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Mansfield News, The (Newspaper) - July 27, 1924, Mansfield, Ohio A r. Mansfield news founded March 7, 1w5, by w. 8. Capp Klush published Dally and sunday by the news cok office fourth and Walnut Street there s a reason foe his going up so fast Teuk phones Tad Wist Ada Kaml Sim canal 3s6i editor Anil reporters cans us1 e. Ward. Lac. By Cambi it. Dally. J5e. By data Xci in Mansfield trading territory and sub York .501 fifth one tear half year. 3 Koaths. Audit Bulcao Fateri is tace foe office Ohio Mai Tat per except sir defense is not order is heavy irs first Law. Is Mikyu. Not de 1 this the tenth anniversary the Wai s the immortal ilae John Milton has deep not Only broadly but in every Home every Church every other in Mansfield. It indeed has local application. J tiie people Manshichi Wain peace the former sol Diers our victorious armies Are peace advocates the 2cews, although it has been accused he Init pro Mil j itary and belligerent Hopes for that same peace that the most ardent oar pacifists professional and air a eur Are for. To institution society is ready to i carry the Hijra Ideal to so extreme a limit. The difference Between those who would reduce i country to a non resistance and who he i Lieve that peace cannot be attained achieved without a system defense forms the wide i Rolf that the impractical idealists from the practical America looks not with hungry a yes the pos sessions others. Have no boundaries we de sire to expand and no slices undetermined territories we Are anxious to Annex. Our and therefore hold the favored position for helping world continue in peace and plenty and to realize he if i i people forum Tim cwt invited 1 to Otto for column any to general interest. Crit Tel mine and aaa reit it editor the Pilia dealer trip Fred Ana Bert to aeons. O attend school when toe did t i o., and the Berry cuss. Owned a word. And where be Bok the dutch immigrant boy. Accustomed to the better things the Back cigarette pict life Back across the water 33w i ures and alter studying Steno and operated by a. Telle the word Bok in a strange land had Graphy at night was reporter for a. School when he did t newspaper. He was 18 when als father filed. This hotel was famous Tor its Good service. The writer a Ood Many sundays there in the the butt and torments. Native boys leaving Little funds and the boys supported their Mother. Edward Netherlands was his lost his newspaper position regal t and his parents it. Then conceived the idea the Isis. It was the first hotel in a father lost All. I Small sized program which i travels to have Needles thread Al to America. The boy j was successful from the Start and i and buttons Bureau each. When his family arrived j consolidated two Church papers also toilet water in each i Brooklyn. School he had to into the Brooklyn Magazine. English As the Les hoped it and sold the property. _ a i a , Csc trim i at 19 Jia became at in. Berry was hardly Ever seen to trounce some at 19 he became stenographer t the office As he had a White. T Stop Timeir cruelty. For Henry Holt co., publishers Nan As manager and it Nee j other Wuu the Sand years later for Charles if v _ _ _. I a Pessary to wire time Day before to school. Scribner s sons. At night he Sec Are a room for sunday. He his brother also gathered rated Henry Ward Beecher s ser a Good Man and ran a. Good House j Tfaye streets. Edward Mons to newspapers founded the and i m glad to know he can 50 cents a week washing Syndicate press and Intro j things Tasy for the in Ulanee his i windows a bakery afterwards i diced the woman s Page. A. Literary ule. To worked Long and hard and a Dollar More for j Chat and other features. Soon my to this he added by was promoted to the advertising every Dollar he possesses j and against Odds by crating a. Good clean highly rated j hotel at two dollars a Day and Euch eats. H. J. Hancock. 504 w. 4ih St. Newspapers and seeing department Scribner s. N i j when offered the Editorship 13, be be uhe indies Home journal he was came office boy for the Western j advised by Many to refuse but at Union earning sb.75 a week. To j 2s he accepted and became a. Vital continue his education be wrote j Force in its Success letters to famous people and soon when he retired at 55, he was knew personally me notables Rich and today at is. Is Active in Jitae country. Feeding extra funds promoting his ideas for the Benefit he wrote biographies to be print the world. Hell add More anyway. Star compared with Jet Folietti per haps senator Wheeler will add something to the ticket. I Cardinal principles the religion peace. Christianity. In this wholesome desire the american people Are nearly unanimous. Extreme Militarist gets v nowhere near the heart the methods Are legitimate and practical Wii at Feer tors s a think to that Confidence. Genuine Sirce youth is clean and healthy Las we believe their discontent to be. We can see Little in the la. Kol Lette convention at Cleveland in the la Follette platform to improve that they Are the heralds notice this Columbus dispatch i it seems to be always the party that is out Power that is Strong for econ Rev in governmental affairs. A a Flait Tosso editors say the Follette always for him. Register Aid to oust senator from the chairmanship the interstate Commerce commission substitute Jing a. South Carolina Den incr i named Smith As the chairman. 5 they backed up Radical attacks the tax induction Bill sponsor be i Wheeler s investigation the spineless pacifism j Zinent Justice insisted j giving the radicals the fullest lib pacifists find a grievance to Knore an rules As Ivell As in the order Secretary War j Law and evidence. They dragged weeks for a mobilization test into the investigation names t i e j scores reputable men no bet the defences the tuned than the unsupporte4 e search for the original la profess to see this order a acknowledged criminals Man need not be prolong these misfits modern civilization j had june de. He can be found under Bob s might ans scheme. Their u indict men for cr5me. Thev As to what the to Civet a new Era in american politics. To what Are the world has a minded. In addressing a convention the american medical Assoc a i Tion . A Airion Decla modern girl is the Piest girl the world and i would t Exchange a lot it. Too. Philadelphia record protests have not availed and Secretary weeks says the plan will carried out september 12. The test the fitness and testimony to be Intro m Ajo Taxon Al rules not Ionly evidence but common modern flapper As you Call her. For any other girl any other time. As either j the girl today who . Plays the the candidates with no party. I e s e Oay to . Pays s and sinister there should he to mistake Leuers from friends asking the old conventions and much less Golf. Bobs her hair., goes without no Coni Sion. It does not come oat in the democrats in Deal a corsets wears Flat heels and takes i i ing with its differences the plat la Toilette Ana Neeler. To let a Call for an answer. 3jui inns we return to Milton s sustained wisdom.-5 what is it that la Foi Iet 4. I Are actually to Aven s ill at Law. Defense is lot Are not to be Elc cited 1 president and vice president j form is full insincerity. It Indus in bunk. Is a Long hikes is a things to be proud . I chaperones Are extinct but Only Why Overlook the third tarty nobody la take pm for twins. Cleveland times commercial it s afar cry from Charley i Bryan to Charley Dawes. Tion. It is precautionary. As Sec i rotary weeks says it is desired that each Community understand Tho contribution which it would be Tolken willing co partners. They rehabilitated la Follette and Wheeler in National politics and gave both sup because they Are no longer need and in its economic ideas de s1 Derain to be necessary there is the whole Issue in a nutshell is Are a Pacific nation but not 0. President and vice president urn churches our Legislatures our societies Vitea states. For that is write it above their Banner the White Dove. I they cannot be elected them and Anu Houston dispatch Bryan says our platform is Trad file Between so u is a Relief to read so sane a the soundest platform Ever _o1 Nti socialists. It has new modern a Outh. Since it is not More sound Brevity but in sub herring. The world can not regard it either As honestly twelves but Thev Hope to prevent k effectively progressive. It a Outh. Leopold murder in Chicago there j than the Republican platform has been a disposition to indict Young people the Cour try Over forgetting that the Case was a before we can form la th2 election Coll dare and progressive i. Normal times have changed and a crore can Iiron Ponc . We Thev Are 100-per-cent Cut to fit Vith them. And. Though have to will a Victory for Law and order in the necessities polm nerf be a increase i i to Vert to rear tidal in a _ both Are 100 per cent there is nothing else to them. S. O. S. For Man with bar l int Janapolis news port to permit them to gain influence that neither could Ever have its share the common Burden joined otherwise. They made the which would be involved were War balance Power effective by adding thereto the entire democratic vote in both houses. If the More reputable and conservative democrats had Only secret misgivings As to this Radical partnership they made no out Ward it was regarded As Good politics to Block the Republican administration regardless Mer its the proposed legislation. Therefore they swallowed la Foi millennium has not arrived and the United states is not without secret enemies who would like to see us in a position undefended nearly half As fighting to break Spie. Clem Shaver is going to land spineless helplessness. Some these pacifists who condemn Sec weeks s plan carry their such length that we can Wietke and Wheeler bodily. Today flasks and play strip turn up t it is. Indeed Well that America sary take Stock its military and inn strip Irry poker and lilt with Bankers. Detroit free press i play str a poker Antt it cd Arissa b pm to to for i heir noses at wholesome the soviet delegates at the Lon it. In fact they constitute Trade conference have thrilling the United i Angeles about International credit. To 4 about w a can they want to Dorset the old debts a boat Wuh a clip Edge. T los Angeles j about International they want to forget the old Jand borrow siae Raore. The a Kong exd Ulicy re the liberals Detroit f there is nothing improper in the j a Sha gratuitous distribution hand Vagon this fall. Action about France by such an Coolidge at the head the re pub Agency As the Bureau the democratic party .iu. The country branded i the Flag is waved with the Vilh radicalism. Having pulled All Uta qua Salute. If they had ithe chestnuts out the fire How then Way no doubt the Flag Fovette and Wheeler be discarded because it is an their force3 the Democrat and for tactical reasons Radical Campaign will be aimed at Davis rather than intend to go about with a the moral this polu ical the shoulder. But pacifism has Fabie is ancient. The Monkey who eed to be read a fori pulled the chestnuts out the fire the much Trail enemies. The end for All nations and All Peoples lame ducks elected in 1s22. In retired Politi-1 not be uni Wersal peace hut Universal anarchy. The news contends without has Fiji. Humble gratefully that the Only available Ryf where he delegations friends m no rent la evenly divided would affect information in tha United ithe newspapers which receive thai from the East comes a protest j information can take it leave it. Rices Are Echo rib there is no necessity to use the _ --1 i evenly divided to orderly Gorer Anent the Only sinde. Power i Choice president the More than a 10 cents s. Gallon higher than in j Western states. The Range in the West and the uni file is also i extensive. In some places vigorous for Ulli Iea btai63 America. And this boir.? America would be appalling. And the accompanied by state must accept it As a sacred twist. This nation must was. Would in no for nothing and occasionally employ men capable testing the veracity the work but this Bureau information must kno that Loose statements politically expedient in France Are coma from an exercise the Strong Leader around which i the friends people s first Law can stand together to but probably there Tampa watch the la fore be us have Pyotr time these Paci fists Are havoc atm is More dangerous to the future this country than Alii expenses. The militarism that will be Dos j played at the proposed Rob Llinat the Cost Haiti less v to to be no there Are persons in the world i _. In the United states take the Fol who cannot feel grateful unless the Down. These variations Are not my n di31-ngenuou3 statement favor has been done them at the no Intai to hrs _ _ _ i _ _ lion the defense forces and i facilities the United enquirer. Mouvet adj attest Notts democrats Are to he hoist Byi i he m s in i i e pellets by . W. P. Thomson. Said a famous physician Fame is conceded by local Price wars s. A one Ever open Macii nations Fomen tors the the electoral College peril and the plotting. The want peace but not at the Price patriotism. We want to keep our nation s strength tip to the Stan that we May play manfully the part in world result. If la Follette and Wheeler dealers which in several cities have resulted in sales below Cost even allowing for freight differences and for the Cost piping the crude Oil from which gasoline is derived the differences Are fairly trustworthy evidence that the Market is free that is that it is not a the can also deadlock the House. In that event the Senate the lame Duck Senate 1922. Would at tempt to elect a vice president. It would ignore Coolidge. Davis and la Folie the entirely the Only three fairs that As in May. 1923. The value pain and difficulty. Pound Sterling fluctuated from 6s to 70 francs the american Dollar. Robert Louis Stevenson Calls this a churlish and goes from 13 to 14. In slay. 1s24, the Jon to say a Man May Send you English Pound fluctuated from sheets letter paper covered to so francs the american Dollar the most interesting gossip from 15 to 20, the conditions May pass a half an hour the Exchange Market in 5iay. 1924, j pleasantly perhaps profitably Over obviously not so very differ Jan article his do you think the i Vej it to dec sickness where whiskey is the toy pistol makes a glorious its that weaker nations Are unable to fill. Moreover Wise stewards we must know flip defense. Must repair them when they n0ftd re Wujen they need alteration. A a fun co a to la men anybody had voted for. And dominated to such an extent by frown Ornat they were in slay. I service would be tester if he had to n it Fin r 1 n i y to choose a president s company a ice presidential Candi Miae is controlled. The explanation the Senate succeeded in the break in the Market priced Imbody. The country i the present one was that inde As it next president pendent refiners were carrying an Gaso-ji923. That they could have a. Sharp nobody should be president except reaction France s writing in the United states the author that statement is Dis honest. He at least knows that the intended j excessive Reserve and . Press a american Dollar has not fluctuate cause t in Case Jed for Money dumped gasoline at a it is amply secured by Fiance a a a calamity. This does not seem Price which forced a. General de Sand the Pound Sterling is partially i a 35 heaven s first lav.-. Defense is not the a progressive a a somewhat similar the fluctuation has been made the manuscript in his heart s blood like a. Compact with the Stevenson contends pleasures Are More beneficial than duties be mercy they Are not strained and they Are the South unfair Jera a democratic objective. It Fence seems to be at work at pres a cannot advise its readers to work Jent for a result which frustrates and conservation the Petroleum nullifies popular elections. Political attitude the states . Has re3pect and in the francs. When the German Mark was collapsing dishonest j German economists talked to thei re must always be two to a kiss and there May be a score in a jest but wherever there is an element sacrifice Thi their own petard their leadership in Congress is directly responsible for both la Joliette and Wheeler t the democratic presidential but we Swallow dust our lunch is i i Toilette was Down and out Iti Cally several years ago. He because our Good s unco1" no ban inc whatever outside the state Wisconsin. In the War period certain speeches he made5 there is a cafe in in Minnesota were regarded so been seriously that there was an organized Effort to expel him from the Senate As his co partner. Victor Berger socialist Milwaukee was expelled from the House. A senatorial investigating committee i guilty criminal negligence. We speak pandemics mid such but the fellow who has eaten too much. The Wisconsin Man for months. In i guardian the people s health and his own state. It Tualin an _ his function is. Or should be. To migration for the courage and the latencies. Predictions a the Case might be. The use that _ _ j. Received vote censure was passed denouncing his attitude toward Tho j prosecution the War. Burton k. Wheeler Montana Shafi no standing in politics one year prevent rather than treat sick Ness. The increase in the cancer rate More apparent than real. Cancer 5 i and As confusion during the i Vlf have been since in Pool Talon. In this j 01 the it matters enormous t to Ssue. The people this country Cne in to to the Stevenson continues. By j Happy we sow Anonymous 5 upon the world which re j the Supply by holding Oil deceived a Kiowa even to ourselves is. Themselves in the same Way. In when they Are Lac Load the Bullion report 1s21 press nobody so much As Tho to Vav i past forty and Many Mora Able colleague. Senator. us Are Page. I _ to j material is thug made available for investigation Tho Oil losses concur no we so much by a whee in Tho Cabinet As the duty being sheelor Man in the Sennoto. Only ism to Glrst oat country lad and lass so frail had bored As unit by no . Tisi Sior step Wotli Cheeks so Pale inels and lasses toll tie Hook Ivonn s in the foil. The British parliament persisted j Factor. Arc political language except men. At Washington which that which is . Issues Only result As see no bearing1 the Success la Folle Yarjon there. Al that is would paralyse t government even More completed is to As some Nir a some than it paralysed now under Man democratic and they Are As Jesk leadership and divided is ored a majority. Se5a this is True a sept a two three jml5 the fooling itself by talking about the other Day a ragged unfit n Fotio Troat not a i Frau under a fits Coverlet made by _. Or. Dick Chicago. It is now pos. A prose Sutlon Casos Siwa to detcrnjin9 Cawren Rar non Daugherty sx3scsptjole to Scarlet Ever Aad i set Jority Wiite to Vorla at. J _. Isolini Vaju i. _ in not 1iarch 1925 to a la prot cum Gold and we boy ran Down the Street after Tarj Ima Inneo them the Dis 1. 4 1329 a f the economic discontent and la Follette nor a Faust with j ally in Tennessee. Old party methods can be served by ii in politics South is selfish a gloomy View the future Ennio icons 01 in wih before. He and human race. The fren5h Over the ook Hoth rred to jul posed wickedness the portion it. Banditry Ana jmj Eva icon the r Dol Arn moral Ltd follow . The Ink the a Rancin the r Roy Art j two v. 4 i Wjk More to continue Section Nilsine than any other Force. I Jiff is filled with people who from t ill Parade has Kone . Makers make adv no a but n Tho Brj in we seem Havo always with into their hands at least Havo adopted most their ideas. Any supporter la Fovette and who apr who doubts the. Lilly to this thereby confesses that this View. According to her the Kat tin d. Manion former president the National medical women s association however conies out in direct opposition to he not really believe they in win Tho Confidence a major Tho american people. They Are not now entitled we terrible dangers that their elders see in the widespread use Auto mobiles by the Young

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