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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - August 25, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaI " vol 29. No 4 Marble Rock. Floyd county. Totta August 25.1904. Tji rms a year you can buy Fly Kille in liquid Poison paper and Sticky or tangle foot. The Fly killer is for Stock. Call and get pamphlet and learn More of it. For Sale in fit time by e. W. Speedling co. Pharmacists. Republican ticket. For president Theodore r003kvblt, for vice president chalks w. Fairbanks. For congressional District of Iowa Gilbert n. I Jaquen state ticket. Secretary of w. B. Martin. State auditor b e1. Garroll. Sufi treasurer g s. Culbertson. Attorney c. W. Mullen. Judge of supreme court h. E Dlemer Railroad commissioner n. S Ketchum. County ticket. For auditor h b. Rosenkrans for clerk of the District court Willard Perrin. For recorder a. L. Dood. County attorney l. 0. Rue for supervisor Ujj. I. Up i Luaiva of Stock turd g. F. Visitz. Of Ulster forcing the personal Issue to the front. From the new York commercial the Moat positive and definite state ment in j Ocie Parker s speech of acceptance is Bis declaration that in Case he is elected he will not be a candidate nor will be accept a ret nomination to the presidency. Accompanying this pledge is the statement that while several reasons might be advanced for this position the controlling one with me is that i am fully persuaded that no incumbent of that office the presidency should Ever be placed in of possible temptation to consider what the eff it of action taken by him in an administrative matter of great importance might have upon his political average newspaper Reader will slow in discovering so. This re Wark gentle at president Roose velt. That fling however is robbed somewhat of its sting by the fact Theo Dore Roosevelt was not elected to the office that he now holds. He succeeded to it by Accident and in order that the remark should strictly apply to presi Dent it if it should be Mads by former Senater Henrj a. Davis the democratic Nomi Nee for vice president. The fact is unit the american pea pie have Little fear that a president who is ambitious for a second term will grossly misuse his Power to accomplish that end every president from Washington Down to Mckinley who has been reelected Las passed into his Ory a capable High minded and patriotic chief magistrate of this re pubic. Where a president who de sired a second term has not won popu Lar Confidence he has been turned do to either in the is i just Joac Ngioc of the political party to which he be longed or at the Roosevel a Safe Man. Colonel Charles j. Boo apatite of Maryland is a Mas Orsat issues be in business and commercial circles id seconding the Toxi Ottoo of Robert Carrett As representative of the Sec Omi congressional District of 3iary land colonel boo apart said i some of our democratic friends Are much troubled just cow because they think president Roosevelt unsafe me has had to Deal probably with Muse Zuravi Gnu of Ligate problems be Wandine for their solution is Tience sell control and judg ment on his fart than any president since the Cloe of reconstruction and while in Many cases he has Doue what Many people thought he should oot do in nearly every instance he has surprised and disappointed his num Erous critics by Complete Success. To note but a few illustrations the pacification of the Philippines Success of Seli government in Cuba the Settle ment of the Coal strike and the con summation of the Panama treaty with its Assurance of an Natl Juan canal. A Man justified by the event in matters such As these is i think r Safe enough Lor another trial at All events those so often mistaken in. Their prophecies of failure might show a lit tvs less Assurance in calling him in in truth i doubt if we have Ever had a president and i at least have never seen a Man More open to suggestion advice or remonstrance than Theodore Kon Sevelt he can not can not be with Money or else. If democratic editors ii a that these qualities Render a president then hey Are quite right to prefer another candidate and 1 venture to add that David p Hill is remarkably Wal fitted to suggest a candidate to suit them. It May be owned that whether or. Roosevelt be Safe or not certain a uses o1 people would undoubtedly feel in greater safety were he out of the White House rafters who look to pull for j men whether Rich or poor Tew or Many in the North or in the South who trespass on the constitutional rights of their Fellows rebels and conspirators in the moorish brigands who Kidnap our so Ith american adventurers who would hold our Short criminals and he Breakers of High and Low decree in on midst enemies of our country both at Home and abroad All these Gentry agree to finding Hie too strenuous for their Comfort and would sleep bet or with a Safe president at washing ton. It the newspapers which declare him unsafe Are the mouthpiece of one or More of these classes 1 find do cause for wonder in their utterances t 1. To i a cent As showing that they have Noth ing More sensible to say. Port Arthur is still falling. Your Money is no Good and will be refunded to you if after us ing half a bottle of the famous 6o Ait and blood cure Yon Are not satisfied with results. This is our a Armatee which goes with every bottle. Only by Asper co. By j.s.tr1gg . Note this i ii in Hill i Bihwu up by a mowing i Loop a up by j Tisl Burrows by f. Jim Fork nun up by la it on engines losing arms jul by the Corn she Lii s. n How to operate1 Ami can for i Luis Plicato of machinery that every Youni Man intends to make ask Liture Bis Ghoul in have a course of Traisi to is Lino. Guinea liens Are Lille useful for the noise they make and in having no Market value. Popcorn and peanuts Are unknown in every country save this. Here they represent Millious of dollars yearly. The Oleo fraud died hard so did human slavery but emancipation was secured at last for both the cow and the Vve never could see just Why the state should pay a Man for doing ass work than he did in a private capacity for there should be some Way of taking care of the first cutting of the Alfalfa Field in june in the silo. This first crop it is almost impossible to save As Good Hay. The attractiveness and Sala Bleness of fruit depend much upon the pack age and the taste displayed in putting it up. The same principle applies to the ladies. A reformed tramp giving a lecture said that the worst thing he found connected with Hobo life was the Good and Tice the women persisted in giving him with a handout. Stockmen with finished beef cattle and fat bogs on hand with fifty five cent Corn to buy to hold them Are not feeling Overly Sweet about the strike it the packing houses in Chicago. Because of the cold the Snow and the ice there Are Only about a Hundred cays in a year when railway construction work can be carried on along Mirch of the route of the Ril Winn rail Way in Russia. A woman who had our sympathy was one who Enn Natl a lot of berries Only to find out too late that by some stupid Blunder the grocery Man Hail got Salt mixed with the sugar which he sent her. What this woman thought was undoubtedly unfit to print. An old Corn grower says that when a crop of co bushels an acre is secured Tho Corn costs 13 cents a Bushel to pro Duce for 50 bushels it is 15 cents for 40 bushels is cents for 30 bushels 22 cents and for 3u bushels 30 cents. These figures Are not very far out of the Way and it is thus easy to know when you Are Selling Corn below twin Cost of production. It is typical of the american that he will always seek for the easiest Way to do hard things. The marvelous inventive Genius of the country originates in trait of character. Give a Yankee any Job of hard work and ten to one before he has it completed he Wal have discovered some easier method of do ing it. Lue foreigner wiil fudge along in the old Way the Way of his ances tors the Yankee never. A k.v1lway cd t. The re is a Tivo Upu Rev Cut on a railway of Way tin1 subsoil expose. J i m a depth of thirty gravel in re nov i i us vim Viii tins Job. Tli1 Lii or in i Ause of tlis.1 but Halo can obtain a fix Thiekl but a he stairs Ostreet c dvi1" hold and mime Iju ack grass Anil and Lii tie by lit i us of tin Tut boc.ni-.-. Id one of nature s Flora master pieces. Nature ban Lionor indeed is Ilu soil and Siai Tihe i unit ii win re Chi will rot Bulo seek Tonii form of old Mother Earth Wirlin some form of verdure. I fifty 1imijs the primary training n Trio l of Liu a billed old t tin1 of Irti a motive put in. I i Urai i sown jul unit pm , 1 ill Jull done Trio. Tin of Tho Grain with .1 cnull1. The the a hug either done a Trail or the brain timid i a out in on uie barn hour till the i i i to be Furni Sacii a Lii h -. Rat in of we risky ii Arvi a when the Hunting Tho i Slivny of tin Best Ami when Sci Oil was not Boih Erwel with Woi Nimi s Ciu and Pink teas when t us at for tin farm was Klud and car d the i inn. Lion a of was made every Spring Nul a banal or two of Sor Rahimi in the the Good old . We cull Ilu in Una Days whose work w Irry Iid privation e have Only Vinu i Bering which modern Progress and development deprived us of. The jars hive robbed the farm of much of its slavery and in doing so has destroyed much it its sentiment. Thi Stout it could Tell that Ali Iii lies Down in the could Tell you an Story if it could onh How it was born Dur him some dim of the old world s his Obj How it Lonn Lay buried deep subjected to a pres sure inconceivable Bow As the crust of the Earth cooled and the mountains were formed by the con tract inn it was heaved up from its bed to be inter of ral by the clutch of a i ight Glacier slow Drifting to the South thru to be released by the Tun and dropped in your pasture. Gnarly and seamed smoothed by the awful grinding its Long trip hoary headed and indestructible it lies there rated As a nuisance but nevertheless with a wonderful Story to Tell not Only to you. But to your progeny ten thousand years from now. people get mixed on ground bogs or Wood Chiu is. And pocket gophers which animals while related distantly Are but Lille alike. The woodchuck is Seldom found Fin Way from Tim Ber or Rock ledges and so far As we have noted. Is never seen in the Prairie Hrang on Green food particularly Lovci when it is Handy while the pocket Gopher is. A Prairie pest an under Gionni bar Jer Ami Mound bulkier a Root eater and Cue of the most troublesome pests of Meadow and past Len. Lauds ail through the i St. This is not More than one fifth the size of the woodchuck and is very rarely seen above ground. Saw the girl in the Cornfield the other Sunbon eted Blue Cali cold Bright eyed miss of doing the lines Over a Nice team and cultivating in Good shape from Sis to eight acres of Corn a Day. Slip looked up As the train sped by. And we got to thinking As we passed her How Many worse things she Mir it to Winter this same girl is quite Likely to be at some College trying to take a place higher up. If a Man is trying to make a living on a run Down and workout farm in any of the Eastern or Central states he should look up the Alfalfa proposition. If he can grow Alfalfa the Way of his redemption is Clear. We certainly would not give the old farm away until we had seen what Alfalfa could do for it. Near Rochester n. a farm which a been thus redeemed by cows and Alfalfa and raised in value from ?30 per acre to Over it Mas agreed among the neighbors of a certain Community that it should on a certain afternoon and All would be ready for it but at the last minute it was found that Farmer b. Bad two tons of Hay out mrs. Was to Hare in outdoor ten party mul neighbor .tone.-, had not his to Ernins and buckwheat sowed while miss a s sunday school class had planned for a picnic and they gave up the Job of regulating the rainfall for their com Iii Unity in disgust. Improved farm machinery besets a class of risks to life and limb. We Al gust prowl Vii. All land which can possibly be plow de in August is immensely helped for its next crop. August blowing fixe.-, the weeds and All vegetable Matte then turned under becomes Sullick cantly decayed so that it makes Plant food available re Cut season. Then n the time if Ever when the plow so on re a set Down on Inch or two and a Little new soil lie brought to the surface. Of course Iii rust is a very Busy time what with Tho securing of the crops and the Thra Iii if. But in the run it will pay Man to stack his Grain plow Bis land Early Aud do the thrash ing late in the fall. Cut . A process which for the injection of a of hot air during hip coking process makes possible the cok ing of Low Tades of soft Era have he Tofu re been c a sulfred Worth less for this purpose. Such Coke can be produced at one half the c St of hard Coal and is an equally clean and producing fuel ton for ton. This discovery Means Mutoli for the where it is soft Coal with its but and smoke or hard Coal at per ton. To nil or r this Coke is being built at Oes Moises. La. The co operative idea its Best illustration in the of the ant and the Bee. The average in is re 1 it there i to i the shortage of ii Ury tii10 boy Axi has Auk. The boy was Ghen an acre of a Lily Fuyii to. Oik be to tie could Raite on it. did he do with it to worked mornings and evenings until i bad put Twenty loads of manna on the land As a starter. To then slowed and Hamn Ved it Down until it was in As Good condition As a Garden. He then planted one half of it with tin1 Ury earliest maturing potatoes he could find Ami Tho other half he put into Blae sced onions. The. Potatoes he cultivated thoroughly with a horse cultivator Tho onions with a hand cultivator hiring some boys to help Bim Weed out the latter crop. The season was favourable and he sold sixty bushels of. Early Pota toes it if a Bushel and 2-30 bushels of onions later at -15 cents a Bushel receiving for his crop a total of less for help and for seed. He will take in the world s fair this year nil do the Tike to a finish. Other boys might do just As Well if they would. Alfalfa . The growing of Alfalfa is receiving marked and increasing attention in All the states East of the Missouri River. Most of the work being done is experimental Small patches tried on different soils and locutions. Enough Success has rewarded three efforts so that the Good work will be More and More sex tied that the failures Are More Trace Able to the soil not being properly in Ocul Tecl with the bacterial life Essen tial to the development and health of the Plant than any other thing. Alfalfa is such a needed Factor in the fond Lazion of the Corn Belt Region that no Effort to secure it should be left in done. A ten acre Field of Alfalfa on any 1go acre farm would enable Tho owner to perfectly balance All the rations fed Stock from the Hen to the horse. There is no one thing which is so Well Worth experimenting with As Alfalfa. The Rural 3iail service. Reforms move slowly out on the farms but the Rural mail service has pinned an exception to this Rule. In just a few years about five country people have come to be served wit i a daily mail and no greater Boon was Ever devised for the Farmers of the country. The first postmaster Gen eral who was entrusted with a Small appropriation to Experiment with in this line was so opposed to the scheme on general principles that one of the first routes he Laid out was in the Mountain District of a wait re the people make Moonshine whisky and can t read or write where of course the Rural mail was a dead failure. Later it was tried in More civilized communities with entire Success and has steadily grown into its present enormous proportions. No Hopa for him. T you reckon hell gits too hot Fer As Devil in Dunno. But you Kin bet in one hit Don t Over in de Winter when you see a Man trying to hold up a Lamppost it shows that he sympathizes with anything tight somehow the average Man is never i Able fully to realize that silence la Gold in until after his face is swelled j out of shape. With the sages. The cheerful Man s a staff. The Brave Only know How to forgive. The cause of Freedom is the cause of that evil is half cured whose Causa we the beginning of compunction 13 beginning of a new Eliot. There is a. Poor clan of people who can co every Linus Lor lib Fortune of others without being Able to do any thing for Aladdin abhor Al Low their lamps to be Zac. Depend upon it you would gain unspeakably if you would learn with to see some of the poetry and the pathos the tragedy and the lying in the experience of a human soul that looks out through Dull Gray eyes and that Speaks in a voice of quote Ordinary Eliot Tine table. Koroic Iowa. The right road1 to and from and Between Chicago St. Louis. Memphis Peoria St. Joseph Omaha Denver Colorado up s fort wrote St. Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Marble Rook As follows eastbound. So. 2, Burlington pass stops at All stations a. M no. A mail and express p. M no. To local freight stops at in juju mud a m. West oust. 7. Mail and express h. M lieu Kford passenger p. M no. 71, local freight p. M for sleeping car reservations tickets time tables etc., apply to any Rock is land ticket agent. L. M. Allen general passenger agent Chicago 111. Pro pome a -0 won by a in via for in eighty by Hack on acre 01 land. She Ito t walk. There is Little doubt that if the american woman would take More outdoor exercise she would be much Ana . J hit Hunan docs not take to walk ing As does her English sister who makes As serious a business of her daily walk As she does of her Church going. Nothing like a walk to drive away the Meg rims Aud blues to put color in the Cheek to bring the Sharp appetite and the refreshing slumber. Tiie walks of any business to Call her abroad tie american will Only walk when she has somewhere to go or can t catch a. Street car. But our women Are great on Busty Riding and have found out that walking develops Large feet and that settles it definitions. Prophecy generally guest. Bullhead Edness sometimes bounced constancy. Sometimes our pet virtue shut generally our pet Sina. A mental Corn that Hwu it is tread upon in. Tie St Uggla of life. When we feel had Ite Art either out of humor or in a bad Huzior. This is not a contradiction but a fact. Mads Broad that they might carry a Broad perception to the brain hut we have Learned to squint and i narrow our perceptions. I of two kinds Good Ana i bad and like most other things tha had appear in the greatest volume they Jar on our sensibilities while Good being in Harmony with our Spir its pass unnoticed save for a Cert Ala pleasantness that is but partially coat or hended. Weak men what Peffer Skingor did it ar.t.3 in Rcpt ill find nut ill it acts powerfully and others Tift. You Jar in n men reciter you nil Fri Steed to i Vithor 7.1 u a fixes and r. Vou because it ,.v ir-1 5 i i gear t on Insi to hit it. Mii wrapper ill. Small size 50 by a support Scotts emulsion Toms u Bridge to carry the week Cid and curved Lysum Aloma onto it tin find firm Epport in or Dinky food. Send for free Scott a owe chemist 415 Pearl Street hew York. Nyx and f Ian Doo Days. I the pc is a popular which is a period when floes arc More Liaw to go inn Lii n at any other season of . And in they in just when Nacpil i of into room. Ivc a Tod during i period of Ninny years that More fire affected by hydrophobia during the i Winter Tacti in t 1" emf that any special restrictions plane of on them Durins the ii onto term Are not justified by Tho facts. I to m monthly a family Ubassy be Best in 12 Complete Many Short to papers on timely to per year 25 no continued eve Cut 1 a

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