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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - August 18, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaHock journal vol 29. 3 Marble Rock. Floyd county. Iowa. August terms s1.50 a year you can buy 4 Fly killer in liquid Poison paper and Sticky or tangle foot. The Fly killer is for Stock. Call and get pamphlet More of it. For Sale in Fly time by e. W. Speedling co. Pharmacists. Republican ticket. For president Theodoke for vice president chalks w. Fairbanks. I. District of Iowa. Gilbert n. Haugen state ticket. Secretary of Sute w. B. Martin. Auditor b. F. Carroll. State treasurer g. S. Jul Burtson attorney general c. W. Mullen. Judge of supreme court b. E deem Ell Railroad commissioner n. S Ketchum. County ticket. For auditor h. B. Rosenkrans clerk of the District. Court. W1llard Perrin. For recorder. A. L. Dood. For county attorney l. 0. Role a t. Hoffman or g. . Of Ulster new York Sun Roosevelt. New York aug. Sun which has for gome time Given indications of being undecided at to where it would make its political bed comes out for Roosevelt and Fairbanks today in Arredia onal which says in part the Campaign a Dow on. Both parties and both candidates have spoken on Ona aide is a conservative Patty with a radically intoned and erstwhile too strenuous candidate for president. Behind him for Tho vice presidency is Man of undoubted capacity and sound opinions who gives mental and physical Promise of endurance. On the other band la a Radical party with an infinite capacity for mischief and a stupendous record for mischief Actu ally pres Cating for presi Dent a conservatively inclined Cadi Date of irreproachable character and attractive accomplishments and for vice president one whose Fez Retro age is the sole but sufficient reason for apprehension to Case of his succession to the presidency. Such a Choice before the inde pendent voter and it is the Independent voter who Iii decide this election. He cannot take Parker on the re publican platform record. He can not reject Roosevelt without beckoning to Distant Hans without helping to open the Gate of Power to political forces of unmeasured destructive potentiality. To seems better to maintain the unbroken Wall of defense which the first election of Mckinley established. There Ore. Advocate the election of Roosevelt and Fairbanks Idof advise the defeat of Parker arid j mend the proposition with it seems to Najuch to cause distrust of it. It is proposed to hold elections in lows every two years and the amendment con templates that such elections shall be j held to even numbered years. This i would mean that in Delaware county in 1906 we would be called upon to nominate a full county ticket besides participating in the nomination and election of a congressman and a com plete state ticket from governor Down. A favorite argument with the advocates of biennial elections is that we have too Trueh politics which is easier to alternate elections by Choos ing half of the officers yearly or to crowd into one protracted wearisome Campaign the work formerly done in two so far As this argument is concerned the clamor for biennial elections did not originate with the peo ple but with the politicians. They the ones who Are anxious that the dear people shall be relieved of the Burden and areas of politics and that the affairs of the state shall be administered with Tho greatest possible frugality. But the most Patent and convincing objection to the biennial elections pro position is the Opportunity Given under it for the formation of state House rings. All state officials being nominated at the same Taij they would be naturally impelled by Mutual considerations and interests to unite in attempts to control t nominating conventions. Under the present system do such temptation exists nor during our Bis tory As a state any Well defined attempt of this Freeo made under the Constitution Iowa has been governed in uprightness and its affairs administered with Economy. It is Well to question the Wisdom of constitutional amendment which promises to better the splendid record already made than which there is none More admirable in the history of the Commonwealth of the Union. The biennial elections proposition. Manchester or Csc the press does no Lavor the drop we i b be voted upon this fall calling for the abolishment of our system of annual elections and the establishment of elec Tiona every two years aside from the future of Economy which will be found then n Little to Nam finding a. Banker. Whan the vote is counted in novem Ber observers of american politics will be Able to get a line on the Power of Money in elections. With August Bei Mont is guide Counselor and keeper of the Money Chest the democratic re Liance is upon a Money Campaign if evident enough. Now or j. .3 Hill of the a Sylbern securities company is reported from the democratic nation Al convention As prepared to spend a Cool half million to defeat Roosevelt against whom he is especially four Hundred thousand dollars of this Ccu Ili dui Jiuu to 3. a u be on the National Campaign and 000 inn Tew 1 Ork. Or Hill and Jar. Hill s associates in commercial and Industrial piracy have Flung abroad the Roger of the trusts Sod Are your Money is no Good and will be refunded to you if after us ing half a bottle of the famous Johns ohs a up up piling heir Aoi munition on the deck. It is the first time since Cleveland hat the democratic party has been to write its Check. It has been unable Appeal to business men or to financial interests it has had no banker. Now it bag found unsocial backing among the special interests the promoters of monopoly. Jim Hill the Beloi ont interests represented by Dave Dill and Gorman fear the Law and Are ready to pay Lor Protection. contributions to the democratic Campaign fund Are simply a divvy of their Rake Hill s is an assault upon the Law. It is an Endeavor to de eat an executive officer Fuho did his duty under the Law the pros ecu Ion of the Northern securities ease was not an Ai biliary act of the president but Bis sworn duty and the decision not his but the interpretation of the Law by the highest court. The trusts want to gel rid of Roosevelt and Are willing to pay the Price. They Are not Likely either to spend their millions for Parker with out Assurance that he will be Worth the Money. A Trust magnate is a shrewd buyer in any Market. The democratic party is in a. Peculiar position. It to Solie Ting and accepting Cash contributions from the illegal combinations and interests its alleged opposition to which has been part of Ita Stock in Trade. What will the Western democrats do about it become commodity to barter for Cash to the Parker Campaign fund or vote for Roosevelt and Law Marshalltown time Republican. Rheumatism and blood cure Yon Are not satisfied with resells. This is our guarantee which goes with bottle. For of Cluj by a. J. Asper co. Not irrevocably established. Judge Parker s assertion in that famous Telegram i regard the told Standard As firmly and irrevocably is is the subject of some criticism not altogether Friendly liter ally construed it states that which judge Parker As Well As every other citizen knows to be erroneous for All men know that no act of Congress is m a 11 t t meats Are repeatable. The Power that makes in unmake any statute. In our entire output of lass including the Constitution of the United states and All acts in pursuance thereof there is Only one provision that is Undine and Able. That irrevocable Law is the guar Antee to the states of their Equality in the Senate. The monetary Standard As All intelligent Oit zees arc aware is always subject to the control of the people and the states through the Law making department of the government. That Power could repeal the Gold stand Ard act of 1900 and make Silver the Standard. Indeed it could do much worse than that. Under a decision of the supreme court it could Issue any number of millions of irredeemable paper and make it Legal Washington Post. Judge Parker and Wall Street. In february 1903, the Wall Street journal stated that judge Alton b. Parker would probably be the selection of the High finance for the demo cratic nomination in opposition to president Roosevelt. That prediction has been verified. The Wall Street journal now ventures the opinion that judge Parker will have in the coining opes Bat mainly concealed of the inter to the Hope that he will be successful in defeating or Roosevelt. The sians of this Are Clear and on Truus. Judge Parker is supported of coarse by Many democrats in Wall Street because he is the democratic candidate apart from other considerations. But is is supported the court circular Type of. Newspaper which has no politics but the politics o the Dollar and the court circular press makes do secret of the reasons Why it. Supports him these reasons by in the main that he will not do i what Fresi e t his done and that he May undo some of pre dem Roosevelt s work the essence of circular journalism is in that it Seldom acts without a motive and a motive directly connected with the interests of the High its support of judge paker therefore is the Best indication that could be de lived of the attitude of the High since in the matter. Parker in this Cimpi Ign is unquestionably the of the interests As against president Street journal. I i this utilitarian and i age permits the grinding up of Egypt i tinn mummies and the Nso of them As i fertilizers for English crop woman bitten twice by a Snake. Mrs s j. Living seven or eight Miles Northwest of the City was by ten twice by a Large Rattlesnake on sunday which nearly proved fatal for her but fortunately she is now getting along As Well As could be expected under the circumstanced she started to go Down the cellar for something and upon the Steps a Large Rattlesnake was c led which she step Ped upon and As she did us the Snik struck her with great Force in the lower limb. She was barefooted and the poisonous langs sunk deep into the flesh. She turned quickly but before she could get away she was bitten the second time when she rushed no stairs Ani eat Chine up her baby run for some Defiance to the Home of Gus Jarlson. She arrived Here her leg was badly swollen from the Poison but fortunately they bad some alcohol in the House which was Given her and or. Swezey sent for. Upon his arrival he found that the alcohol had partially counteracted the action of the Poison and giving her the Best of care soon had Ker out of danger. She a now improving rapidly and no serious re Cults Are Public opinion. The railway Whin the a rent and Developer of the country has Boon and is now the Jar but Forest destroyer its demand for tie Timber being insatiable. A Here a us keeps his cows that rubber boots Are an Osse initial part of his milking equipment the chances Are that he is furnishing flavor As Woll As milk to his local e not an uncommon Type. Belle Plain Union go Down the Street any hour of the Day or evening and see How Many Yang men you will find lounging around the hotels holding the Side of the buildings sitting in stairways. What Are they doing smoking Cigar cts spitting to Basco juice Over the sidewalk and Stair ways telling smutty stories ogling and making remarks about respectable women who Are forced to run the Gauntlet past them. Pfc one of them Why he it not at work there aim no work to do. I never seen a own where it is As Bard to get a Job As it is Here this they always say that in every town and every sum Mer but ask one of them to do some honest work for you at far wages and he will Tell you that he aint feeling Well or he. Has to go to Bee Man this afternoon or some other Flimsy excuse. And if perchance one of them is tempted by the offer of Eitra Large pay he will probably Ese Reise so much ingenuity in doing As Little work As possible that he Sion finds himself but instead of blaming him self he complains that there aint no Chance now a Days ror a Young Man to get ahead to this this a the Type of the Young Man who a later will Flod some girl foolish enough to marry him and they will live a hand to Mouth existence and bring into the world children who will grow up to be incompetents like themselves and perhaps paupers and criminals. And All this time the Man is cursing the Rich and those who by their own Industry frugality and honesty have acquired a competence damning the government and laying on social and economic conditions the thai rightly belongs on his own shoulders. Mason City aug. Rhode the of year Cid daughter o August Rhode was barred to death Fere this morning while playing with matches. Sho set her clothing fairs. When the flames caught her dress she the Houte letting it afire also neighbors arrived in time to save the House from destruction but the Little girl we burned so badly that she died a few hours later. We like Best to Call setts emulsion a food because it stands so emphatically for perfect nutrition. And yet in the matter of Restor i ing appetite of giving strength to the tissues especially to the nerves its action is that of a Medicine. ,1 j 5oc.udfi.oo partially cured Clover Hay Damp with Dew or rain will almost always make trouble if put either in the mow of the stack. If dry and carrying no moisture save that in the Sticks the danger is Ucli lessened. There Are eighty Public gardens car ried on by poor people the City of Washington conducted on the Ping Roo lots Given by Tho owners for this purpose both to the advantage of the City and the poor people As Well. No Hope for him. You reckon hell gits too hot Fer j de Devil in Dunno. But you Kin bet of Ono i hit Don t freeze Over in de Winter when you see a Man trying to Nold up a Lamppost it shows that sympathizes with anything tight somehow the average Man is never i a Ole fully to realize that silence is i Golden until after his face is swelled out of shape. The Good times which the Granger has had for the past two years convert in i. Vou o Lav j Worth of sugar comes to a end this year unless ail signs fail for the tuber crop is very promising All through the West. There is looming up n crop of Cotton for Worth a crop of bushels of wheat Worth and a crop of Corn Worth another a Trinity of re sources which almost precludes such n calamity is what we Call hard times. What made that dark spot in Tho Cornfield where the Corn was twice As High As it was All round the Field Why last year the owner of the land in a fit scattered a of manure there and the growing crop wants to encourage him to do More work in that line. Twenty two cars of cattle from the state of Avn Shingto were on the Chi Cago Market one Day recently. They were wintered on Alfalfa and finished on grass and were Good enough to bring per Hundred. There is some thing in this item for beef producers in the Corn Belt to think Over. The value of the government s work. In taking up these Large irrigation schemes is Well the fact to line u Vor Nituna from fluff non to acres of land which it is proposed to in Date to support one cow while w soon As the water is turned on thu Oue Aero in Alfalfa it will support two co is. Denmark leads in successful co operative work among Farmers. It now has 1.057 co operative creameries Fnu a Long the milk of cows. The co operative Bat on factories have 000 members and do a business of per annul and realize 4 cents a Pound More for their Bacon than any other country. Potatoes have brought very High prices the past two to ?1.50 per Bushel. This is too much for the tuber and instead of being is it should be a Staple food product for every family it becomes a luxury. Fifty cents is a Good Price enough to give the grower a Nice profit and still be within the reach of the poor Man. The natural Law is that things will sell for what they Are Worth and a Man be valued for just what be is rather than that which he thinks he is or pretends to be. Because of this it never pays in the Long run to put the Small apples and potatoes in the1 mid dle of the barrel or for the Man to As sume to be other he really is. We find that Early potatoes maturing in August Are much better dug As soon As Ripe and put in a Cool Root House or cellar than they Are to leave them to a continuous baking by the mid summer Sun. This plan further enables one to take n crop of turnips from the land after the potatoes Are removed and thus disposes a Weed crop which is always a pest on the undue potato Field. A company of enterprising japs landed on n Small uninhabited Island in the South Pacific an Island which became i the property of the lated result Orthe Spanish millions of sea Birds make their Homes and Breed and after securing feathers and plumage to the value of for Tokyo millinery establishments were compelled to abandon their prize because of Tho failure of their food sup ply. An Effort is to be made to locate the Island and recover the treasure. With the sages. The cheerful Man s a staff. The Brave Only know How to forgive. The cause of Freedom is the cause of that evil is hah cured whose Causa we the beginning of compunction is the beginning of a Eliot. There is a poor clan of people who can do everything for the Fortune of others without being Able to do any thing for who Al Low their lamps to he Zac. Depend upon it you would gain unspeakably if you would learn with a to see some of the poetry and the pathos the tragedy and the comedy lying in the experience of a human soul that looks out through Dull Gray eyes and that Speaks in a voice of quite Ordinary Eliot Rock Island Tihe table. Marble Rock Iowa. Tho right Road to and from and Between Chicago Omaha St. Louis Denver Memphis Colorado up s Peoria fort Worth St. Joseph St. Paul Kansas City Minneapolis. Trains leave Marble Rook As follows East Brovko. No. 2, Burlington pass stops at All stations a. M no. 8, mail and express p. M no. 7a, local freight stops at nil of Nunno 7-.in n m westbound. Mail and express p. M of. 4i, Rockford is Zbenk or p. M no. 71, local freight p. M _ for sleeping ear reservations tickets time tub Lee etc., apply to any Rock is land ticket agent l. M. Allen general passenger agent Chicago i definitions. Prophecy generally guess. Bullhead Edness sometimes pronounced constancy. Our pet Virtues hut generally our pet sins. Menu Corn that when it is tread upon in the struggle of life. We feel bad ire Art either out of. Or in a this is not a contradiction but fact Broad that they might carry a Broad perception to. The brain but we have Learned to squint and narrow our perceptions. Two kinds Good and bad and like most other things the bad appear in the greatest volume u they Jar on our sensibilities the Good being in Harmony with our its pass unnoticed save for a Cert ats pleasantness that is but partially weak men made vigorous what Peffer Sner Vigoren it and quickly. Cares others fail. Young nip regain lost men recover Yout Titus anted to cum be impotence. Med states is a either my failing War a spot where Siti Alt i ten i alcohol can he for Light and heat Don t let c Vou it i l r Lump Kefeli Ink Vul _ Tift carried in Vest pm kit i Ivi site 11 dict Box. Of o for Mitef to sufi act Phi Jafek Small r1- i diced in any amount for Micsa cents n or hoi if Only could be Ilisco cred be made be easily made a of the Oil Many is in potatoes that Scott Bowse Chon its in Vork

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