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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - February 11, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaOak vol 29. No is Marble Rock. Flov1 county Tow a fh113ruarv 11. 1004. T isms a Veak a Lii i c Ucucu la in a line u aleuts jewelry Ami silverware. I have the famous j1 Iju Araniti cd. Also Luthc a who All entrusted to him. Al i nerd of thing in my Lim. W. Speeding Washington letter. Demand or Ood and drink Aad other american of that pro Jirs were Ashing on d 0, feb 4. 1904 j great and metro wants Soi Rich Quick p. Pillar in Erest in i now there Are Only soldiers. The personality and purposes of govt the merchants sell less and the sub nor h. Talt jut returned ascription list of newspapers is greatly from the Philippines to be or. Hoot s reduced so they want More soldiers successor As Secretary of War your they want a they correspondent sought Lim in his office j have patience with the filipinos. The War department yesterday and Call them Iwers. And treat them was enough to have a Picas context t of course Tab is not of reception and obtain an important us Rood business Sene. For a Mei interview omitting mention of ire chant to openly scorn demise and in put to soon use on the farm in i louds ill in he poultry and the Stock. The farm conditions and environment Are of the in Sai itary sense and where such a farm is managed As it May in the Cost of keeping such people is reduced to i minimum. The committee of the boards of supervisors who have such a form in charge should be practical Farmers and never politicians. Other Wisp the plan is Likely to be a failure. A Skunk by some moans Iuie his Way into be audience room of a Conn try Church one sunday recently Anil it took the Best efforts of All the male members of the Cimer Eai uni a Matier of live hours to him out without desecrating the sacred Euilice. The Richer the Field is the thicker May be the Corn planted. Damn stalks Are More the result of soil starvation than a decrepit ancestry. Anyhow we plan to have Good family Garden this your even luminaries and commonplace salutations it suffices to say that the distinguished head of the army was found at a moment when he was quite disengaged and smilingly assured his visitor sit Down we have All the time there the Secretary is n Sun of almost colossal proportions with a Fine Ace lighted up with steel Blue yes a and a a Nial smile he has a triple Ehui an unobtrusive moustache and a generous Shook of Brown hair that looks As 51 it had once been parted in the Middle and combed with a Friendly Pitchfork. Let we give the Gist of the Conversa station followed see Retuis this country which knows that you were originally opposed to the annexation of the Philip Dine islands now hears that like presi Dent Schurman you Are discouraged with the result of the Experiment i have never said that and Hava never Felt it what 1 Havo said is that it i that the pre sent attitude of the majority of Aten merchants and the american press in Manila would to permanent and if i dul not confidently Hope that there be a change to the future 1 should be very much discouraged in respect to the result of the Experiment which the United states is making in these islands. I am not discouraged because i am sure that the next de Cade will change the conditions i inquire what is the hostile feeling to which you certainly there Are Many Ameri cans possibly a majority in Manila including the entire american press who Are stros july opposed to the doctrine of Philippines for the they have no patience with the policy of attraction or with attempts to con Ciliate the filipino people an 1 Intro Doce them to self government. The resent everything that i1 not american insist that filipinos should not be appointed to any office. This can not continue if Pesce and Prosperity Are to cume what is the cause of this hostility to civil these Fellows do not make enough. Three years ago there were soldiers there creating a Large suit hi3 chief customers Lolly indeed this must All does the doctrine the i Philippines for the filipinos include a Concession of not immediately not soon per haps Sotui the Young Lions of the Manila press speak of it As the child ish but we Aro pledged to it., and. To spite of them it Means that c must realize Ewy measure adopted concerning the Philippines. W Lether by Congress or the g of Unis bion must be adopted and enforced Lor the welfare of the filipino people. Whether it benefits anybody else or not. It does not permit of that selfish Esplor Tat on which takes wealth out of a country for the profits of americans at the expense of the filipinos for in stance. Supp a the United states con Gress were to adopt a Law which for bade inter Island irate except in ship in United states territory and thereby reduced the carrying Trade to one Hail its natural capacity in creasing the freight rates exorbitantly and conferring profit Only on americans interested in it. I say that would be selfish exploitation of the detest Able character it is in order thar such things May be done that the three newspapers supposed to speak he american opinion in those islands constantly hold the filipino up to con tempt. Multiplying All his suppose d files and giving him no credit for any Virtues. Should we wish the. Filipino people to judge of americans by the Drunken truculent american loafers who infest the Small towns of these a lands living on the fruits of the labor of filipino women should hog. Good farming includes Garden. Good the average monthly tangos paid the form hand in this country during the year 1002. Where he had his Board was in it was . This includes the coloured labor of the South. A Well Flavoured Ham is a rare product of modern packing House methods. The average Liani is n failure in All save the Sal there Are lots of old fashioned Farmers who could give the packing houses pointers 011 How to cure a Ham. La setting out an Orchard for com Mercial purposes n common mistake is to Plant too Many varieties. The whole Sale dealer in the Large cities wants car Load lots of Standard varieties. Three or four kinds Are enough for the com Mercial Orchard of Twenty acres better less than More. The Valuo. Of i Lions to the Stock Raiser is still i very Imus i i ble matter in farm institutes and Agri cultural conventions. Then seems 10 be Only one tiling about such foods which is really settled Anil is that the men who manufacture them make a lot of Moui a. Nature is always compensatory. Here is tin puny Twenty year old Man with no Beard and weighing Only itto pounds who set a salary of a year As n horse jockey while this line looking. Be whispered Pound Man who has been through College Yuul theological Seminary works hard to care for a country school or Parish for a year. Where men were Wise enough to pro vide for one the Winter pasture has been a great Success in the West this year. This pasture is simply a Field of Blue grass from which the Stock was removed last july and the grass allowed to grow. Only a Little Snow and moderate Winter weather Stock will live on such pasture in preference to any stored foods. A Friend who read what the old Goose did in one year now comes and tolls the Story of How an old lieu tur key beat the Goose he having sold the product of one Turkey for the past year for s22.20 then this has been an exceptional year for turkeys they bringing almost double the usual Price while the old Goose did business on a non inflated basis. During the year 1ss4 the United states exported of the value of about this time the importation of the Best draft sires of Europe was Beirne. With the that in 1902 we exported 103.020 head of the mine of Over to. The Best horses in the world air now raised in the United slates and the foreign de Mand for them is constantly in creasing. This is the very latest a Farmer s wife took some Nice looking Rolls of butter to town and sold it to the Village storekeeper. After making the Rolls she scooped out the Center and filled the space with water closed up the Hole and Laid the butter where it would freeze up. Such ingenuity deserved a better subject. She lost her Patron and her reputation just for the paltry gain of a half Dollar or so. Them to o american we wish ban Darcy weak men made vigorous wha Pieffer it act wet full and quickly. Cures when All otters fail. Yom i regain lost manhood old men recover Youthful Ouuor. guaranteed to lost vitality Dou tort Drewi to on be carried in Vest Plain wrapper. Is t with a it guar 1 to care or Kef Imd Money. Pamphlet free us 91fihcal ass a Chicago 111. Uiahaiz8 50 cents. Sold by e. Speedling. Fotey s Honey tar heats tags a Ops the of honesty by Reading the Huovi latins list of official and unofficial defaulter in those island.-? the filipinos a people have breathed in through their educated leaders the inspiration of lib erty and free government Many i Thna have bad and Given up their lives in a struggle Lor ind open Denic. It was a mistaken Tneia sacrifices and their Hurvery Are sort by of our admiration and bespeak of a people capable things some of our people or. Secretary believe to the inherent right of a peo ple to govern themselves believe that an imperfect Poye rement by the Fili pinos for themselves to Eufr than any which we could impose upon them "0, ves. I now that i a rust Ike that principle is Pon Ersly Given up to every american after a week s Dence in mania. The Wise to of to n the filipinos ate now that i our Ament i. Hotter Hon ? it i my inc it in ii i Tettat Hall have discharge her Date toward the shall have reduced tin Tariff and made the commercial Bond close and profit giving to both the filipinos will love the association with the Mother country and be the to a of those Tiep. the governor about i room and in Oremog his language with a gesture if we should to withdraw our Strong Tirac the peace they would Pray to have us the love of Flowers is common to nearly All women and it is a natural taste which men should do All in their Power to gratify. Flowers represent the sentimental and refined Side of our lives As few other things do. They love s offering to the pick. U Wreath for the Bride a Chaplet for the Tomb. They decorate the Home and brighten up the Home grounds and Woik out their delightful Mission with but Little care and Effort. More Farmers than Ever before Are studying How Best to change their methods of farming so As to dispense the annoyance of hired help. Dai is being abandoned More acres Wili be kept in pasture farms will be Isaae mitauer Ana steers win me place of the cows. Too Many men have Learned the tyranny of hired help by having the Man hired for the season jump his Job just As harvesting Hay ing or Corn picking time arrived. One of the marked changes in Prog Ress Ninon the american people nov in Progress is the leaning toward the form the. Desire to own a piece of land and to know How to cultivate it. At a prominent agricultural College in the Twenty years there was in an enrolment of goo students but just one that was inking the straight agricultural course. The rest were fitting Alifi selves to be doctors lawyers Par sons teachers and at the same College this Winter a Short course in Nirri a Hilture has drawn then a thou to How to grow com. Judge Stock and All about soil culture and every one of them goes Back to some farm to put into practice that which he May Icahn. The vie stick of the Best method to care for infirm and needy poor of Ven our communities is a one. The most practical and Satis factory method we Havo seen tried is for the county to own n Good farm have it operated by a competent practical Farmer and have on the farm a Cormo dimes Annie for Penolo in to cared for. Such Little work As these people arc of. is readily last year s crop of Winter wheat in Western Kansas wus a marvelous one. In this midwinter time it lies by the millions of Luishel in great piles at country depot grounds wholly exposed to the weather awaiting the time it it Ever conies when the overtaxed rail roads can haul it to Market. And this too. Right in what was known Only i few years ago As the great american desert. Shilo manifesting the utmost Ronli us Usu in Uii Novorot due men n Ltd whom you do business it is still Best never 10 in crot that to Are All poor critters and liable to fall into temptation and it is Best to do All business with due regard for All the safeguard a which Law did custom suggest. This applies just As Inucci in making a horse Trade with a. Parson As in signing papers for a stranger. Kansu Are. And Alfalfa Are working a great agricultural reformation in this country the ens Ilage in the East and Middle West and the Alfalfa in ail the territory West of the Missouri River. The silo is adding n third to the acre age of the Eastern farm and Alfalfa is doubling and in some cases quadrupling the productive capacity of the Western ones. Act one of those help. If you can t grow Alfalfa put in a silo. Now Here is the unfortunate Case of the trusted hired Man running off with the fourteen year old daughter of his employer a Case which should set some folks we know of to thinking pretty hard. This invasion and wrecking of a Home is one thing to be carefully against for girls Are off weak and vain and hired men unscrupulous villains. The old Man should always keep a weather Eye on the hired Man in this Liue. In Spito of rapidly multiplying elec tric roads and the automobile displacing As they do. The horse in some lines the fact remains that in spite of these the Good horse has a brighter future before him than Ever before. The love of a Good horse will never grow less ii Cru my Ariu Ziert Iii Suer or More certainly profitable business on the farm today than producing the right kind of horses. The foreign de Mand for american horses is growing rapidly for the horse can be raised hero cheaper than anywhere else. So extended has become the Tele phone service of the country that patrons should get posted up on the Ordinary courtesies pertaining to the serv ice. On a party line which most of the country lines Are it is discourteous and manners any Way you fix listen to what your Neigi Bors Are talking tin s thins practice will very soon be found out and give a person a bad reputation. Again. It is equally bad manners to hold the line for trivial and to use it for business. Your Cail should be answered promptly and a decent regard for the feelings of tic operator at Central should be observed. Tiik boy who work. Tuat to do wit i that boy who won t work before we child an Opin Ion w. t of boy he maybe be has a Iorii Raily and mechanical turn of mind maybe be a a bookworm and would Rath a Road s Nair spare and ancient history than plow Corn maybe he is in love Vith needs be Hunting Birds butterflies or bugs or watching the built this Way. Don t Lirk my ind jaw him. Hut have a Little Lnu so sense and do your Best to help him Aiom in line of Woi u ill study inter ests him. But if lie is one of ii kind who Are simply Lazy a Neutral inclination to Rob Ulvi turd and Uio Lou patches smoke Back of Baru and with a marked for Yel Low hacked dime Noven. Pun Honor we believe that a Good Hickory his dad and the boy ran lie into an Active conjunction none too quickly. Have come acro a Many men who. Arrived at mature years and occupying useful and honorable positions in society were free to admit they owed much to a Licking Jui Iii in Ihly administered at the i lit time. There is no sort of use or sense in a Man raising a Lazy worthless son. Nine limes out of ten lie is that sort just because he was not Well trained and became dad set him a Bud example. Very imy will at take his father fur a Pat Tern and if Yon Are a in fount sort of your Shiv will Ivy unless they have a Mii july Good woman for a Mother and Ulen she can t save them. You Man with a boy to i. Just preach less and practice Mure. A Kef and High pm Tycki . An important question which has not yet been fully answered is this can a Man take land Worth snip per acre and keep cows of the Best beefed Angus for by letting the calves suck the make limn of by turning these calves into in other words can a cow be profitably kept on such a farm Jansi to in Odivee one calf a year there arc hundreds of men be glad to know that this could he Mif. For they Are weary with the work of the Dairy the bother with hired men and would most gladly convert their Dairy farms into beef producing farms if it can lie done with Pruter. Taking it for one. Year lie cow and her calf will require the product in grass and Grain of at past three acres of Good land and at the end of the year Tho owner has got a yearling animal weighing say Rin to be charged against this animal Are the interest of the Money in rested in his dam. The Cost of caring for the animals for a year and the rent Al value of the land Usi d by them which would Lisi Tirc out about like ibis interest on value of dam two eaves i . My. One acre my Curti aim fodder labor Winter roughage in total All he value of the calf per hundredweight the return is showing a loss if the steer is Hen Lull it is keep Ami feed him another year and turn him off As a finished a i ii Pound beef animal a sri rvs per a mulled we Sdit or and make a trifle better showing. As we look Al it. A Man will work on a very Small margin of profit to his farm in Way but. Then it is the easy Way and that counts for something. From the office to till a Reader woes us from new Leroy this Way lie is i Railroad Man receiving a salary of pit month. His wife was raised on a farm. They Are tired of the Cir ind of corporation serv ice and the narrow limitations of their lives. They have bought a 100 acre farm in new Jersey with improve ments on it of More value than they paid for the farm. They propose to take up the raising of poultry Small and keep rows and our Friend to know How Best to go to work which is at a very Low ebb. If we had the Job it would be Clover possibly Al Falfa if it would do Well by All menus a silo As Many cows As could be kept of the strictly Dairy types. It will he a work of five years at least to put such a workout soil into fairly productive shape and Pru habit some com Mercial will have to be to pulp in the work. He further wants to know if it is Likely he can succeed. Certainly can. Llis or kid hens Miu Iii us up Ani Vij a airy him a living and. So far As enjoy ing lire is concerned he will find it far preferable to working for a Railroad. The am k Ich i i act. When a Farmer appears in the bankruptcy court it will always be found that he has monkeying with some thing outside of i legitimate Lui jines lit been either buying taking a Glicr in the Board of Trade speculating in or Canada lands biting at some fake Sci Iii and trying to beat a at his Man game valuing n worthier Senf or i i Ina surety j for some Friend. Crops May fail for a year Chin two years prices for farm products May a Una Emu Genitive for a j time but men pull through these troll j his All Rit lit and arc soon in their said again incl again that if a Man Wili do his whole duty by the farm he j never get into the list of the i busted. Ton merchants and More go All j to pieces whore one Farmer does any j any. What mor May be said against j farming it As the safest Busi it is in All the i v o i. Feb. Is 21. For this oct Sion the Lek jul. I d i Jents in Iowa will fell i air 01 fare Ard Oce third of Mai of is Ujj Loci of u Chue Liu of u i a Hiilis Lium the All i ill of in u i. Lowny promptly Uii plying t Humber Viiu d i iia Palm. It i he Antiseptic Imd us a Quick Hehling uni meet Tor cuts Aud . Foi in a. J. A Spur it co. Mit binary society meth diet chinch ors in Iii a Fri. 2325. Pir this occasion the Rock Ielua s. Stem arranged of fare Imd no third on i plan in i Eliuta in lows. Please a civil on in Tritat Figuet for full . P 23. The matter of feed is of tremendous importance to the Farmer. Or Orr feed inf is o o loss. Right feeding is profit. The up to Date Farmer to feed his cows to get the most milk his pigs to get the most pork his liens to the cd go. Science. Iii about the children arc they fed according to science a food if Bones ire Adf. And a . Muscle if they ire Tiivi. A Blond it i Etc is Anenia null Iii my Vil i c.1 Ivr Oil in it , muscle he . In is lir inti Foj food for delicate Sample. Ims Nic Turr in j or ii a n bottle of chemists v. 50c. And a i All druggist he table Kock. Oava. Pile in Ipoh Bond to and from Arti Between Chicago Omaha. Louis. Do Nukk. M email is k a do up s peor1a. Wokf Worth St. Ios Pii. St Paul. As City. Mix i Oli r. To. 2, Burlington tops i ail n. M a my p. M to. Local , a Icsis it nil .-.t.-Itioce, n. M. Co. 7. lint jul o. It i Ken ii ivs p m x ,1, Fri g m bit Pink cur table -tc., ii Pix to i a a in Stock is Lintl ticket i. M. General passenger agent. Chicago Iii. 50 years experience m Wirf designs copyrights a. Svi i Kwi Mann co re cite i i act Whf boat can Reg in the Sclena rfcs flt Erica. A Wop Elf. Lurt pm. Cir of i to tour months sold Byall

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