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Mansfield News Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Mansfield News, The (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Mansfield, OhioGood morning Slutt come without having to be fought Aad won Are nothing to brag about. The Mansfield news the Home Papee of Mansfield and Vicinity full associated press service weather changing to Snow colder at night. Monday fair and colder. Forty first no. 323 a Esfi Ohio. Sunday. January 1926. 36 pages Price five cents Kirby is found guilty of mail fraud Paw of Atlantic s week Loag storm slaps at helpless boats Gale has lost Little of Fuey have to waste to save it Jan. 3o d. Mou. Filling Sta Tion manager has Fouad a new use for waste Oil drained from automobile Crank cases. Lie has taken an Ordinary Heater with a Coal put a pipe through the Side to Al Low the Oil to drop in a Well regulated flour and by air pressure on the few lumps of burning Coal in rhe pro a very hot fire. Youngest great grandmother says flappers Are no worse spam to Argentina sea a plane explorers end most dangerous Lap i Cross Equator in endurance steamships and tugs hundreds of Miles out in j i newest Gale Chicago youth sentenced j intrepid Birdman have covered Miles of record adventure to 14 years imprison ment for killing do i Jan. 30 i after a continuous flight of a Jan. 30 a j proximately 15 a trans the Span it. Vears old and his punishment i flight from Spain to fixed by the jury at 14 new Jan. 30. The Paw of the Atlantic s week a Gale has slapped at More sending them and calling for help. One. A i7-year-old boy was convicted seaplane plus in Corn sailing was being towed riot tile noted air Pilot port tonight with her sails Gona s murder of the Tes Mony j completed the and her sides battered. Two j other 10 and 12 j and most perilous stage of its j other sailing ships Hove to until the storm let them alone. An other was Drifting with the sea this Island at s o clock a a German was being j rears j ch5s evening. Sought in reply to her s. O. A. Bad asked the death commander Franco at first still another had patched her in penalty for the youth and the j girdled the Island in search of juries and was limping into port. Jart 13 hours be Sood Landing but found the Crew of still lit 1 none because of the heavy tie had been transferred j fore not to Mihet the he new to another ship. A Schooner and supreme penalty. I alighted later to be a tug were wrecked near Palm Peter Pietrucha the convicted j into a Safe Harbor a Concepcion i Beach. And part of the flew into a rage when the j i Crew of the Schooner was adrift verdict was and tile distance traversed was in life boats. A creaming dirty tried j about and the though the toll of the storm to attack of i aviators now Are Only about today 10-0 Lari the in distress the Hurricane Sporta Cape verde is lands at o clock this morn ing. The flight was made under favourable weather Condi and seemingly without any untoward incidents. Frequent radio messages from Harry Lauder s idea of Liberty Jan. So sir Harry ladder has offered toward a statue of Kobert Burns to be placed on the Banks of the Clyde near Dunoon. In sir Ilarij a sort of barns statue of a Liili will be visible from the All liver Wber a ply the Firth Witt of county freed in to Hawk brewing Case court room crowd cheers to nor m in killed big jury returns verdict after fourteen hours of deliberations faces minimum 5-year sentence had been indicted complicity in Sale of illegal Beer cent Rel Rose Forrest and her Eil Sboro. Ore. Jan. 30. Are no worse than the girls of says mrs. Rose bos who claims to be the world s youngest great grandmother. Her first great grandchild born ago. When mrs. Forrest was 43. A wo312h in a Toa Ibern state was the title until Bat when mrs. Milf z. Trip South chemists say Clev Elanders fourteen counts in indict for die from result of ment charging fraudulent monoxide Gas i use of mails j Jan. So j Jan. .30 Jan. 30 j the mysterious illness Here yes a jury in Federal court Here Satej Gerdav of seven members of the today acquitted Hamilton count i a Otar no. 1 had lost Little of its ferocity. Called for help when the latter resisted a ports to Rob him. A ten year i old lad Riding on the needler s the five masted Wagon and a 12 year old Bov of Georgetown. I playing in the streets identified cried for help today when she i the who spoiled the Alibi 120 Miles off Ambrose j of family Fay fixing the hour and the coast guard Cutter sen j of ass arrival Eca went to her Aid. A Tiev he arrived. Jos Ali j founder and former presi Sheri. Richard b. Witt of any of complicity in the Sale and which resulted in the Dent of the detail it Here Tributino of illegal Manu-1 death of the father and discount company was was due to guilty of All four the court crowded to the teen counts in an indict the friends of sherie Witt a Helms who thrown into tumult when the j bodies today ment Char Ariner Liim with. The body of the father and fraudulent use of the mails jury returned the guilty verdict. The crowd started to cheer and their cries of resounded in the streets. Judge Smith Hickenlooper pounded his Gavel but it was several minutes before he could restore order. Two hour s work j the jury deliberated less than number of ballots. Those of Lour children were late today by a Federal jury. In the Home afternoon Federal judge Killits ordered by police who Nad been called incarcerated a county jail by a neighbor whose attention i until nest thursday when has been aroused by mrs. Federal grand jury will begin faint from the Gas effects tap i an investigation of alleged Ping against a window. Charges of jury tampering. In the list of read was increase a see Inheh Jan. So. Witt was indicted about three j passed away. Physicians believe mrs. Fulvi will recover. From the court room to the county jail. Judge Kights Kirby May workers and two truck Drivers. To to. 4 Pace the dead Are Arthur Fulvi and i be brought Back to the marshal s us i any Busi several Days. The family had dinner thurs-1 five is minimum Day Aiger according to neighbors the returned after a and remnants of the food and proximately forty hours of fre liquids was still of the Cabie Quentlyn int erupted arrived j made Kirby liable to a maximum indications police Penitentiary sentence of that the tragedy year been a Poison plot a and food were kept de Nve ears for examination. J to no pa2c sentence Virby s m Mem Seii Rutn i i us Lii r Saje -0 Las Palmas. Canary islands Jai finance in he diced to Orthman to George h. J Ensign representing the1 or. Coolidge observed that the part Osterfeld to negotiate a Deal Lor i Spanish military air was too much Economy might be played by this government in its the dropped of at Porto Pray. This he chose rather to household and in world affairs enabled the seaplane to take on every Dollar count not be Complete unless to cud inc Jiu of pop q9i1 to obtain the Mas Imam of results was by Adf Casioa to i Uhll lit i with moneys at Mcand. The the world court. Economy policy has done More Economy roil thaa reduce the Cost of govern the of. Jan. Tie president for is he believed be the that former he Sao feeding the Upkeep a the division of Char Hies spent the commission for the Blind. And Tae Llu fir Dies Tab Logil school . The triple a i synopsis of Ohio state uni be ship was to reduce is shoot Iii 01 or. And varsity s trustees report of their Pendi Lares by one pc a cent of us Henry and their Sis j of drink Liis and the total authorized. Son at their 1 come Fem charges at the two per cent club had fallen Home Madison far3j dec fcb at Oaas recited today of its objective by dust Al school at a a solved crime in governor Vic Donahey. The three million dollars. It on of numerous other time Sciug. Against Stan forme Lee tenant governor nerd other Stan Clarence j Brown. Cross enters of ice Scioto Conaty c.r.1 to turn Back s3. Newspaper a Ibi Kher and Olive Conaty of but Karr s clerk e Cros of Ciuni Kepu Unican organization. the entire tre jct is of e was born Ana e 3 who he had Altadena. Calif Jan. 30 i tee Nureaca juvenile research Lamarr. Motion Pic . Ture died her Home rotary receipts in the Liepart. Ber this ment to Jan. 30. Miss Lamarr s death resulted s4. The attorney general col noted and Letain Trio -n-o7fat-Fa Tractive Economy to ate As Many Eon esst Ntilis As Analysed woman Dies to ing. Thursday she was Able to leave the Honie for the first Tibiae in Many Weess. J miss Lamarr s breakdown was j in july while she was compleat j ing three pictures in new j she returned to Hollywood to j Aase toe fourth and it was while last if fins listen to his to Ftp Inonia and heart failure. Or. A had been i for some 1 time but had continued Nis it 1 Crary work. Only a few Days ago he completed another Book. George in Cue of his 30 la new York in 1922 de tonight heard two j dared that he had Analysed worn forty million in local yes. They sell pm in bundles i presidents talking of the air Asen and catalogued them and that v 1 the third International he had 65 distinct species tucked tests came to an end. One. Away from which to make ors a a Yvo entire the of e received fifty eels s the candidate be. Both Toda. Shown pan of the Lime and is announced for county. During most of he the non nation for Cross served As state Priam Eracli daily. Secretary of state. Caring the governor Frank b. the o lfj2-24. Broun As a a Rosed Obi by of ii. Brown 1022 for the Noal a Ion for Yert tary of state. Perhaps the most interesting of political gossip daring the cold snap the re consideration by Justice of pro seeking the democratic who disappeared several Tion s. Senator. See id Rabiy discussed about a ago As a probable Denio marshal Lions that or trans b. In Coin for third party in new Philadelphia murder who knows details of new Philadelphia. Jan 30. A new Angle murder of mrs Katheriae Haver. V As marshal Kenneth Lyons. Today Ais incur i 1 Ceratsou for intoxication. Jear caused officials to Institute search for Hal told while he was y re in and r As Otier she died Aho tit x Jef i Ater was president Augusto b. On the end of a Pia and j of who seat a examined then As if they were message of greeting to North interesting insects. Those he America had Analysed ranged from 17 to 1 president Coolidge s address 6s Vears. A Short time before the Hoar characterized Borneo set for the beginning of the zone eat Srai breaking broadcasting which Unareed tas end of the tests. His together with that of director f far in Advance of the general r m of bad Robin and the first first Spring hats begin to make their v0rk of Mansfield j u contributing their Brilliant hues not guilty plea a face less dismal the sight of Jan. 30. Dirty melting Snow and drab William g. Former first Robin and first new if Banfe bandits a Houll Rob mechanics boiling and loan office tonight they could get a haal of Fony million. But the forty Mil lion Ronld be in German not ten Ltd states dollars. A depositor Brona it forty million German Marks to the loan office and asked Arthur e. Courtney to Exchange them for United states Money at some Bank. The Banks say they not change German Marks into dollars. They claim the junk Man does that. This Means the Mansfield Man whose relatives in Germany sent him forty million will get so ranch a Pound for his in set what they Are Worth for waste paper. Miners and operators to meet again of tue soap Lyons Tom off Lateta Vandiver Eaid that be saw har the matter cons durable at the time Rosiy reach a not to enter Tze As was erected the two latest of to their lays Cne presented by the i to were voted i Ore the week Ead was taken. I but Little re a s his was Jan. 5. By Jons . Disappeared a few Days la or. Mayor m. L. Of new attention sent had to paddle pm saturday senator Willis says world court not a Sid e door into league of nations ar.3 and legs to to death and put her body in the i Well but claims that he is Snow were in Winter garments grown Dull from president treasurer of the is entered speaking Here tonight at the n j came to be burned. T ravages of cold weather. J r. L. Boiling company from palest of yellows to a plea of not brightest of and in mater of embezzling gals varying from velours to Silks company s int and thin Milady s the Franklin county criminal into the world co not we become makes wars less j indirectly become a member obligated to the league of a a tons or yield up an american gears Are blossoming Forth in court today. Possibly a gentle j it to or. Groundhog teat on sheep director tuesday next he is to shut his j Jan. 30. All distinctive american rights eyes to shadows and permit l. Preserved and protected in ring weather to arrive for today was named Senate s Resolution on entry of Spring Ward a of the Black top Spanish Merimo into the he . Robes which would be marred by j sheep breeders association at adoption of the resold Winter and snows. Kosp Aprl wac. Xue Aruj juju it a Cavil the annual meeting Here ution of including the the league of nations it seems to league of nations May be Well that every Republican is Obi Gat Minot. X a. 30. And Good for we do not d by to e pledges of thi3 plat. R. A. Nestos. Former Republican it Tai rot Uttof in of in Fth Dakota s will be a candidate n. A. Jan. 30. Redeeming the solemn pledge quarrel with other nations made to the people in the re that Bat it is not for is form Pla Bel Evins. I have publican platform of the. We Are willing to but we1 senator . Committed on inc lion present Republican adj helping. We shall under no _ circumstances surrender american ministration is definitely to any super govern unequivocally committed on the ment of the question of our foreign rela referring to the Republican he declared. A platform committing the party i o always be the judge of the c the successful Effort governor of North Dakota today announced his candidacy United states senator. Is Tel redeem pledges. Of misleading pro much bitterness has to no. 2 Pabco Harold Shaw killed Able to Cope with the situation los Jan. 30. Puddles Many feet in Width j Harold president of the american pictures Dis Tribu was killed in an automobile Accident Here today. And breadth gave cause for Wrath As pedestrian they were compelled to make Long Dethara i on a Busy shopping Day

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