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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - December 22, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 30. Otto role flock journal Marble Rock. Floyd county. Iowa. Dec. 1904. Terms 61.50 a year Jingle Jingle Santa Claus is coming from the Reindeer land to distribute to All what they order 1 com Muiir assorted Stock obtained to suit in Pilot and duality from toys of kinds to Cut Glass lamps and can pc i. Die Sticks. We solicit at least a portion of your Trade e w. Speedling go s pharmacy. Electric Sparks. By d. S. C. Mrs worked those Ohio Biriki if Tley were was president Roosevelt has Gnu int railroads of i he country to that the inter state Commerce Stu Roiss Iod is not to be used for ornate of. Purposes. It has been found necessary to sus the Colorado election recount. The courts Are Only through with it ind the jails Are full to overflowing when fete Hepburn got through with the civil service rules in Hod the other Day they were in framing and lurid colors mrs. Florence Maybrick made nod her Promise not to to on the Sta but just As we expected she u work ing the on full time. The Philadelphia racer wants to know who is the imn in the Chad he s Mahamed to Tell his name. Hash if ctr Nick does t look out he will e bigger scrip with a mob at St. Petersburg than kure Afcin is by Ting at Mukden. Of7 mra. Chadwick not to Lay by floor go for bail when so was operating. Hard working Patri ots from parts of the country Are urging Jon grass to prune the appropriation 4t Roost be Remer Herod though Flint there Are Gereral kinds o1 prunes. In having All kinds trouble with her democratic to Virner elect. It appears that thire Are sep ral Hundred babies us Imine to be the original Douglas Parkour Tia Busy preaching to the mormons doctor must be too timid to speak out to Bis flock at Home in Boston s recent municipal i lec Tion the most exciting quest i was whether a Man could be elected Aid r it Man while in so be towns i i Pitt s differently. They first s1 the Alec Mafi and then Send him to . The latest census shows that there Are Only boys to every i in one girls in Massachusetts scoot can make use of this in Bis de sense before the Senate. President Roosevelt a Busy for of n f c it is under Tood thai no application will be considered until the applicant feigns a pledge not to write any poet during his term of office. St Louis City Council is consider a Bill for keeping sni vicious Harte of is Iway from that City. They evidently believe in protecting Home industries. Prophet Dowie still insists that he is different Trow other men. By think he in As proud of the Ace As the other men Are. A Good Deal of sorrow is arising from act that every Man in the differ ent Legislatures cannot be speaker. Alter the 4th of next March Sens Tor Allison will served for a it Ger continuous line ban any Runao id tace the senior senator Froais Iowa will by 190s, be too big for Short of the while Kcira jocks Charity suffer eth Long and is not puffed up my Beverrly com have been wifi a View of discussion of he acts Lottie but As soon As an unkind Tecl us is it is time o stops hat after Juon Msj the opinion o the supreme court and answering who led me to believe the were sold to w c Thompson shall take no Lurler notice of what has been or May be said. The supreme court says the Date of the actual delivery of the Bonds h not clearly shown but it was evidently Lefore the comment intent of this Iuit oct 15th, 1901, the fact is they were told air cuff a later oct. 2lsi is nothing in the Lesti Mony tending to Thow that any part of the Bonds or any portion of the proceeds of i hair Sale Utill in the pos session or control of the defendant when this suit was leptin in our judgment it is Roi a necessary Conse Quence that the town May Dot legally Une and operate the works even though the proceedings by which they were originally established be finally held to have been irregular or the Bondt ifs to for the erection of such works be hardly puts the stamp of Validity of the 1 was led to believe the Bonds were sold to c Thompson co. By the testimony o a member of the Council As Given of Page 27 in abstract of the Ramsay trial certified to by judge Kelly he is reported As saying the water works Bonds to the amount of do were thereafter issued Iti accordance with the bid of w. C Thomp son co accept tit by the the Sale completed with w c. Thompson co. In accordance with the proposition that had been made and accepted by the the records show that the Resolution for their issuance was adopted september 20, 19u1, i think it was ten Days or two weeks after that time that these Bonds were fined and delivered to w c Thompson 1 had very Rea son to believe that testimony was True with malice towards none with Hearty for i cry respect thu by c. F. J Ilu in Al u hair restorer Here i1 ii pc for the Bald i used. A mrs. Or my n that Nusie will an a Iii human ailments and tint 11 o from a piano Aio est Imlej Brood for the hah. Of Couise Ueall heard alleged piano music lint soul in Faike one in tear out Hii hair in handfuls hut this la not a Imti of the Pio Gimme. Tie girl that Piu cues nest door would Only make a lose his capillary adorn ment. Mit would Hisiu a Pessi Mist thirsting Toi Tho gone of his Fel Loe lie lips. It is Safe in say t this a inc the sort of piano Plaj lug mrs. Holbrook Means. She doubtless refers to the divine melodies pounded out by the master and to u that these cause the locks to vigorous i Points to the last that other Ccu Hratch Piau Isu each Lias enough hair fur Ordinary men. It this be Tine it a foot Ball placing must to regarded p hair restorative also. Of course there Are doubting Thomases who con tour Rio a Tito Hie in j Heads of ii the and i Are due simply to a Lack of Piotr bar by ring but the world has Ever been dulled. With suffer. It that All music is not Good Lor tie of instruments Espe tall Oil Tho Young and tender hair As the Liot of Kansas smites tie growing com. Koi in t it a fact that men who tit in the front rows if rho the Ntelis diet get the draft fran the i saxophone and the Cornet arc nearly arrays Bahlev mrs. Holbrook Baste in to admonish us that we must not tinder Tike the rms inn cure for baldness the tune rent capillary Luxuriance upon one shining dome of thought will cause the hair to fall out on another. The Only Way is to keep away from the deadly scotch bagpipe and wind luit Lumenta and Experiment with piano music until the right Rones Are found. Having found the tune that Bettis to raise hair on Tho Barren of a billiard Ball Scalp still to it and keep out of All draft Inu sic. Go to the piano thou Baldhead absorb vibrations into thy gleaming dome plume in All us we still eel it a duty to urge ers 10 make haste slowly to putting their Money into joint Stock companies they will never solve the problem o.1 agricultural Prosperity. True the Era of chivalry is not dead or it there More Insp Rini Elk Miles of perfect Courtesy than in these so called pros Iii and Rustem Hsuch Days. Tae gentleman not in seeming Only. But in reality was never Al a higher Premium than now. If proof is needed of this statement take this Case which re Only of cared in new the same new York by the Way that sees the Brookin Bridge crushes and other spectacles of selfishness too numerous and too uninspiring 1o mention. As a matter of fact selfishness Mner is inspiring. Everybody deplores in the other fellow. Bui to return to the Case in Point it seems that a err York woman came Home Aud told her husband Slie bad own insulted by a Stone Cutter working near the sidewalk. The Hus band hurried to the and told the Stone Critter to prepare to be chastised. The Stone Cutter said in was then Only 4 o clock Aud he would not be through work until 3. If he stopped before o clock he Baid he w Ouid 4ose his Jod. The a disband waited until 5 o clock and to ii they Fefie to. The pol rear rested both. T Ould any of be Olden Days Excel that either in Clu Volty to Tnp wife or to urn about to be licked what Bayard or Chesterfield Ibe manager of one of the Grev horse markets hold that a Farmer raise a horse to be a Jears old and Meke Good Ino Aey on him at ?75 what does the Farmer hold the comptroller of the currency Tore demand for 5-no yet. It can a few though we the 1 20 Dairy at is Louis ended with the Jersey Well i the Lead in Cost production to Butler fat do tailed figures Are not available of the Complete contest the -3 Jersey caws gave 0 j82 1- pounds i f Butler during Thi time and an average yield of 4 1-2 pounds Milt. During the first ii Days Otha Tett inc jerseys averted 4" j k daily ind theist 1u of o Poun is the 15 hol ins n the test Gava an o1 219 9 pounds butter fat per cow. To 15 averted 249 2 butter fit. While the it direst Cave Micro Rihao the lots Ems. Included in the herds of Fife a own 24 shorthorn. Dung to v 10 of the test the Brown avenged 25 pounds milk per cow per the Holstein pounds and Short Bow b York ? let not the Pessimist take up his Bam Tuer to Knock holes in the reputation of present. One Humble Gotham Bend dict Hai put to rout the whole tribe of cynics. If any Man to thrash one of his Errlin Fellows. And some of in Doug Tedla Rcd a him do it of Cut in and in order after the Daj s work is he May not a Biej a name in and Story but he at will not furnish a theme for the an in chorus. Early picked Corn has a Way of heat i in and steaming which i very operating. It is to Pafk Corn with cold fingers than to Bane it do 1 the Catalpa Post should be Cut during the month of August and be thoroughly seasoned before beast used. The Sams treatment will insure the longer i life of any Timber used for this Pur v i it Vida i w i i for this paper and the id ten Ocean i of Chicago. B e r of the Aud tin. Addition of Many new farm forestry and mix of the litre bin and Jiru i anti i National sunday school Les on Home health club Lnu. And b health Aud Beauty Iii to Neu Louv Lipold idea. Practical cooker la Tot styles for All beat fiction Hill crop Aud Market report. The Intel Ocean the Only paper leeching in addition to the ated reports the entire toll graph in ice of the Central and special Cable of the new i Ork be Ide i special Corre Poud Euti its Fnu ii thou and All this Fob Only 5 cents extra. The Marble Rock journal weekly inter Ocean. Both for one ear on this offer open Only a few weeks scraps. About one German w Twenty seven ivors in a Popes Reif Nei during building of St. Peter s Cathedral Rome. The single pro once of Ontario a Canada is about four times As Large England. The pans Academy of sciences has decided to enlarge the number of the foreign corresponding members from 100 to us. Or. Telisse me he Cul his voice. Yes i saw him irrigating it this cb.1 Stimson Willie Shere did you get that Black Eye it s Alt right pop i be Only been civilizing the boy next door life. Queen Victoria always wears a Hrace let to which is attached a medallion portrait of her latest grandchild or great grandchild. The Long Island Railroad has adopted the Rule that passengers Are to leave the cars by the front door and enter by the rear door. An order issued by major general Miles prohibits. Soldiers wearing Felt hats m any other than their Origina shape with a crease from front to Back. Two recent consignments of goods to London houses include Birds o Paradise Imp Eyan pheasants created pigeons 500 Small Birds of various sizes Etc. An enterprising Barber has made the unique request for space under the Bis dome of the state Capitol for a Barber Stop. Of course he was promptly Atlanta journal. Why is it i wonder that Little men go often marry big women he i i Ca t Rule so u is thai tue Little Fellows Are afraid to Back out of the London tul bits j guest what Nave you waiter i be got liver calf s brains. Pig s i Don t want a description of your Phi Sical peculiarities. What have you got to eat is Inhat i want to know traveler. I in an old Church n Ross Herefordshire England there Ara two i thriving Elm Trees which naturally i Fernt itrel Rio flee Aud stand one at each end of a Pew. This Pew was Many j cars ago j occupied by John Thyle. Who spent a great Deal of Money planting elms in rods his native town. J a Poleon la 1s12 m. Past nor parisian prefect of police As he relates in Ajjie memoirs discovered a secret print. No offers where Fallt ii Werp engaged at night. The House was barricaded but the police broke in arrested the men and seized a lot of counterfeit austrian and russian Bank notes. Soon after savvy the minister of police descended upon his subordinate with a Sharp reprimand. He explained Wero being printed by the Ord of a Poison himself who designed them for use in the russian masked Pitfalls in. Itt every of jul Cusand found lit lie Ujj Elcel of curious but dangerous freaks of a Turo frequently found in tie desert of Arizona arc Cal incl sir Nierod by Tut mexicans and indians. They Are masked Pitfalls of Quicksand that occur m the dry Plains and Aie Cov ered with a treacherous crust of Clay that has been spread Over in Fine particles by the wind and baked dry by the Sun. The Peculiar properties of the soil retain All Trio moisture drained into them after Mai nuent rams so that a. Man or a Haie or a or a sheep that once Steps upon that deceptive crust instantly ska out of bight beyond Hope of Lescue. The sunni euros Are on a with the or Picicc of tie a Teri. J her is no danger signal to Mark them Iii Oliea Sui tace cannot be by the Ordinary pee from the Haid Clay that sur Lound Thorn. Ocuin most fre m the Alkali covered hats. Of suppose that your Fatah object to you Bliss if hcs anything like me he Philadelphia re Lohi. Stout arty to bathing a bathing suit to fit me Bath Robe Ilan hooking him guest so. Avhad in. The amount of your displace North american. So scorned All her woofers so Long that the is doomed to be an old Quaid for the rest of her Well that seems like a. Just sentence for such contempt of bulletin. Mamma to hat you do if that big vase in the parlor should get your 9 no a acc and will be refund old to j or. A half a bottle of the famous rttf.i7mattsm blood cure you Are not satisfied Vith result. This is our guarantee a hich g _ e5 every bottle. For Sale and guard Tecci a sly a. J. Asper co. For fan e in e. And a. .1 co. f in. t a -. Pc l t Rhu vex c sit a nerd i i t i to i pay i Small size 50 dec is. So i e. W u ass red que ,1 of a pre enl loner Estal i Bio i i i reuse Atn Oug retail i ical Terri or of 01 18 gel and a Ppd Elai Dpi t per Ronert of ii Mcfee spank whoever did said mrs. Banks gazing severely at her Little son. Well then you d better begin to get up your said Tommy gleefully Coz papa s broken Harper s Bazar. In a murder trial in Dallas tex., the other Day the counsel for the de sense was examining a venire an re gaining his to Sene to candidate admitted that he had once been a member of a jury which tried a negro for murder. It is not permissible in such cases to ask the re sult of the trial so the counsel said is that negro non i Don t the reply. The sheriff hanged him at the appointed is a Tref i can is. Blow Graw pastures Are greatly benefited by a. Good risking and dragging in. Orly apr tag. More they Are Tern of the ranker the growth of grass will be. It to impossible to Hurt this Graas by this tort of treatment. It a of wasting Good Money in buying Tup plies in an enc Roj s country. A cold proposition will you an ice Roarn Suda Maud j an Aid to forgetfulness ought to command Chijner Price than a to memory. I when a Man bets with by Milf at solitaire the Winner usually has to staid Treau i up Pincott s monthly Magazine a family Library the Best to taint Litton to 12 comp Etc Zaruy Mahy Short stories and papers on timely topics fun team 25 Corr no continued stoics. A it should be 1 me in in in every cold v. I1 in i 1-ir er3 the Vitsht and prep tie system for rtt a Ore sync i this cases am oily Are tie two greatest destroyers of life pneumonia and consumption. Chamberlain s 1-, Bias vont its pron.-1 of t Fin . A Herci the the secretions effecting a speedy and permanent cure. It counteracts any tendency toward put Utimia. Price 25ci size twi

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