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Madison Wisconsin State Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 15 1981, Page 1

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Madison Wisconsin State Journal (Newspaper) - January 15, 1981, Madison, Wisconsin Wisconsin state journal thursday january 15, 1981 Madison Wisconsin 48 pages a a a 25 Cen show did imposter fool state by Thomas w. Still of the state journal the real William t. Boerum is a Bank executive who lives near san Francisco. The fake William t. Boerum actually is Raymond l. Matzker a Man who masqueraded As Boerum while running one of Wisconsin a largest mental institutions. Boerum 37, is a vice president of Crocker National Bank a graduate of Cornell University in new York and a Man who probably never set foot in Wisconsin. Matzker 36, is a fugitive from new York who has been charged since Jan. 6 with four sets of sex related offences involving boys in Wisconsin and Illinois. Until tuesday when he was fired Matzker was paid $42,000 a year to run the Winnebago mental health Institute in Oshkosh. It was his fourth Job since the Early 1970s a All under the name of Boerum. How did Matzker carry out his charade state officials were asking themselves that very question wednesday As the bizarre a identity crisis continued to unfold. A this Matzker a application for state employment was routinely screened a said Burton Wagner administrator of the state division of Community services. A this prior work experience and educational attainments had All been verified and he was certified through the department on a Normal civil service there were 30 candidates for the Winnebago Job when it opened in 1979, and after the list was culled to five names the Man known As Boerum got the highest score. Ironically two candidates for the Winnebago Job were knocked out of Contention because their employment resumes did not Check out. A i think it the screening was pretty thorough a said health and social services Secretary Donald Percy. A two people were ruled out because of the thoroughness of our records the screening committee was composed of Terry Willkom department of health and social services Deputy Secretary or. Richard Stafford Deputy director of the Winnebago facility who is now acting director Joann Masuret a Deputy administrator in the department and William Buzogany director of the departments Bureau of mental health. Wagner and Percy said they have no immediate plans to alter the departments system of screening Job candidates. A i done to think so at this Point a Wagner said because the next level of screening would be the system used by some Federal agencies which hire private investigators to Check All applicants. State Law prohibits examining an applicants criminal record he said. A was a matter of fact if i were to use that criminal record As a reason for not hiring someone it would be in violation of the Law a Wagner said. Boerum was fired tuesday after investigators said it had been determined through fingerprints he was actually Matzker. Winnebago county District attorney Robert Hawley said wednesday he had talked with the real Boerum and Learned the last Contact Between Boerum and Matzker a who both attended Manhattan College in the late 1960s a had been a Telephone Call in turn to Page 2, col. I la liners they re not ice fishermen ships of the new Bedford mass., fishing Fleet Are tied up at from going out by the frigid weather that continues to grip the docks hemmed in by floating ice. The ships were blocked Northeast. More on the cold wave is on Page 8. Map laser photo Iran Lowers hostage Barrier from wire serv ices Teh ran Iran a the iranian parliament passed a a emergency enabling legislation wednesday that appeared to open the Way for an agreement to free the 52 american hostages. After More than four hours of sometimes raucous debate and impassioned urgings from the chief iranian negotiator the majlis or parliament approved a Bill permitting arbitration of claims on iranian assets a apparently the key to reaching a settlement. A the hostages Are like a fruit from which All the juice has been squeezed out a the iranian negotiator Bezad Nabavi told the legislators at one Point. A let us let them All in Washington a senior official said the Carter administration expects a prompt reply from Iran on terms for freeing the american hostages in the Wake of the majlis action. A this does no to Tell us what their final position would be a the official said. A what we expect is that in a Day or so sooner rather than later they will come to us with a reply. Lets Hope it is something close to what we can accept and Well get a the administration has proposed Schreiber undergoes ear surgery former Wisconsin governor mar a Schreiber 41, was operated on wednesday at the University of wis Oisin Hospital to Correct a partial earing loss. Or. James Brandenberg the he swapping about $9.5 billion in blocked iranian assets for release of the 52 americans who have been held captive for More than 14 months. The first instalment about $2.5 billion in Gold and securities held in the Federal Reserve Bank in new York would be turned Over to Iran simultaneously with freeing of the hostages. Iran disputes the Overall . Estimate As too Low and has demanded that $24 billion be withdrawn from the Treasury and posted As a guarantee to recover All its assets. The demand was rejected by the administration As unreasonable but it has not been withdrawn by Iran . Officials said. The negotiations among Iran the algerian diplomatic intermediaries and the United states involving exchanging the hostages for Iran a Frozen assets in american Banks and Legal attempts to retrieve the Fortune of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Nabavi told the majlis today s chuckle res a Good thing about people lore you a they Don t give a weather mostly Cloudy mostly Cloudy today with a few flurries. High near 20. For More weather information turn to Page surgeon who performed the operation said it involved rebuilding part of Schreiber a Middle ear. He said the operation is successful in 89 percent of All cases. The operation was performed under a local aesthetic and Schreiber should return Home this week Brandenberg said. Schreiber Defeated by gov. Lee Dreyfus in 1978, is now vice president of the eight state North Central Region for the sentry insurance co., Stevens Washington apr the Point. V Chrysler loan guarantee Board gave conditional approval wednesday night mini omm we ii or it ii non Rorr Al. Tottering automaker s application for $400 million More in govern Section 3 ment Ioan guarantees. City state the boards approval came hours communities.4 after leaders of the United Auto work movie times.6 ers approved new concessions to the death notices.9 Cash Short no. 3 automaker. H ant Law president Douglas Fraser called the concessions a the worst eco Section 4 nomic settlement we have Ever look puzzle.2 but Chrysler chairman Lee a bridge.4 Cocca said it was a a super comics.6 n body in authority is saying what tv/radio.7 flu happen if Chrysler which re calendar.8 Cei Ved $800 million in loan guarantees a a is last year does not win final approval. Hinged on agreeing to arbitration of the disputed claims on parts of the assets. A what we want to do is to get the permission of the majlis so we can get an agreement with the algerians and the condition for this signature is accepting arbitration a Nabavi said. The Bill was swiftly declared constitutional and islamic by the Council of guardians apparently freeing the iranian negotiators to make an agreement with the algerian intermediaries for an arbitration procedure the Bill must also be signed into Law by president Abolhassan Bani Sadr a second Bill for which Nabavi had also obtained a two Start emergency status was put Over until at least Sun Day As the majlis adjourned tired and Cranky from wrangling but this did not appear to hamper the drive by the iranian authorities to push through a turn to Page 2, col. I Raymond Matzker Carter sings old themes from wire services Washington a president car ter said Farewell to the nation wednesday night in a televised address from the Oval office in which he called on americans to continue the struggle to avoid nuclear War protect the environment and enhance human rights. Carter said he a a can to predict yet what will happen Quot to the american hostages whose iranian Captivity dominated the last 14 months of his administration. In a quiet voice he said that during his last Days in office he would work and Pray for their Safe release. Stressing the themes that were Central to his presidency Carter eau honed against the intrusion of Quot single Issue groups and special interest organizations in the american political process warning that a the National in Terest is now always the sum of All our single and special the outgoing president talked about the formidable Job faced by any president the complexity of the prob lems the Broad and controversial issues confronted. But he never men honed the Economy or Energy two issues that undermined his support. The speech was reminiscent in Many ways of the idea and ideals he espoused in his first Campaign for the presidency four years ago. Jody Powell the White House press Secretary explained to reporters that Carter deliberately avoided espousing specific programs or objectives such As ratification of the derailed strategic arms treaty lest he seem to be entering into a debate with president elect Ronald Reagan. But Carter appealed openly and forcefully for Public commitment to the causes of arms control Protection of the environment and human rights. Quoting from the declaration of in dependence about the rights to life lib erty and the Pursuit of happiness he said a for this generation life is nuclear survival Liberty is human rights the Pursuit of happiness is a planet whose resources Are devoted to the physical and spiritual nourishment of its in Hab rants in a warning that seemed tailored for the Reagan administration Carter predicted the remainder of the Cen Tury would by a period of tension within and Between nations Over scarce resources economic and political. Carter departed from the text of his speech Only once a at the end of his 20 minute nationally broadcast address a to speak of the hostages who had been conspicuously absent from his remarks. He shed no new Light on the negotiations that continue abroad in the waning Days of his term Carter said a i will continue As i have during the past 14 months to work hard and to Pray for the lives and the Well being of the american hostages held in he added a i can to predict yet what will happen but i hopi1 you will join me in my constant prayer for their Freedom a Bank passes collection plate Dubuque Iowa a parishioners at the holy ghost Church soon will be Able to pass on the collection plate at sunday services and say they already gave at the Bank beginning this month anyone who finds it a bother to Fumble through a purse or pocket when the collection plate is passed can have a Bank make regular deductions from checking and Forward the Money to the Church. A a in be heard mostly really Good things about it a said the Rev. Robert Hogan said. A but not every body wants the Church had been burdened with mailing solicitation envelopes to 1,600 parishioners every week Hogan says that put a Burden on the staff of the Church and Cost a lot in postage. But even worse not everyone returned them. A when people go on vacation they forget and they done to get it in sometimes they forget to make it up a Hogan said. For people who participate in the program yet feel pm harassed to put nothing in the collection Basket the Church will Issue plastic cards signifying that they gave at the Bank the cards can be dropped in the Basket. Chrysler cleared for another loan Section i people.9 records.14 weather.14 Section 2 sports markets.7 most analysts expect the company would seek Protection from creditors under the Federal bankruptcy Law the loan Board said it will meet Friday to consider whether to approve a revised loan application that will in elude conditions it set wednesday. Otherwise there will not be enough time for Treasury Secretary designate Donald Regan to familiarize him self with the issues Treasury Secretary g. William Miller said. Chrysler officials have said that without the loan guarantees they will run out of Cash before the end of the month. The conditions include ratification by 64,000 Active and 40,0 k Laid off Law Chrysler members of wage con Cessions totalling $622 million and presentation by Chrysler of agreements to convert about $500 million in out standing Loans and to pay off another $500 million at 30 cents on the Dollar in instalment a effectively cancelling about $350 million in debts. Other conditions Call for Chrysler to commit itself to a fall possible Steps Quot to a merger or other Means of raising new capital to present approval from its suppliers of $36 million additional concessions and to Promise to try to get an equal amount in 1981 and for the Law to agree to take the Compa nyx a shaky finances into consideration in future contracts Chrysler is perilously close to run Ning out of Cash drained away by losses of a flout $17 billion in 1980 and $1.1 billion in 1979 the boards decision came after the three member panel summoned Iacocca and f Raser to their meeting Chrysler submitted its revised application earlier wednesday after tentative approval of the wage package by a 13-member Law committee Chrysler did not w in the immediate wage freeze from the Law that it had sought instead the regular Cost of living increases due in March which will Cost the company an estimated $23 million will to paid wages will then be Frozen until september 1982. Fraser said the Law had won several concessions including a pledge not to close five plants that were scheduled to to shut Down. William Boerum

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