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Mansfield News Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Mansfield News, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Mansfield, OhioGood morning Are the god Wade and forget u put a the Mansfield news the Home paper of Mansfield and Vicinity weather forecast showers and pro Barcly storms sunday Monda generally fair and cooler. Year no. 76 the Mansfield sunday. Mav 20. 3923 i ice five cents intervention by u. S. In China seems near Alma Cluck s daughter slopes Tilkes Over big Toledo Purchase of Willys Overland building by Mansfield company announced is figure involved in big buy important link in of service organisation is now perfected another import spoke in of activity the w. Lee Cotter warehouse com Pany is eloping throughout Ohio asserted itself saturday Nego Tanons were completed the Cotter company acquires the five Story building of the Willys Overland company in Toledo. The Price is understood to have been negotiations Are also under Way for the absorption of the Tol Edo warehouse company which has two big warehouses in Toledo. The purchases were made by Henry g. Brunner Grant b. Willis and Lee Cotter officers of the cot Ter corporation who returned to Mansfield saturday tight. With the taking Over of the Tol Edo properties the Cotter organization to Lnch recently was organized and incorporated for one million dollars operates in four Ohio cities Toledo. Akron Columbus and mans Field. Arc exceptional Points with the addition of the Toledo property we now Bare three of the beat distributing polenta to the state paid or. Cotter last night shortly after his return from the Northern City. Mansfield will continue u the head quarters and Home office of the or the Willys Overland building has a frontage on Cherry Street of 801 286 feet on Lynn Street and 66 feet on water Street. It has a f1 r Otal floor space of Square it. The terminal warehouse company Haftl one big at la Grange George streets feet of floor space and a second Plant on Vance Street with of floor space. Is largest in Ohio the Cotter company is now the largest operating organization of its kind in the state and is one of the the cognized leaders in the entire United states. Home time ago or. Cotter acquired the Akron property and a Short time later took Over the co Lumbus interests. The addition of the Toledo holdings Are the latest in the general development which is to cover Ohio. Its present properties in working order the company is in position to serve All Points in the state and forms a service company which is distinctive in its Field. Another is picked for St spelled county contest Wall Street bomb suspect arrested Kenneth Wolf gets title of Gold medal boy by winning Silver cup for his school and Gold medal for self Kenneth Wolf a boy wont he champions lip prizes Amon the orthographic Al gladiators who the children of the Rural schools. No conqueror was Ever eligible to went into the Appling Arena Batur feel prouder than Kenneth Volf yet Day afternoon. Kenneth tolf won the Gold medal cot the individual though he realized he is the the hero Mitize and the Silver cup for his township schools and will now be known As the to privilege of wearing on the sle fial each of these s a Gold medal in prizes was Given to the Maas Leld is the Champion spel Vej news to by Mulato spelling among j Kenneth bore in. Frank Delmas Clark Nix Abigail Gluck. Miia Abigail Uarda Gluck daughter of the famous Singer Alma guck told friends that her marriage to Frank Delmas Clark of new would have to wait until Aba had completed her studies at Wellesley. Clark had agreed. Bat the time seemed too Long. So the two eloped to port Chester n. To Asid Weie married. Clark is a senior at the Sheffield scientific school at Yale. Principal of Cleveland school hurled to safety by banker who gave of e a filter e not held Hack a How a human tide of humanity i Flag j sufficiently from the Shock of the Ca scribed tonight Tor International tast Rophe to present her account. Service by Ina Mae Stephens principal of the school and the last to escape from the burning full Dong. It was Eta land tonight Smith will not dry repell talk indicates new York governor tells i Coney Island he will sus Tain constitutional Law action however yet said to be doubtful by miss Ina Mae Stephens principal of Cleveland school copyright 1923 by International Oam Dex s. C. May if it had not been for a human dam. Holding a turbulent and surging tide of humanity from the Only Avenue of escape not a single life w Ould have been lost in the catastrophe of thursday night. The two Osiier teachers and i with several of our pupils were on the is to Loput to elect senator leaders will be sent to Minnesota to work for Suc Cessor to Nelson Butler township and especially the Village of Adario can Well feel proud having the Best speller in is Chian i county schools. The Silver cup Vrzich i this Hoy won for his school will he i a incentive to others to master that j diff cult Art spelling. The teacher i m. 1c Wells May pardoned if he 1 has a feeling of oxus Tattoo Over the trim up of his Pupil. Kenneth has i finished with the work in the Adario school end expects to go to High school at Ashland next year. The Silver cup will remain in the Adario school until it in to on by some other _ school nest year or later. Contestants assemble i the contestants for honors in the county wide spelling contest Assem bled at the court House saturday afternoon for the spelling match. They were accompanied by admiring parents and teachers. Three brooms to Harding will not speak in the state hold the orthographic Al gladiators. J county superintendent l. C. Martin and assistant superintendent o. A. Gibbens had charge of the contest. George Moses senatorial Lead the child in spelled by divisions the or with third and fourth grades spelled to or unvers Wiwi Tresi her the Fiftal and sch in bother Dent on situation r0om and the seventh and eighth grades together in the court of com . May poll plea room. Tical imbroglio in Minnesota created j the spelling match was such a sue by the death of senator Nel i Cress and aroused so much interest Sou tonight came forcibly to the the superintendents announce ail attention of the administration As other will be next year the Par one of the chief and most immediate ends and teachers have taken a great concerns of the Republican Narty. To i interest in the work both in the town lice was following a lengthy ship and county contests. Conference at the White House bet Ween president Harding and senator George Moses of new to Lampshire. Chairman of the Republican senator spelling Only the contests were All in written spelling. The words selected by superintendent Martin were those used Lei Campaign committee the the full frequently. To so called catch words Force of the Best minds in the i were resorted to. Party trill be brought into play to assist in naming a successor to sen Ator Nelson in the special election to he held on july 16. Reports on Europe in addition to impressing upon or. Giving the last act of miss Harding the seriousness of the min tops Turvy when the lamp fell. Political Complex from the re do not believe the lamp exploded but pub ican Point of View. Moses took the Oil spread quickly and blazed rap a Opportunity 01 telling the presid idly some one attempted to smother it of actual economic and financial to out but to no Avail. But i did not lond icons in Europe Aan or of toured extensively sin think there was Auy danger of any one being injured let alone seventy seven dead at the moment the lamp fell one of the most piercing creams i have Ever heard arose from the entire audience i fought the fire for a minute or so. Hoping to conquer it. After that i turned and found my self alone on the stage with the three Hundred getting More desperate in their attempt to reach the stairs. T a. 7 t Urcer in Luc sri Iii. The Krince j at conclusion of meeting pm what s the matter thy Don t they Pire state executive says his mind is open new York May who Smith speak tonight at a dinner Given in his Honor at Coney Cardiff. Wales. May j Rumor that tha Prince of Wales is to j time to a Welsh i circulated today in connection move i asked Thomas Humphries who happened to be standing me. Then he saved my life. He took of lord blvd Mcwood at Swansea. It was reported that the news of the Are court need that said la engagement would be announced Der Jing the visit of the Prince with thei not the which Ince the and Ourn nent of Congress Moses Dis missed the world court by saying the president knows thoroughly my position on that he is one of the most unrelenting of the sen ates irreconcilable a. Particularly Moses went to the White House he said to urge the president to a few speeches in Minnesota on his Western trip in june. He pointed out the serious Ness of party conditions there de Claring supreme efforts would have to be made to retain one Senate seat in that state from the Farmer labor and gave one give this hard shove right Over the sea of Heads toward the door. Humphreys himself died of i Burns in the Camden Hospital today j the awful eight at the door. Men y j end women were lying there piled 80 or than the Prince. I sustain Constitution Lars of the my. In to Rah map in Boss be Laid. I the governor s statement came of iter too diners had obeyed a request is Fla. May 18 Samuel Goinbert president of governor Hardev today named judge american federation of labor a. C. Campbell of Springs appear at the Repealer Bill to continue the trial at Cross City of whipping Boss t. A. Higginboth am. Court will Convene next thurs Day afternoon and evidence bearing North Dakota May be introduced As Tabort of the state s re quest for a change venue is Defeated. On the death of Early As monday if on k1ther Hen m week says forecast May 19. Ther Bureau forecast for next week of o Valley and Region Gre at cloudiness of moderate temper hearing May 81 the representatives of the men and women who toll for it jiving. I Don t what he is going to he said speaking of the governor but i know trill arrive at a decl san that will be fair to the people i know he will be guided by the sentiment of in the Coune of his address the governor Eald in our history 10 far As i know has there been a question to Jam gome standing erect others on their Heads while Many were lying under the entire mass twisted in All of positions. By tils time fire was falling on the heeds of the mass. Sven when i was shot Over their Heads the clothing was burned from my shoulders and i was severely burned. Then fiery tongues of flames began Licking out Between the writhing mass like some fiend was blowing fire through a human Basket. As though in a dream i watched the bodies through Stead Standard bearer of the Fana or Laberite party. Because plans for his trip to the coast and Alaska have been virtually completed calling for journey through the Southwest sir. Harding said he would be unable to go to Minnesota. Instead he is going to Issue a rallying cry appealing to republicans to get firmly behind the nominee in the primary. On jts no 18. Leaders to speak that will be the extent of of the president s Effort. Other leaders the orthographic Al gladiators tack led 50 words. Those who got 100 per cent had to spell again until the win Ner 1 Neach room was determined. The lowest grades spelled the Long est 200 words being necessary be fore the Winner could be determined. Those who fell below 100 per cent in the first trial were eliminated. The one having nearest to 100 per cent in the second trial was declared the third Winner. The boy or girl who got the next highest Grade in the Fol lowing contest was the second win n or and the one with the highest got the first prize. Victory for boys. In both the township and county contests the girls far outnumbered the boys As Good spellers. In the seventh and Jcj Goth grades out of the me to fice with Rul problem East chaos rules in peking is port of ambassador Shermaa to state department Noah Lerner. Noah , 23-year old Brook Lyn youth has been arrested in connection with the Wall Street bomb fag several years ago. Young Lerner is charged specifically with the killing of Carolyn Dickerson one of the victims of the blast. He la accused of having hired the Little red Wagon in which the explosive was carried to the scene. Best sup e sector have reached highest level in financial history of says Scott resources gain Over fifty nine millions i saving deposits considered barometer shows increase of j Coj Umbus May never were in better condition thy j they Are said state banking i superintendent e. H. Scott tonight. They Are pursuing a conservative and cautious policy especially where Over expansion May seem imminent i a recent comment of the Federal Chines government seems powerless Noto regular soldiers openly Trad ing arms and atm Rutnik tons with bandits May Tant to intervene in Clirina. Yet grow ing More concerned daily Over these Riou sivets of conditions there the United states government was Fate to face with a situation tonight that May Call for Early use of american Force to effect the release of the five Ameri captive for two weeks by Shantung bandits official reports from minister Schurman today emphasized the chaos that rules la peking. These reports supplemented by private advices told of the chinese government s own troops who Are supposed to be res cuing the prisoners being disaffected nud openly Selling their arms and am munition to the bandits the peking troops have not paid for is months and Are of the verge of banditry themselves according to advices peking apparently is powerless to direct its Onn troops the indicated. Sent Pell of the bandits ten Days ago. The troops established i Contact and then proceeded to Trade arms and tobacco with their Quarry. The bandits boldly threatened to kill foreign prisoners unless the governmental troops were withdrawn the peking authorities or dered the troops Back at the Behest of the diplomatic Council in peking. The have neither gone Forward nor been withdrawn despite the bombardment of notes which the foreign diplomats have directed against the peking government meanwhile the americans have captive two weeks now and Are suf Spring real privations according to official advices. The reluctance of Washington to Sanction drastic measures is based upon the following traditional policy has been to China a Chance and not subject her to foreign interference at every turn of the Road that too action Milit result in the Complete collapse of even the Shell of government that now exists at Pekinto. Leaving foreign governments to Deal with a score of Small prom ends and no Central authority whatsoever justifiable suspicion that politics is at the Root of the whole affair in Jinn tuner and that it has been engineered a. Those who Are opposed to any Strong Central government in China. Tenth and Jcj Goth grades out or the a recent comment of the Federal re 22 Kho went into the Arena Board that the present Lead turn to to. 2 Page 2 sit 8 a Floers dry officers kill Man who started Fig fit As Eaid was started Toledo May through the neck and leg in a fight with dry enforcement officers Here this after noon Theodore Mayer died on the however arc laying detailed plans Way to mercy Hospital. Mayer resides j for a vigorous whirlwind drive in in Tho Osage apartments. Ing capacity of the country s banking system is far in excess of the credit needs of the country s productive capacity Wold seem to indicate that the Banks have enough for Public needs supt. Scott declared. It is with a keen sense of salts faction that the state department of i Banks is Able to announce that any analysis of the returns made by the i 750 Banks under its direct us perils to Ioa in response to a Call for report of condition at the close of Busl a Ness on april a last reveals that i on his Date these institutions reached the highest Levels Ever recorded i in the financial history of the Buck turn to no. 1, Page 2 will do own harvesting York sitoati8h two dry officers Butts Indianapolis May working out of the Kangaroo court unquestioned policy of strict in of Justice Brulz at Monclova were for coment of Tho prohibit on Law the state in tic month intervening Between and elections. Got. J. A. O. Prius and represent v j love a Cavil Ander Poa Aro men shout to Mako a raid on the soft drink throw fallout in Ted to lond most prominently hero in con parlor of Paul Green Avondale the Necton with the Republican primary race whoever is selected by Tho farm that fiery inferno. How horrible to it Tabor Lutcs three Aro being mentioned firm a a am . To v _ determine As serious this one Lonj they were leaped almost ten stand there helpless and see dozens of friends die before on Yog. And then when the building caved in and the fire died Down a front of Tho building it the doorway there was that mass Only it moved no a Resalvo bloc. In fact Lafoll Elto is parlor whom Ayr Camion of the dior. President Harding in a letter to officer stopped him and Mayer they Wosley Walt of new Burgh x. Y., Eay started 5 Flat Dight Ono of the of has Tho Complete endorsement of flyers pulled r Ean fired and mayor Lam Jennings Bryan. Foil with two wounds. Butts and i think Tho presi Aore John Sinclair c. A. Land Borg former representative and Rasmua Johnson Defeated by Prens for the i Moord put mayor in their car much la Bryan said j president s letter is May intention is throughout the Ohio com beit of letting the hog Harvest his own Corn next declared c. J. West statistician at the Federal state Bureau of crop and livestock estimates Here tonight. Farmers figure that in this Way they can save the labor and expense of cutting and busking Corn As Well As some of the labor connected with feeding of it Niimd test conditions perhaps constitute the Factor in influencing far if is to plan on hogging Down a much larger acreage than usual. To a greater extent than Ever far mers Are planting soy Beans with the Corn so that or. Hog will have a tempting variety of food Laid out be Foro him he ?.aiks up to the Lump counter next fall the acreage of soy Beans will be greatly increased. It is too Early to determine whether the soy bean acreage will be twice As great As last year but without doubt it will be much larger statistician West predicted. Will have full support of senator Laoj Latte and Hig pro whether you like the decision or not it will be Given. Ii will be to the beet interest of the Siferte and asked later a meant to con tha repeated Hli now feet High and extended Tho length of the narrow Hall Back of Tho door. That was the end lag of cur school the termination of our commo Cement exercises. I Pray god i shall never be compelled to go through Guch sex to curtail his proposed Western trip to participate in Tjia Campaign outcome of election in the opinion of observers Here will afford a keen in sight into 024. That is republicans Are admittedly worried and Aro going to enter the Campaign with the Fertgu Sbisa i a National Eloc Ugo started for Tho Hospital but the wounded Man was dead on his arrival. Mayer according to Tho officers had Peen suspected of peddling Whis key. After taking Tho body hos Pital Butts to Rove to Central police fijut a where both made statements Paul Green proprietor of Tho soft drink parlor was arrested in a raid Fop violation Tho prohibition Laws he ii out a today to la right in saying that i Tho repeal of Tho Stato enforcement j Laws would Mako it More difficult for Federal enforcement. The re peal would not leave the subject whore it was before the Law was passed the of assure of a state to pass a Law would not Honvo been to much a at enforcement As repeal would child is Auto victim Toledo May Zavolny a of Temperance mich., was fatally injured and two others were Hurt when an automobile in which they were Riding collided with an other machine on Alexis Road today. The Zavolny machine was i thrown in the air fell on the child. Both leers had to be amputated. She will die. _

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