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Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Madison, Wisconsin Weather showers and thunderstorms in East monday partly Cloudy Clorer in Southeast portion off Tel Vij vvr1lo sunday edition ivol 156 no 83 101st year i Madison sunday june 23 1940 28pages Price five cents hurry to Italy after signing truce with Germany Ranee Azis they see history German soldiers arc shown m this radio photo As they peered curiously through a window into the historic Railroad car at com Pisegne France where the 1918 armistice was signed and where German and French leaders Mel saturday to sign the 1940 armistice the Pic Lwe was taken from window on the opposite Sideco the car from the one through which the Goldie i arc look ing Dewey backers slipping As blowup i by Roy l Matson state journal managing editor remember Wisconsin last time they dont expect to see anything Keit this time i but Usu i to Ott 0447 a Ujiie iuaa4w last time four in Cleveland Wisconsin delegation to the Republican National committee took the jeers and the hisses of everybody else in the Hall but they by their beloved old Man Borah even after the senator had waved them released them to Alt Landon eighteen of the 21 pledged to him raised their Jor the lion of Idaho on that first and Only ballot that made Alf Landun the nominee boo Sham hisses change your vote galleries and delegates howled but wis Consin never Chan edit this time though the Precin mention lobby sunup f oink the Tough muscled old can Jean on their at a cramp in the Here saturday that ration All 2t pledged to Thomas e Dewey is Golrig to blow up with feature finder 9 arts entertain nent today and i6m6rrow classified ads x Vav Day by Day ivs Gallup foil a genealogical 28 Book line sinker 5 Mccormick 19 obituaries 2 politics 7 questions answers 4 radio 17 rambler 4 20 society 1s16 South american map s sports 1921 state House 4 sunday thoughts 4 War tews Windshield 5 yesterdays a bang Long before it released to anybody i an that sigh of Sweet Iiri usic to and Gannett and Byerl All boys rworwng1 for these gentlemen Are or the big noise expecting it and maybe Symthe they lets not go off half cocked an editorial there is need of sound rationalizing by the be pub incan party in its attitude toward president Roosevelt appointment of Harry l Stimson and Frank Knox be publican leaders to be respectively Secretary of War and of the Navy a partisan attitude will not strengthen the Republican cause at this juncture Republican leaders have been challenging the presi Dent to strengthen these two portfolios he has done so appointees Are Mca of outstanding experience and s it May be True As some republicans charge1 that the president chose Stimson and Knox because he Felt they would strengthen his hand should he decide to Lead the country into War it May be the president thought it would be a political advantage to him in the matter of a third term it May be he wanted to share with republicans the responsibility for a situation which May have begun to daunt him these things Are speculative to be disclosed by the future be taken for granted until subsequent events throw Light upon them certainly or Hamilton chairman of the Republican National committee served no Good end when he charged the appointees with being traitors to the Republican party and assumed the authority thread them out of the party the party is made by the party voters not by committee chairmen the essential thing to keep in View is that the presi Dent has strengthened the administration m its weakest spots at time of but crops dont suffer four drowned As rain pours Down on stale let us Salute those who gave their blood for their country in both sides co1gen Keitel House asks 200 warships Congress a cites defense billions levies new taxes four men were drowned sat urday when drenched the delegates saturday Knight ready to grab them As they stepped from the Emir the Dele Gates who arrived some the manipulating gent Lemen heard Here saturday that a few of the delegates might find it difficult to pay their expenses out Here and Many of the manipulators were pretty that the Wiscons Onues Haye i new ties of j Bora like affection binding them to pm Dewey in act Treyve heard Many of Are Down right peeved and his manipulator i Forone reason or and for an Opportunity to crack him with a vote for somebody else those votes they predicted will be scattered to the candidates svends unless some Miracle trans Pires in caucus or developed in a Deal which or Dewey insisted to the press saturday he has not and certainly Wii not make photo contest awards monday Jud cinc inthe first shot contest has been delayed due to the Large number of entries mondays paper will announce the Echt winners heavy a Inbau state did some damage la some crops but generally cheered Fei Riners by help up deficiency in Mois Ture Fratrik but tutis 28 Rockford 111 was drowned in fish Lake at the North end of Dane county when a windstorm overturned the boat and threw him and three others into the water his wife Arlene about 26 made a futile attempt to save him she and mrs Sarah Hoel Zel and h p Irving also of Rock Ford were saved by Thomas sul Livan 25 Chicino 111 after they had Clung to the overturned boat for almost hour George Helden 42 was drowned when Milwaukee had us heaviest rainfall since 1917 505 inches be in the Milwaukee River while try Lar to Clear Brush from a foot Bridger Gerald Reinhecker 7 West Al Lis drowned in Honey Creek near his Home when he fell from a Stone retaining Wall into the flood swollen Waters ordinarily Low enough for wading William Koderl 11 Marshfield was drowned when a wave of water almost five feet High swept him from the Street on which he was playing into a Culvert at Marshfield from 6 a m saturday to 10 p i a total or 29 by John a Reichmann Washington or Congress saturday a right approved the Unal phases of president Roosevelt defense program levied in new taxes and recessed until july 1 so Republican members could attend their National convention at Philadelphia not Only did confess put its final approval on the last bit do of Elisc Money by Lithe supplemental deficiency but of Lac House initiated another defense East predestined to Cost at least de heavily flooded in the 2400 blocks were floating out of the 800 and 900 blocks one Johnson St a tree was reported blow Down at Johnson and Livingston its and the Park St viaduct was flooded the state Highway department reported no i trouble lightning twice struck a Tower pole of station Iba Here shut Ting off Power As though a fuse had mown a few seconds then a Little later for two minutes rain brought More Good than bad to Farmers according Tor Hurley Dane county agricultural agent despite the fact it spoiled Spring haying throughout the county Trees and wires were blown Down near Prairie Duchien at Portage the Wisconsin Riv eras at 123 feet late saturday about five feet below flood stage but still above Normal and it was expected to Rise during the night the Rock River at Waupun was reported to have risen about six feet Start of the four lakes coun cil boy scout Camp at Camp tech Ora Green Lake was postponed from june 30 to july 6 be cause of the damage caused by the storm officials said s no an approx Pron the not and in pressing for split second action coif race both experts estimate it would acquire House and Senate agreed to the the Fleet is not an appropriation Bill and pressing experts from five to seven years to com plete the program Senate is scheduled to take up this measure after the recess when the administration vis sched ule to Send up requests for even More billions in authorizations to make the americas impregnable aggression the atmosphere in Congress Wai identical to regular adjournment evening while the House awaited Senate action on appropriation act Tsoures in disagreement Mem Bers lolled in the seats and some staged an Impromptu vaudeville show rep Louis c Rauhaut d Mich was master of ceremonies he Lead his colleagues in god bless America and let Mecall you sweetheart after the republicans nominate their ticket Congress intends to return and remain on the Job per haps with frequent recesses for weeks or until the International crisis is alleviated be the crisis most Congress men have discarded thought of an yearly adjournment billions for defense first major item to receive i its the greatest show on Earth and you have a reserved seat Hoy Matson in this country As in practically no other free men can assemble to nominate their candidates Fer pub Lic office later to elect them Universal ballot that Phenomena is becoming every Day More rare that system of government is today suffering under the attack of theories which deny to Mankind its free right of expression it is upon our convention that our liberties Are founded free men meeting on an equal plane voicing the thou Rhu and Hopes of their constituents and because the Alchi to voice those thoughts Andt Hopes is becoming extinct in Many parts of the world our convention today represents a More precious heritage than Ever before during the next few weeks americas two great political Par ties will meet to name candidates for the highest offices in the United states never have the conventions sessions been As important As vital As they Are today it will be a dramatic but solemn picture it will be a picture that the state journal will bring to you in Ever detail unbiased accurate Complete Roy l Matso state journal managing editor already is in Philadelphia ready to report with an experienced Eye the events at the Republican convention he will follow the act inns of the Wisconsin delegation bring to Jour Nal readers the intimate behind the scene Story of a great event Lyle c Wilson chief of the United press Bureau in the nation Al capital will direct his staff of experience newsmen at Philadel f phia touring to journal readers a Complete account of one of the most thrilling spectacles of our times a staff of press association men will work 24 hours a Day so that you will know the entire Story of a meeting that will be written in later years i As history Dorothy Thompson and Ray mond Clapper state journal columnists will bring you behind the scenes stories that Only Veter an observers can report an Central press state Jour Nal picture service will on the spot to bring you photo graphs of history in the making you wont want to miss this biggest show on Earth Youfu Turc May depend on what happens at the two political conventions before us read the accurate Complete Story in your Wisconsin state journal Lyle c w1lbqn congressional action at this Ticon 147 in direct conference report on this measure layout for 1941 fiscal Reyeur Over to the White House for president Signa nex came final congressional approval on the re Lief Bill carrying for red Crpss Relief of european War refugees andr for Dis posing surplus commodities and Money f 6thoncombatant Mili tary training of civilian Conser vation corps enrollees of the to Tal is earmarked for the work projects administration during the first eight months of fiscal 1941 enough to carry 2000 000 persons on spa Rolls each month defense projects will be Given preference Witlip these funds and no alien conic unit or a member of a nazi bund maybe recipient1 of these work Relief funds order alien debate the House and Senate approved the conference report on Trie Bill by rep Howard w b a requiring the registration and fingerprinting of All aliens arid making it unlawful advocate overthrow of the govern next or to a influence the Royalty morale or discipline of the armed forces Neit measure to reach the House was the 000 Tox Bill which Lowers the base of income taxes imposes a 10 per cent super tax on incomes and excise levies1 and adds to amuse ment liquor and cig afet taxes the Senate approved the Confer ence report on this Bill by a 45 reinstated Over the protests of Barkle Yand a b Chandler both of Kentucky was a 25centa thousand increase in cig Aref taxes designed to raise and 000 annually the Kentucky Sena tors complained that the tobacco Industry was paying wartime tax rates already the measure raises the and by broadening the tax base and Law ering exemptions it adds to the taxpayer Rous about 2190000 citizens no trouble Here Pouce said saturday night they had quietly checked up on six representatives of Jehovah wit Nesses a pacifist no Flag Salut i insect who were Selling Pampa let around Capitol Square and found he disturbance Loov Register about1500 students had registered up to noon Satur Day Forth University of wis Consin summer session instruction 4ri which begins tuesday this figure is com years at the Sam period registration will be concluded monday us Solmi cease firing order awaits puce s peace French Fleet Safe belief Washington or an authoritative brith source said saturday he would be our priced if at least a Large part of the French Fleet ii already in a British port Safe from German seizure this informant said portions of the French Navy have been placed under British Protection hut or lined to estimate How much of the French Fleet the second largest Navy in Europe is in British custody by United press France bowed saturday night to Germany armistice de mands and sent her aides hurrying to Italy to learn the armistice terms of Premier Benito Mussolini the armistice assigned in comping be Forest at p m a m Gen Charles Jun Tiger affixed is name for France col Gen a Villielm Keitel for Germany the scene was the same old dining car of the wagons co where Germany bowed to France in 1918 but even As France signed the armistice with Germany England prime minister Churchill urged frenchmen wherever they May be to ignore the capitulation and hinted a new French exile government might be set up in Britain or somewhere in the French Empire terms of the armistice were not made Public nor will they until France has reached an agreement with Italy when word is flashed German High command that a French italian armistice has been signed the order will be Given to cease firing six hours later saturday night the French plenipotentiaries were Speed ing to Italy by air plane to learn Mussolini terms they travelled in a German air plane with a German Pilot German sources believed France would require about the same length of time to come to terms with Italy As she took to agree to the German demand the German agreement was reached just 27 hours and 20 minutes after the French emis Saries received Adolf hitlers terms the armistice signature came just nine months and 19 after France and Britain had declared Wax on Germany sept though official word of the terms of armistice was lacking London reported Germany had denuded that France permit joint italian German occupation of France until termination of hostilities with Britain surrender of French War stores Gold and currency reserves and delivery to Germany of fixed amounts of Coal and other raw mate rials Over a specified period of time o o America strangely enough was informed of the signing of the armistice Long before either the German or French Public was told agreement had been reached news of the signing was flashed to the United states by a joint shortwave broadcast of the National broadcasting co and the Columbia broadcasting system from comping be one hour and a half after agreement was reached not until two hours later was the news officially announced in Berlin and broadcast Over the German radio to the German people German officials offered no immediate explanation of this strange circumstance Friday the Clearing in the pleasant comping be Forest where the emissaries met was flooded sat urday the sky grew overcast As the afternoon wore on and it was gloomy in the Woods by the time the hour of signature arrived before he affixed his name to hitlers terms Huntziger speaking slowly in a voice husky with emotion entered a Brief protest a transcription of his words and of the proceedings rat the moment of signature was broadcast to the German people Over the official radio saturday night o f i Huntzinger said before i sign this armistice at the order of the French government i would like to make a personal statement forced by the Fate of arms to give up the fight in which she engaged with both her allies France is forced to accept conditions whose severity must be emphasized France expects in the future negotiations that Germany will be imbued with a spirit which will enable both great nations to live at peace in the future i Appeal to the soldiers spirit in the Hope that the French will never have cause to regret the step we Are now taking1 Keitel speaking slow Yin a deep voice replied 1 i acknowledge your declaration that you Are signing the armistice at the order of your government Inan Iwer to the generals personal statement i can Only answer that it is honorable for the Victor to Honor the vanquished 4 o the electrical transcription began with the entry of the French delegates into the dining car an announcer described each step in the proceedings the French delegates Are now arriving lie said As soldiers of their country they can hardly master their inner emotion As the minute approaches when they must announce or not they arc ready to sign the armistice t o o statement was made in voice that seemed on the verge of breaking from emotion there were Long pauses Between his words after actual signing had procedure that took Only one minute and a said i ask the members of both delegations to Rise and fulfil the duty we owe our Brave enemies let us Salute those who gave their blood for their country on both sides it was announced no details of the armistice terms would v

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