic quartet licit upon miss Jean Wilkinson. Music miss Childs. A r. P error j a ".79 for the Best exhibits of Corn Allen tries for these premiums must be made during he first Day of the session the Corn will be judged by prof. of Ames and m k. Avery of Ceno Gordo county for the id largest ears of any variety 00 for the Best 10 ears of yellow Corn 5 00 for the second Best j 00 for third Best 2 to for the beet ten ears of White Corn f 00 kor second Bett -3 00 for third Best 2 00 the program committee has sought to avoid overloading the we too Many topics and Hopes ii Ere in to secure plenty of time or a suit Jion of the topics presented. The Best available Talent in the stale been secured for this meeting and the Opportunity is offered for every Farar to obtain the most Talas a Are proc tical help in Bis work. It is expected this will be the most up to Date and helpful Institute Ever held in Tho county t cordial invitation is extended to Floyd county Farmers to funny Lytle in the chinese Kiuji Ilsc. I Lacos of rat Anil refreshment Are commonly to fou Ivl in Linin it the baiting stations on Tho highways in the Interior or the v l acc on the Banks of the Riveux of clip ii. They frequently take Tho form of a Small mud hut. Having i Daru Interior filled with smoke Tea tables forms and All oven whore a Cook is kept Busy baking Tea bread and frying pudding for of the customers whose favorite beverage is Tea Al though when times Are Good and the event her cold they indulge in something v. Inch often inebriated and Liat at a very cheap rate. In the Loi Iii .1 Ivi a of glazed Eartho Waie jars a kind of chinese whisky of a thirsty Carter May have a skin full for some i thing considerably under a Penny when he will go quietly to sleep on i the Shaft of his part and his Pony or mule being used to it will take him Home. J there is an ingenious Little Furnace in front having a Long Hue the Nugh which the flame is driven by an air pump j and n Row of hot water kettles gradually increasing in size to suit the heat of the to Pijue of flame that parses up the flue beneath so that they May All j be kept boiling. The hot water is sold to passersby who usually carry with them their Teapot and Tea so that they May have a cup at every station. This custom of carrying one s own Tea is so common that it is difficult to procure a cup of Tea in any of the restaurants As they do not keep it and do not care to go out of their Way to buy it for you. Although the Plant May be growing All j round and at one s very feet it is next to impossible to get a cup that a for Eigner would consider Worth drinking and As to using milk and sugar the chinese look upon the practice As a barbarous device of the foreign Penny. Animal oddities. The fiercest of All animals is the Black Panther. The lion is the Only wild animal that is capable of affection. Statistics show that serpents kill More persons in India than in any other country. Icv coils Inu Yueai except Cayman and crocodiles. The Boa seems absolutely so. The sense of smell in the Snail been found to be limited As a Rule to a distance of about an Inch. The West Indian crab is a remark Able creature. Although born in the sea it matures in fresh water and passes its adult life on land. Shepherds allow their collies one meal a Day. And on this allowance health Aud efficiency arc secured. La Dies who Are Good to their pet dogs Are rewarded by seeing their pets sink ing rapidly into decrepitude. A Wiir sided Celebration. Uncle Eph m had put on a clean col Lar and his Best Xoai and was walk ing majestically up and Down the Street Aren t you working today Uncle " asked one of his caucasian acquaint ances. To Suh. I s Celebration my Golden you were married Lifty years ago yes civil Iii l. Jour lil a Pipit you to celebrate my present wife replied Uncle Eph a with dignity Ain t pot nothing to to with it. She s de lev Tribune. She helped Hisiu Ooi. He was quoting Tennyson s King Happy Bells across the what s that line lie Askoul about ring in the i be forgot ten so Hare Shn replied but How this do this dress i Wear will do out the old. Ring in the Constitution. Clubs where members talk muck. Clubs where the Infin life talk much Are Pone Nilly to be avoided. Talk makes mischief. There arc one or two Rathe Well known literary and professional clubs in London where members Are freely introduced and personal the fashion which have been Pennon no de too dangerous to be used some of those who. For old association s Sake still keep their names upon the English country Oen t of tend. I i put Sio in Tho Bank today. George i you la a tidy Little my there i k Yon keep on. Going to buy 1 Hiing Nice with mercy no my Ilia live sur plus in Case i need Oli Veland Plain Chico Fanner Sawyer what is your daughter Mary going to be when she finishes at Waal i Kinder reckon Shell teach school. She chunks she d like like a catioo.3." they improve bad roads and save Good ones. Tost on the Jeneral that wide tire i in trinite in no Miriall tin proper Minte Narici of the. Tiie in of " Ide tires for i. Not surly ii it y . They Sive pet five Stone roads from being worn into Cut up and ruined by traffic and they improve dirt roads by Wear ing them Down to a smooth surface. V. M. C. A. Meeting 1 1 for thid cos Iota u cd ticket Gentr ii fell a i at Salt of i it la ill Iii c Ito k is i traffic in slaves. The in los Art Condo feed in the mar Mukesh Market. T in his article on the slave Market at in Harper s Magazine i1. L. Of a picture of i this terrible t nitric which on a Jiru veil by the Morneau lie describes the beginning of the Sale a i Askow Road. Maiu tailing the present system of Small tired wheels As As the roads Are indifferent or positively bad in Quality. The experiments have shown first that Long As the roads Are in poor condition subject to Nurieh Mois Ture and thereby liable to become heavy and Muddy at Short notice the use of the narrow tire is a positive hindrance. It requires More Power to haul a Wagon thus equipped for the tire sinks deep into the material of the Road and thus forms for itself a con staut obstruction that must be Over Nemo but the Broad tire has a use other and indeed better than that of Mizii the labor and therefore the Cost of it euros Tho had conditions that have been largely caused by the Jurrus to p. Serving u Eom Pressor and compacting the material Siml greatly improving its condition. Thus the use of the Broad tire Means a double gain. It saves in the Cost of hauling by permitting heavier loads to to hauled by the same agencies and in less time and it saves too in the Cost of Road making and in repairing. If All Road users could be persuaded to change the tires of their draft vehicles of specially in the districts where bad marts Are the Rule rather than the exception it is believed the ultimate Cost of bringing tiie country thorough fares up to a modern Standard would within a very Short time be so Low that the most comprehensive Road improve ment Laws could be passed without difficulty. Much Bas been done id some states by granting exemption from Road taxes to those Road users who have adopted the Broad tires and likewise to those who have adjusted their Vei Neles so mat the front Ami rear wheels will not thus minimizing the chair is of wearing the surf i of of a Road. It has been found that with Broad tires in use the amount of surfacing material needed is comparatively Small. In an address before the Minnesota Good roads association a speaker said that state Iliin Hixion on the subject stand s about As follows Given to coun to info err to size of wagons and Width of tires. Tires three and one half inches or More in Width for loads exceeding 800 pounds a rebate of one fourth of Highway tax. New tires three inches in wid Tii or Over a rebate of one half of Highway tax not exceeding in any one year the stun of ?4. To be not lets than three inches for loads of one ton penalty. So to in a portion of the to Tate tire live indies in Width Are required for a Load of 3.0xkj pounds. Over 2.300 pounds to be hauled on a Broad tired Wagon. one Inch in Width of tire per ton of Load. The Road from Philadelphia to Lancaster according to the san Tinics of 1702, practice airy two inches in Width per ton of Load. From consular reports there has been gathered the following As to Mich usage in foreign countries four and one third inches for Load of two and one fourth tons and six and one fourth inches for loads of four and nne half or oif our in six inche.-, with the rear Axle to fourteen inches longer than the fore. Heavy loads a Width of at least four inches. Width of one itch for in Lull t u. Ujj 11.u1a till to i go no Jess Linn Sis in chs. As follows tin1 at uie ent Ratu of to the right and left to admit twelve i grave men while in nans and Jel Labias. They Are the dolls or Nito Lal i n. a. Tell mall Iii Ulli. Slowly and impressively Iho Deal i and Viii o in a line to the Center of Tho slave Market almost tip u the Arcade the wealthy Lui yers it pc l Tiina. Then the head Aimei Muneer lifts up his voice hideous Mot Kory of it prays. Now eth Deal has Leople sorted out and the procession begins. Kul Lowell by his 1m marches round and round Ilie and i understand the dust was Laid be fore the Pnno slim commenced. Sume of the Are absolutely f n e from Morinn of sort. They e round As stolidly As the blindfolded hordes that work the water wheels in tra Dens beyond tic town. Others feel Lair in position. Cries the Ilola at whose hods the one Young and pretty woman who has not found a buyer limps painfully. Slio is from the Western Sudan and Lief big eyes have the terror stricken look that reminds me of a Hare that was run Down by the hounds a few Yards from me on the marshes near my country Home last Winter. Why is the Price so i ask. She is sick says the Moor Eoo Liy. She cannot work. Perhaps she will not live. Who will give More in such a Casco the broken violin. An incl Lenl of tic Chili Sooil of Hie Mitt Rolo Bull. Olo till. The great a As Burn Frith a plus for Inus i. In ing of the wind Anil rain and waterfalls the music of Bird and these were tiie you is of nature and he tried to reproduce them on his violin. It is said that tiie musician s first violin was Given him by an Uncle when he was but four jars old and his tie Light at the present knew no Bounds. My father wanted me to be a minis snid he in telling the Story Many years after and i thought i must Das he we had. But when i was ii rat years old he bought me a new and arranged to have me study under a teacher he Aid a minister ought to know a Little about music that night i could not sleep. I ruse in the night to get a Peep at the pre Coua violin. It was so red. And the pretty Pearl screws did smile at me sol i pm rhed the strings just a Little with my lingers and it smiled at me More and More. I took up the and pleased to have me try it across Tho strings. In i did try it just a very very Lille. And it did play so softly. 1 forgot that it was Midnight and every body asleep and the next minute 1 Felt my father s whip across my shoulders. My Lilile red violin dropped on the floor and was broken. I did weep very much for it but it did no Good. They did have a doctor to it the next Day. But it recovered its Detroit free Tress. Wanted . Many persons laughed heartily when they read the following in a recent Issue of a German news paper wanted some French which a Young Sirl May same and which will fit into a Small Bookcase. The height of each Book not exceed ten ii Hes. The Price is of no importance provided All the books hands nue and Are of the same Sacra Sci h he h in ii Luib it tie Iii Sivu b i u i up Iii is f. In lit h Jun my i of 1 it i. I t it u. 1 of t a by 5 i Uiti Halm. A i .111 mis i Siul in Fra alled i u in Puj Linin deut Lur i cuts bruises Ami b rns i or Sal b a. J. a. Co. Missionary society clutch ois m., -22o. For this eco rain t1" Hock pc to his r if fare j one third on plan in m Points in lows. 1 least c 1 of Penn at ticket Hgt it for full info Malion. F.3 Don c forget the old Man the fish on Back. For nearly thirty he Lias been travelling around the world and is still travelling bringing health and Comfort wherever he goc.-. To i c consumptive he brings the strength and flesh to All weak and sickly Iii or i he gives Rich and 1 h i fun 1 to thin and pole persons Ticu firm flesh and Rich red blood. Children who saw the old nun with the fish Are now grown up and Luke children of their own. 1 in stands for Ernul Mon of i re Rod in Al and a natural ionic for old folks and for All who need flesh and strength. Scott Bowne. Chemists. Fearl new York orc. And c druggists. Tihe table. i50.-k-. Towa. The right Road to and Fri in and Between Chicago of Viia 6t Louis. Dix Vail. Mkmfi1is, Oloizia oops s Peoria. Tout Worth St. J03kph. St i . Kan s cd m i Pous. In tier . A who an Jill Cut Poutry of mor Lorn a Nuur Barlic cd to kit at an Parl next in pm infill Coni Poer wiil if Jin ill tile full apart Iti in of Clintine from n Ray lir Illint Iii l in quiz Eil. How id a Iii feel clip j in thug the ninth tic laconic rosily. Train leave U i to licit a follows to 2. It All a. M in. 8, p. M to. 7. la s Rig All 7 Nti i m to. _-17, Kok of p. In j x i. 11, Loo in k p. M for Cir in a v-ition.1. I time tables etc., Upit Keck is i 1 ind ticket a it j l sex general Ponci test a tit. Cynic Rico Iii. 50 years twirl fit Mother. Slie uni Neil Ier Haliy ail four of in Rich nil u of Iii will that Siri Anniie of i them will Fie Illey j know tin others line a Caiiou i of lint she has tvs Imd Tho child to. Answer Only to the name who Tiitu Priis to lie Lali times Slars vr7 desi6ns Kcf richts a. R v. I an i -7 t i. I inn of . A i f a i tier Iii t co. In celts Ahr Ortii spy Jirec Stour to terms t3 Snike a r St u

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