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Marble Rock Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1904, Page 1

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Marble Rock Journal (Newspaper) - April 21, 1904, Marble Rock, IowaJet orb Hock journal vol. 29. To 38 Marble Rock Floyd coup qty Iowa. April 21. 1904. Terms a year Spring has quite Vaten Winter and Fleck s Stoch feed is Aso a and if it rur arc otherwise you can get the Price paid for same be funded. Off 8 Pinzul package 12 Pound package 25 Pound pails 30c j other Stock and poultry foods 75c 81.50 Aie also handled at to Uke care of Iowa propel to after the fair. Probably the Moil import int Meas ure 01 in i. I v. To want Doc of among which Are the follow n crop. If the Field needs deep Bill j to me state Aai Tor authority i o revoke the Chaiter of it ikes to o draft horse to h Nul off the mortgage put on the farm by the -.otter. 1r to the Krovious done in August of Washington letter. Washington d 0 april 1, 1904 whether Prosperity is due part 1? to natural causes partly to the Wise Public Poliy of the Republican party. The front Rauk of producing in ions. If this continues there mus be a tie near future a vast Span Sid our Commerce. To construct the Panama canal and provide for a Large Navy without a corresponding merchant Marine to Foster and protect would be a waste of Money. Ulieru must be an open door or our surplus and if the wishes of the Are real z d. This will be peace ully out red with president Roosevelt Lor a the 11 pub Coq party and the will Moye on it a higher plane of n Oty Power and Coin Ort for nil the people it is fortunate at this juncture that notwithstanding the loss of such Emin ent leaders during the past the or Jeara As Mck Ioie heed Aud uanna., there still remain men huf the president secy. Hay an 1 sexy. Talt Many senators of both panics who Are Able Anc devoted to the Public welfare the masses of our citizens already know who and what they want and Are not waiting to be no of i he Imp Toov Molioo which is so Soun to meet in Chic go. That body of representative men will Sui ply Iii y and code Raj be wishes of the people already expressed. 4 of t a i alter a Looi and discussion in both houses of Congress tog ther with close examination of each item the Post office appropriation Bill the Senate. The democrats offered an amendment providing for a committee of senators to investigate Tho department to this end senators Teller and Gorman made vigorous speeches which were hotly answered by Lodge Aldrich and Hopkins. There wag a Sharp passage at arms Between senators Teller and Hopkins which came near being a scandal each under took to Call in question the others record. Finally senator Lodge no hid the Bill in charge announced that ii there was to be an in realisation it would come when the Republican got. Ready Lor it and in such manner As they should determine it is now expected i that the Senate on pot offices May be instructed to investigate the department during the summer to report at the next session of Congress. This will Stop the bowl and clamor of the democrats and pre vent them from assert no on t in that the republicans Are afraid to per Mit at investigation. A Bill Lor the Var Mont of the Pirami canal zone was reported to the Senate on tuesday it provides that four of the seven commissioners Liall form a Fluor tits Lor legislation All the Laws passed be reported to con Gress that the president must approve and May veto them and that no Laws be passed incompatible with those of the United states. There is to be no for debt no suspension of Tho writ o Hareas Corpus save Only As provided no Inie Ference with religion and no in Oln diary servitude. The hirer ail Harbor Bill re ported to the House on monday and Bis paned congressman Burton of Ohio made a speech in favor of the general adopting a a Corrou Poi boy towards internal water cot ses. Inch As constructing canals and con serving Ibe Rivers for in poses of internal Commerce at Well As Recac id i give High Praise to the state of new x Ork Lor appropriating the largest sum in the history of America for the improvement of the e in. The Indian appropriation b h wis under con iteration in the Senate on tuesday senator by lev. Of Texas. Pleaded Lor an Asylum for the insane of Indian Tei Ettory. And made the astounding statement that at present in in that territory a person becomes in sane to or she is turned Loose Iti some one of the adjoining states which has to care Lor the unfortunate in his own county in Texas Thia has recently happened Throe times the Mcdill committee in relation to uha Raes against members of Cung Vess by the brisk w report made Public us findings on tuesday it declares that there was Little if any irregularity and the members of the Bouse Are wholly exonerated or. Bus Tow is mildly criticised for making extravagant it elements especially for saying the government bad been defrauded out of millions of dollars. The loss is about a Small sum when the Magnisi Ute of the operation in the Post office department is considered. I i i i a Bill to Amend the immigration net Lias been reported. It proposes to station inspectors and surgeons at Lor emn Poris 10 examine migrants and to exclude assisted immigrants whether by individuals or govern tests the tide or immigration to tins country for this year is rapidly rising. T t when attorney general Knox has decided whether existing legislation relative to chinese exclusion of Side the treaty is valid the president will take some decisive step a movement is being made to negotiate another treat with China. In this new treaty it is proposed to Al of the better class of cd indic. Scholars Aud merchants to Enier this country but coolie labourers will be it is now said that Panama will receive its canal Money about the first of on monday the supreme court decided that nooks serial libraries Etc cannot to through Tho mails As second mater. This is in accordance with the ruling of the Post office department Mil will save millions on millions the Baile of Bull ran is to be Loughl Over again upon a Large scale beginning sept. 5th. The contest will last 15 and 36.00f soldiers will be brought to Washington mid taken Over into Virginia for the purpose it is to be Ren Corbin s grand military review and the governors of the Many Siats Are invited to asset. From Desmo nes. Arri 16, 1904. Your readers will doubt Ess be inter ested in a resume of the Meas neb passed by the thirtieth general As Sembly just adjourned the Woik _ Opportunity to vote on the proposition i o conic Ute his o at3 auditor an the russian Lias but 12d Days in the Liuji. Jiuing lit. Luik. Insurance exd Inizer and to glee Hia. A Are All Cut lick sundays or Church holidays which makes it a ease salaried Suot and a actuary to Aid of piety. Begetting poverty with n in the work. Probably the most hotly contested Bill and the one provoking the Arost Genera interest was the Delano Bill be vengeance. The War in the far East will Cut off the Supply of butter from Liusila and the countries which she Lias been Sun plying will have to import tons Lamg to the of the c duct from the states and Canada to of Railroad companies in regard to Slock take its place. Shipments and to the issuing of return t. R i it is a rather curious trait in the clog passes to shippers. The Bill failed to that when he Falls into the habit of pass but a substitute by Hart r quires i killing and worrying flocks of sleep be Railroad companies to quip their Ca never do his work near Home. He will almost invariably travel several Miles for his victims. Much interest and discussion is be ing taken in the plan of teaching the elementary principles of agriculture in the country schools much to commend it. The plan Lias Plant and Ani Mal life studies always interest the Little folks. Boosts with toilet conveniences and to Issue to Stock shippers one pass for two or Moro ears of Stock up u i including six and Oue additional pass Lor More than six cars passes to be Eood for return within two Days after the shipper has reached his Desti nation. A primary Law Tharby limitation a i love a " ways sows i u 11. N i i Clover seed with All Bis Small Grain to Folk county Only Folk being crops Flo not of cow just Wlms the Only county in the site having regular course of rotation is but we do population provides that nil that be hns a wonderfully pro of Buical parties hold Prima-1 by election on the same Day and it the same time and place and prescribes the regulations necessary to secure a to Meudt m utile one to feel More contented with Bis lot in life. It would be Byrd to find any Able bodied Lair ballot and a fair count j Man in who so among the important Bills that did 8mal Suni As a and fed him not succeed in securing the constitutional majority in both houses were self and Villi it. But China and India Bare Sincli people by the Hundred million. 1. To provide for a state Beard of regents. 2 to authorize an indeterminate sentence n Iowa courts. 3. To prohibit the issuing of rail Way passes to state and county hirers and to delegates to political conventions. To p Ovide state constables for Alfalfa and trolley railways Are re generating the state of Al Falfa is restoring tie lost Fertility of the soil and the trolley is making life in the country accessible to the people with All its advantages. Indiana Illi Nois and Iowa Are beginning the Good work too. To minimum rates of transportation Are about reached by the great railway corporations of the country. They can to i i further improve the physical change .1 c present method Condu Ion of systems by Calm input. The enforcement of the liquor Laws. Of budding and repairing Public High ing Armps using bigger engines or Lar ways Ger freight cars so As to much further 6 to provide a statewide primary i lower for Cist rate3 ii. F. Williams. Concerning the uproar at Washington which has been exciting the men of late Walter Wellman the Well known newspaper Corres Dent it amounts to is this. About 150 senators and representatives of both a Friendl who set out a political parties Are named As having Vio Ted the Law or a Rule of depart ment or something else or other be a a pm York Reader wishes to know How to put up grated horseradish at Home and have it retain its color As As that which is put up by the professional canners. We cannot answer his query further than to say that tie discoloration referred to is doubt less due to the imperfect exclusion of the air. Of scotch Pines twelve years ago writes us that it was one of. The Best Irmest ments he Ever made that the Trees Ere now a perfect Windbreak Twenty cause they went Down to the depart i feet High. He planted selected Nursery p t i vim Fli on for fort oot two rows breaking joints Trees six wants Good roads. I Aji Erht have a Little More allowance for rentals of pose offices or clerk hire. This is what senators and representatives have been doing Ever since the govern ment was founded in the opinion of their constituents that is what teen feet apart each Way. In these Days of Sharp business com petition and improved commercial methods eggs Are still sold by count and not by weight an unjust and in hey i fair method the like of which is not Are there act As erred boys or j of incl in the buying and Selling of any i other commodity that we know of. The Terr districts and to secure improve Frenell Long ago discarded the ments of the local government service count method and we wonder Why it postal and other to hold these men to not in country. Up to the world As criminals or wrong _ r c i on observations Lead us to believe doers for attention to their duties As that not less than co per cent of the representatives of the people about Young Birds which Are hatched of Al As foolish a piece of business As Ever most nn-7 specie9 save the j Are destroyed from one cause or re Happe. E i oat de of an Asylum. Other before ther Are to eave nil Chato for Domestic cat is one of Belr worst ene , cow. Mics he Crow anal Jay a new work experimenter has been i nests of the tree building Birds while trying the effect of very now tempera j the Skunk raids the nests of those Tures on seeds. Seeds of peas Oats build on the ground. Ave have Barley and wheat were kept for Sev known n cat to wipe out n family of eral Tours at 312 degrees Beio a j eight Young Wrens in one afternoon that is what he 110 hours. Taking them one by one As they left after being thawed out and planted the nest. Birds like men find it Byrd the seeds grew All right. There seems j to adapt themselves to civilized to be no further Rause of alarm Over to Lens. When we consider the tratto freezing seeds select have it As j Dies which beset Bird life the Iron Low As 312 degrees below Zero or 110 j for is have any Birds left hours at a time Eren la Dakota. I the a Iionno lilo Mil. The Are a class conservative in their vie. And slow to move. They do their thinking first and their talk aft i m bomb reason the of country have been read ing and thinking about Road improve ment and the Best Way to secure that much of ired result. Tipy have cont Ide de local taxation and labor As the mean of building and have round in Long tie to Pluri to be a fail ure pm in limited localities. They have studied the stale Aid plan and observed the great Advance made under it 1 finally they have been studying tie Qiu Iti Iiri of National a a and they apr year to cruel Euleil that it is the Way Ibey have sought and mourned because they found it at any , that Fine conservative old Farmei , the patrons of i commonly of As the 111 its meeting came out with the following Strong Aud i Lieras. The United St pics government has amounts of Money in the of tint a rotation facilities inv and Inu Bor and has Dunau a vast Tirls of land in Aid of tie construction of rail roads therefore be it Reso hed. That the Pronge favors the inauguration of a policy for the improvement of and the appropriation by Conj Ness of i Whei i amount to establish a e i tem of Road improvement the co of the if Deral and state Erna cats that the itunes of what is timed thu Bill embody some Modilla Atins. Tho essential teat ios of a Reso hed. Liat Call unon All state Pomona Ami Cuboid late Granges to Tao prompt and Iso Roub action upon this important Mattei and we Liege by Auto ionize the legislative committee of the National Grange to Ina Pruitte and conduct an aggressive Campaign in is curing Federal Aid for impro1. Ement of highways also to let our legislative be authorized to gather All the information possible re Garding the Road and systems of Road building in the several states and that such information be Publ shed in such form is the committee deems Best tie be resolutions will set in motion a vast four that moves slowly but in res ii Tilly for it Uii Ihl lie remembered that the National Grange usually Geti what it Yoes after whether ii is a state freight rate Law the creation of a National department of agriculture or the passage til an Ole Margarine Bill to is is by far the most important endorse Mon flin Hill in Cei Ved. French highways. La France. Ivhon began his Active Mil tary career he at mice i Mumm ated a system of shipbuilding Ami to his foil Sig lit in planning and to the skill of Bis engineers in constructing France owes her Proem standing As a Model to the Road Sauers of. The world says a writer in the world today. The Origi Nal roman roads were built of solid placed Side by Side on eds. Milking u perfectly Sola Structure. The Engineer s of Napoleon were probably the first to learn Ami act upon the fact that la Okyn stones closely packed to Gether would re Cement and Conn a. Solid bed. The recognition of this fact brought about a revolution in Road building greatly reducing the Cost without materially affecting ils prac tical durability especially where a sys tem of maintenance at the present time the French Are divided Imo three National hich Are kept in or Der by the state Trout a general fund departmental highways which Are at tie thai be if the department and township a Nat which Are constructed j by the communes but receive Aid for maintenance from tie state of the department. The National courses they Are commonly called radiate from Paris like the spokes from a wheel and connect that City with All the important cities and departments of the country. These courses Aie Broad and i a to to Lipan Tif in tree s. Short the cry of the icel mint swered from Sinai and Calvary not the Arena the Louin or the Kev. W. H. Tubb. Ethical life implies the election of motives other Thau selfish. In our who will dispute this selfishness Hai been spot resized As the one Rule of or. E. G. Hirsch. There is sufficient basis in the recent researches of the psychical society to warrant us in believing that some Day the fact o immortality May scientific m. D. Shutter. Loyuis flit zeus must get Dona things that can be done and must still expect and Hope for the better i lungs that Are to be. The Ideal and the to trial must walk hand in . Charles f. Carter. Work is the ground on which All men meet to work is Man s highest dignity. Equality in the commonly accepted meaning of that term never did does t and never will Rev. R. S. J. Burke. It is now time for the Church to Faco the fact of her own Liberty and done All thib nonsense a raining scholarship for its Aase. Of the facts concerning the Rev. Or. Heber Newton. So far As we can understand Vit out the co operation of the Church of Christ in the world to Day there is no Way in which he could be preach or known. The Church possesses the Ira cles of j. L. Barton. Some men Are nothing less Tan great human sponges which a n t everything they touch and if the. Vur give up anything it is because Ith squeezes them so hard they c not help or. Peter christians must obey that flu i m Mand of their risen lord to to Ato All the world and preach the goal to every this does not .2an that every Christian should be a for eign e. A. "woo.ia. The fruits of spiritualism con us that the whole system Tea from that cunning malignant tit satan the bitter enemy of j sus Christ. You cannot be a Ghristian a spiritualist at the same time. 3t Rev. William h. Moreland. Prayer is the key which i open unto us As believers treasures that Are prepared for i children of god. But god s v clearly lays Down certain coi Idu ins with which we must or pleading for blessings at the Firor of Draco w 11 be Lute and in Avail Rev. 0. C. Peyton. There Are these who find in he Book of revelation so Finy difsc1 Lea of interpretation that they pref to seen h Only a Beautiful Rha Sci a poetic Cicma to which god it author Hare the Only key from in the common Reader can draw ily vague ideas and Little real Hev. Charles m. Jacobs. To Ich at ird which Mauc the a Delight to those who ride for pleasure. Convict labor in the people and officials of washing ton county pa., arc Well pleased with the plan of working jail prisoners on the Public roads which has been in operation about two months and has proved feasibility and , says Good Itna i Magazine. Tie prisoners Are pleased with it and Wel come the Days when they March to the Stone quarries or the roads. They of Conr in receive no for their work but their fines Are renin died so that they Only have to work out their time sentences. The work is done under contract with the township of South Strabane which pays ?2 a Day for the of Tom necessary a nerds furnishes dinner to the prisoners and pays transportation charges if the work is More than two Miles from the jail. It costs the Lou ship about 13 cents a for quarrying the Stone which is then crushed by a Stone and cd the roads by the prisoners. V Erk not in comp elision with Ricc labor but takes the place of the do Ineil Iod of working out the Road by the Farmers and with far better j results As the roads Are permanently improved. Soft Cor like the running Brook the red blood that flows through the veins has to come from somewhere. The Springs of red blood Are found in the soft Core of the Bones called the marrow and no Iii say led blood also comics from the spleen. Heal thy be marrow and healthy spleen Are full of fat. Scott s emulsion makes blood by feeding the Bone marrow and the spleen the richest of All fats the pare cod liver Oil. For Pale school girls and invalids and for All w Ose blood is thin and Pale so it s emulsion is a pleasant and Rich blood food. It f is the l Cal making organs " nit them strength to clo their Proncy work. A great business train. Pkg school 16 specialists Iii the faculty. Students annually. Feet of floor space. Hundreds of students in Good positions. For a handsome Cata Logue address capital Colcun Crocfe Coo Etc t. M. C. A. Building wines Iowa. Early

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